Carol Color Story 1: Carol’s Coral & Therese/Carol’s RED

Department Store:

Carol is wearing a coral silk scarf. It peaks out from under her mink (heh) when she meets Therese for the first time. This is a sign of sexual interest and lust. Therese’s hat is red = passion, love. She’s already in her head in love with Carol the moment she sees her.


Sitting down, Carol’s coral silk scarf is wrapped around her neck…but it also bursts out through her jacket, over her heart, and flows downward. Therese is wearing black and white.
As Carol is talking to Therese, touching neck and preening, she shows her ear…which is wearing a coral and gold earring.

Now we as the audience can see that the coral has travelled from her chest to up to her head.

As Carol is leaving Therese, she gets into the car with Abby and wraps the scarf around her head. Now the lust has gone to her head, traveling from her heart to her head. Her mind is on Therese, she’s infatuated, interested, lusty.

Harge’s Parent’s House:
There is no coral scarf to be found. She’s now in her grey suit.

Carol’s House:
There is no accent color. This is Harge land, heteroville. Neither Therese nor Carol are wearing accent colors at Carol’s house, as their lust is sublimated. Carol wears a blue dress then a green sweater over it, cool colors.

We don’t see much red up until this point, it’s mostly coral. The color of lust, but not love or passion.

Lawyer’s Office:
When meeting with her lawyer, Carol does wear quite a bit of red - enveloped in her coat and under her jacket is a beautiful red shirt. I think this is what Sandy Powell referred to as Carol’s armor, the red that she wears into battle. Maybe on Carol it means something different than it does when Therese wears it. 

Therese’s Roof:
Carol is enveloped in a red coat. This is when she asks Therese to go on the trip with her.

Hotel room, night before Carol leaves Therese:
Carol is wearing a coral polo, woven shirt. They make love for the second time, Carol wears coral.

Therese’s Apartment:
While packing for the trip and fighting with Richard, Therese picks up a red sweater and then after he storms out, delicately packs it into her suitcase. This is her love of and for Carol.

When Carol and Therese are at a diner on their trip, Therese wears the same red sweater while giving Carol the “Easy Living” record, again signifying her love for Carol. Red here is the love between them and Therese is filled with it. Carol interestingly, wears green. 

Carol in a Taxi:
Everything is washed out and without accent colors for a long while until Carol spots Therese again wearing: red shoes, red jacket. Red is the love they share between them. Carol realizes her love for Therese, that Therese is the one.

Carol at the Lawyer’s office:
Carol wears no accent colors, her nails are nude. 

Tea Room:
In this scene the entire room is washed out in beige, white, ivory. Carol wears grey, Therese in brown and black. The only accent color is on Carol’s nails, coral again. Peeping out, but no longer as a scarf or a hat. Just a touch of coral. The ember is there however, as she places her hand on Therese’s shoulder - coral is the only color we see at that moment. 

We see Therese at the party, everything is brown and black and beige and muted. EXCEPT…as we see Therese rushing to the Oak Room, her purse is RED! OMG! The only color in the Oak Room is the red purse Therese clutches. Amazing, Therese carries the love they have between them.


Red and the coral represent two separate things. Red is all about Therese and Carol (how they feel about each other, the love they share, this thing they have together that all people in love share) while coral is all about Carol’s lesbianism and sexuality.

Now that I think about it, when Carol wears her red hat, coat, and red shirt to see the lawyer - I think it IS all about the stirring of love she feels for Therese. Red is not about anything other than Carol and Therese, it has nothing to do with Harge, Abby, or Rindy. On the day Carol sees the lawyer, she’s already…very infatuated (let’s say in love) with Therese, not lusty coral, but the red of love, of something real and more. In her altercation with Harge the night before, he had reacted violently to both Therese and the implication that Carol’s lesbianism wasn’t just a one time thing. When she calls Therese asking to see her again, Carol has already decided that she will do what she wants, and that’s to keep Therese within reach.

When Carol and Abby have drinks, the red coat is splayed over the suitcase she has bought for Therese.

Not only is red the only color that Carol and Therese share, it jumps between them - they never wear it at the same time. I would say red is their relationship, a delicate thing that each carries throughout the movie.

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Can i request first kiss with Miyuki and Sanada?

