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No sooner had Elizabeth inherited the throne than Mary quartered the arms of England on her heraldic devices and added “queen of England and Ireland” to her other titles of queen of Scotland and reine dauphine of France. This she continued to do after her father-in-law’s death in July 1559 when she became queen consort of France. (..) From Elizabeth’s ambassador in France came intelligence that the French king was eager to “prosecute the Frenche quene’s title to England”.
—  Elizabeth I and Her Circle by Susan Doran
My mini rant

So, I assume many kpop fans will know who this is

For any of you who don’t, this is Taemin of SHINee, well known for his vocals as well as his dancing. He debuted in March of 2008, which made him 14 at the time he debuted. Many people have praised him for his growth as an idol, and for his ability to deal with debuting at such a young age. But, you want to know who else debuted at the same age?

Choi Sungmin. He was originally in the group Co-Ed, under Core Contents Media, that debuted in 2010.

(He’s the one with the green glove)

He, like Taemin, debuted at the age of fourteen, and with a group where many of the males were five years older than him (Noori was two). When their company disbanded their group, he, along with Taewoon and Jungwoo, were put in SPEED, which debuted in 2012.

He’s had just about every hair color on the spectrum, and of course has rocked them all.

He’s also incredibly ricidulous, but in the best way possible

*Him attempting to get screen time when pushed in the back of music awards (which always happens to them)

*Him and Jungwoo spending their challenge money on Burger King

*Snuggling Jongkook


*Also that

*Giving Taeha neck kisses

*And dressing up like a girl for DEEPS’s entertainment

Through these years, Sungmin has done many different tricks for their performances, as he’s the main dancer. A lot of these haven’t been safe. 


is the Swan Jump. Sungmin performed it for their song “Don’t Tease Me”, and for someone with very little gymnastic training, it’s incredibly difficult. 

These are some gifs of when it didn’t go quite as planned during practice

This is how looked after he mastered it

Due to this stunt, Sungmin, who was only 18, had to get back surgery due to his extensive injuries, and was unable to record for SPEED’s main track “What U” on their latest album, and was unable to record part of the mv. After his back surgery, he had to master Heelys (as Yuhwan, current leader of SPEED mentioned, they had to learn how to use them on uneven surfaces, rough surfaces, and not to mention while dancing).

This is absolutely nothing against SHINee or Taemin, because they are also obviously talented. This is about a very talented Sungmin, who has achieved so much and given up a lot, yet many people into kpop have probably never heard of him. While the fact that Sungmin is still younger than Taemin does play a factor, Sungmin, definitely not through lack of talent, is not even half as acknowledged as Taemin was at that age. Sungmin has spent over half of his life in the industry, including days as a trainee, yet most people have never even heard of him. He, as well as all of SPEED are extremely talented and always have difficult and dangerous choreography, yet are very under appreciated as well as underrated. Sungmin has worked so hard to achieve his dream, but is still not recognized or praised for all of his skills. Please give SPEED’s sweet maknae, as well as SPEED, lots of love!

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