Photos of Cillian in the 1996 Corcadorca theatre production of Disco Pigs are hard to come by, so it’s always exciting to find new ones. Here are 2 versions I hadn’t seen before. (Click to enlarge) 

Here’s how Cillian described the live performance:

I remember doing Disco Pigs in its first incarnation and turning and getting sweat all over the front row. It was so visceral and dirty and sweaty. Then, when you start playing to bigger auditoriums, it’s not as sexy. ~ Backstage

#tbt Cillian began his acting career in 1996 when he appeared in Corcadorca Theatre Company’s production of Disco Pigs. As part of their 20th anniversary celebrations in 2011, Corcadorca interviewed prominent artists who had worked with them in the past. Here’s a few minutes of the interview with Cillian. Three questions, three answers – his first theatre experience*, film vs theatre and nerves. It’s from May 2011 and he’s sporting his Misterman beard. :) There’s a longer video by an audience member that you can watch here
*That was a performance of A Clockwork Orange at Sir Henry’s nightclub in Cork. “I was always into movies and then I saw a play in Cork. They did A Clockwork Orange in a nightclub and it was completely cool and sexy and brilliant and I knocked on the door of the theater company and asked for an audition.” Photos from that performance here.

In December 1995 Cillian Murphy attended a performance of A Clockwork Orange at Sir Henry’s nightclub in Cork, and it changed his life forever. This is a rare still from that show, staged by Corcadorca artistic director Pat Kiernan, the man who soon after gave CM his career start in Disco Pigs.

Murphy was still in school when Corcadorca mounted an adaptation of Anthony Burgess’ A Clockwork Orange in December ‘95. It was a site-specific production, one that transformed Sir Henry’s nightclub on the Grand Parade into the Korova Milk Bar and had characters on stilts herding the audience around the nightclub’s labyrinth of rooms. “That was a massive experience for me, seeing that,” says Murphy. “Not only was it amazing, all the things you’d want from theatre, but I also thought it was so much fun, and I knew it was something I wanted to do.” Irish Examiner, 2011


Here are a few shots of Cillian at the launch of Corcadorca Theatre Company’s 2005 outdoor series. He’s photographed with Disco Pigs director Kristen Sheridan, with Corcadorca artistic director Pat Kiernan (the one he nagged to get his role in Disco Pigs) and company director Fin O'Flynn.

Wish these didn’t have watermarks. Have only seen one from the event before without the tags. Hoping we can find some clean ones soon.


Cillian’s interview with The Corcadorca Theatre Co.


Cillian Murphy in conversation with Corcadorca, pt. 1


Theatre vs. Film
Another video with Cillian from CorcadorcaTheatreCo