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That journal is as good as MINE!

Here it is, y'all!  The complete three-part comic, titled Departed Falls.  Truth be told, it didn’t actually take all that long to finish like I thought it would.

The basic idea behind it was sort of mini-AU where Wendy met Bill some point after Sock Opera, and was thusly convinced to make a deal with him in exchange for him bringing her mother back from beyond.  From the last panel, it’s pretty clear that it doesn’t go exactly as she planned.  Never trust a dream demon, after all.

I don’t usually do comics, but this is a special thanks to all the people who have been following my tumblr thus far, and all those who will continue to do so!  The next milestone’s going to come when I hit about 500 followers, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I don’t think I’ll keep this mini-AU tucked away for too long.  I do like the idea so we’ll see where it goes.

It’s only a mini-AU but Departed Falls isn’t such a bad name I think.

Part 2-Playing the player. (young!sirius x reader)

Request:  Part two to playing the player? I loved it so much!

Warning: Swearing

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I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache and a dry mouth.

Fuck. I pointed my wand at the cup next to my bed. “Aguamenti.

I drank greedily and opened my bed curtains.

I heard Leah talk. “(Y/N), are you okay? I think I’m dying.” Cynthia let out a groan of agreement.

“I’m dying too Leah. We were soooo hammered.” 

Cynthia spoke her first words of the morning. “You guys I’m so hungry. Can we please go get some food?”

It took another ten minutes of Cynthia prodding us, but soon we were headed down to the Great Hall. People were staring as we walked by. I knew why. Cynthia had changed into clean sweatpants, but Leah and I were still in our pajamas. Mine had little Disney princesses all over them. They were a Christmas gift from my mom, years ago. 

We literally were so drained we could not even get dressed. All three of us were wearing sunglasses to block out the light, obviously. We looked absolutely hungover as shit.

We sat down in the Great Hall, and I put my head down. All the different smells made me nauseous. I heard Cynthia and Leah chowing down.

Someone sat down beside me and I heard a familiar voice in my ear. “Hello love, you are looking positively stunning.”

I turned my head in my hands to look at him. I got irrationally pissed off. Sirius had just as much to drink last night as I did, and yet he was sitting next to me and looking like he had a restful night of sleep.

His black t-shirt was tight enough to see the outline of his muscles, and he was wearing tight dark jeans. His hair looked flawless, and his face wore an amused expression. He was a little scruffy, as if he neglected shaving for a day or two. 

I narrowed my eyes at his sarcastic comment. “Fuck off Sirius.”

He threw his head back and let out a bark-like laugh. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a flask. “Drink some of this, (Y/N). Me and the boys whipped some up for this weekend.”

Cautiously, I took a sip. I instantly felt better. My hangover was completely gone. I sat up and passed the flask down to Leah and Cynthia.

“You are a lifesaver Sirius.”

“I know.”

He leaned forward and kissed me. It was over in a flash, and he stood up to reach for his flask. 

“I need you to be feeling your best for tonight, (Y/N).” He smirked and left to rejoin his friends. 

Leah elbowed me. “(Y/N), you HAVE to go to the Three Broomsticks tonight!”

I nodded. “Only if you guys come with me!” Cynthia and Leah smiled.

We spent the rest of the day scheming. 

After it was established that I did, in fact, want to hook up with Sirius Black, thank you very much, Leah and Cynthia started brainstorming ways I could get with him and avoid the dreaded trap of DEVELOPING FEELINGS

I was finally decided that after I seduced him (lol), I would leave and meet Cynthia and Leah in our dorm to divulge every detail-focusing on the shortcomings of course. Then we would avoid him like the plague.

Yeah, I knew it was a shitty idea, but who cares honestly?

***Later that night***

Cynthia, Leah and I ran down the hallways towards the secret passage to Hogsmeade. We were already a half hour late. I had trouble picking out what to wear.

As I was a bit more excited tonight than I was last night, jeans and a sweatshirt were not going to cut it. I settled on a low-cut cream cable knit sweater and a brown corduroy mini-skirt. I’m not the most fashion forward person, so it was the best I could come up with.

We entered the tavern and an annoyed James Potter was immediately in my face. Cynthia and Leah departed in search of their friends from the previous night.

