Angel Cake - A Jane Crocker Mix

Solace - Scott Joplin
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
The Trap - Tally Hall
You Always Hurt the One You Love - The Mills Brothers
Teen Idle - Marina and the Diamonds
Birth of a God - Nobou Uematsu
“La donna è mobile” - Giuseppe Verdi (performed by Luciano Pavarotti)
Buzzcut Season - Lorde
Houdini - Foster the People
Dusty Corners - Coral Bones
Spring and a Storm - Tally Hall

My maroon clown has decided to host this trachyphyllia coral.

Not my flowerpot coral who’s polyps can sting and has the longest tentacles of all my corals and not my two elegance corals whose tentacles can actually sting me and resemble anemones more.


He chooses the flat, defenseless, non-stinging trachyphyllia coral.

An in the corner you can see my Mandarin Goby judging him.


For: Anon
Characters: Barba + Daughter (Female OC)
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,118

Rafael crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned against the wall of the middle school gymnasium. His eyes wandered over the decorations, musing at the ‘Under the Sea’ theme that had overtaken the basketball courts. Blue streamers and balloons cascaded from the ceiling. There were papier-mâché rocks and coral reefs in the corners.

He shook his head, trying to remember why he’d agreed to chaperon a middle school dance. It wasn’t his normal Friday night festivity, but for his only daughter, he would do anything. When his wife realized she was going to have to find a substitute because of a last-minute work trip, she’d persuaded him into filling the role with promises of date nights and home cooked meals. More than anything, though, it was the look in his Ellie’s eyes. Her big, green, twelve year old eyes that begged him to say yes.

Barba couldn’t say no when those eyes stared up at him. It was his only weakness.

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