coral pieces

technomatri replied to your photoa digital cookie for anyone that knows what this…

some kind of shelf? it looks amazing.. or maybe a wreath of sorts? i wish you created for ts3 again ;;-;

ministryofsims replied to your photoa digital cookie for anyone that knows what this…

April guesses a wall decoration of sorts!

speakinginsimlish replied to your photo:a digital cookie for anyone that knows what this…

is it.. my favourite bookshelf?? the one whose name i can’t remember but that looks like a tree branch?

omorfi-mera replied to your photo:a digital cookie for anyone that knows what this…

Please let this be coral!

buckleysims replied to your photo:a digital cookie for anyone that knows what this…

It looks like a piece of coral to me, lol. Otherwise I have NO idea! xD

nyloa replied to your photo:a digital cookie for anyone that knows what this…

tree branch, antlers, airplanes??

jorgha-haq replied to your photo:a digital cookie for anyone that knows what this…

Not fair making people guess what it is. Modern art is such an inside joke ;)

Dingdingding! We have a winner. speakinginsimlish, you are dead on. It is going to be a branch wall art doubling as a shelf. I am sorry though, cookie monster found the cookie. 

To clarify, here is the inspiration pic:

Mine is a little different, but I added a few extra places for objects (especially since we really need flat surfaces for items) in TS4

Beautiful Coral~

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Bikinis Part 3

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Aeviara couldn’t remember the last time she’d done this, it had to have been when she was still a teen, but the girl was excited. Lady Devonshire had arranged it all, the location, the ship, and even the scenery. The instructor had been nothing short of scrumptious and ushered them into the water after making sure that their gear was in order and that they all were able to manage the equipment. The water was crystal clear, the blue seeming bluer than she’d ever seen and under the canopy of the surface lingered another world entirely. 

It was like a secret paradise. The others went off in pairs or stayed up on the deck sunning themselves but Mei and Aevi set off in the same direction. Occasionally there would be a tap, tap, tap at shoulder and one of them would point to another exotic fish or cleverly disguised one on the edge of a piece of coral, or even in the sand itself. It was amazing.

The hours seemed to fly by and as they finally hauled themselves up onto the deck of the ship again, muscles ached in an old and familiar way. As they took off the heavy gear and peeled out of their wetsuits, they noticed a flash of white against the blue of the wave. “Is that…?” Aeviara’s voice called out with a laugh. “Yes, my girl, it is. The wonders of the world and the depths of the ocean. That is your snorkeling instructor in all of his bare-assed glory.” Aeviara turned to Mei and began to giggle as she clamped her hand over her mouth. Life was certainly an adventure.



Custom Hematite and Black Coral Bib Necklace

I love the juxtaposition between the smooth, round hematite beads and the bib of textured black coral on this necklace! I had been toying with the coral for a while trying to figure out what to pair it with, and in the end it was the dark metallic shine of the hematite that won out against all other options. I hope you will enjoy this piece of jewelry as much as I enjoyed making it.

This is truly a one of a kind piece as each piece of coral is unique and adds its own touch to the design.

The necklace is 20 inches long and is completed with a large silver plated clasp for ease of use (the hematite does make this a heavier necklace demanding an easy to use clasp)

i’m not gonna lie if i could breathe under water and become a sea monster you’d never sea me again cause i’d probably go become the protector of the coral reefs and harass oil companies to not take better care of their shit

‘you can’t dump waste here this is thE FUCKING CORAL REEF YOU PIECE OF SHIT’
‘take care of your oil before you spill it or i’LL EAT YOU WHOLE AND THEYLL NEVER FIND ANY REMAINS’

i’d make sure people don’t over fish and cut fishing lines of people over fishing and i’d be a fucking rad sea dragon and protect the ocean and kids would fucking love me and i’d have a tv show

i’d also probably fight sharks then we’d laugh and hug cause sharks are buds

“ Rosa i Verde”. Green pieces of Ruby in Zoisiste with some intriguing spots of bright pink are used in this necklace. In this creation the art stone pieces are combined with the salvaged vintage, glass and metal beads. Also known as Anyolite or Tanganyika art stone - Ruby in Zoisite is not only beautiful but possesses some “magical” qualities. It is known as a creative gemstone that increases once individuality. Despite being associated with passion, Ruby in Zoisite is believed to be the best for mending broken hearts and helping to calm obsessive feelings.

Lala's Lullaby

Now if you’ve seen D. Gray Man up to where Allen gets his gun arm then you should know about Lala. Yes I’m going to talk about Lala, or more in depth her song. I’m an avid listener of classical music and upon my research of one artist in particular I discovered something rather unnerving. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created a coral piece for a cathedral choir known only as Lacrimosa. Since its a choral price it can be difficult to understand the lyrics but you can easily look them up.

Lacrimosa dies illa

Qua resurget ex favilla

Judicandus homo reus

Huic ergo parce deus

Pie jesu domine

Dona eis requiem


“Now please note that I did not write repeat portions due to the fact I will not on the other”

Now Lala’s lullaby.

Lacrimosa dies illa

Qua resurget ex favilla

Judicandus homo reus

Huic ergo parce deus

Pie jesu domine

“Please note these are the actual lyrics.”

So in other words take out the last two lines and you have the lyrics to Lala’s lullaby. Now if you ask me why I did this it’s because of the translation difference. While Mozart’s translation sounds more like a mournful prayer Lala’s sounds more of a sad story you’d tell your children into doing the right thing.


Mournful that day

When from the ashes shall rise

Guilty man to be judged

Lord have mercy on him

Gentle lord Jesus

Grant them eternal rest



Tearful was that day

From which the ashes will rise

The guilty man is condemned

So have mercy on him Lord

Compassionate Lord Jesus

You can see the prayer in the first and the softness of the story in the second. I must also interject that neither translation is wrong it all just depends on the tone of translation in latin. So if I were to say Lacrimosa it could mean sad, tearful, mournful, sorrowful, or even cry. Latin is an old language that relied on tone to tell which word to use. So since Lala’s was more soft spoken a less harsh word was used, while in Mozart’s it was a prayer of the damned so a heavy word was in order. So if we continue to look at this in depth we can see a soft spoken prayer for Lala’s friend on the verge of death.

Now you don’t have to believe me…besides it’s only a theory.

first summer necklace available: a vintage original piece of coral, a little flat blue stone and a round hand painted ceramic bead, threaded on a white paper twine. €25 + €3 worldwide shipping!

Runny nose and runny yolk
Even if you have a cold still
You can cough on me again
I still haven’t had my fulfill

In the someday what’s that sound?

Broken heart and broken bones
Think about some capsules of horse pills
One more quirky cliched phrase
You’re the one I wanna refill

In the someday what’s that sound?

Most people don’t realize 
That two large pieces of coral, 
Painted brown, and attached to his skull 
With common wood screws can make a child look like a deer

—  Nirvana- I Hate Myself and I Want to Die