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Pairing: Hotch x Reader

Word Count: 1,670

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Warnings: smut

Summary: Requester asked:  “Can you possibly do a passionate but rough Aaron smut. Like honeymoon sex.”  Get ready folks.

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Aaron waited in the lobby of the hotel for you, watching the rest of the visitors dance around the vacant floor and hold each other close.  He was aching to feel you in his arms again, finally as his wife.

It’s been about three days since you exchanged your vows and promised each other to have and to hold till death do you part, and he kept calling you Mrs. Hotchner in awe of the way it sounded.  He was the luckiest man on earth, he knew that much.

In Cancun for your honeymoon, Aaron decided to shower you in luxury the entire time, giving you the absolute best treatment any woman could ever hope for.  You were staying at the Le Blanc Spa Resort, Aaron not settling for anything less, and you were just so grateful to have such a caring man.  

On the third night of your honeymoon, the resort was having something of a party, streamers and a stage with a band playing live music in the back of the lobby for the beach-clad patrons.  Men wore Hawaiian shirts and woman sported leis and maxi skirts.  The sight of sun kissed couples filled the room, but Aaron’s eyes were on you. 

You stood at the elevator doors, a large yellow hibiscus placed delicately behind your ear.  The coral sarong that was tied around your waist fell beautifully at your feet, and on top you wore your favorite white lace crop top, giving your adoring husband a glimpse of what he craved oh so much.

The minute his eyes found yours, his heart skipped a beat and his face lit up almost as much as it had when you first appeared at the end of the aisle three days before clad in white elegance.  

He looked at you as if he were seeing you for the first time, and your heart swelled at the thought of his love for you.

“You, Mrs. Hotchner, look absolutely stunning,” he said when you finally made your way to him.  Your blush was immediate and you couldn’t help but smile down at your flip flops.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Hotchner,” you replied with a grin.  Standing up on your tippy-toes, you gave your husband a quick peck on the lips, your smiles firmly pressed against each other.

“Care to dance?” he asked, holding his hand out for you.  You smile again and take his hand, letting him lead you out onto the dance floor,

Despite Aaron’s usually hard and strict demeanor, he knew how to have fun.  The two of you danced around to the upbeat songs the band was playing, all laughs and dreamy eyes.  He spun you around multiple times, sending you into fits of giggles each time as you loved this cute, playful side of him.

After a few fun and light-hearted songs, the band decided to slow things down a bit, giving you a chance to hold your hubby close.  He smelled so sweet, and he was becoming more and more irresistible by the minute.  

He held you so gently, yet firm.  It was just like the reception of your wedding when the two of you shared your first dance as husband and wife.

Dancing in the middle of the dance floor, it felt like it was just the two of you.  The sound of chatter was soon drowned out by that of the slow, melodic song the band played and all you could hear was the music and your heartbeats.

Leaning back, you looked up at Aaron.  “Thank you,” you said.  It was probably the thousandth time your had thanked him for this amazing weekend, and you knew you would probably do it until the day you died.

“I would do anything for you, Y/N,” he replied.  His eyes were so sincere.  Your heart once again palpitated at the amount of love you felt for this man.  “I love you so much,” he finished.

“I love you, too Aaron,” you told him before pulling his face to yours, giving him the most passionate kiss you felt was possible.

* * *

An hour and a half later, you and Aaron were back in the comfort of your suite, sipping on complimentary wine and stealing shy glances at each other like a couple of teenagers.

“What?” you asked.  Aaron was looking at you with a giant grin on his face.  He always did that, but this man made you feel so shy for some reason.

“You’re just so goddamn beautiful,” he told you.  Once again, you blushed crimson and looked down at your glass of wine.  “And you’re my wife.”  When he said this, it sounded almost as if he was still shocked that you had said yes two years ago when he’d asked you to marry him.

“And you’re my husband,” you replied, taking a sip of the red juice.

