guys, i want to bring your attention to your new favourite bisexual muslim poetess, wallada bint al-Mustakfi (córdoba, 1001 - 1091)

she was the daughter of Muhammad III of Córdoba, one of the last Umayyad Cordoban caliphs, and a christian slave named Amin'am. as her father had no male heir, Wallada inherited his properties, and used them to open a palace and literary hall in Córdoba. there she offered instruction in poetry and the arts of love to women of all classes, from those of noble birth to slaves purchased by Wallada herself. some of the great poets and intellectuals of the time also visited.

she was blonde, fair-skinned and blue-eyed, in addition to being intelligent, cultured and proud. she also was somewhat controversial, walking out in public without a hijab and in the fashion of the harems of baghdad, she wore transparent tunics and embroidered her verses on the trim of her clothing!!!!

we only conserve nine poems written by her.

a cordovan custom of the time was for poets to compete in finishing incomplete poems. wallada gained recognition for her skill, particularly as a woman in what was almost entirely a male competition. the great love of her life was the poet Ibn Zaydún.

one of her most notorious students was the poetess muhya bint al-tayyani, who wrote this satire about wallada:  Wallada has calved and has no husband; the secret has been revealed, she looks like Mary but she shakes a palm tree, but an erect penis. like….epic.

one of her poems goes:  

Wait for me whenever darkness falls,
For night I see contains a secret best.
If the heavens felt this love I feel for you,
The sun would not shine, nor the moon rise,
Nor would the stars launch out upon their journey.

thanks for attending my lesson.