One of our best selling items lately have been these beautiful fossil coral earrings and pendants.  The 20 million year old fossilized coral has been replaced by silica (agatized) and other minerals.  When it is cut and polished the exquisite structure of the individual polyps can be seen.  This agatized coral is quarried in the mountains near Sumatra, Indonesia. 

We just added about a two dozen new pieces of jewelry to Fossil Era


Queen Farida of Egypt’s Jewelry

Queen Farida began her life as Safinaz ZulFicar, the daughter of Kareem Hanem, one of Queen Nazil, the queen mother’s, friends and ladies-in-waiting. King Farouk first met Safinaz at a reception at Abdeen Palace when he asked about the beautiful girl sitting with his sisters, as Safinaz was good friends with princesses Fawiza and Faiza. The King later had Queen Nazil invite Kareem and Safinaz to join them on their vacation to The Alps. 

Shortly after the families returned to Egypt in 1937, their engagement was announced. King Farouk was 17, and Safinaz was only 16. Safinaz had her name changed to Farida so that it would keep with the tradition that members of the royal family should have the same initials. They were married in January of 1938 at Qubba Palace in Cairo after a week long celebration. This celebration is were Queen Farida got most of her jewelry. 

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These mid-19th century coral earrings are shaped like grape bunches. They come from Badajoz, in Eastern Spain. In popular belief, coral was a perfect amulet against all sorts of evil influences; it was often used to make charms for babies. Apart from this traditional use, jewellery fashions also took a liking to coral in the 19th century, when curious materials such as volcanic lava were in vogue. (Museo del Traje MT002377).