Currently: July 2015

Current Book: I’m working through My Posse Don’t Do Homework by LouAnne Johnson. I love learning about education, so I’ve really enjoyed it.

Current Music: The “Wicked” soundtrack!

Current TV Show: While typing this, “Castle” is playing in the background. Parks and Recreation is also pretty entertaining!

Current Movie: I just saw “Minions” with a few friends. None of us liked it very much :(

Current Nail Color- Gel french on my fingers (like always) and some bright coral color on my toes.

Current Drink: Diet Coke remains a weakness.

Current Food: I’ve been eating a lot of fish lately- Salmon is the best!

Current Obsession: My new North Face backpack! It’s gray (p.s. it’s definitely “gray,” not “grey”- I don’t care what anyone says!) and purple and adorable ahhh I love it.

Current Wish: I ordered some things for school a few days ago and I’m hoping that they arrive soon!

Current Need: A new shell for my laptop. I’ve had this one for years- it’s pink, broken, covered in bumper stickers, and stained with God knows what. I’m actually going to be sad to see this one go.

Current Disappointment: I went to hear Governor Bush speak yesterday. My friend Risha and I were pretty sorely disappointed. I’m still firmly in camp #Bernie2016!

Current Excitement: I’m (hopefully) doing some fun traveling this weekend to see friends in other parts of the state.

Current Joke:

Current Mood: Feeling really lucky. I’ve gotten to see lots of friends, have a great internship, and am getting really excited to leave for college in just a few weeks!

Current Quote: “The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.”- Mother Theresa

Current Blessing: I had lunch with an old friend and her daughter last week. It was so nice to catch up with her after not seeing each other for a few years! It was weird that her daughter is six now… I remember when she was born!