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Ladies, a quick survey

Please reblog if a guy has ever told you any of these things:
1. You only watch wrestling because they’re hot.
2. You watch wrestling because your boyfriend watches it.
3. You’re faking it to get a boyfriend.

My Ultimate Weakness:

Cutoff Shirts….Specifically Black ones

Warning: Arm porn Ahead

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Bless the WWE Instagram Story for providing the goods on this lovely Hall of Fame night! I watched the HOF for the most part and it was so beautiful to see so many deserving people going into the Hall of Fame after years of hard work and dedication to the company. Next, onto NXT Takeover tomorrow (also ROH Supercard too)! 😇❤✨ @fuckyeahbulletclub @asylumxclub @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @culturalrebel @daintymissdevitt @sailoralderaan @happiness-in-reznor @lclb13 @saywecan-die @mermaidfett @dark-blueheart13 @lambchopviking @sjwrites22 @mistressbalor @flawlessbalor @wwesavedme @sammiielli

Hall of Fame: couples.

Here we are! I looked at the Hall of Fame, and I was moved to hear Kurt Angle singing and the choir “You suck” to his song. Good times.
But I’m not here to talk about this: I’m a girl, and when I see something that take my heart away… well, I have to write that.
Red carpet. I will talk about all the couples I’ve seen.

- Baron Corbin and his girlfriend.
Ok, as you know I don’t like him… Yesterday (For me) when I saw him with his girlfriend, hand in hand… He laughed and when Cathy Kelley turned to her… The dear Corbin began to smile: I hate him, but at that moment, he was so damn cute and I was there to look and say, “But… they’re so cute together!”
I also began to follow him on Instagram, just to see his photos with his girlfriend. I know, I’m a lost case.
My soul can’t find peace.

- Miz and Maryse
They were wonderful, Miz made me smile when, by mistake, he was taking his wife’s hair. He loves her so much. Of course, then they went back to being idiots when they talked about John and Nikki, but they were very sweet and very elegant!

- Roman Reigns (Joe Anoa'i) and his wife Galina.

I almost didn’t believe that she is the woman had given birth to twins. Look at her, she has PERFECT body. Galina, I understand that you keep moving (Considering the fact that Roman has some problems with clothes 😏) … but I love this woman more and more, she was just superb. And Roman by her side was cute.

- Big Cass and Carmella
How nice to see them together (see Carmella with decent and beautiful dress. Sorry, but I don’t like her ring attire) and Cass made me die with “I keep an eye on James Ellsworth”.

- Bayley and her boyfriend
I had never seen them together, are really sweet and cute together. Especially Bayley. He seemed so shy.

- AJ and his wife
I love AJ’s family. Four children, a woman he loves … the dream family. And his wife was so cute: she was embarrassed and she didn’t know what to do and it was great to see her clutching her husband’s arm.
They’re adorable.

- Kalisto and his wife
I will not say much but … Why his wife wears the mask?

- Dean Ambrose (Jonathan Good) and Renee Young (Renee Paquette)
My protected, my beloved. The interview begins with Renee who cleans Dean’s jacket from the glitter and he starts behaving like an idiot (And he openly flirted with Renee 😏).
Don’t tell me “But he was drunk!” because it’s simply the way he acted. In short, I want to see that you go to an important event, and one who will interview is your girlfriend who lives with you. I want to see if you don’t start to act like an idiot to make her laugh.
Their flirting was breaking my phone because of the intensity. They’re adorable. Especially he was staring at her and she laughed.
(And I wonder… I wonder why Dean had glitter on him… Renee was full of glitter, I would not be surprised if… 😏)

And these are my foolishness, I wanted to write and … Next time!

