coral wedges

Secrets Kill 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x OFC Jessica; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Close friendship)

Warning: Swearing, Drinking, Cheating, Lying, Near death, Secrets, Angst, Drama, Heartache. (Don’t say you weren’t warned…)

They say innocent flirting never hurt anyone, clearly they were never in your situation. Being apart of the Avengers was everything you had asked for, and more. Getting close with Steve Rogers was an even bigger plus, that little crush you had on him, became something you couldn’t resist anymore. When you decide to admit your feelings for him, your best friend Jessica announces she’s going to ask him out. You can’t stomp on your best friends happiness for your own selfishness. Could you? But what if Steve doesn’t feel the same for her? Can you convince him to play along? Can you box away your own feelings for Steve to let your best friend find some kind of happiness? How bad could this go, you were a trained spy hiding and lying was a key part in your training.

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Giuseppe Zanotti Sky High Coral Amber Wedge Boots!

Ok so my GZ obsession is starting to scare me after having MULTIPLE shoegasms over the leopard print wedges (in the same style) I didn’t think it was possible to climax any further…..until now! *i need a moment*

I’m SUCHHHHH a sucker for the colour Coral and i’m SUCHHHHHH a fan of the unique wedge shape…its unlike any other i’ve seen!

I want I want I want I need I need I need….NOWWW!!!

Our Next Chapter- Jack G. (Part 4)

Part One

Part Two

Part Three 


Your P.O.V.

I knock on Jack’s front door and start playing with the sides of my dress. Jack’s sister, Laura, opens the door. 

“So, you and my little brother.” She winks. “Don’t worry, we all saw it coming.”

“Please don’t say anything.” I beg. She nods her head and I start walking upstairs to Jack’s room. 

I knock once and walk in.

He’s standing in khakis with his blue button up shirt, unbuttoned. 

My eyes go wide when I see him. 

“Do you like what you see?” Jack asks with a smirk on his face. 

“Maybe just a little.” I say, walking over and pecking his lips. 

I start buttoning his shirt up and lay the collar down. 

“Why do we have to dress all nice? Where is this dinner?” I ask, taking a seat on the edge of Jack’s bed. 

“I have no idea. I think we’re going to The Grey Plume.” Jack says, checking himself out in the mirror once more.

“You look nice, stop checking yourself out.” I laugh.

“Well,” Jack says, extending his hand out for me to take. “I have a gorgeous girl I’m going with so I have to make sure I look good enough for her.” He kisses my cheek and twirls me around.

“Awe, you’re such a charmer.” I say.

“No, babe, you look really really good.” He says, looking me up and down, causing me to blush.

I have on a simple cream colored lace dress with coral colored wedges.

“Let’s go!” I hear Jack’s dad yell.

I start walking towards the door when I feel a tug on my wrist. I turn around and Jack is pouting. 


“Give me a kiss before we go.” He says, sticking his bottom lip out. 

“Fine.” I peck his lips and smirk before walking down the stairs to join the rest of his family.

I got along with his sisters just fine, but I was closer to Jack since we were the same age. His sister would always hang out with my sister, so we all were really close. 

“Hey (Y/N).” Jack’s sister, Molly, says pulling me into a hug.

“Hey.” I smile. 

I see Jack at the top of the stairs looking at me. I smile at him and he starts walking down them. He reaches the bottom and whispers in my ear, “I’m finding it really hard not to look and touch you.” With that he walks out the door.

I can’t help but blush. I follow him out to the car and slide in next to him.


“(Y/N), I haven’t seen you in forever. You’re gorgeous.” Grandma Gilinsky gushes. 

“Thank you so much.” I say hugging her. 

“Here (Y/N), you can sit next to Jack.” Molly winks at me.

I roll my eyes and sit down then I take Jack’s hand intertwining our fingers and placing our hands in my lap. 

Jack looks over and smiles at me. I give him a smile back.

We order our food and carry a casual conversation among ourselves after we finish eating. 

Jack slides hand out of mine a places his hand on my thigh. He starts rubbing his hand on my inner thigh and I glare at him. He chuckles and continues. I feel his hand run up my inner thigh, brushing up against my core. He slides my dress up even more. