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ok heAR ME OUT: Voltron Art School AU (totally self-indulgent and based off the art school I’m going to coughcough nvm) 

I wrote many cool n’ pretty wild headcanons for it so uhhhh, read under the cut: 

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Anon, I wanna thank you cause I agree with like all of this!!! 

In fact here’s a good list to expand on more of this:

( Train AU Beginnings )

The Train AU takes place in a town much like the ones you would find in southern Ireland. I have family over there and the scenery is so beautiful, the train rides I took to visit all my cousins were some of the most peaceful trips I’ve had. I want you guys to imagine a place with wide open fields and close-knit neighbors. But also cobblestoned city streets with more places to walk than drive. I want you guys to picture warm nature and stone fences. 

Altea Academy is a private institution located in the modern downtown district of Finch (a made up town based on Dublin). The high school caters to talented and wealthy students and offers them a college preparatory education. Most of its students are child prodigies and scholarshiped athletes. The school itself is very reminiscent of Trinity University in Dublin. Due to its prominent nature, the school is known for being uptight, but its students are known for being quite troublesome. But since their students are regarded as the “best” the school rarely punishes them. If they did the child’s important angry parents would be breathing down the principal’s neck. The school’s football team is known locally and statewide, they have always dominated the competition.

Students of Altea:

  • Takashi Shirogane - Team captain and quarterback of Altea’s Black Lions. Shiro is seen by teachers as a straight-A senior and perfect student. But his friends and fellow students see him as tired soul. He stays up late to do homework and runs on nothing but willpower and energy drinks. He is constantly making bad decisions when his friends are not with him. Bad decisions include: Random piercings his current hairstyle, and regrettable tattoos. He is a huge space nut and can talk to you all day about the stars, their constellations, and their meanings. His affinity for stars has earned him the nickname Space Dad. He’s an Instagram legend thanks to his friend Matt and is sought after by every guy and girl in the district. 
  • Katie Holt - A computer science prodigy, Katie was able to skip three grades and at age 14 she sits with her brother in the senior class. Due to the strict dress code, Katie was forbidden from wearing the men’s uniform and is constantly writing emails to the faculty about how unfair it is to deny her pants. She may look like she is diligently typing notes but Katie sits in the back of the class for a reason. She’s either hacking the school’s internet and database or playing video games, yet whenever called she can answer the question correctly. Unlike Shiro, the school knows Katie is not as sweet as she looks. Along with her brother, Keith, and secretly Shiro, she has pulled off countless school pranks. 
  • Matt Holt - An angel in the eyes of teachers and best friends with Shiro. He pretends to scold his sister for her troublesome pranks when called to the office, but it’s all an act. Computer science and mathematics prodigy Matthew Holt is the face of several school adds along with Shiro. Due to his father’s strong government ties, the school can hardly punish his sister and thus could never touch him. Matt is Shiro’s lifeline making sure he studies, supplies him with Monster, and treats him to breakfast every once in a while. 
  • Keith Kogane - A reckless punk in the eyes of teachers and staff. But a school icon none the less. No matter how many classes he sleeps through he always aces them. He’s on the football team with Shiro and has scored most of the school record-breaking touchdowns. He’s a golden boy at everything and anything and the teachers can’t do anything about his reckless behavior without incurring the wrath of his uncle, CEO of Galra Industries and Sciences, Zarkon. Keith’s parents died when he was very young. His mother’s brother took him in and raised him alongside his own son Lotor. He loves Keith like his own son and bought him the house his parent’s lived in on the outskirts of the quiet town of Creek.

(Lotor goes to another elite high school in Finch where the football team is co-ed. Lotor is the quarterback and captain and the girls he leads are hella strong. Their team is usually ranked third in the district and is constantly trying to one-up Altea. )

West Creek High is a local high school in the much calmer town of Creek, about a four-hour train ride from Finch. The school itself is a community high school, lots of local kids go here. It’s an old building with laxed old rules, and well-behaved students. The school’s pride is its football team, most kids go to West Creek just to make the team. They are ranked second in the county. In Creek, the streets are more for walking and less for driving. There is a local Somoan bakery that makes fresh pastries every morning and next to them is a cafe. The owners are good friends and together bring in business for both shops. 

