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Why You Should Love "The Fifth Element"

Here are reasons why you should love my favorite sci-fi movie of all time.

  • It’s fucking funny.
  • The music.
  • The costumes.
  • The world is unique and interesting to look at.
  • The story is simple and fun.
  • Multipass.

Here are more reasons:

  • Our hero is genuinely kind-hearted and non-judgmental, only giving people a hard time who’ve done so to him in the past, or who irritate him.
  • The most effeminate, emasculated character in the movie is an unquestioned sex symbol.
  • We are given a kick-ass female character who isn’t presented as some emotionless, back stabbing black sheep. (not a mark against Black Widow - I love Nat to death, but you don’t HAVE to be hard to be a hard ass)
  • The two most important characters - Leeloo and the diva - are women.
  • Only when the female character - someone who throughout the movie had been labeled as a weapon, a thing, a possession of man kind - is acknowledged as a person with vulnerabilities and deserving of love is the world saved.
  • People of color are absolutely littered throughout the movie.
  • When the “perfect being” is revealed to be a woman, nothing about her responsibilities or respect from Vito changes.
  • On the surface, the women of FE are dressed in Play Boy style uniforms. As it continues, female characters - even in the background, start to become less like props and more grounded, fully fleshed characters. 
  • Gary Oldman.

Here are some reasons not to like it.

  • It’s just not your thing.
  • The president is a bad actor and probably has no actual name other than “Mr. President." 

i-am-corbin-dallas  asked:

Hey i just have a quick question about whether something is abusive or not. I live on a college campus and was assigned a roommate. Before the year started i told her that i was sensitive to lights,sounds, & smells; later that semester it was diagnosed as a mental disorder. We share a small space but she keeps buying scented plug-ins and puts them in the room, then when i ask her to remove them she acts put out and then puts them back in anyways. This is causing me anxiety (you can post this)

Honestly, I wouldn’t say it’s abusive, but it’s definitely cruel & vindictive. In my opinion, there has to be a pattern of behaviors and actions for something to be abuse. If she’s going out of her way to harm you or make you uncomfortable in other ways, I would say it’s becoming part of a pattern, but if this is currently all she’s doing, it seems that it’s just malicious and hateful (and if your sensitivity to the scents is a symptom of your condition, dismissively ableist)