==> Return.

It’s been a very VERY long last few days and it’s bittersweet to be able to head back home. In one regard  there’s a deep set need to remain hidden with your matesprit, but reality was threatening to reassert itself. A bit of weight pressing down on your shoulders reminded you that you were leaving, the giant apartment fading out, your own rising up in brilliant color to replace it. Heave a heavy sigh and roll yourself off the little transportalizer platform.

Without anyone around, it takes all of a few seconds to register just how badly everything hurts, slumped over on your side, an inferno burning just below your skin. The temptation to throw up is hard to resist, but with no chance of getting to the bathroom unaided, you swallow hard, keeping good control of yourself, earlier whispers wrapping like iron around your mind.

Pulling out your phone, quickly sending off a message to your father, hoping you’d be able to pull yourself back together before he shows up. Now is an amazing time to cry.

cordialaristocrat began followving

This is significantly more baffling than usual, and it wvas already fairly novwel to begin wvith.  Considering that you'vwe found me, I imagine that you are at least moderately awvare that I am the Orphaner Dualscar, and Cronus Ampora.

I can’t evwen think of anything to say.


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