Students of West Creek High

  • Hunk Garret- A lovable sweet boy with a heart of gold and the body of a god. Hunk is the school’s famed linebacker, he’s a hulking beast on the field and could break a normal high schooler in two. But Hunk couldn’t hurt a fly and only joined the team for the scholarship so he could save his mother money. He helps run the local Somoan bakery with her and is looking to take over the business when he graduates. He’s best friends with Lance and has been since pre K. They have matching wristbands, the one Hunk wears is Lance’s favorite color while the one Lance wears is Hunk’s favorite color. Sometimes he and Lance stay up hella late playing video games with their online friend Pidge. 
  • Allura - The resident hottest girl in school, Allura is rather down to earth and sweet once people get to know her. She runs a fashion blog and dominates Instagram with gorgeous selfies. Although her father is the CO-CEO to Galra, and she could have gone to any school she wanted, she chose West Creek out of all the fancy prep schools. She thought the homier the neighborhood the kinder the friends. She became friends with Hunk and Lance because she frequently eats at Hunk’ s bakery. Lance is her wingman and always lets her know if a guy at a party is trouble. She currently has a crush on this guy who keeps showing up on her insta feed.He’s got a fringe of bleached hair and piercings. His friend’s feed is filled with pictures of the said bleached boy doing hilarious stunts and sweaty football pics. It’s a blessing. 
  • Coran Smythe - Is the schools most eccentric and loved history professor. He somehow has a strange unheard historical fact for every era they cover in class and often judges the textbooks on getting certain events wrong or the author being completely off base. Not only is he a great teacher but he is also a great coach. He coaches the Creek Creatures football team. The mascot is some kind of cryptid, the current costume resembles Mothman.  
  • Lance Sanchez - A straight-A student and all around excitable guy. He wants to be an astronaut, or a fighter pilot, or something to do with the sky. Lance loves the idea of flying and wants to get his piloting license when he graduates. Lance lives on the outskirts of Creek where his family owns a farm with horses, cows, and lots or sheep. So his mom makes him take the train to make sure he gets to school on time. He’s always been a little bit of a daydreamer and is often caught zoning out in class.

The train ride from Creek to Finch is an hour and a half, the train consists of mostly leisure cars where you can sit at a table and be treated to a snack trolley. Otherwise, you can sit in the many standing cars with minimal seating and more standing room. 

I’m bored so here’s a Voltron High School AU

(Contains Shallura, Shunk, and Klance and they/them pronouns for Pidge)

  •  Shiro and Allura are seniors
  •  Hunk, Lance, and Keith are Juniors
  •  Pidge is a Sophmore (they skipped a grade)
  •  Keith is the kid who blasts MCR through his headphones
  •    - Teacher: I can hear your music
  •    - Keith: *turns it up*
  •    - Keith: CAN YOU HEAR IT NOW?
  •  Pidge consumes their weight in coffee everyday 
  •  Coran is the kooky chemistry teacher who loves setting everything on fire
  •    - He’s set off the fire alarm far to many times for it to be on accident
  •  Lance came to school one day wearing bisexual everything
  •    - Bi tank top, bracelets, the whole shebang
  •    - that’s how he came out
  •  The Voltron crew has a groupchat that’s lit™
  •    - Their names are all something weird
  •       - Keith is kogayne, Allura is Princess Murder, Pidge is Pidgeon, Lance is Lancelot, Shiro is spacedad, Hunk is HunkieMunkie
  •  Keith and Lance are on the swim team
  •    - They’re constantly having stupid “swim-offs”
  •       - Lance: *finishes a lap*
  •       - Lance and Keith: WHAT’S THE TIME WHAT’S THE TIME
  •       - Hunk: *almost shits himself* uh, 50.6
  •  Shiro being the QB and Allura being the cheer captain
  •    - Allura having a crush on him and scaring the shit out of every cheerleader who touches him for just a little too long
  •    - Shiro being oblivious
  •  Lance and Hunk being partners in every class even though every teacher knows those two should never be paired up
  • Hunk and Shay being the school’s power couple
  • Shay is loved by all
  • Allura is queen
  • Shiro shows up to school one day with Starbucks wearing pajamas
  •    - No one questions it
  •    - It was finals week
  •    - He also flipped off a teacher
  • Lance pulling stupid pranks on people just for everyday grudges
  • Keith writing “Welcome to Hell” on the back to school banner hanging in the hall on the first day back from school
  • Hunk seemingly always has food no matter what time of day it is
  • Pidge flipping off freshmen
  • Everyone tired of Keith and Lance’s pining
  •   - Even the teachers can’t stand it anymore
  •      - One day Haggar sees them sitting next to each other and just yells “KISS!”
  • Keith accidentally catching the boy’s bathroom on fire trying to trigger the fire alarm so he could go home early
  • A girl hitting on Keith won’t take a hint so he just yells “I’M GAY” in her face
  • Shiro and Allura graduating as legends
  • Shay wanting to spread good vibes so she just brings a shit ton of flower crowns to school and starts putting them on random people’s heads
  •    - Hunk and Allura helping her
  • Freshmen worshiping Allura
  •    - Freshmen worshiping Shay
  •       - They make a combined club for the two
  • I’ll probably add more later

