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Jazz can be easy or hard based on choreo. For example if he got karina and Corbin choreo yeah it could be hard. If he got heather and Maks choreo (the frozen one more character than dance) he'll be fine. Jazz/contemporary to me (as someone who danced for 15+ years) is a style that can be easily tailed more so than others based on ability.

You are correct.  The pros know what they’re working with and tailor things to suit their partner.  He’s with Peta, I don’t worry that she’ll throw something at him that will make him look ridiculous.  Peta will actually probably get him at least half way just because she’s Peta.  It’s the same with Sharna, they are two of the most popular female pros and can take a less than stellar partner (both of them last season) a good long way.

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Hawaii BWAT

So I will try to write a recap of my experience to the best of my memory. I had a great time at the show. I arrived to the show about an hour before it started and wanted to check if they added a meet and greet. To my luck, the answer was yes. I hesitated for about 2 seconds and thought…when am I ever going to be able to see them again in HAWAII. No ever comes here to perform??? So I bought the tickets though they were expensive. I will get back to the meet and greet later…

The show was fun and I had a great time overall. All the dancing was amazing. Jenna was apart of the troupe and she danced her butt off. Oksana and her hubby rocked the house… Best couple in the troupe. Cheryl Burke pulled out of the how due to personal reasons so Sharna danced with Tony in Cheryl’s absence. Lord Sharna is absolutely more stunning in person and she’s overall a sweetheart!!! She is a brilliant dancer with both Tony and Val. Val and Sharna’s dance to “stay with me” (Von from American Idol singing sam smith) was break taking and my favorite number of the night. Lots of passion in that number.

Karina and Maks danced the jive and the paso. Both numbers were brilliantly danced. The vibe between them seemed to be professional to me.

During the Q&A, I already shared in my last update. Everyone was asked who their favorite partner was.. Maks said Meryl (everyone answered the question so Maks didn’t elaborate on his answer.“ Sharna answered charlie white. Tony said Melissa rycroft. Karina said Corbin blue and someone else. A little girl asked if "Maks would marry Meryl?” But no response??? The second half was much more fun…

Act 2: Val, Sharna, Maks, tony and Karina had the audience participate and them go on stage. I ran up to dance on stage. Val was greeting people as they came up on the stage.. I got lucky and Val smiled big and gave a kiss ok the cheek.. I almost fell off the stage…but I know he belongs to trocoloca! We danced on stage and then it was time to go back to our seats.. I noticed that some girls were running to the side of the stage where Maks was and so I followed. I waited my turn but I then got a chance to say hello to Maks and he gave me a kiss on the cheek.. (I almost fainted!) He is even more handsome in person!!!! But I held it together and before I left the stage I gave sharna a big hug!!! There was more dancing but the finale number had sharna/Val, Tony/Jenna and Karina/Maks!!! Overall good show!!!

I will write up a recap on the meet and greet tomorrow. Sorry not much Maksyl info for me to share but overall I enjoyed the show a lot!!


Seriously Tumblr thanks again. You now have me shipping something else (real people this time), pouring over fanfiction, spending hours on youtube and social media. I give up, I tried really hard not to because…. just cause. To think started this started with a link to Corbin and Karina dancing. 

Then I as all like ohh look Rocky from shake it up did Dancing with the stars, so I watched their week one dance, and now I ship it. Thought I as cray cray for a bit, then I discovered the valdaya tag …..

arrg god damn it Valdaya I can’t even deny it anymore. I SHIP IT AND I CAN’T STOP (believe me I tried).