coral pieces

“I want to be an archeologist. That’s a person who explores the desert and looks for dinosaur eggs and Egyptians. I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I’m already watching Jurassic Park and collecting dinosaur stickers. And once I found a piece of coral in the shape of a heart.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)


Soooooooo, guess who couldn’t sleep last night 🌙💐🔮🌹🌿🐚🍃✨

Too much creative energy resulted in me completely rearranging this thing. But at least I like it a lot better now ^^

It has two succulents and one small cactus in the middle. Large sea shells and moss, in the back. Pebbles, a piece of coral, and a small quartz geode in the front.

Heart Race [George Weasley x Reader]

A/N: I’ve literally posted this like six times because I can’t figure out how to italicize on mobile because the mobile version is trash lmao  I’m so mad rn ugggh. I tried that stupid but I didn’t work but it works when I test it out and ugghhh I hate this app

Word Count: 3,340

Warnings: mild language like twice. Not proof read. Possible ooc characters. 

Summary: (Name) met George in her third year after being pushed down. After another year, what will happen when George has to find a way to keep his feelings for her in check?


To say she was shy would be an understatement.

She had a quiet voice, but a loud mind. That loud mind of hers was full of brilliant facts and opinions, but the quiet voice that she had held everything back.

And to say that it bothered George would be an understatement as well.

No, George was almost offended that she refused to speak your mind. He couldn’t really understand why (Name) felt the need to hide all of her wonderful thoughts, but that didn’t mean he didn’t respect it.

George and his twin met (Name) when she came to Hogwarts at the age of eleven. At the time they were second years who in all honesty didn’t care much for her.

It’s not like they disliked her, they just didn’t know her well enough to care.

However, that all changed when they witnessed her being pushed down in her third year by some fourth year jerks.

She was walking by the windows, admiring the snow falling outside. She looked so dazed and intrigued with the winter scenery that she didn’t even realize she had bumped into rude some Ravenclaws. The duo of twins happened to be walking by at this time, only stopped to watch a prank they planned out unfold.

Time seemed to stop for her when she was told to ‘watch where she was going’ followed by two hands forcefully shoving her to the ground, causing her to drop two books and shatter the small potted plant she was holding.

(Name) looked as if she was about to burst into tears at that very moment, pitifully trying to sweep over the shards of pottery that used to make up an elegant plant pot.

The Weasley twins were very easygoing. That much was obvious. But they were also kindhearted, and they sure weren’t going stand by and let some innocent girl get pushed down right in front of them.

The two agreed that George would comfort the girl and Fred would ‘take care of’ the Ravenclaws.

George bent down after watching his brother run after the students to (Name’s) level. He put on a sweet smile and offered to help her.

“Hello there. Are you okay?” He questioned as he picked up a piece of coral colored pottery. The girl shook her head and sniffled. “M-My… Uh, my plant… It’s ruined…” She frowned at the small branches that had begun to sprout which had broke off the trunk of the growing plant. A few flower buds in the midst had fallen off and been stomped on as well. George smiled sympathetically. “I’m sure we can get you a new one!”

(Name) shook her head again. “Th-They don’t grow here… My mum sent it to me… The buds were supposed to, um, let you visualize your happiest memories when consumed…” He could tell that she was trying her hardest not to start sobbing at that very moment. Her lip was quivering and her voice was cracking.

“Oh… I’m terribly sorry… Those guys were a bunch of dirtbags anyways,” George chuckled, holding up a handful of soil for comedic effect. (Name’s) eyes widened a bit and she looked at him, almost surprised.

“They just need to leaf if they’re going to act that bitter.” He smiled and held up a tiny green leaf that had fallen off of a branch.

(Name) started to smile the tiniest bit, her forming tears drying up.

“They must have some pretty nasty roots if they act like that!” He cracked another pun, gesturing to the plant’s root. His smile widened when he noticed (Name) was starting to giggle lightly.

He held out his hand for a handshake despite it being covered in dirt.

“I’m George, by the way. George Weasley.”

She looked at it for a while, hesitating. Finally, she shook it, her hand as equally dirty. She offered him the smallest of smiles. “(Name). (Name) (Last Name)… W-Was, uh… Was that your brother, George?” The ginger nodded eagerly, as if showing off his older twin.

“Yeah. His name is Fred, but trust me, I’m the cooler one.” (Name) laughed at this, causing George to grin brightly and offer her a hand up.

“Let’s go!” (Name) looked at him, confusion evident in her expression.


“I’ve been saving a stash of sweets my mum sent me over the years. I think now is a good time to crack it open, yeah?” George smiled, watching her face light up.

“Y-Yes, please..!”

“Come on, then!”

George smiled at the small memory. She hadn’t changed a bit. She was still timid, still sensitive, and still somewhat of an emotional crybaby.

Not that it was a bad thing, though. In fact, George found it quite… Well, for a lack of better words, cute.

And with this thought, the younger Weasley twin recalled the very moment he started falling for (Name).

It was no surprise that he found himself blushing and becoming nothing more than a flustered mess around her. She was kind, selfless, and cared for almost anyone no matter how rude they were to her.

He remembered the day Malfoy made something of a harsh insult to her and she smiled sadly and just said, “I’m sorry you feel that way”.

It was a cold day in December. Snow fell and decorated the entire castle with glistening white flakes.

Fred, of course, had caught on to the little hint that George was infatuated with the shy fourth year. Him, being his brother, always teased him about it. Internally, he was happy his younger brother had found someone that he knew would be good to him.