“You’re late.”

I gave him a mean look. “Maybe you’re just early.”

He laughed. “Well either way, I’m glad you’re finally here. He,” He shoved a grinning Sirius over to me. “Is your responsibility now. He’s been quite a handful this evening. Won’t stop talking about you.” James and Remus exchanged a look.

Sirius grabbed onto me and tipped his drink up to his mouth. “Psh. They’re just jealous of me ‘cause you’re smarter and prettier and funnier than anyone they’ve ever snogged.”

I felt my cheeks heat up and he led me to the bar. 

“Rosmerta,” Sirius practically growled. “This lovely young lady will be on my tab tonight. She beat me in truth or dare.” 

Rosmerta laughed. “Sirius, I’ve never known you to lose a game before!”

Sirius grinned, and soon there were two glasses of firewhiskey in front of us.

He picked up one in each hand and put his arm out to the side a bit for me. I put my hand through, and grabbed onto his elbow. 

He guided me, a little unsteady, back to his friends. They were sitting at a table and only one chair was open. Sirius sat down, and pulled me onto his knee. It was a bit bony, but I loved being so close to him. 

I maneuvered myself so I was sitting on his lap at an angle, facing James, and I wrapped an arm around Sirius’s neck. Sirius took another drink before putting his arms around my waist.

“You better start drinking, (Y/N). Make sure Sirius pays up for losing last night!” Peter sniggered.

I smiled and took a drink.

The boys fell into a conversational drinking game, and I tried to keep up. They really loved their drinking games.

The rules were pretty simple. If someone asked you a question and you answered, you had to drink. If you countered their question with another question, they had to drink twice. It was basically a game where everyone just keeps asking questions until someone messes up and has to take all the drinks associated from the string of questions, and then it just starts all over.

“What’s the fastest way to reach London from Hogwarts?”

“Do you mean by ground travel only, or by air as well?”

“Are you daft enough to think I would exclude air travel?”

“Are animals allowed as transport?”

“Of course animals count!”

Remus lost and drank five times. 

The game went on like this for a while, and the boys and I were having a good time. Every now and then, Sirius would trace circles with his thumbs on my hips.

I had been at the pub for a while now, so I got up to check in with my friends. Sirius started to protest, but I silenced him with a kiss. “I’ll be back, I promise.”

I wandered over to my friends. They were sitting at the bar chatting with Joshua Summers and his friend. I sat on the stool next to Cynthia and ordered another drink.

She turned to me. “How’s the plan coming along, (Y/N)?”

I shrugged and downed my drink. I asked her and Leah about their nights.

“We’re having a great time. Josh asked me to go with him to Madam Puddifoots next weekend!” Leah said with a grin.

I smiled. At least one of us scored.

We continued chatting and gossiping for a while, until Cynthia nudged me and glanced behind me. 

Sirius was staggering over to us. And when I say staggering, I mean staggering. He certainly wasn’t this drunk last night. In the background, I saw James, Peter and Remus giggling and avoiding my glare.

I hopped off my stool to steady him. He latched onto me and pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. Sirius kissed the top of my head. 

I grabbed his shoulders and yanked myself out of his grasp. “Hey. Hey! Sirius! Are you okay?”

Sirius flashed me a wide smile and slurred. “They made me drink every time they caught me looking at you.”

I turned back to my friends. “Guys, I’m gonna take Sirius back to Hogwarts. He’s too drunk.”

They waved me off, and I put my arm around Sirius to help hold him up.

As we were walking out, I flicked the marauders off. They laughed behind me.

Sirius is a difficult drunk to say the least. He tried sitting down every ten steps, and he refused to listen to me when I told him what to do.

He finally succeeded in getting me to sit with him in a hallway to “rest”. He grabbed my hand and put his head on my shoulder. “Gosh, (Y/N). You are so amazing. How did I get so lucky to even hang out with you?”

“You blackmailed me into coming to your party by stealing my notes, remember?” 

“Oh yeah.” Sirius thought this was incredibly funny. “But you knew you couldn’t resist me. I’m the handsomest man you’ve ever seen!”

Even when he was drunk, he was cocky. I stood up and pulled him to his feet.We began to walk towards the Gryffindor tower. 