I had way too much fun with this, it’s been too long since I’ve written a good ole’ fashion fluff so thank you so much! I got super excited to do this one! ~ Admin Furuya

Sanada Shunpei

   Sanada was a gentleman, no doubt about it. However, this came with its own difficulties. He didn’t know when he would actually kiss you, or if the relationship the you of two shared was ready for that. Sure, he could be  confident and comfortable in his own skin, but when it came to you, he felt like a bull in a china shop, like he might tip something over and ruin everything. But he loved you, and as much as he stressed over trying to be the perfect suitor for you, he wanted to take steps forward in his relationship with you.
    He waited on the corner of the street where you both were going to meet before going to dinner together. He buried his hands deep down in the pockets of his kobicha parka, trying to restore the feeling in his numb fingertips. Little flurries of snow danced through the air as the christmas lights gleamed luminously throughout the streets. He kept surveying the crowd to see if your familiar face was somewhere among the sea of strangers. He was worried that you were cold, afterall, even he was dressed appropriately but he couldn’t quite escape the frigid bite of winter that seeped through his parka.
    He felt a tug at his sleeve. Sanada was greeted with your sweet smile, you stood with your hands behind your back, and cheeks a bit red from the cold and wind.
    He gulped as he took in the cute outfit you had chosen to wear, a creme swing jacket with chestnut leggings and matching coral mittens and scarf. He could feel his cheeks warm, you took his breath away.
    “Are you going to stare or are we going to get out of this cold?” You teased innocently as you brushed your hair out of your face.
    He cleared his throat before offering you his arm, laughing a little at your witty first words.
    “You look beautiful.” He complimented down at you as you leaned your head slightly towards him in an affectionate way.
    “You’re one to talk, you went all out today, huh?” You bantered back making him chuckle. He had wanted this night to be special, so naturally, he wanted to look his very best.
    The two of you weaved your way through the city until finally arriving at the quaint little cafe that you had discovered together when trying to escape from a heavy downpour one evening. The memory was a wonderful one for him, despite the fact the two of you had been drenched. You had never held on tighter to him than you had that night. He couldn’t forget how his heart pounded in his chest as the two of you splashed your way through the flooding streets, desperately clinging to one another as if scared that one of you would get washed away if they let go.
    Upon entering the cafe, the smell of ground coffee beans and vanilla wafted through the air in a sort of welcoming nostalgia.
    He politely pulled the chair out for you at a table for two, offering to take your jacket. You obliged, unable to help the gentle smile that formed on your lips at his suave gestures.
    After you both ordered your favorite warm drinks and dinner, the two of you talked until your food arrived. However, Sanada wasn’t nearly as hungry for the food as he was for a taste of your kiss. His gaze kept wandering to your lips as you talked, relishing in the smiles and cute giggles that he elicited from them.
    By the time the two of you had finished eating, Sanada was getting nervous. He felt like he was running out of time before he would have to say his farewell at the train station.
    As you walked side by side, Sanada couldn’t help but drag his feet in hopes of making his time with you last longer, stealing glances at your eyes that were peering over the fabric of your coral scarf. Despite his attempts, the time was flying out of control, he couldn’t help but fidget, rubbing the back of his neck or running his fingers through his hair.
    Suddenly, you stopped in your tracks, turning towards him.
    “Shunpei… Is there something wrong?” You asked, your voice sounding worried.
    He laughed nervously at your cute inquiry,“ I’m fine, I just- I don’t want out time together to end so soon… Baseball keeps me pretty busy as it is, I treasure our time together.”
    Your face flushed a light shade of rose at his sincerity. You walked up to him, still looking surprised.
    “Shunpei…” You whispered, taking off your scarf and tossing it around his neck, only to use it to tug his broad shoulders down to your level. Your faces were so close, he couldn’t help but blush.
    Gently leaning forward, your soft lips pressed against his in an innocently tender kiss that sent waves of warmth and affection rippling inside of his chest. His arms wrapped around you, pulling you closer. The sweet taste of your lips mingling with his couldn’t be described as anything less than magical. He never wanted it to end. All time seemed to stand still, the tranquility and peace enveloping both of your forms as the two of you smiled into the kiss. The snow fell softly around you, but the bite of the cold was no longer there, the warmth that circulated between your bodies was all that the two of you were aware of. In that moment of silence, when the whole world seemed to stand still, the crystallization of that moment engraved itself on your hearts.