The three were heading outside, snow clothes equipped.

All of the sudden, Fred excused himself saying that “he had something dreadfully important to take care of”. George had discreetly stomped in his brother’s foot, followed by a grunt of pain from Fred and a sarcastic smile from George. (Name) had no idea or even acknowledged what was going on as she had been gazing at the snowflakes fall to the ground with a dreamy smile.

As Fred snuck away with a mischievous chuckle, George stared longingly at (Name) with the same dazed look in his eyes.

There she was, nose and cheeks red and eyes sparkling with interest. Her soft exhaling crated puffs of air in the wind. She looked as if she was in an entirely different world than anyone else.

Soft crystals landed in her hair and eyelashes, them it shimmer. Her lips were curled up only in the slightest.

(Name) turned her head, staring at him with red cheeks. He couldn’t tell if it was from the cold or from embarrassment. “Ah… Sorry, I was being weird…” Her voice, like always, was soft. It sounded as if it could break like glass at any moment.

“You weren’t being weird!” George sputtered out. He looked down, knowing that must’ve come out way too fast for his own liking. “I mean, uh… What I meant is that you’re not weird. You were just admiring the scenery!” He kept out the part that he was also 'admiring the scenery’, but it wasn’t the snow


The two walked side by side out to a clearing. The snow was about three inches, barely above their ankles. It crunched under their feet, creating a satisfying sound.

“H-Hey… Where did Fred go?” (Name) looked around, hair moving with her head. She just realized he was gone? “He had to… Uh, finish homework…”

Wow. That’s the best he could do?

However, (Name) didn’t protest his reasoning. “Oh… Well that’s good, that, um.. He’s getting his work done, that is…” she said meekly. The strong wind made her quiet voice sound almost silent.

“Are you disappointed he isn’t here?” George asked sheepishly.

(Name) shook her head slowly. “Um, no… N-Not that Fred is bad, though..! B-But I do enjoy spending time with just you, George…” she mumbled with a small smile on her face. George felt his heart pound.


How was he supposed to respond to that? She probably meant it platonically, anyways…


She sighed, looking at the sky.


“It’s so pretty… Each snowflake is made differently from the other…” she said airily. George just happened to take notice of how bright and innocent her eyes were, how soft her skin looked, how her smooth lips were almost begging to be touched.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

He cringed, feeling his heartbeat quicken.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

She looked at him with a sweet smile, light pink colored lipgloss shining. “George, are you happy?”

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

Happy? He was ecstatic. How could he not be? She was here with him. She was here with him alone, a smile only he got to see. A voice only he got to hear for the time being. Eyes that were purely focused on him and him alone.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

“Of course…” He felt himself getting shy and flustered. But boy, was it hard when she looked at him with such a face. All he wanted to do was pull her close to his body and press a chaste kiss to her forehead, her body much smaller than his towering form. He wanted her to wrap her dainty arms around him, snuggling into his chest.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

“(Name)… I just…” he started. She looked at him with curious eyes. “Yes, George..?”

“I just have to tell you… I—”


He felt a stinging burn on the back of his head. It dripped down into his coat, making his shoulders tense up and his toes curl.

“Ronald! What did you do?!” Hermione scolded. Ron chuckled, tossing a snowball up and down.

George turned around to see his younger sibling, being smacked by Hermione.

He would have to remind himself to beat Ron up later.

Oh, how he regret that day. He should’ve told her everything he felt, despite being hit with a snowball.

From that day, his feelings only continued to grow. He was basically suffering.

And Fred noticed this. He felt bad for his brother, but he didn’t exactly know how to help him.

The two brothers were currently in a courtyard, George pacing a bit and Fred standing against a brick pillar.

And (Name)… Well, she was probably off doing something with plants or books. Either that or napping.

“And did you see the way she looked at Neville? Neville! Neville Longbottom!” George fumed. Fred laughed and crossed his arms. “I think your overreacting. Those two have been friends since the moment they stepped foot onto the Platform.”

George sighed, feeling bad for getting partially mad at Neville, someone who had nothing to do with his deathly brilliant love for (Name).

“Listen, Georgie,” Fred started. “Just ask (Name) out, yeah?” He walked over to him and slung an arm over his brother’s shoulders.

“You’ve been friends for what..? A year and a half or so…?” Fred smiled sincerely. George lowered his head and nodded. “Man up, then! If not, she’ll be snagged away by some other tosser.” Fred twirled his finger before shooting a finger at (Name), whom they had been looking for, shying away from a fifth year Slytherin. She didn’t seem interested, much to George’s joy, but the guy didn’t seem to want to back up.

George stopped halfway through trying to get to (Name) before Fred had placed a hand on his shoulder, as if saying 'Let me handle this’.

“Oi, Robinson! I’m a beater for a reason, yeah?” Fred’s unexpected shouting startled (Name), obvious from the jump she performed and her widened eyes.

Andrew Robinson looked scared almost, starting to back away before breaking out in a full sprint with Fred hot on his tail.

(Name) watched as the two boys ran down the hall, one screaming for the other to 'piss off’ and the other laughing. She sighed, looking around until her eyes landed on George who was looking right back at her.

“Oh, hello Georgie… I should’ve figured if Fred was here you would be here too…” He nodded once in reply.

“Was that guy bothering you? What’s his name…? Andre Robbins?”

“Andrew Robinson… We were partners in Potions once, and since then he hasn’t really left me alone… But I don’t know how to tell him to stop,” she muttered, clutching the end of her robe’s sleeve.