Writing Ideas Update

So, my brain spits out more story ideas faster than I can write, so I’m gonna talk about each one I have so far with a small one sentence summary. I have no idea when they’ll be written since I do work, but on my off days I write as much as I can. Feel free to let me know if you wanna be tag, if you haven’t already, or if you just wanna make sure I didn’t forget to add you in if you have mentioned it before. Ideas will be listed after the cut off if you’re interested. (This is listed in order or when I came up with them, not when I will write them)

F = Fluff
S = Smut

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Hello guys. I would not have wanted to write this, especially now on my blog.
Yesterday, after unusually bad days, we received good news: Joe Anoa'i (Roman Reigns) became a father for the second time. I made a post about it, congratulating him for the good news.
In short, it’s always nice to know that someone has become a father, considering the fact that Roman is a great father.

This morning (time now: 9:19 am) I wake up and I find a notification. A comment by one person: @jcaesar42 
I quote you directly because I want and I demand your apology. Let me explain better, because I’m a civil and polite person.
You have commented on my post about someone you hate writing this “Really hope the father dies”.
Let’s pretend that I have not read anything, we pretend that everything is fine. I’ll ask you a question: it feels right what you wrote?
I usually don’t answer to anyone, to prevent flame and stuff but … We need to separate what is the character of the person. Roman Reigns and Joe Anoa'i must be separated.
Roman Reigns is a wrestler that many hate (I respect Roman Reigns as like I respect ALL wrestlers); Joe Anoa'i is a family man who loves his wife and his children.
No one should wish death to someone. NOBODY.
An example: I don’t like Baron Corbin. But I don’t wish him death, I don’t go in the blog dedicated to him, or in the post to write these things. I ignore.
Now, you know why I took your comment personally? Simple, because I know what it means to lose a parent. My friends have lost their father and, I tell you, they didn’t celebrate for this, you know? Indeed, they are still suffering! It’s not nice to lose a father, you know? It’s not nice to be abandoned by some parents and, this, I experienced on my skin: you know what it feels like to be abandoned by a parent because he doesn’t want you?
Do you know what it means to lose a parent?
Let me clarify, I have not lost a parent. But my friends have lost a father. And when someone wishes this, I get nervous. Do you know why? Because you don’t know ANYTHING! You have no idea of the seriousness of what you wrote! You can hate Roman, you can do whatever you want and I don’t care about it: but you don’t dare to wish him death anymore. But not because it’s Roman Reigns, but because he is a father. He has a family. And you don’t know who you wrote this: before you write certain things, thinking that maybe, to the one you’re writing, he might take offense. Do you know why? Because maybe they’re experiencing or have experienced the death of a loved one. I don’t want to humiliate you, I just want to tell you that what you have written is wrong and I want your apology. Not for Roman Reigns. But for me. For all those who have lost someone. For my friends.

Guys, I hope I don’t ever read these things. For nobody. Especially in my blog. If you have this intention, forget my blog and go to disturb someone else. I’m sorry if I seemed harsh, but unfortunately … I can’t ignore these things.
A good day to all.

“Why do people think putting Renee in the Dean/Baron feud (as either unfaithful to Dean or as a ‘prize’ if Baron wins) is a good idea? In one scenario, she’s a whore and in the other, she would essentially be kidnapped and made the property of a monster heel without her consent. Not to mention how lazy and skeevy it is for creative to use real-life relationships for such proposed angles. If y'all miss the Attitude Era so much, feel free to rewatch the shows from that time period.”

》Not the Queen you Wanted (Study, Particular)

Study for a draw I had in mind after me and @cosmicraven117 talked about my small realisation that Aphrodite looks like Mara Sov in some points, while Aphrodite is her total opposite in behaviour x)

Yet at one point she decided to help Corbin in the reconstruction of the Reef. Many saw her as this sort of new Mara on power, so they relied a lot of trust and responsibilities over her shoulders… if only she could accept fully those title she was crowned with in that Matriarchy place xP

Aye, see you at the finished work then, Admin’s out!

