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Y'all know those lil shrimp aquariums you can buy? Where it has a coral piece with tiny lil shrimp (like 9) and you just sit em by a window to grow algae n be living paperweights basically?
Well, long before my birth, my dad had 1. N he did the wrong thing, and stored it in a dark unlit closet. They all died. But 1. That lil shrimp is still living today. This fucker has not only survived but thrived the many unsunny, moving, shaking of small humans etc events which killed it’s siblings.
I don’t think these guys technically die either. It’ll just keep on living till it runs out of algae n starves.
Every now and then i eventually notice it and will proceed to spend a few minutes looking from every angle till i spot that lil darting creature when it stills.
This shrimp doesn’t give a fuck about me, or the world outside it’s little bubble. It just swims and keeps doing whatever it is shrimps do.
Makes me feel kinda philosophical. We’re all just doing and stressing about our things in our lil world regardless of the bigger things happening outside the glass…
Or I’m overanalyzing this lil shrimp. I think this fucker may outlive me. I’ll end up inheriting it and then passing it onto whatever younger fam i have on my deathbed.


Well can’t give this beauty a name 🤔. A wire tree made of tiger eye, dyed Quartz and coral stones. On a piece of natural tree log. Decorated with led candle and natural pine cones. For enquirers what’s app 00971552223420. #hoildays #coral #tigereye #quartz #gemstones #wiretree #treelog #decor #holidaydecor #gift #shopping #beautiful #unique #calgary #canada #uae #abudhabi #dubai #تسوق #الامارات #احجار_كريمة #ديكور #ابوظبي #دبي #simplyabudhabi #myabudhabi #hamacrafts

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One For the Team

In all her nine years on this earth, she had never seen a desert sunrise as beautiful as the one that yawned before her. Just over the dune, a yolk-yellow ball sits liquid on the sandy rim of the bowl in which she kneels, palms dimpled by the coarse sand and rock. Eddie sniffs around the work-site, sneezing into a couple of the neatly excavated holes near the ixora bushes. Violet sits back on her haunches and takes in the shimmering sun as its rays warm the air around her, absent mindedly rubbing the flat of Eddie’s huge head. Beautiful as it is to behold, those rays are going to crawl down their throats and steal every drop of moisture they own soon enough. The German shepherd pants, tongue lopsided. This tropical heat… wily old thief.


She hadn’t foreseen this problem when she commissioned the dig. An eager explorer she was, yes, but without experience on her side. It was what she came here for after finding the ancient piece of coral in the parched little garden at the side of the house last week, so far inland it was just baffling. She wanted the kudos of the first ground-breaking discovery in her country on the quest to find the missing link.


A smile plays on her lips as she succumbs to the daydream. Eddie huffs lightly. Violet pulls a stick of Pocky from her cargo shorts. She holds it between middle and index finger and smokes pensively as she contemplates the issue of the sun.


What would Mary Leakey do?


She pulls a tissue-soft page from her cargo short pocket and unfolds it, the gloss on the magazine stock long faded. There, a picture of famed paleoanthropologist and her husband, digging for hominin bones in the far reaches of East Africa, blurred hands carefully shifting dirt as they lay supine under canvas tents.


A tent!


Every scientist worth their salt has tents on the dig site. How could she be so foolish? She skips round the house to the garden shed out back and crunches her entire Pocky in three short bites. The family’s old camping tent was calling. Eddie too engrossed in the work, hangs back to continue the exploration.


She wrestles with the giant bundle, short legs buckling with the new weight. Before she can round the bend she hears the sharp voice, hard, deep, cutting. She can hear the timbre of her dad’s angry voice. She drops the tent and hugs the house, slowly moving until the dig site is in her eye-line.


Her dad scruffs Eddie and pushes his snout into each of the holes. There is spittle flying and blame passing; then blows fly. She winces with each sharp yelp. Violet and Eddie’s eyes meet, his silently accusing. She slowly retreats. He knows the importance of their work and will just have to be their martyr. They have to find the missing link for humanity. Tomorrow she will make it up to him.

By: Perestroika


Most people don’t realize that large pieces of coral, which have been painted brown and attached to the skull by common wood screws, can make a child look like a deer.

Headcanon: due to strong currents in the ocean, atlanteans baby’s developed a clinging phase where when they fall asleep, they cling to whatever is closes to them with a death grip. Whether it is a piece of coral, the bars of their crib, their parents, or their parents HAIR.
Most atlantean parents take advantage of this phase to keep their hands free well still keeping their kids close.

Some atlanteans exit this phase more gracefully than others


Took an adventure to Wilkes-Barre.  Hoped to pick up an anemone for my Clownfish.  Ended up with some great pieces of coral.  Here’s the vlog.

Hanson 'coral incident' under spotlight

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is looking into Senator Pauline Hanson’s trip to the reef after she was photographed handling a piece of coral.

Senator Hanson and two of her colleagues travelled to Great Keppel Island on Friday to hit out at “untruths” told by green groups about the reef’s health.