“And I am so lucky,” he said, standing from his spot to inch closer to you.  You sat your glass onto the table next to you, ready to embrace your husband.  But instead of him sitting next to you, he took your hands in his and pulled you up out of your seat.

“Aaron, I am all danced out, I don’t think I can-”

“I don’t want to dance with you.  I want to make love to you,” he said simply.  Your heart fluttered at the sound of those words put together.  Man, did he have an affect on you.  You felt your face heat up fro the millionth time that day and let your man pull you to the bedroom.

Slowly, he back your up until the back of your knees were touching the bed.  You still wore the crop top and sarong, but in no time, Aaron pulled loose the tiny knot at your waist and the flowing fabric fell at your feet, revealing the tiny bikini bottoms you were wearing.  Your fingers worked at the buttons on his shirt, pulling it off him swiftly.  There was music playing from somewhere in the suite, the soft hum of a guitar and a man singing in a language that you didn’t understand, but sounded heavenly.

You were looking into each others eyes so deeply, and you wondered if Aaron could see through you, he was a profiler after all.

Soon, you had Aaron’s shorts pooled at his feet and he had your bikini bottoms across the room.  Despite being incredibly turned on and wanting more, the two of you took it incredibly slow.

“I love you Y/N Hotchner,” he whispered in your ear, sending a shiver clean down your spine.

“I love your Aaron Hotchner,” you replied in a voice just as soft.

Without a second to waste, he placed his lips to yours, giving you a hot feeling at the pit of your stomach.  You were so aroused but at the same time, you felt nothing but passion in that moment with your husband.

As if he knew you were craving his touch, he reached down between you two and placed his palm flat against your heat.  You moaned with pleasure into his mouth.  He smiled after feeling how ready you were.  Leaning back, he pushed you gently back onto the bed.  You were now laying in from of him, almost completely bare.  When he stepped back to remove his briefs, you weren’t surprised to see his member sticking straight out, evidence of his incredible arousal.

You moaned again just at the sight of him, wanting to feel him inside of you.  You knew it wouldn’t be long.  Aaron liked to go slow, but he was always one to give in.

He slowly knelt down to climb on top of you, he mouth enveloping yours once more.  You knew he was about to cave and give up the slow vanilla soon, so you decided to push his desires more, grabbing onto his cock and slowly pumping him.  Your plan was working, because he then moaned into your mouth this time.

Roughly, he grabbed your wrist from his member and pushed it above your head, holding it tightly so you couldn’t get loose.

But his torture didn’t stop there.  In the next three seconds, his other hand was at your center again, gently rubbing away at your clit.  His mouth explored the flesh of your neck, and your free hand was holding tightly to the bed sheets, desperately grasping to hold onto your climax for as long as possible.  

He wasn’t even inside of you, and you were already so close to the edge.  But you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of making you come with so little contact, so you released the sheets and grabbed onto his hand, making him halt his actions.  You were too ready to feel him fill you up.

“I love you,” he whispered against your neck.  He finally caved and pushed himself inside of you.  Each of his hands were holding onto yours above your head.  You moaned again at the feeling of him enveloped inside of your walls.

“I love you,” you whispered back.

His thrusts were steady at first, slow and beautiful, but it didn’t take long for him to speed up his pace little by little, each time, his tip hitting you deeper and deeper.  You could practically feel him in your stomach when you finally came, screaming out his name to the ceiling, not caring who might’ve heard you.

A few second and a few more rough but slow thrusts later, Aaron reached his limit as well, releasing inside of you.

The man on the radio was singing about his hermoso amor but along with the sultry sound of his voice and the strum of his guitar, you heart the beating hearts of you and your husband and the panting breaths of two people spent.

It was a beautiful sound in your ears and you pulled your husbands face to yours again, giving him a long, passionate kiss to end the night right.

Consider Priest!Oikawa struggling against his strong attraction to mysterious sea creature Merman!Iwaizumi

“Why is human so against love?” Iwaizumi asks, head tilting to the side, little droplet of waters glistening through his hair and the beautiful-crafted coral adornment against his ear. His fingers hovers just above Oikawa’s before spreading across the only exposed skin around Oikawa’s wrist. “I thought you liked me.”

“I did. I do, Hajime,” Oikawa whispers. His hands reach out despite himself and almost flinch as he touches the small, teal (so beautifully matched the merman’s deep green eyes) scales along Iwaizumi’s arms. 

“But some of us,” Oikawa wets his lips and feels his heart constrict painfully when he sees Iwaizumi’s eyes follow the movement. “Some of us vow to dedicate all our love to the God.”

“Who is this God then?” Iwaizumi asks again as he hoists himself higher, upper body completely out of the water. Oikawa feels himself leaning forwards as Iwaizumi does so, and his hands grip tight around the slick muscle where smooth skin meets scales around Iwaizumi’s waist.

“Who is this God,” Iwaizumi repeats, voice lower than a whisper, as he presses a soft kiss against the corner of Oikawa’s mouth. “To deny you of something like this?”

Oikawa’s eyes flutter shut as Iwaizumi feeds the last question in between his lips.

“Don’t you want me?”

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I've got many items from my time at the beach- sea shells, sharks teeth, dolphins ear drums, coral, and, recently, sea glass and what I believe to be a smoothed over bit of pottery that I picked up on a beach in Greece. I want to use some of these items in spells, but I'm not sure how. are there any spells or fortune telling I can do with these materials? I'm new at this and I just want to try and do it right 💙

Sea Witch Resources~
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Sea Witch Spell Ingredients


Traditional Amazigh jewelries from Morocco:

  1. Amazigh fibula from Northern Morocco
  2. Silver, coral and glass paste earrings (early 1900s)
  3. Woman’s necklace from Taznit (silver, Amber and shell)
  4. Pair of woman’s headdress pendants and at the bottom a pair of woman’s hair ring ornaments (silver, enamel, coral, amber, shells, glass beads)
  5. Amazigh necklace (old amber, natural branch coral, shells, glass beads, silver amulets)
  6. Pair fibulae (silver, enamel, silver gilt, coral, old coins and glass paste)
  7. Four necklaces and a pair of fibula. Left and right: Anti Atlas region. Middle: copal amber necklace from the 19th century. Middle: amber and silver. Bottom: fibula (Rif, Nador region, 1st quarter 20th century)
  8. Frontal parure from the Bani region (early 1900s)
  9. Silver Talisman Cross (1st half of the 20th century)

We spent a few months amassing a small collection of museum specimens from the different areas and offices around the building, for display on the set of our new program, Natural News from The Field Museum which launches September 14th! In a few weeks we’ll share a video talking about more of these objects in detail, but in the meantime: 

I spy Triceratops, blue as can be-
A -morpho in glass, Apatosaurus in green
Some corals, a seahorse – tiny ear bones between
And a raccoon painting, just barely seen. 

I spy two ancient horses, a globe near some books-
A fossilized pine cone, a hominid skull in a nook.
I spy the trilobites: seven in all
One is gigantic, six others are small. 

I spy a human heart, modeled in plastic
Gorgosaurus posed to eat (it’s my favorite; fantastic)
A typewriter with margins set to print labels
And a handful of pamphlets for display on the table. 

I spy adventure, excitement and knowledge
A collection of wonder and more things to acknowledge.
I wrote this for you in the hopes you’ll stay tuned
For our new program which I’m so thrilled is launching SOON!