2015 shitty review

My favourite albums so far

Action Bronson - Mr. Wonderful: bruh this album is like Wu Tang meets Gym Class Heroes then flies back to the 70s to go record with Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. From front to back it’s flawless

Bobby Raps & Corbin - couch potato: like when my future ex girlfriend dumps me for being too much of a bad bitchthis is the only album I’m going to be cry to. I swear Corbin has the voice of an angel after doing 4 push-ups

Cousin Stizz - Suffolk County: this guy is up next. that’s it.

Earl Sweatshirt - I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside: wow this shit is so depressing but real at the same time. I relate to Earl so much especially about his family issues and shit. This guy has been one of the best since he was 16 but now it’s actually disgusting wtf dawg

Father - Who’s Gonna Get Fucked First?: Even though I feel Young Hot Ebony was a stronger release, this still satisfies me. BET Uncut is my hoe anthem of the year like my s’febe levels go through the roof when it plays no homo though Virgin Boyz Union is the squad

Future - 56 Nights: bruh from the intro alone I was crying dawg this EP/mixtape/free album whatever it is makes me wanna slap puppies and serve them cocaine so they can feel what I’m going through

Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly: I’m gonna be playing this album in like 2026 thinking “wtf this man is a prophet how did he see all of this back then and I’m only fully understanding now??” I’m not worthy of all this knowlegede and game. I see you old white people, I cav you ..

Luidiamonds - F L A: this is only a 3 track EP but it still shayas, this EP makes me feel like Khaphela after trimming his beard. Very untouchable

Miguel - Wildheart: dawg. this sounds like androids from Dragon Ball Z having sex in space with a mageu fountain splashing in the background. The instrumentation is insane too, all those hard rock elements gone R&B is so sick man

Pa$ta Boyz - Bicken Licken & Bodeine Vol. 3: album of the year fuck you bruh the raviolution has begun Toast To The Chef, whats cooking in the kitchen? we are! Pass the mageu, taste the mogodu & $paghetit nigga.

PARTYNEXTDOOR - Ferina: every project this guy drops is always good bruh I don’t get it like what cheat codes is he using? fuck him. I’m lying. fuck him though. nah not really. Kiss Me is feiondfsnfnfdm;fvmdiwo

Phony Ppl - Yesterday’s Tomorrow: perfect album to play on Sunday if you’re sick of that bum Metro FM bullshit. fuck Metro FM bruh. fuck fuck fuck em. fuck them dawg. fuck them. that corny shit they play on Sunday’s makes me wanna stab myself with a serviette. fuck them. fuck! eat a hobo’s butthole Metro

Rae Sremmurd - SremmLife: skr skr skr skr skr skr! SremmLife! skr skr skr skr skr skr skr skr woah wooooo skr skr skr skr ayyyyyy skr skr skr skr skr huaaaaaaaah! WHIP! skr skr

Snoop Dogg - Bush: the best album Snoop has dropped in almost 10 years. Pharrell did God’s work on this, some smooth as shit to fake-impress your parents to. P.S Gwen Stefani is milf as fuck

The Internet - Ego Death: perfect album. What I love about Syd is because she’s lesbian, it means she writes songs about girls (which I can relate to) but then she has such a sweet voice to go with it, which makes it even better. Production is nuts on top of that

Thundercat - The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam: that bass bruh. that bass. the instruments. dude. TYBT. type of album to make you wanna start an acid jazz band and go fuckwild

Tyler the Creator - Cherry Bomb: I’m still ehhhh with this one but there’s some great enough moments on it to get a replay from me. Cherry Bomb (the song) is wild to me I wanna die to it, all that distorted-ness gives me a boner

Vince Staples - Summertime ‘06: bro Lift Me Up is hardest intro song of the year damnit Vince is a beast. Profound nice yrics to go with good production, can’t go wrong

Young Thug - Barter 6: sheeeeeeeeeesh!

Okay I’m done I need to go pee

Hey Guys!

Hey Im Artemis. I’m a new writer. I will be trying to write imagines about WWE NJPW some bands and movie and tv characters. Just ask and I’ll try. No Smut though. I am AWFUL at smut writing. My main blog is @axelwolf8109 so if you want you can follow me there too.