“Well in that case, we’ll just have to stay together! Fred and I will scare him off!” (Name’s) face lit up. She hesitated before wrapping her arms gingerly around George. He recoiled in shock, causing (Name) to immediately step back. “I-I’m sorry…! That was a stupid thing to do..!” Her entire face was red and she was waving her hands wildly. George looked at her, and frankly she looked like a nervous mess. He smiled softly at her and gently hugged her, ceasing her rapid movements.


He tried not to think about how warm she was, despite the cold weather.


He tried not to think about how the faint scent of peppermint and coffee rested on her.


He tried not to think about the feeling of her snuggling comfortably into his chest.


He tried not to think about how perfectly their bodies fit together like a puzzle piece.


He prayed that she couldn’t hear his heart beating wildly.

She could, but it drew a sweet smile to her face.

She tried not to think about his large hands caressing her back in soothing motions.


She tried not to think about how incredibly right it felt to be pressed against him, as if this was the thing she had been missing her entire life.


His head was lowered, savoring the feeling he’s been longing for for what seemed like forever.

“Go out on a date with me…” George mumbled, arms tightening slightly around her. She doesn’t move. Her voice was muffled, but still distinguishable. “What?”

“Will you go on a date with me..?” His voice was soft and mellow. She pulled back from him, cheeks rosy and a smile on her face. “Okay, George… I would love to…” Her voice was shaky and sincere.

Admittedly, (Name) had never been on a date before. She had 'experimented’ with some guys, but nothing ever got serious because she wasn’t comfortable.

She was beyond comfortable with George, but that only made her more nervous.

'You can’t screw this up, (Name)…’ She thought.

Looking in the mirror, she exhaled and smoothed out her navy blue skirt.

She wore a blue skater skirt that stopped at her mid thigh, along with black leggings underneath and black boots that came up an inch or two under her knee. A gray sweater and a white collared shirt underneath wasn’t too tight, nor was it too baggy. She didn’t do much to her hair, leaving it down and brushed.

Her makeup was natural, only having foundation, eyeliner, and her signature pink lipgloss.

… Was this too much..? Surely not… Well, at least she hoped not.

It was around seven o'clock when she left for the spot George told her to meet him at. It was right beside the courtyard. When she left, George was already there waiting for her. She eyes his outfit, internally relieved since he was as dressed up as she was.

“Oh, hey!” He smiled and walked towards her. His eyes gleamed in the moonlight and widened. “You look… Uh…” She panicked, lowering her head.

“I-I’m sorry..! The truth is I’ve never, um, never been on a date before.. I-I didn’t know how to dress and—!” He stopped her rambling.

“You look amazing, (Name),” he breathed. She calmed down, mildly embarrassed that she had freaked out. “Don’t be so tense, yeah?” He smiled and rubbed her arm reassuringly. “It’s just me.”

'Just me.’

Yeah, 'just him’. The 'just him’ that had made her stomach turn, cheeks brighten, and heart pound for months now.

She took a deep breath, nodding. “Thank you…”

“Of course.. Now…” He dug around in his pocket for a bit before pulling out a white ribbon. “I’m going to need you to close your eyes for a bit.”

She looked at him with a weird expression. It’s not like she didn’t trust him, but she was just curious as to what he was doing.

“I won’t try anything sketchy,” he laughed. She nodded slowly and complied, letting him tie the silk ribbon around her eyes.

She didn’t know where she was going, having George maneuver her around. All she felt was the wind against her and George’s warmth, as he had instructed her to hold onto him.

The wind stopped along with her. She was nudged onto some solid platform.

“Okay, I’m going to take the blindfold off now.” He did so, the ribbon falling on the ground below her.

Her breath hitched in her throat, taking in the scenery around her.

She was in what had to be the tallest tree in the forest, a flat branch that had evidently been carved to be shaped like an everyday housing hardwood floor. It was like an 8x8 wooden platform. She noticed that there were a few glass bottles of pumpkin juice and a wadded up blanket, indicating someone was up here.

But that wasn’t even the cool part.

In front of her was a dark blue sky, shining stars dotting the sky. The moon illuminated the scene nicely, creating a dim white light.

George watched with interest as she absorbed the landscape.

They were feet up off the ground, but neither of them seemed to be scared of heights.

“George, is this stuff yours..?” She asked, pointing towards the objects on the platform. He nodded once. “Fred and I come up here sometime.” He grinned and sat down, resting his back against the trunk. She sat down next to him after he gestured her to a seat next to him. The blanket was draped over her.

“This was really sweet of you… I love stars…” She beamed. He nodded with a grin. “I noticed… You love natural scenery, don’t you? Like snow and trees…” (Name) nodded in response.

“I do… I spend a lot of time looking out the window…” He noticed that as well. She was always dazed looking at the window, no matter where she was.

The two were staring at each other with a smile, shoulders touching and a blush forming on their cheeks.

“I remember the day I met you, George…” she mumbled. “I couldn’t have been more grateful… No one seemed to care when I got pushed down, you being the first…”

The two found themselves leaning in, only an inch or two apart.

“Yeah..? I don’t know who wouldn’t take notice of you..”

“You’d be surprised…” Her eyes were half lidded when George placed a gentle hand on her cheek and pressed his lips on hers, barely touching.

“(Name)..” His voice was airy and his heart felt like it was about to explode.

Finally, his lips fully connected with hers, closing his eyes. She did the same, cheeks burning.

