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My thoughts on Bad Girls Club Season 2

So I’ve never seen Bad Girls Club Season 2, and I decided to watch it because I’m so bored waiting for Season 11 to come out.  A lot of people say this is the best season of them all. So this blog is about my thoughts and opinions on it. And if you don’t care keep scrolling.

So I think one of my biggest disappointments is Tanisha in the begging. In the first half of the season most of the time she is a big bipolar bully. She was disrespectful, and rude but expects people to respect her. All she did the first half of the season was hate. But she does calm her shit down, and start to grow a heart near the end of the season. She actually started to become one of my favorites because she has such a big heart. I felt so sad for her when she went to jail. She didn’t deserve it, and It just goes for show how racial profiling is in this country. Out of everybody I would claim her the most improved. But I will say I wish they put bigger girls like Tanisha on the show. Also people need to stop hating on the big girls on the show this isn’t the play house bunny mansion. What are with all these twigs? BGC needs more diversity. This is Bad Girls Club not whose the best Barbie club.

I actually liked Hanna too, More so at the end of the season though. In the begging she was kind of a bitch being rude to the other girls and making fun of them and getting mad. 

Neveen was just a hater nothing more. I never really liked her because she was rude and I think she kind of aimed to be rude.

 Hanna and Neveen where just their to hold Tanisha back from killing the other girls, and to be her bitches that laughed at her every joke. They where basically just followers.

So I obviously favor the Party Girls because they have fun, and don’t care what the haters are doing. I am a bit afflicted on the pranking they did because on one side I feel like the Hyena Sisters needed people to stand up to them because they ruled the house, and it was pretty funny. But I also think on some of it they took it too far like putting tobacco sauce in Tanisha’s juice.

One of my favorites at the begging of the season was Jennavecia Russo because she was fun and she ran her own show. And was not afraid to tell someone how it is. However, at the end of the show she started to become more and more of an irresponsible brat and I started disliking her a bit. I think she deserved to go cause I think everything started to get to her head.

Cordelia Carlisle has self esteem issues and Commitment issues she obviously needs to deal with or hopefully already has already dealt with. What annoyed me about her is that the only reason she thought she was a bad girl is because she was a whore and knew how to play men. Okay… Congrats your a whore. Just because your a whore doesn’t make you a bad girl… It makes you a Play Boy Bunny or something like that. Maybe you where in the wrong mansion. But I will say she got a pretty voice.

Darleen is just crazy. But she is funny to watch when she is drunk. Lol, and to watch all the other girls freak out about it and be like no more alcohol for you son.

An all time favorite of mine is Lyric. She has so much self-respect for herself and others and it was very commendable for a bad girl. Just because your a bad girl doesn’t mean you need to be trashy with low self esteem. There should be more bad girls like her. She was truly a unique individual.

I was sad when Lyric left but I understand why. I was so shocked to see such a peaceful leaving (Because the recent seasons haven’t had much).  It was nice to see that not all the seasons decide to beat up the girl if they decide to leave. It’s called fucking humanity people.

I feel bad for Andrea’s disorder. I have a best friend that had a eating disorder. As a friend I know it’s very hard to say the right thing to them so you don’t make them spiral back down. I just hope she gets better like my friend did. As much as I feel bad for her she was a weak bitch, and I don’t think she belong there. You have to be very strong mentally to last in that house.

I would actually like to see more of the seasons to be like this one. Because the girls came there to better themselves, and they actually tried to get along after a while. The seasons now are every girl trying to prove that their the baddest bad girl of them all. Now its about who can dish/take the most shit.

 I kind of have mixed feelings about their reunion. I think it was very short and rushed. The Host would touched on a topic, and when the girls started arguing it out she would hurry and change the subject so that there was no confrontation. Like let them talk a little about it… That’s the point of a reunion. But I did like that there wasn’t freaking girls launching themselves at each other and that being the whole reunion.

Darlen on: Marine Biology
  • Darlen: Did you know horseshoes are mammals?
  • Cordelia: What? Horseshoes?
  • Darlen: The things that look like horses and fishes, but they're not fishes, they're mammals?
  • Cordelia: Seahorses?
  • Darlen: Yes! Seahorses are mammals because they have babies from their vaginas.
  • Cordelia: ....
  • Darlen: God, you're gonna look so dumb after this show!