Ralph Lauren Purple Label AW17

It’s easy to understand why Ralph Lauren is still considered to this day as one of the most successful brands of all time, not only by those inserted in its aesthetic sphere, but by every reputed personality in menswear, regardless of personal style and taste. In my opinion, Ralph Lauren owes its success to brilliant storytelling and the early adoption of the “lifestyle concept”, the introduction of narrative and context to fashion. 

This concept has been so exquisitely explored throughout its life cycle that the Ralph Lauren aesthetic is an immediately recognisable trademark. Even if the quality of the lower tier lines isn’t what it used to be, they still provide timeless garments that don’t compromise the integrity of the brand as a whole. Another superb aspect of Ralph Lauren is the ability to adapt and expand to new markets without ever losing its DNA - be it on RRL, RLX or Home, lines who seek to attract distinct consumer profiles, traces of the brand’s universe remain.

A perfect example is its AW17 collection from the luxurious Purple Label line. If you haven’t seen it in person I recommend doing so the next time you visit one of their flagship stores, trust me it’s worth it. This top tier line delivers some of the most high-end garments around, made from luxurious fabrics and portraying an uncanny attention to detail in both design an construction. Usually associated with a more formal style due to the outstanding suiting offerings, usually accompanied by the expertise of their in-house tailors, Purple Label has been evolving, currently offering a wide range of styles as seen above. From 3-piece suits, to tuxedos, playful ikat patterns and sweatpants, the collection sees the Ralph Lauren man as a whole, providing spot-on options for different occasions - what’s not to love?

Deconstructing Q's look

 Why you are all wrong about Qs Cardigan.

I feel like there is so much dislike in this fandom for Q’s wardrobe and his cardigan in particular. I’ve read fic, after fic describing it as anything from hideous to garish. So I’m going to explain it to you from a costume and fashion perspective. and hopefully convince you Q’s clothes only really look comparatively ugly or eccentric next to Bonds rather old fashioned stayed wardrobe. 

This contrast is a deliberate move on the part of the costume designer. Q is of course supposed to be the antithesis of bond. Where Bond is hard; Q is Soft: his outfits always have some tactile element to them. Where Q is a young man from the world of IT where business casual is a must. Bond is an older man from a military world where uniformity even in the shape of Tom ford suits is de rigure.

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Kick-Ass Chicks: Bunny Miele

Tennessee artist Bunny Miele is one talented chick. We first learned about Bunny after a night of binge shopping on Etsy, where we were immediately drawn to her on-point line work, and her seamless color blending. (Let’s just say, she knows her way around a Prismacolor pen.) Oh. And did we mention she’s a total babe with killer style? We met up with the young artist to get to know her better, and learn more about her hometown scene.

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Just In For Men

5 new editors’ picks to shop this week

Each week, we scroll through our new arrivals and choose five of our favorite pieces - a handpicked selection of this season’s best clothing and accessories to shop now or add to ‘your loves’ to shop later. View the best new products below and see why you need them in your closet stat.

1. Topman Ltd Blue Harrington Jacket

Ltd Blue Denim Harrington Jacket

Why You Need It: A cross between a classic jean jacket and a shirt jacket, this denim zip-up is unique but still completely wearable. With a corduroy collar and pockets, and a worn-in vintage look, there’s no doubt this will be your new go-to layer.

2. Topman Grey Salt and Pepper Quilted Hoodie

Grey Salt And Pepper Quilted Hoodie

Why You Need It: If you’re going to throw on a sweatshirt, you might as well make it one that doesn’t look like everyone else’s basic hoodie. This Topman style has the perfect cotton-poly blend for extra softness and quilted detail for a unique look.

3. American Apparel Vintage Houndstooth Zippered Flannel Shirt

Vintage Houndstooth Zippered Flannel Shirt

Why You Need It: '90s style is still going strong, which means you can wear this zippered flannel with your old pair of chucks and still feel current.

4. Zara Leather Rucksack

Leather Rucksack

Why You Need It: A simple, well-made leather backpack is not only stylish (and manly), but it’s also versatile. You can use it to tote your books, hold your work papers and carry your weekend trip necessities. Bye bye, briefcase.

5. Joshua Sanders Satin Panelled Slip-On Sneakers

JOSHUA SANDERS satin panelled slip-on sneakers

Why You Need Them: Slip-ons are arguably the most comfortable type of sneakers, plus you can dress them up or down, so we suggest you invest in a sleek pair for the warmer months ahead.

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