Everything was silent. (Name’s) heart was swollen, almost crying at how happy she felt at that exact moment.


His hands were cupped around her cheeks, pulling her closer.

They parted gingerly, gazing at each other with the same mutual look filled with nothing but passion.

He smiled and intertwined his fingers with hers, warmth spreading through this body.

His heart continued to beat rapidly, pressing his forehead to hers.

“I’ve wanted to do that for so long now, (Name)… You have no idea…”

(Name) smiled softly, closing her eyes gently. “I’m so glad you helped me that day, Georgie… I’m so glad I met you…”

He pulled her in for another kiss, this one being shorter and less shaky.

Bu-dump! Bu-dump! Bu-dump!

The two stared into each others eyes, relishing in the fact that they would never let the other one go.

Zodiac Witch Boxes
  • Aries: A carved wooden wand, balls of sheep wool, a dagger, a vial of burned ashes, a ram's horn, cinnamon incense.
  • Taurus: Pressed flowers, a satchel of dried lavender, a roll of meadow grass, a vial of honey, a 4-leaf clover.
  • Gemini: Tiny bottles of fairy dust, tarot cards, a sparkling geode, dead butterflies, vanilla incense.
  • Cancer: A crystal ball, a string of pearls, moon charts, crab shells, a vial of tears, a dream catcher.
  • Leo: A jeweled goblet, tapered candles, myrrh, balls of shed animal fur, sunflower seeds, a miniature sun dial.
  • Virgo: Rolls of parchment with wax seals, a quill, a vial of fertile earth, musk, a miniature cauldron, tree roots.
  • Libra: Feathers, speckled egg shells, loose tea leaves, two tealight candles, dandelion seeds, a guide to angels.
  • Scorpio: Amber insects, mushrooms, small animal skulls, handsewn spiderwebs, a vial of thorns, a silver pentagram.
  • Sagittarius: Tree bark, an antler, pine cones, a jar of dried berries, moss, pressed dead leaves, acorns.
  • Capricorn: A satchel of wooden runes, fossils, a pocket watch, a vial of tree sap, conkers, a tiny cactus.
  • Aquarius: Crystal prisms, vials of rainwater, a wooden flute, river-cleansed stones, an antique hand mirror.
  • Pisces: Driftwood, seashells, fish bones, pieces of coral, a vial of beach sand, dried starfish, a pet marimo.

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I live within distance of a river with a lot of slate and a lot of fossils, so it's pretty easy to find them here. but i was wondering if you owned any fossils ship?


There’s a megalodon tooth (the triangular thing on the left), a few trilobites, a few conifer cones (the big poop log-lookin’ thing), a coprolite I forgot to include, a crinoid (the star thing), a bryozoan (the spiral thing), mastodon tooth (far right), an apatosaurus egg (the round thing), and a couple pieces of coral and unidentified plants. 

A mammoth tibia above our door… there’s also a mammoth tooth, but we sent it to paleontologist friends for casting and haven’t received it yet. There are some ammonites of various sizes floating around the house, and a bathroom tile with a fish. Probably more that I’m forgetting.

And my personal favorite, “fossilized bran”! My father found this in a hick antique mall and, after consulting with a bunch of scientists, we discovered that it’s a fossilized tillybone - a particular kind of growth found on bony fish (the photos on the linked paleontology page are of this very specimen!). Dad carved me a nice skull-shaped bone case for it and gifted them to me for a graduation present. 


Aquaman (Arthur Curry) x  wife reader
Warning: First DC character I’ve written for. I felt a little bit like an Ariel vibe coming from this and it was cute.
Based on the cameo that is during Superman vs Batman:Dawn of Justice.
Author’s note: yes the reader calling him her starfish is a reference to “My sun and stars” from Game of Thrones.


@klbwriting(You may be interested in this)

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Coral Protection Spell

A piece of coral worn as jewelry has long been regarded as a potent protective amulet. If you can find a piece by yourself, be sure to thank the sea for its gift. Take it to a private place to bless the talisman, saying
“In my life, light shall flow, smooth as the sea. Let this token keep safety ever with me.”

If the coral ever breaks, that will destroy the energy within. At that time, return the pieces to the water with gratitude before making a new amulet.

Fic: She Almost Got Away With It

Rating: All ages

Pairing: Tentoo x Rose


Tags: fluff (I swear I’m working on some less fluffy multichaps right now!)

Find it: AO3 link

Words: 1096

Notes: written for @timepetalsprompts weekly prompt: “It’s really hot in here and you’re really distracting.” This is my first timepetals fic! Yayyyy! (I hope I’m doing it right) BTW, the look of the Doctor’s repair swing and his goggles are the ones the Eleventh Doctor uses in “The Doctor’s Wife.” I always thought they were really cool, so I let Tentoo have them also :-) Unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine.

Also shout out to  


because I took your template for rating/pairing/etc. and used it here since it was elegant and simple and I really still can’t tumblr yet. I’m happy to remove it or change it if you would like me to.

The Doctor was in his grungy “repair hammock-thing” as Rose called it, growing grumpier by the minute. Normally, he loved sitting in this quirky contraption; it was made of cables, an old harness, and a swing he may or may not have stolen from a playground in Ireland when he and Rose were on holiday a couple of years ago (and at the time he may or may not have overestimated his ability to metabolize alcohol in this new slightly human body). He was wearing his cool steampunky work goggles and tinkering away under the TARDIS console, which was his absolute favorite thing in the universe to do that didn’t involve Rose. He should be having a grand time, but he’d been down here for three hours and forty-one minutes and had been miserable for three hours and thirty-six of them. One thing after another kept complicating his repairs, and it was really annoying him. Two hours and three minutes in, he decided to try Rose’s ten-minute deep breathing exercise that was supposed to help him be more patient. The attempt had been the most boring twelve seconds of his life, and he continued his repairs just as frustrated.