Me: *never does my homework, is always watching tv, fails most of my tests, draws during class, talks and doesn’t do class work, only watches anime and cartoons, reads nothing but fan fics* Parents: “Why are you failing three classes?” Me:

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Volron Music School AU

-Lance is that ukulele/acoustic guitar player we all know and love.
     -You can often see him playing in the grass to little freshmen. 
     -No matter the time of day or night if he’s bored you can see him in the grass.
     -Just swaying.
     -Or writing his own music.
     -And sometimes if you’re lucky you can hear him hum along. 
     -But only his roommate, Hunk, will hear him actually sing.
     -It helps that they’re childhood friends.
     -He always plays for his huge family when he visits them.
     -And sometimes you can see him playing in the cafeteria. 
     -And people will just start dancing.
     -Drum majors play along to the beat.
     -Sometimes if you’re in the right place you can find Lance in a tree during sunset.
     -And when the light hits him just right.
           -”Keith stop staring.”
           -”I am NOT staring, Shiro!”
     -All in all Lance is just perfect for it.
     -He has a fan club.

-Keith is piano. No questions asked.
     -He doesn’t tell people this, but his mom used to play.
     -She taught him a few things before she passed away.
     -He plays as a tribute for her.
     -But he doesn’t play that one song she taught him.
           -Unless he is alone.
           -He starts to cry, and he doesn’t like that.
           -When Lance sings it to him for their three month anniversary…
           -That was a lot of cuddles.
     -Now on a lighter note…
     -He’ll play happy birthday on that piano thing on laptops.
            -You know that thing.
            -He never leaves anywhere without that in his messenger bag. 
            -(Lance thinks it’s cute.)
     -He loves plugging in headphones and just write music in the library.
     -You can see girls (and a few boys) hiding behind the shelves.
             -They start crying when Lance walks over and kisses him from behind.
     -Sometimes Keith will accidently play the ‘G Note’.
             -All you will hear is the ‘KLANG’ of a head landing on a piano.

-Hunk is the best cello player on campus. 
     -Although you wouldn’t guess it, him and Lance jam out together.
             -It sounds very, very good.
             -They like doing Disney covers.
             -No one knows this but Hunk and Lance’s families. 
             -They love it.
     -Now Hunk loves doing drum parts on cellos.
     -He’s pretty public about playing so it’s pretty often you’ll pass by him.
     -He loves going to the little coffee shops near campus and playing.
     -His favorite thing to do is play Pink Floyd covers.
     -Even if his favorite song to play isn’t by Pink Floyd.
             -(It’s Bohemian Rhaspody.)
     -He loves playing for little kids and at old peoples homes.
     -It just brings him a sense of peace.
     -He teaches a few chords to little children.
     -Lance gave him a dull yellow-ish cello for his birthday.
             -(He knew it wasn’t good for cello’s to be painted.)
             -(But he kept it anyways.)
     -He plays it for special occasions.

-Pidge is the DJ at all the parties.
     -She’s that DJ that tricks the crowd. 
     -She does the beat drop allll the time.
     -She has green cat ear headphones.
           -You will never see her without them.
           -They glow.
           -And turn on and off according to the beat.
      -She’s often just making beats on her laptop.
      -Seriously anywhere.
          -You can find her in a tree.
      -She goes to all the parties.
      -And riff offs.
      -She plays her beats in the cafeteria.
      -The freshmen are always so confused.
      -But Pidge knows what to do always.
      -Perfect playlist for everything.
           -Bad day? Got one for that.
           -Gonna ask someone out? Boom.
           -Want to party? What time?
      -Long story short
      -Foot ball games are amazing.
      -She uses her friends music clips most of the time.

-Now Shiro… he’s a bass guitar kinda person.
      -He just loves to do that Seven Nation Army bass thing.
      -He usually plays in the park with Lance if he has the time.
      -Likes doing classical movie covers.
           -He figured out how to do Star Wars.
           -It got him a girlfriend named Allura.
           -Pidge likes it too.
           -Allura and Pidge Dance to it like no one is watching.
      -Shiro and Hunk do projects together.
      -But during the parent orientation nights he plays with Keith.
            -Parents and little kids love listening to them.
      -Shiro is also a teacher assistant for Professor Coran.
            -Who happens to be Allura’s uncle.
            -That was a surprise.
                   -”He’s your WHAT?!”
                   -*giggle* I thought you knew that already…
      -He makes his own music that just…
      -Captures you.
      -It’s very capturing. 