“You know, (Y/N), I’ve had a huge secret crush on you since third year. Don’t tell anybody though. It’d be so embarrassing if you found out.”

Drunk Sirius may have been cocky, but he was not too logical.

We approached the Fat Lady and Sirius yelled the password. The Fat Lady shushed him and opened up. 

Once in the common room, Sirius ran away from me and sat down on the couch. He patted his lap and winked.

Not very reluctantly, I sat down and leaned in. I wasn’t going to take advantage of Sirius by any means, but he just looked so god damn good tonight. I kissed him sweetly, and he responded back, fiercer. His tongue made his way into my mouth and explored. I pulled away and he frowned.

“Come on, Sirius. Let’s get you up to bed.” Sirius’s face lit up.

“Not like that, silly.” I grabbed his hand and yanked him to his feet. He was pouting, like the drama queen he is.

I started walking up the stairs, and looked back to see Sirius wobbling uncertainly. I went back to him to help him to his room. He was leaning against me heavily, and I was struggling to get him up the stairs. Thankfully, his dorm was the first one on the right. We almost fell into his room, and he pointed out his bed.

I led him there and sat him down.

“I need to change into my pajamas. Can you get them for me? They’re in the trunk under my bed.”

I knelt down and pulled out the trunk. When I finally fished out his pajama pants, I saw him ogling my ass appreciatively. 

“My eyes are up here, buddy.”

He giggled and started stripping. I turned around to give him privacy, and when he finally called out “Okay done,” I faced him again. 

I almost lost it. Of course he doesn’t wear a shirt to bed. And of course his pajama pants sit low on his hips. AND OF COURSE HE IS RIPPED FROM QUIDDITCH. Honestly, it was a lot to handle.

He reached to grab my hand and pulled me towards him. “(Y/N), will you stay with me tonight?”


“Why not?”

“Sirius, you are way too drunk. You need to sleep it off. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”

“What if I’m so drunk that I puke and choke on it and die, and you left me and it’s all your fault?”

I glared at him. “Do you feel like you are going to puke?”


“Well then, that’s settled. Besides, your friends will be back soon I’m sure.”

“Could you just stay for a few minutes then?”

He sounded so cute and he was giving me major puppy dog eyes.

He continued begging. “I promise I won’t be naughty.” He paused momentarily. “Although, you don’t need to make any such promises.”

I caved. “Fine. Just a few minutes. And no funny business.”

At once, he crawled under his comforter and held the side open for me. I slid in next to him and raised my wand to turn the lights out. “Nox

He pulled his bed curtains shut and snuggled against me. I wrapped my arms around him, one nestled in his hair and one stroked his bare back.

He planted a kiss on my neck, and within minutes I heard him softly snoring.

I breathed a sigh of relief. At least he was back safe and sound now. I briefly considered getting up and going back to my dorm. 

Ah fuck it. I was comfortable and so was Sirius. Why disturb him just to leave? (That’s just me making up a pathetic excuse so I could cuddle with Sirius all night hehe). I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep. 

New modelling photo for Samantha Juste and Twiggy fans from UK Woman’s Own magazine, July 30, 1966 issue:


It’s World Cup time, so join in the fun with these on-the-ball football fashions, sure to score at home and away, and picked to win you fresh supporters - Suzanne Grey

FIRST DIVISION of this wide-bonded coat by Sheraton is sizzling orange, followed by white, then orange again. It’s a top scorer in snuggly Bri-Nylon fur - a - big winner - and costs 16 gns. (Partially shown left)

BIG MATCH of the year is stripes with toning plain colours. Like this plum and white blouse by John Craig. 67s. 6d. And matching corduroy big-belted mini skirt. By Pierre Elegante. 4 gns. (Samantha Juste)

TEAM SPIRIT shows to advantage in our Morley co-ordinating sweater and skirt in green/blue/black stripes. In ribbed Acrilan, the sweater costs 57s. 6d., the skirt, 55s. Worn with navy ‘Copperfield’ cap. By Edward Mann, 39s. 11d. (Twiggy)

CLUB COLOURS have nothing on the brilliant mouth-watering shades that stripe this sinuous wool dress by Wahls of Sweden. Price 7gns. It has long slim sleeves, square neck and optional belt. (Partially shown on right)