Miyuki Kazuya

    You never knew what to expect from Miyuki. It wasn’t that his emotions were unpredictable, no, it was his actions that left you wondering what the hell he was thinking. This was something you loved about Miyuki because it was exciting and adventurous, yet this aspect of his being was like a double-edged sword, because even though it was thrilling, you didn’t know what Miyuki would do or what he wanted.
    You had this feeling of inadequacy welling up inside of you, were you enough for Miyuki? Was he content with you? Yes, he had chosen you out of all the options he had, and that meant something special to you, yet you couldn’t shake the feeling that things between the two of you had been at a standstill for a while. Moreover, you didn’t know how to bring this up to Miyuki, he was so confident and sure of himself, yet when it came to feelings, he had a hard time understanding. You knew that communication was key to every relationship, but bringing up this vulnerability was a daunting challenge.
    You walked back to your dorm, trying to figure out how you would approach this with him. What you hadn’t counted on, was running into him, quite literally.
     You smacked right into him, the next thing you knew, you were falling.
    With the reflexes of a catcher, he caught you before you had a chance to stumble back.
    “Are you alright? I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” He apologized, instinctively cradling you close to his muscular chest.
    Too shocked to be embarrassed, you stammered, “I’m sorry, I was lost in thought and not really paying attention-”
    “Thought? That’s never a good sign.” He teased mercilessly with a bark of laughter.
    Usually you could take his teasing, usually you thought it was funny and attractive, but right now it just hurt a lot deeper than you expected it to.
    You blinked back tears, feeling rather stung. You knew he didn’t mean it, you didn’t want your emotions to overflow on him without warning, but before you could stop it, the tear-drops trickled down your cheeks.
    “Oi, are you honestly alright?” He asked earnestly as you tried to wipe away the evidence that there was, in fact, something wrong.
    “I’m alright-” You tried to protest, but Miyuki had already picked you up and was carrying you in his arms towards his dorm.
    Once the two of you were in his room alone, he set you down on his bed and wrapped a blanket around you. He then crouched in front of you.
    “__________, what’s wrong, I know something’s not right.” He asked, his usually intense golden eyes looked soft and full of concern.
    “I just- I don’t know how to say it-” Your voice was catching in your throat, you were scared to admit that you didn’t know if you were good enough for him to begin with.
    His calloused hands ever so gently cupped yours as he held them. They were rough, but warm.
    “You can tell me anything, don’t worry.” His voice was soothing and it made you regain some composure.
    “K- Kazuya, I just feel…” You trailed off, the words already leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.
    “You don’t have to explain yourself, just tell me how you feel.” He encouraged.
    “I feel like… I feel like I’m not good enough for you-” The tears that had already been threatening to resume came pouring down your raw cheeks, obscuring your vision.
    When you finally could see again, Miyuki’s mouth was open in a silent “o”.
    “I’m sor-” Your apology was cut short by Miyuki pressing his lips against yours. Your eyes widened as he pushed you back towards the mattress gently, wrapping his arms around you. You could feel your heart thumping in your chest, but not as clearly as his, which pounded like a kick-drum.
    He kissed me… The thought still whirled around in your head, as if you hadn’t entirely processed what was happening, even though you could see his strong brow furrowing as his lips melded with yours.
    When the two of you finally broke apart, he proceeded to kiss the tear streaks away, in such a sweet manner that it was making you even more embarrassed. You couldn’t help but giggle at his tentativeness.
    He was still leaning over you, squishing you if you were being completely honest, but he looked into your eyes with an expression of satisfaction.
    “You are everything I could ever want, if not more. There are times that I think I might not be good enough for you, but that’s why I want to work harder to prove that you mean so much to me.”
    “Kazuya…” You whispered in surprise and relief.
    He scooted you farther onto his bed so that he could cuddle you properly, burying your head into his comforting chest, the rise and fall of it easing you into soft tranquility. The way he played with your hair and smiled down at you filled you with so much acceptance and warmth that you couldn’t help but practically beam from head to toe.
    There was no chance that you were ever going to doubt his affection ever again, or your worth, because you wanted to work hard for him, just as he was for you.