-Allura plays her voice.
     -And her voice is magnificent.
     -She just captures people.
     -She can hit all of the notes.
     -When her and Lance get together it’s amazing.
     -She can sing the softest songs.
            -From Wonderwall by Oasis.
To Monster by Nikki.
     -You can see the hearts in Shiro’s eyes when she sways her hips. 
     -Oh yeah, she sways her hips when she sings.
     -It is mesmerizing.
     -She sings Disney covers with Hunk and Lance after walking in on them.
     -How Far I’ll Go is her jam.
     -And she likes to sing with Lance and Shiro in the park.
     -Don’t even get me started when she records things with Pidge.
            -Just GIRL POWER.
     -When Shiro has a nightmare she’ll sing a lullaby.
     -And her accent makes her voice kind of glow.
     -She sings the National Anthem during sport games.

-Finally, Coran.
     -Everyone’s favorite Music professor.
     -He’s dramatic, but everyone loves him.
     -Tries so hard to make class fun, and just…
     -He tunes people with this Trombone that is kept in pristine condition.
             -It’ s actually his first instrument ever.
     -He is that one meme.
             -And Lance is the guy at the stove.
             -You know the one I’m talking about.
             -They took a picture to put on the school website.
     -Coran makes videos too.
     -Makes a slideshow of all his students preforming.
     -Makes him cry every year.
     -Coran just loves gifts.
     -Lance gives him a new stand one year.
     -It’s the same shade as his mustache.
     -He always has shirts with awful music puns.
     -Lance laughs at them while every one else groans.
     -He just loves his students to death.

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voltron au where the paladins are the cheerleading squad and allura is captain of the football team and quarterback. coran is the cheer coach


I’ve been seeing a lot of high school au posts floating around where Shiro is a football player and Allura is a cheerleader but c’mon… C’mon. Why would Allura cheer when she could get in on that action like??

I know shitall about football so bear with me:

  • Allura is the captain and starting quarterback of her high school’s football team. She tried out her freshman year and all the guys laughed at her, but then she took off her jacket to reveal her TOTALLY JACKED arms and she was immediately put on the team.
  • Allura is responsible for 90% of the gay awakenings at her school lol
  • Allura has gone to school dances with black eyes because of rough games but she still looks good. She always looks good.
  • Lance is the cheer captain because he gets to cheer on hot guys and Allura, wear a uniform that makes his ass look amazing, and he lives for the Attention™. Lance became cheer captain his sophomore year and immediately tried asking Allura out to fulfill the stereotype that the QB and head cheerleader are always a power couple. Now it’s become more of an inside joke between them lol.
  • Shiro is a photographer for the school newspaper and he is an absolute LEGEND because he always gets the most amazing photographs. He can perfectly capture the football spinning in midair, a player jumping to catch an overhead ball, the victory dance of someone who just scored a touchdown, that sort of thing.
    • His best photos always involve Allura though so everyone is lowkey like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Also Shiro wears glasses lol can you imagine him like… Standing a few dozen feet behind the goalpost, camera constantly raised to his eye, wearing this ugly and baggy old sweater, camera pouch slung across his shoulders and back… He’s a hot nerd. This is so cliche I love it.
  • Coran is a science teacher who also coaches football because idk, Coran seems quirky enough to do that. When Allura told him she was trying out, Coran immediately bought little personalized flags with her name printed on them and gave them to all her friends. Coran claims he doesn’t have one because it would be unfair to show so much favoritism, but he cheers the loudest whenever Allura makes an amazing throw.
  • Hunk and Pidge are part of the radio station and responsible for setting up the sound equipment at games. They’re also the sports commentators for the school’s radio channel. They’re actually fairly popular because they both know absolutely nothing about football, so their commentary is like 25% actual sports content and 75% gossip.
  • Keith is the dead soul who mans the concession tent and is only doing this because he needs the money. Shiro is his ride home, but Shiro looooves staying after every game to take pictures of the team (GEE, I WONDER WHY) so Keith resignedly tags along and usually ends up going with Shiro to the aftergame dinners the football players and cheerleaders have. He always ends up sitting next to Lance and the two spend the entire night just bitching at each other.
    • Keith also has a habit of just… Leaving the concession stand at random points to go hang out with Hunk and Pidge in the radio booth. When it’s cold he likes to bring a cup of hot cocoa with him down to where the cheerleaders sit and drink it right in front of a freezing Lance.
Delinquent!Lance and SB President!Keith au