The Doctor plucked a worn pair of pliers from the tool belt he wore and brought it up to a nest of tangled metallic wires. He carefully snipped a thin, frayed gold one, then swore as a spark hit the back of his hand for the third time in a minute. He drew it back, dropping the pliers and wincing at the metal-on-metal clang reverberating through the small space. Okay, that was it.

“If you’d just stop fussing, I could get this done faster and then your thermal regulation circuits won’t keep getting tangled!” He yelled. The Doctor felt the TARDIS’ instant and very stubborn response prickle in his mind and groaned. “No I can’t just ‘let them stay tangled,’ and you know it.” That was part of why this repair job was so unpleasant; with the thermal regulation circuits malfunctioning, the air under the console was stuffy and stagnant.

He and Rose had grown this TARDIS from a tiny piece of coral, the last link he’d ever have to the TARDIS he stole to run away from Gallifrey. She was precious to him in a way that he couldn’t express in words. Donna’s brilliant suggestion about shatterfrying the plasmic shell and such had indeed rapidly accelerated her growth. However, while the TARDIS may have physically been “full grown,” she was a sentient being who was still the equivalent of a child in terms of emotional development. Most of the time, the Doctor and Rose rather liked this; it was like watching their baby grow up. But as every parent knew, there were times when your little darling could drive you mad.

Wire after wire, cable after cable, the Doctor continued the tedious work of untangling the components that made up the TARDIS’s thermal regulation circuits and adjusting their positioning so they wouldn’t get tangled again. The TARDIS would give him the telepathic equivalent of a whine every time the Doctor hit a particularly challenging snag.

Twenty minutes later, he was wiping the sweat from his brow when he heard Rose’s panicked voice echoing through the console room, her footsteps heavy and frantic.

“Doctor! Doctor, what’s wrong?!” She was down the stairs to the repair area in a flash. What’s goin’ on? Are you okay?” He was about to reassure her that he was perfectly well, but she rambled on. “I was just gettin’ ready for bed an’ all of a sudden, a blarin’ mauve alert was throbbin’ in me head, so I ran down here.” Her accent, which had softened over the years, had returned with a vengeance, so he knew she was quite upset.

The Doctor was bewildered and slightly concerned over Rose’s distress. He hadn’t sent any specific messages through their telepathic link. He took off his heavy tool belt and strode to her side, gripping her upper arms and looking into her eyes. “Rose, look at me. I’m fine. Everything’s fine.”

Her eyes roamed his body from head to toe and seeing that he really was just fine, she took a deep breath and her whole body relaxed. “I’m glad everything is okay,” she said with a smile. “What was that alert all about, though?”

The Doctor didn’t even hear her question, because he’d just noticed what she was wearing, which happened to be the gorgeous deep purple negligee he’d gotten her on Fiegra Prime a few days ago. They hadn’t gotten a chance to, um, try it out yet.

Rose noticed his stare and smirked. “I told you I was getting ready for bed,” she said, her voice dropping to a smoky, seductive murmur. The Doctor smirked right back and leaned in to kiss her, but when their lips were just centimeters apart, he jerked back suddenly.

“Wait a minute. I didn’t send you the mauve alert.” His eyes widened in understanding and he moved his gaze to the ceiling. “Oh, nice try, girl. Well done. You almost got away with it, too!” He chuckled and shook his head.

Rose looked at him quizzically. The Doctor tried not to focus on the sheen of sweat that had formed across her chest brought on by the stifling air under the console. “Seems our dear TARDIS had a few ideas about how to get me to stop repairing her thermal regulation circuits,” he told Rose. “She made it really hot in here to try to get me to give up, and when that didn’t work, she tried to distract my by getting you to run in here wearing… that.” He gulped.

Rose laughed and gazed up at the ceiling herself. “Points for cleverness, but you’ve got to let the Doctor make these repairs, and you know it,” she said in gently chiding tones. The TARDIS hummed petulantly, but Rose then felt something like a resigned sigh come from the time ship. Rose scooped up the tool belt the Doctor had dropped when she came running in. “I’ll help you,” she told him, “and we’ll be done in no time.”

“Oh, no,” the Doctor said vehemently, pushing her back towards the stairs. “It’ll take twice as long if you stay.” On Rose’s confused look he clarified, “The TARDIS had the right idea. It’s really hot in here and you’re really distracting.”

Rose rolled her eyes at his saucy wink as she went up the stairs and back to their bedroom to wait for the Doctor.

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Laid down upon the altar of Zul'eko would have been an elegant bundle of animal furs - in a circle would be raptor-feathers and eagle-feathers and perhaps a few from the songbirds-of-paradise known to populate the Echo Isles. At the centre of this circle would be a priceless stone dish of Zandalari origin, filled with sweet-smelling incense lit aflame, surrounded by gemstones of jade, pieces of coral, fragments of obsidian. "Wander on, my huntress... I shall join you soon," spoke the War Dancer.

Absolutely beautiful :)


A sneaky peek at my two latest creations. 

The first contains a sprig of locally harvested buddleia flowers, otherwise known as the “butterfly bush”, a section of a tortoiseshell wing, and an amethyst. It comes together as a charm to “bring the butterflies”. 

The second features a polished Australian opal, and a piece of coral that was found washed up on a beach by a good friend of mine. To finish off the sea theme, I added a cluster of sea salt crystals. 

These will both be in the Etsy shop once it’s up and running. The sea jar may be a bit more pricey due to the opal, but I promise it’s a beautiful piece. This photo doesn’t capture its full fire!


So I promised I’d do a write up of the big ‘pieces’ I incorporated into the October Daye design, and here it is! [If you’d like to get one, they’re here till 6/20!]

1. San Fran bridge, because it’s where Toby lives.

2. A pearl to represent Lily, of the Tea Gardens.

3. I littered cats claws throughout the piece to show that Tybalt isn’t really stationary or predictable as a character, while also being very present in Toby’s life and story. He’s also item 13, with the cat claws and cattails 

4. Coffee, and we all know how Toby feels about coffee!

5. Koi fish at the center of the design, because I wanted it to be the origin point of the piece because that’s where we, the reader, really meet Toby and start following her on her adventures, and it grows into something more than where she was trapped for all those years.

6. A rose to represent Luna Torquill, and her 3 Kitsune tails represented by those three big white leaves. She’s also bound by thorns because of the smaller rose

7. -Which is her daughter, Rayseline Torquill. This rose is smaller and damaged, due to the extensive mental trauma that Rayseline goes through. 

8. But I wanted to show part of Rayseline falling off, her petals dropping and being sort of ‘burned up’ by the presence of ‘DAYE’, as Toby foils her plot.

9. Oleander de Merelands is next to Rayseline due to their history/interaction, and while there are many Oleanders throughout the piece this one specific Oleander flower is coated in a glistening poison, her weapon of choice.

10. I thought it was important for the text in October to show that while a lot of pieces of Toby’s life are ‘formal’ and rooted in tradition with all this intricate detail work and ornate beauty, she’s a changeling at heart and constantly shifting and adapting to her new world, so I wanted the text to be interrupted by the artwork of the wreath as well as disappearing into magic flames. Fire is a huge part of the magic with Blind Michael’s candle, I wanted fire to be a part of Toby.

11. I wanted to use a kind of art nouveau feeling while it being the blood that Toby can taste, to represent her magic and her bloodline with her mother

12. The Luidaeg is represented by the incorporation of seaweed and coral pieces, since she is the Sea Witch after all! 

So yeah, those are the biggest pieces of direct representation that I thought about and made decisions about, I tried to incorporate as much old and classic art, classic celtic knotwork from the frames because so much of the lore and world Toby lives in comes from those places, while also making it a spell wreath of objects and pieces from the books/characters. Thanks for reading!

Cassia swam through a bush of sea kelp, ripping off a teeny piece to munch on during her journey from her home to the human’s beach. However, she never minded the long trek–she got to find new fish friends, and almost always made friends with guppies that happened to float past her. 

She then heard the sound of a very loud splash, turning quickly to notice a large bull shark had been gaining on her. She quickened her pace as she shuffled around in her purse–once she got a hold of the small vial, she let loose the octopus ink, which quickly clouded the water in a black haze, blocking the bull shark’s vision. Before turning around though, her tail fin got caught on a loose piece of coral, ripping a large tear in the fragile blue membrane. 

Unable to swim, she floated quickly to the surface, floating on a rock that was near the beach.


The Bestiary: Bobbit Worm

Ah, annelids. Earthworms and the like. Those squishy little soil-eaters who help keeping the ground nutritious. Certainly helpful, they are. And while they are not the most cuddly animals, they are definitely not frighteOH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING.

Suddenly, I started questioning whether it was a good idea to start this series. I have a feeling that If I write anything bad about it, this fiend of Hell will hunt me down while I sleep.

Oh my God.

Well, let’s see.

Today’s Episode: the Bobbit Worm

Found in almost all warm seas around the world (suh-weet dreams, folks!) but mostly in the Indo-Pacific, the bobbit worm or  Eunice aphroditois, is one of the most frightening, creepy and bizarre marine predators (aside from deep sea predators, of course. You just can’t trump deep-sea predators in terms of scariness). Resembling a bizarre mix of an antlion, a Grandfather of the Desert and a killer rainbow, these terrifying annelid butchers bury their bodies into the ocean floor, only sticking out their head, sporting a pair of razor-sharp, jagged instakill mandibles and five sensitive antennae. If potential prey swims by, they are about to get their day ruined big time.

By “potential prey”, I meant “whatever the fuck is currently there”. The worm has absolutely zero problem wolfing down animals twice its diameter and has a tendency of attacking with such force that it accidentally slices its prey in half. I feel absolutely comfortable and not unsettled in the least right now, just so you know.

Oh, did I mention the part where it swallows its prey whole? Without killing them first? Getting snatched by a horrifying giant worm, injected with paralyzing toxins, and then gulped down into its intestines to be slowly digested alive must be a swell way to go.

I can understand why is it so ravenous though. Afterall, when you have to upkeep a body up to three fucking feet long, you’ll need some nutrients.

Yes, you read that right. Three. Feet. This thing can grow up to three goddamn feet long.

And exceptionally huge ones might reach a length of ten feet. For metric-users, that’s approximately 3 meters.

The more I write about the bobbit worm, the more it seems like I’m writing some bizarre Dune fanfiction.