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Link bringing Sidon treasures from his journeys is such a sweet idea~ Like, sometimes it's a neat piece of volcanic glass from Death Mountain or a really big animal claw, other times it's an ancient Coral Earring that once belonged to Queen Rutella, the make of which has not been seen in Zora's Domain for millennia. Where did he even find it? In a dungeon?? Under a rock in a pond somewhere??? No, Sidon isn't going to WEAR IT, it belongs in a museum, Link!

he wears it for like 2 minutes just to humor link and then takes it off (vry gingerly bc its literally thousands upon thousands of years old) and thn link starts whining bc “it looked so good on u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Energy: Receptive

Planet: Venus

Elements: Water, Akasha

Deities: Isis, Venus, the Great Mother

Associated metals: Silver, copper

Powers: Healing, regulating menstruation, agriculture, protection, peace, wisdom

Magical uses: In ancient times, red coral was a gift from the deities. It was found on beaches throughout the world, but most often in Italy. To be powerful in magic, ancient people used coral that hadn’t been worked on by human hands; that is it wasn’t polished, ground, cut or carved. Because coral was thought to be alive (as it once was), people believed that any processing done to it would “kill” the magical energies within it. This isn’t absolutely true today, but one belief is still current- if a piece of coral used in magic breaks for any reason, it has lost its power and a new piece must be obtained. Return the broken pieces to the ocean.

Coral comes from two Greek words meaning “daughter of the sea.” Italian women used to wear it near the groin to regulate the menstrual flow, recognizing the link between coral, the sea, the Moon, and their cycles. The coral, usually red was believed to grow pale during the flow, then grow brighter afterwards.  It could have been used to predict their periods. Coral used for these purposed were carefully hidden from the eyes of men, for, if seen by men, it lost all its magic power.

Coral is still used in magic today. When worn as to be plainly visible, it is a protective amulet. It is used against “the evil eye, demons, furies, succubi, incubi, and phantasma” among other ills. It guards against accidents, acts of violence, poison, theft, possession, and sterility, the last especially in women. 

Coral us worn to effect inner changes. It dispels foolishness, nervousness, fear, depression, murderous thoughts, panic and nightmares. It confers reason, prudence, courage, and wisdom upon its bearer. Placed beneath the pillow, it produces peaceful sleep by driving away disturbing dreams.

Coral has been used in magic relating to children for thousands of year. If presented as a gift to a child, it ensures their future health.

Infants wear a coral pendant or beads to ease the pain of cutting teeth. It was also used in rattles to guard children. Place a piece of coral in a child’s room to magically protect him or her. 

A special use of coral was popular in ancient Egypt and Greece. powdered coral was mixed with seed and sown or scattered over newly planted fields. This protected the growing crops from inclement weather an insects. Coral was also hung on fruit trees to increase their yield. 

In healing, red coral was used to cure indigestion, all pains in the digestive tract, eye complaints, and to staunch blood. Also, red coral when worn, had the power to alert its wearer of ill health by paling in color. 

Coral is used as a house luck-attractant. Take a piece of coral and touch it to every door, window, and wall in the house while moving in a clockwise direction. Then put it in a place of prominence and let it do its magic. 

It also has associations with love. Coral earrings were worn by women in ancient Rome to attract men. Powdered coral was used in sixteenth-century Venusian incense, and red or pink candles ringed with pieces of coral are burned to draw love.

Because of its associations with the sea, coral is also worn as a protectant while sailing or traveling over water, and guards boats against shipwreck. It is also sometimes worn as a protection against shark attack.

(All information retrieved from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)

I’m back bishes!  And OMFG I missed you!  Work is FINALLY at a place where I’m beginning to breath again and am hoping to go back to making regular posts <3  Anyway KIT! LYLAS!

Costume For The Day:

- BDG cut-off black shorts

- Heather grey v-neck t-shirt

- Thrifted, pale indigo & white striped, sleeveless vest, with lace-up back

- Wooden geo earrings with coral bead

- Vans white Slim Sk8 hi-tops

“Elephant Ear Coral” (Amplexidiscus fenestrafer)

…a species of Discosomatid coral which is known to occur throughout the waters of the Indo-West Pacific. Elephant ear corals are often seen in shallow waters 5-25 m in reefs, where they will feed on a wide range of marine invertebrates which get dispatched by its stinging nematocysts, like other corals it can also feed via productions by its symbiotic zooxanthellae.


