This man I fell for, he had a compass for a heart and everyone knew I wasn’t one for electro gravity. This man I fell for, his hands were parachuting soldiers and my palms were one of the seven seas not really good for landing on. This man I fell for, he nursed candles on the roof of his mouth and my mom always told me I speak fast enough to birth a hurricane.

This man I longed for, he housed the sun in the brightness of his eyes and mine were desperate sunflowers seeking them out each time he turns. This man I longed for, he had oceans hidden in the corals of his ears and my voice was a heartbreaking whale song too loud, too raw, too real to be contained in echoes. This man I longed for, he taught Icarus how to climb the ladders of his ribcage and all I had dotted on my flesh were moon dust and lunar craters.

This man I breathed for, he let go of balloons in his laughter while I kept roseless thorns and heavy sighs resting on my diaphragm. This man I breathed for, he filled his pockets with freshwater pools for his goldfish hands to swim in and my fingers held the grace of the shark. This man I breathed for, he gave her kisses with the day as their audience and ours were well acquainted with the dark.

“Elephant Ear Coral” (Amplexidiscus fenestrafer)

…a species of Discosomatid coral which is known to occur throughout the waters of the Indo-West Pacific. Elephant ear corals are often seen in shallow waters 5-25 m in reefs, where they will feed on a wide range of marine invertebrates which get dispatched by its stinging nematocysts, like other corals it can also feed via productions by its symbiotic zooxanthellae.


Animalia-Cnidaria-Anthozoa-Hexacorallia-Corallimorpharia-Discosomatidae-Amplexidiscus-A. fenestrafer

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