The scientists who have found this fucker must have had a field day. The fact that they saw its mandibles, and immediately named the worm after Lorena Bobbitt, a woman who has become infamous by cutting off her husband’s penis, clearly indicates that. Even though bobbit worms don’t actually have penises, but I digress.

These monsters are also the bane of aquariums (aquaria? Goddamnit, Latin remnant words), as they occasionally get embedded in prop rocks while still small, and unseen, they can start offing the fish in the tank, one by one, basically under the noses of the aquarium staff. The fact that it grows into a three to ten feet long hellspawn with an eye-hurting rainbow coloration in the process bothers it not in staying completely hidden. Observe:

Imagine if you had to be an undetectable master assassin from birth. Hard, eh? Now imagine you had to be an undetectable master assassin from birth, while you’re also three meters tall and wear a rainbow-colored outfit. Impossible, eh? And yet, the motherfucking bobbit worm does it with relative ease.

There is an example of this from a few years back. The fish in one of the tanks in the Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium started disappearing without a trace. Sometimes they would swim behind a coral and not emerge on the other side. The staff also found coral cut in pieces and mysterious scratch marks on the rocks. So one night, they dismantled the entire tank and found a 4-feet-long bobbit worm that has been terrorizing the tank for months. They managed to lure it out, and placed it in its own tank, nicknaming it “Barry”. By the way, prior to the dismantling, the staff put hook traps into the tank to kill the fuck out of whatever was lurking in there. It didn’t quite work, because Barry ate its way through the wire the traps were made of and digested the hooks. Welp.

Oh, and it’s covered in bristles that can cause numbness permanently.

Overall, if you need something to keep yourself safe from bobbit worms, I recommend using this.

Sweet dreams.

purplemudkip17-deactivated20161  asked:

I know you did a Luxray hc, but do you have another? Because mine in is that the family are good for therapy.

I like that theory, but I always figured Shinx were a little too rowdy to be left with kids after evolution. So…

Luxray are often used by customs to detect contraband. Two efficient Luxray recently assisted Fish & Wildlife with the capture of over 2,000 pieces of coral, 100 lbs. of ivory, and three silver Eevee at a major airport.

Requested by @megazaprat

Bioluminescence seems to be a common trope in pokémon, from Lanturn to Starmie and now Watchog! Animals (and pokémon) might need to light up for a number of reasons. To attract prey, to see in the dark, to camouflage, to threaten predators, or send warnings to the rest of their pack.

In short, it’s a chemical reaction, similar to a glowstick (but with different chemicals. The chemical luciferin reacts with oxygen, to produce light! Many fish (like an anglerfish) enlist the help of bacteria to get the luciferin they need to glow.

Different chemicals can give off different colors of light, but the most common are blues and greens, because those colors travel the farthest underwater, more than 80% of all luminescent species life in the deep water. In fact, bioluminescence is used almost exclusively used by salt water animals, with a few exceptions in fireflies and some fungus. Fungi and bacteria glow continuously when the process is triggered. Algae and other animal species flash instead.

But Watchog is a mammal. The first glow-in-the-dark mammal was actually a mouse, from a Stanford project in 1995 which extracted the glowing-genes from bacteria and successfully put them into the mouse.

So, it’s possible that Watchog might have its own genes to make it glow. The glowing parts of Watchogs body, its stripes, would be the equivalent of a Firefly’s light generating organ.

Alternatively, Watchog might use some other creature to help make the light, like how fish use bacteria to get the glow. Perhaps Watchog uses a glowing fungus or algae, which grows in its fur like certain algaes do in sloths. Watchog could clean and groom its fur, keeping some areas clean and the stripes full of glow. Decorator crabs, vultures, and certain insects have been known to cover themselves with pieces of coral, miscellaneous human trash, red soil, and even the carcasses of their prey for aesthetic purposes. Watchog might do it with glowing algae!

In any case, their shine helps them scare off predators and navigate the dark tunnels they dig. So Watchog seems to have it figured out.

Watchog uses a chemical reaction, possibly created by bacteria or algae, to glow. Flashing its patterns helps scare of predators, and helps them see in the dark underground.


Don’t know where I originally planned to go with this but I like where it ended up, a little angsty, a little sweet.

@zenwisterias @nessaandoliver

The evening breeze ruffled Nessa’s skirts about her legs, tiny grains of sand disturbed by the wind peppered the bare skin of her calves as she struggled over the dunes.
The fires from the camp glowed behind her, silhouetting her figure as she stood at the top of the dune and looked down at the ocean. The distant sounds of laughter and music drifted across the sand to her from the camp, they would no doubt be up late into the night again.

Turning her attention back to the ocean, she scanned the shoreline, knowing he’d be somewhere close to the water.
Finally she spotted his slouched form to her left, he was a dark smudge against the pale sand, like a piece of driftwood, uprooted and tossed about from here to there until finally being cast aside.

Sliding down the dune, Nessa worked her way through the soft sand toward him, avoiding the scattered shells and pieces of coral as her bare feet shifted in the sand.

As she drew closer, she saw that he was sitting with his legs folded in front of him, his left knee bent so his arm could rest on it. He was staring out at the distant horizon, across the white crested waves and larger swells farther out.

She briefly wondered if he was thinking about his sister.

It wasn’t until Nessa stopped a few feet away from him that she saw the bottle of wine at his feet. “Oliver?”

He turned to look at her, face flushed and eyes slightly cloudy, confirming her suspicion that he had wandered off to get himself drunk.