Who asked for these, anyway? Based off of my art of the same au

•Allura is the principal of their high school
•Shiro is the school nurse
•Coran is the vice principal
•Pidge is a freshman when Hunk, Keith, and Lance are juniors
• Lance lives with Hunk. They’re both seniors
• Lance has ADHD
• Lance had always been a trouble maker, but things started to really turn sour in freshman year when Lance broke a kid’s wrist for bullying Hunk
• Lance’s parents got incredibly upset with him and Lance felt guilty. After that, his thought process became cloudy and he thought they were shunning him, when they just didn’t know how to confront him and ask him if he needs help
• cue lance running away to go live with Hunk’s family on the other side of town
• Lance refuses to see his family no matter how much they reach out to him and the guilt eats away at him
• Keith and Shiro are brothers
• Keith is very academic and has always enjoyed leadership roles
• Shiro’s and Keith’s parents died when they were young and they were tossed around in foster homes until Shiro could support both of them
• Keith is always catching Lance breaking the rules
• He’s also frequently getting Lance suspended for it
• Whenever Lance gets suspended he always begs Allura not to contact his parents, because he doesn’t want to disappoint them more
• Lance is jealous of Keith for being so good at school and thinks he’s a goody two shoes
• Keith is angry at Lance because he knows he has loving parents and thinks Lance is selfish for throwing away his family
• Keith and Lance become “kinda” friends at the beginning of senior year when Lance confesses his situation in an uncharacteristic sentimental moment
• They really become friends when Lance finds some low life kids from school who sell drugs hurting Keith behind the school and Lance beats the crap out of them
• Keith agrees to tutor Lance because he wants him to graduate with him and Hunk
• Keith tells Lance at some point that he didn’t like him because of how he just threw away his family and how he was envious that Lance had such loving parents

This got really long, the rest is under the cut yikes

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Coran!!! or Slav, if you got Coran already! Please!!

Coran Coran the Gorgeous Man!

He has had an incredibly bizarre and eventful life, like at first his rambling anecdotes seem offbeat to the team because “well, he’s an alien” and at some point Allura like. takes the paladins aside by the shoulders and is like “I need you to know that normal people who aren’t Coran do not end up fighting a klanmuirl naked in a swamp at age twelve.”

Technically he’s an advisor for diplomatic affairs and military strategy (Alteans considered warfare a diplomatic matter) but it would be hard to find a subject he has not picked up at least a little on because he is absurdly curious and no big deal but two of his best friends for 90% of his adult life were absolutely brilliant technical minds. If it exists he can probably repair it.

Coran’s moody teenager phase was mostly trying to prove a point that he can be dark and serious. Overwhelmingly he did not succeed because despite posturing furiously he didn’t do much that was really genuinely rebellious. 

He’s not in the royal line but tenuously connected to it. Altea had the main royal family, and then several branch families, of which the Smythe clan was just one.

His physical dexterity is pretty much utterly ridiculous. Like. can do elaborate tricks with pretty much any conceivable object he is holding.

Sometimes the fact that this guy is a six-hundred-year-old alien, cryostasis notwithstanding, and everything else about him just kind of hits the team all at once. 

Lance, lying on his back “…Is Coran even real. Did we all just mutually space hallucinate him.”

Shiro “Lance, please stop adding ‘space’ to things just because we’re in space.”

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im curious if theres a reason lance isn't on the football team himself? did he not want to or did he not make tryouts or something? medical condition or did he have his heart set on school mascot? just curious

Lance wasn’t really interested so he never tried out, he’s got a lot on his plate already with his Honors Chemistry and Advanced Physics classes. Gotta keep that dean’s list status.

But soon after school started Coran, the team’s coach and favorite crazy history teacher, realized he was short a few players and reached out to several kids for a scholarship spot on the team.

The first person he asked was Hunk. Coran had seen him in gym class benching Lance and making the class laugh, but Coran knew Hunk would be a strong addition to the team. Hunk couldn’t pass up an opportunity to save his mom money on his school tuition. 


Lance went into full support mode and basically right out took hold of the mascot position for the free food and the best seat in the house. Watching Hunk play from the sidelines cheering him on.

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I was listening to ‘’Jar of Hearts’’ recently and WHILE I WAS SUFFERING I DREW THIS ! Sooo here is a Wizard of Oz AU featuring our fave boys. Idk why but the idea of Lance being the Scarecrow and giving Tin Man Keith a heart warmed me!!! (ps Dorothy/ Pidge ships it)