Animalia-Cnidaria-Anthozoa-Hexacorallia-Corallimorpharia-Discosomatidae-Amplexidiscus-A. fenestrafer

Image: Line1

Blood and Blade

Her name is Coral, because her mother says that she has siren blood.

And she wakes up tied to a pole with chains that glow an ugly red. There are hooded people all around her, and a summoning circle in white chalk on the floor.

The cultists drag her forward, and she does not fight. The chains make her limbs numb and useless, anyway. The leader starts to chant, and the others pick it up quickly. As soon as they are finished, the leader whips out a knife and stabs her in the stomach.

For a moment the pain is unbearable, but then it fades slightly into an awful sick feeling. There is a roar, and she almost hears words in it as the blood pounds through her ears.

Coral falls to the ground, convulsing weakly. But something strong courses through her veins, and she raises her head, weakly hauling her body off of the floor. She won’t go down without a fight.

Coral grabs something off the floor, that one of the cultists dropped. An axe. She raises it, and makes an unmistakeable come at me gesture with her hand.

Then she falls flat on her face after losing to much blood.


When she wakes up, there is a demon watching her. He has brown hair and golden-black eyes, with dark wings that flutter softly. Coral recognizes him from whispered stories of death and cultists. Alcor the Dreambender.

He tilts his head and bares his fangs. "That was very, incredibly stupid.“

His voice is loud echo-y, but somehow familiar. Only barely, however. Coral puffs up her chest. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

The demon flinches back slightly, hissing at her. Coral pulls back too, automatically feeling for the axe she picked up.

Wait, what? She’s never even held so much as a hatchet before today, so why does she suddenly feel as if safety will come from the smooth handle and sharp blade?

“Coral Whitefoam, do you know how lucky you are?” He smirks at her, the expression that he wore previously melting from his face like water.

She doesn’t ask how he knows her name. “Uh, no?”

“That was The Cult of the Eternal Winter.”

Oh. Now she gets it. Stories of this cult’s notorious tendencies make great gossip fodder for those who think that bragging about how their parents will slit anyone who touches them’s throat makes them cooler.

Coral squeaks softly. Alcor’s upper lip curls. “Exactly. You’re just lucky that it was me and not some other demon.”

Coral nods quickly. “Yep. I get it. I so, so get it. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.”

She really doesn’t want to piss this demon off, especially not after he saved her.

The hole in her stomach is gone, after all. Although, now that she thinks about it, Coral can feel something sticky there.

She lifts her shirt, and gasps at the small tattoo of an axe in a tree with white light curling around it. The tree has no leaves, as if it is in an eternal winter.

The brand of someone who has been killed by that cult.

Coral has heard stories of bodies found erased of all mortal wounds, save for small mark of a tree in winter.

“Why is there an axe?”

Alcor shrugs. “I thought that it was fitting.”

“What do you mean?” Coral asks. The cult is what marked her, not Alcor. 

But the demon just cackles softly and smiles at her. “Bye, Wendy.”

“It’s Coral,” she corrects him.

“Oh, that’s right. My mistake. Well, bye!”

And with that, he disappears with a soft blip sound.

The next day, when Coral tells her story to the police, they look annoyed. 

“Stupid girl,” she hears one of them mutter. “She just wants the attention.”

Coral is pretty upset at them, too, for not believing her.

But if the police aren’t going to do anything about it, than it’s a good thing that she’s started to take her new axe everywhere.

These mid-19th century coral earrings are shaped like grape bunches. They come from Badajoz, in Eastern Spain. In popular belief, coral was a perfect amulet against all sorts of evil influences; it was often used to make charms for babies. Apart from this traditional use, jewellery fashions also took a liking to coral in the 19th century, when curious materials such as volcanic lava were in vogue. (Museo del Traje MT002377).