To her surprise, he didn’t make an effort to compose himself, instead, at the sight of her, he merely stared for a moment, then turned back to face the ocean.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, feeling the sand give slightly underneath her soles. “Oliver, are you drunk?”

He shrugged his shoulders and waved a hand in the air lazily. “Perhaps a smidgeon.”

She placed her hands on her hips and let out an irritated huff. “Honestly, what would compel you to do such a ridiculous thing?”

He glanced at her for a moment from the corner of his eye, but didn’t comment.

Nessa felt anger boiling up inside her. Anger that he felt the need to go off and drink himself stupid instead of talking to her about whatever was bothering him. Anger that he would choose to go alone down by the ocean instead of the safety of the camp. Anger that she was angry at him, for trying to force him into opening up to her, for expecting him to run to her and confide all his problems in her, for being angry that she didn’t get her way, and was acting like a spoiled brat.

“Oliver…I know things have been difficult, and everything we’ve gone through- are going through- is hard, but just because of what’s happened doesn’t mean you can just wander off and get drunk off your ass.”

His head flicked in her direction, hanging at an angle “Why are you so angry?”

Damn him, even without his sobriety he was too perceptive.

“I-I’m not.”

He snorted. “Liar.” He nudged the bottle in her direction. “Go on, it’ll help.”

Screwing her face up in irritation, she clenched her fists and fought the urge to smack the back of his head. Instead, she let out a huff and plopped down into the sand beside him, popping the cork out of the bottle and taking a swig.

He chuckled, but the sound was hollow.

They sat together in silence, the ocean and occasional call of seabirds creating a calming ambience.

Nessa still held the wine bottle in her hand, absentmindedly twisting the bottom into the sand. She felt like there was more to be said, but for the moment the words alluded her.
Feeling something brush her leg, she glanced down, screaming when she saw a small crab attempting to climb her skirt.

Oliver reached over and picked the small crab up behind its pincers, tossing it toward the water where it landed in the sand, a bit disgruntled, before skittering off. “Fear not, Princess, I have conquered the fearsome beast.”

She wrinkled her nose at him, brushing sand off her skirt as she replied sarcastically. “My hero.”

Oliver nudged the wine bottle with his toe, shaking his head slightly at the wet sand where the remainder of wine had spilled from Nessa jumping. “What a pity, I wasn’t completely drunk yet.”

Nessa snorted. “It’s for your own good.”

They fell into silence again, Nessa more vigilant for any small beach creatures that might sneak up on her.

After a few minutes, Oliver turned from where he’d been drawing patterns in the sand. “Why are you here, princess?”

She avoided his gaze, toying with a shell she had picked up. “You can stop calling me ‘princess’, we aren’t in the palace anymore.”

“You’re still a princess.”

She shot him a look. “Well I don’t feel like one.”

He stared at her for a moment, then said quietly. “You didn’t answer my question. Why are you here?”

She chewed at her bottom lip, wondering what to tell him, because frankly, she wasn’t sure of the answer. “You disappeared…I was worried.”

He raised an eyebrow, his scar bending from the motion. “Worried?”

“Too many people have disappeared, and especially now with- with everything that’s happened…” She trailed off, throat growing tight.

He reached over and placed his hand over hers. “I’m not going anywhere, Nessa.”

She looked up at him, seeing the sincerity in his eyes. But how could he promise that? Anything could happen. Too many possibilities for what could go wrong. He could be gone in the blink of an eye like everyone else who had disappeared. His promises were like the patterns he had drawn in the sand, tangible and bold one moment, but a single gust of unexpected wind and they were wiped out forever, disappeared as if they had never existed.

“You can’t promise that.” She whispered, staring at his hand covering hers.

“I won’t leave you, not ever.” His fingers curled around hers. “I love you.”

She closed her eyes, as if she could shut out his feelings, shield herself from the danger of his words. “You can’t.”

“I do.” His voice was steady, matter-of-fact. “And I always will.” He hesitated, then added softly. “There was a time were I thought you felt the same. But now…I don’t know anymore.”

She looked up then, meeting his eyes fiercely. “Oliver, I-I can’t. You know that back in the palace, those…those moments we shared were just- I mean…” She took a deep breath, blinking back tears. “How I feel about you doesn’t matter because I-I can’t ever-”

He leaned forward, and softly pressed his lips to her forehead. “We aren’t in the palace anymore, Nessa.”

A small noise of frustration bubbled from her chest, and she tipped her head to press her lips fiercely against his, tears dropping down onto her cheeks.

He held her face, his thumbs sweeping her sadness away, his touch soft and comforting.

Her hands were in his hair, her body stretching to press as closely as she could against him, needing the closeness, needing him.

He understood, and opened himself up to her, coaxing her onto his lap where he held her close to his body and kept his arms wrapped around her tightly.

Her arms were around his neck, her shoulders trembling, she was lost and he was her compass, drifting on the sea, he was her anchor. But he was also the wings that let her fly, the air beneath her feet as she danced among the stars. He was her everything, and right now, nothing else mattered. She didn’t care about anything but his arms around her, and his lips against hers.

Breaking his lips away, Oliver kissed all across her face, tipping down to place several sweet kisses against her neck and shoulder before resting his face against her neck.

She buried her face in his hair, inhaling deeply, soaking up his scent. Her fingers were curled tightly into his shirt, keeping him close.

He stroked her hair, keeping his arms curled securely around her small body.

“C-can we stay like this…just for a little?”

Oliver smiled against her skin. Tightening his hold for a moment. “As long as you like, Ness.”