She was photographed holding up a piece of coral while snorkelling, which was not allowed under a zoning plan unless a research permit had been granted, a spokesman for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority said.

“We understand one of the parties involved has an existing research permit, which outlines conditions for coral collecting, including species, size, location and equipment,” he said in a statement.

“We are seeking further information on the activities - and reviewing the conditions of the permit - to determine what follow up action, if any, is required.”

Senator Hanson also faced criticism for holding her media event far from where the worst of the coral bleaching has occurred.

Conservationists said Senator Hanson should have instead travelled to Lizard Island - more than 1000km away - where the worst of the bleaching begins.

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I wanted to post a huge thanks to everyone who has liked, shared and followed me on here. When I first joined the Tumblr world I wasn’t sure if it was the right place for what I do but seeing the steady growth of interest has reaffirmed that it is. I love what I do and hope you guys continue to enjoy it too!

As a wee thanks, I thought I would share some of the contents from a box of curiosities I bought online. Some of the items include a sea urchin, livestock bones and tooth, a selection of rabbit vertebrae, a vintage piece of coral, a rabbit jawbone bone, a belemnite fossil, a ‘mermaid’s purse’, fused pigeon vertebra and a vial of gemstones and much more! All of which I hope to use in future works so stay tuned!
A new technique for structural color, inspired by birds | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Disordered nanonetwork produces robust and vibrant colors for vehicles, biomimetic tissues and camouflage

“Unlike a peacock’s ordered array of nanostructures, contingas get their vibrant hues from a disordered and porous nanonetwork of keratin that looks like a sponge or piece of coral. When light strikes the feather, the porous keratin pattern causes red and yellow wavelengths to cancel each other out, while blue wavelengths of light amplify one another.”

“Inspired by the cotinga feather, the researchers used a simple etching process to create a complex but random porous nanonetwork in a metallic alloy. The structure was then coated with an ultra-thin transparent alumina layer.”

“With no alumina overlayer the material looks dark. With a coating 33-nanometers thick, the material reflects blue light. At 45 nanometers, the material turns red and with a coating 53 nanometers thick, the material is yellow. By changing the thickness of the coating, the researchers could create a gradient of colors.”

papaneymar  asked:

i'm back to binge-reading your drabbles so i wanna request marco\james - aquarium. ALSOOOOO i hope you're having a great thanksgiving day so far!!!!

you too!!!!!!! <3


James and Marco went on an aquarium adventure because Marco told James he had never been to one and James made a :0 face.

It was boring. But Marco would not tell James that because James kept the :0 face on the whole time. Was it a fish? A shark? A coral? A piece of shit floating in the water? Who knew! But it was fascinating to James. And Marco was satisfied if he could watch a cute little :0 James all day.

They got to about ¾ of the way, Marco had seen about 3 fish because the rest of the time was looking at James and snapping secret photos of him. But he looked up once at some exhibit while James was too busy talking to an employee about the beauty of multicolored God fish (or was it Angelfish?) and suddenly he screamed for James because “Oh my god look!”


“That thing looks like you exactly!”

It was a pufferfish. 

Experimenting with some coral. I don’t particularly like this but it has some procedural potential. By taking one image of coral and skewing/tinting it, and then overlaying it over numerous other images of coral one can begin to procedurally generate reefs. The aesthetic needs some work. I’ve mimicked depth by making certain pieces of coral lighter than others, and ideally I would combine it with parallax effects.


Last weekend I had the pleasure to go to Cairns Australia to see the great barrier reef(and a koala named micro). It was a wonderful and a very depressing experience. As you can see with several of the pictures that I took you can clearly see that the reef is dying. For example with the last picture you can clearly see the strong contrast between the alive bright purple coral and the dead brownish grey coral. As you can see with some of the other photos there are large spans of this dying coral with a pop of one piece of coral that would be alive and bright and colorful. There were fish but not as many and not as many colorful ones as I have seen in the photographs. Our reefs are EXTREMELY important to our ocean life and in whole our lives. WITHOUT the reefs most of our fish population will not survive. I had so many feelings while seeing the great barrier reef. One of them being why are there still tours going to see the reefs shouldn’t we let it heal and not bring the boats, which means polution from the gas near the reefs? Secondly I am witnessing climate change happening before my very eyes. Thirdly I better not go to Alaska or anywhere there are polar bears because I would get just as depressed. After seeing this I have become more aware of the dire need of our planet and that we NEED to change our ways for the sake of our oceans, our fish friends lives, our animal friends lives, our planet friends lives, and for our own lives. Don’t you want our planet to be a beautiful place forever? Anyways Here are TEN EASY ways that you can help protect our reefs: 1: Conserve water 2: help reduce polution 3: Know what you are putting on your lawn 4: Get rid of your trash properly 5: Support reef friendly buisness 6: Plant a tree 7: Practice safe and responsible diving and snorkeling. 8: Volenteer for cleanup help 9: Contact your governement representitives 10: Spread the word!