cordelia goode

So, in the American Horror Story universe, the majority of Sarah Paulson’s characters are semi-famous, but no one points out that they’re perfect doppelgangers?
1. Billie Dean Howard is well known for being a psychic and getting her own TV show.
2. Lana Winters became a television personality after writing her book about her survival story.
3. Cordelia Goode is recognizable for being the current leader of the coven in New Orleans. At the end of season 3, she’s seen doing a television broadcast, and when Queenie is recognized in Hotel for being part of the Coven, it becomes clear that the coven is rather popular in the AHS universe.
4. It’s possible that the twins became well known for being two-headed, and could have been photographed at some point.
5. Audrey was a famous actress on one of the most popular shows in the AHS universe.

I mean, it’s easy to look past these things, but it’s interesting to point out.

Sarah Paulson’s Characters Throughout American Horror Story