coral pieces


Spongebob eats a piece of coral in “Grandma’s Kisses” and pretends to enjoy it and I think coral is mentioned as being a food item a couple other times in the spomgebob universe but … .

I took zoology last year and coral is actually a bunch of lil animals??? They’re all in the same group as sea anemones and stuff if I’m not wrong

Spongebob is actually on a lower classification?? He’s even simpler than cnidarians and YET he is eating them for enjoyment.. They’re not animate but I mean…who’s to say they’re not? They’re living. They just might not be able to talk. Their screams of terror are silent

How could you…Spange….


Indiana Artists: David Smith (1906-1965)

David Smith was an abstract expressionist sculptor and painter who was well-known for working with steel. Smith was raised in Decatur, Indiana, but moved to New York City to join the Art Students League of New York in 1926. There, he was introduced to modernism. His first work was sculpted from pieces of coral in the Virgin Islands (1931-32). Like many artists, Smith found a way to contribute to the war efforts in World War II; he worked as a welder for the American Locomotive Company assembling locomotives and tanks. Continuing to create after 1945, he constructed numerous sculpture series and hundreds of drawings. Smith tragically died in a car crash in Vermont, 1965.

Top: Ephemera from the Stout Reference Library artist file for David Smith.

The Books:

David Smith: 1906-1965. Valencia: IVAM, Centre Julio González, 1996.

Frank, Susan Behrends, Sarah Hamill, and Peter Stevens. David Smith Invents. New Haven: Phillips Collection in association with Yale University Press, 2011.