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Why You Should Love "The Fifth Element"

Here are reasons why you should love my favorite sci-fi movie of all time.

  • It’s fucking funny.
  • The music.
  • The costumes.
  • The world is unique and interesting to look at.
  • The story is simple and fun.
  • Multipass.

Here are more reasons:

  • Our hero is genuinely kind-hearted and non-judgmental, only giving people a hard time who’ve done so to him in the past, or who irritate him.
  • The most effeminate, emasculated character in the movie is an unquestioned sex symbol.
  • We are given a kick-ass female character who isn’t presented as some emotionless, back stabbing black sheep. (not a mark against Black Widow - I love Nat to death, but you don’t HAVE to be hard to be a hard ass)
  • The two most important characters - Leeloo and the diva - are women.
  • Only when the female character - someone who throughout the movie had been labeled as a weapon, a thing, a possession of man kind - is acknowledged as a person with vulnerabilities and deserving of love is the world saved.
  • People of color are absolutely littered throughout the movie.
  • When the “perfect being” is revealed to be a woman, nothing about her responsibilities or respect from Vito changes.
  • On the surface, the women of FE are dressed in Play Boy style uniforms. As it continues, female characters - even in the background, start to become less like props and more grounded, fully fleshed characters. 
  • Gary Oldman.

Here are some reasons not to like it.

  • It’s just not your thing.
  • The president is a bad actor and probably has no actual name other than “Mr. President." 

And here goes another birthday game!

IMPORTANT BELOW AND AS ONCE AGAIN.. my program was being stupid and put in Luke Harper twice, 15 is NOT Luke Harperhhhh! XD and it also cut out 11 so… 15 is Big E 11 is Big Show

This is only a tint dirty XD
But yeah, enjoy :3

Was covering greeter so a coworker could go on break, guu comes up with a ticket and i start reaching my hand out to take it, but the guy started moving it around. I just stared at him deadpan until he haded me the ticket. He was like “Oh where’s you’re sense humor?” i just said “You’re theater is ‘X’ to the ‘direction’. Enjoy your movie” and moved on cuz there was a whole line of people behind him. Like dude you’re not funny, I’m working, move.

Had a guy come into a theater AS my coworker and i were cleaning it to “look around” he saw the handicap seats reserved for wheelchair users and their caregivers and was like “Oh are those for disabled people?” we explained their use and he said “ Oh yeah its cuz my foot is broken, so i wanted to know” his foot was lightly bandaged at the most and the direction he came from had stairs ahead so i said “You might want to avoid those stairs if your foot is broken sir”. A little while later i was headed towards one of our condiment stations to clean it and he was heading towards me and said “Do me a favor and go clean that up” I’m like dumbfounded i wanted to curse him out (i don’t like when people tell me to do something I’m about to do/ just did) but I just said “I’m heading to do that right now sir” and he patted me on the back like we were fucking friends. Because he delayed me, by the time i got there a crowd had gathered and i couldn’t even clean it for a bit. He sorta redeemed himself by telling my manager that i did a good job as he was leaving, but my whole experience with him irked me.