corbin ky

I’m at the Original KFC with my grandma and she used to work here when she was young and she is telling me and my brother how Colonel Sanders used to smack her ass all the time and she said “All he cared about was chicken and ass. He had two blonde ladies on each arm all the time cheating on his wife and he only wanted me to serve him his chicken. It was a good time.”

A house fire in the Gray Community has taken the lives of a man, woman, five children, and one unborn baby.  The community is shaken right now, and two families are torn.

Two of the children were just visiting for the night.  They lived right across the street from me.  I got them presents through my charity last year.  We are devastated.  Their father will not be able to afford a funeral.  He could barely afford to keep their lights on.  I don’t know how to help, but I want to.

Corbin, Gray,’s time to step up and help these families.  

Rest in peace, sweet babies.