Did I ever mentioned to you guys how does the full CORE looked like?

Cus this is how the full CORE looks like

The upper part was supposed to be shown as we get to higher floors using the elevator but Toby decided to not include it (source from the official undertale artbook)

So for your viewing pleasure, this is what the full CORE would look like. Maybe there’s even more in the upper part but I think this is the full picture.

Then I proceeded to fangirl aobut how awesome Gaster is, an absolute genius. 

Hey, you know the original myth of Persephone when she was still Core/Kora and instead of being kidnapped, she willingly went down into the Underworld and decided that she liked it there/wanted to do good there? 

I need a copy of it.

Can ANYBODY point me in the right direction? I don’t mean another tumblr post, I mean an actual scholarly article, or book, or .org- something. 


So this happened while I was doing my afternoon calisthenics 😅 he really likes jumping on my back 💪 #

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