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Hiii it's coral anon!!! The little piece looked good in the end, a little too dim maybe, but I'll leave it on longer next time :) I'm only going to do all of it next week with someone to help me so we'll have to wait for the full result. I'm also 50% intrigued/ 50% scared because every single thing in your tags just now match my own current situation and yeah, hope that isn't too creepy but I can definitely relate. We'll figure it out eventually! :)

Ahhh, did you use directions dye? Because the package says you should leave it in for fifteen to thirty minutes, but I always leave it in for an hour at least, just to make sure it stays. And rinse it out with lukewarm water, not hot, that will make the colour stay longer as well! 

Maybe even wrap up your hair with tinfoil, it will make your hair warm up faster and so the colour gets more intense as well. This is why last time I ended up with a too bright pink (I also mixed it wrong), but still. It’s a good idea to do it with someone else when it’s your first time dyeing your hair though, it’s always nice to have a little help. 

Also, if you want to talk about your situation, you know where to find me, babe. At least you know I’ll get it and I wouldn’t ever judge you for any of it. We will figure it out, yes. <3

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and wisdom and commiseration and empathy and sharing your own hard and real. I am constantly blown away by the amazing friends that I have met through social media. Some of you are friends in real life, some of you I’ve never met, but as cheesy as it sounds, I look forward to my time with you, seeing you, seeing your posts and your comments and the way you bravely life life. Stay delicate, my friends. Like a gorgeous piece of coral in a limitless ocean, stay soft and love the ones around you with reckless abandon. Chase your dreams like you’re playing tag in the back yard, with laughter and joy. .
I will finish responding to messages throughout the week. But thank you. It is the greatest comfort in the world to know that I am not alone. 💗 .

It’s cool how at first my dad cut open the stem of the flower to insert the piece of coral, but now the plant heals and continues to grow around/on the piece of coral😊

If you tend towards things that are a bit unusual than look no further than the fossil coral Sterling silver ring. Fossil coral is a natural stone formed from ancient corals making each piece unique. Stone measures 22mm x 17mm with ring weight of 7.8 grams. Genuine .925 Sterling silver so it will tarnish without proper storage and care. NOTE: 100% natural stone so inclusions, cracking, veining may be present. Smoke free pet friendly home. FOSSCORSS01

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Open House - Sun. August 28th 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. 912 Genoa Street - CORAL GABLES REAL ESTATE 3 BR - 2 BA - 1,561 Sq. Ft $645,000 Recently updated, this charming and contemporary gables home is in a great location a short distance from Granada Golf Course and Miracle Mile. This great example of Coral Gables homes for sale Beautiful expresso wood floors are used throughout the light filled 3BR/2BA home. French doors with glass panels help to blend the living room with the family room. Master bedroom opens to a screened-in private terrace. Modern kitchen features a breakfast bar, stainless steel appliances, gray tile floors and granite countertops. Do not miss this opportunity to own a great piece of Coral Gables real estate! For more info contact: JUDY ZEDER (305) 613-5550 NATHAN ZEDER (786) 252-4023 KARA ZEDER (305) 458-6515 #luxurylistings #coralgablesrealestate #luxuryrealestate #luxuryhomes #miamirealestate #coralgables #zederteam (at Coral Gables, Florida)
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Housewarming Gifts: 24-Inch Painted Crabs Metal Wall Art Handmade and Fair Trade. This 24-inch round painted Haitian metal wall art features colorful crabs and coral. The piece is cut, embossed, and painted by hand. Suitable for hanging indoors or outdoors. African Unique Design Abstract Vintage Wildlife Fall Garden Metal Artwork Sculpture Ideas | Modern Large Living Room Bedroom Outdoor Rustic Metal Art Decor Metal Wall Art GIFT IDEAS

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DressyWomen46 by graca95 featuring gold bangles ❤ liked on Polyvore
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Spongebob eats a piece of coral in “Grandma’s Kisses” and pretends to enjoy it and I think coral is mentioned as being a food item a couple other times in the spomgebob universe but … .

I took zoology last year and coral is actually a bunch of lil animals??? They’re all in the same group as sea anemones and stuff if I’m not wrong

Spongebob is actually on a lower classification?? He’s even simpler than cnidarians and YET he is eating them for enjoyment.. They’re not animate but I mean…who’s to say they’re not? They’re living. They just might not be able to talk. Their screams of terror are silent

How could you…Spange….

Unique coral leather piece with laser cut detail on body of jacket and sleeves. Great go to with a skirt/dress for office wear or jeans/slacks! Love this one!!

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Looking to trade!

I am very much in need of African porcupine quills for a project, and possibly some of the bigger heavier striped American quills too. They have the be the big heavy striped ones thought. The longer they are the better. I need a generous handful of them.

Other things I’m looking to trade for are possum parts- skulls, pelts and feet.

Juniper berries.

I can offer art, crafts, crystals, various dead things, tarot readings (both rider waite deck and wild unknown), herbs, shells, legal antique coral pieces, shells of all kinds, and random oddities. I really have a mix of everything!

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Pretty Statement piece with corals and turquoise with a hint of shimmer. The metal is yellow gold color. Much prettier in person. 20" long with a 3" extension. Earrings measure3/4".✅

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and change the world!
Piece: Ladies Coral Humility VS Everything Tank

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Indiana Artists: David Smith (1906-1965)

David Smith was an abstract expressionist sculptor and painter who was well-known for working with steel. Smith was raised in Decatur, Indiana, but moved to New York City to join the Art Students League of New York in 1926. There, he was introduced to modernism. His first work was sculpted from pieces of coral in the Virgin Islands (1931-32). Like many artists, Smith found a way to contribute to the war efforts in World War II; he worked as a welder for the American Locomotive Company assembling locomotives and tanks. Continuing to create after 1945, he constructed numerous sculpture series and hundreds of drawings. Smith tragically died in a car crash in Vermont, 1965.

Top: Ephemera from the Stout Reference Library artist file for David Smith.

The Books:

David Smith: 1906-1965. Valencia: IVAM, Centre Julio González, 1996.

Frank, Susan Behrends, Sarah Hamill, and Peter Stevens. David Smith Invents. New Haven: Phillips Collection in association with Yale University Press, 2011.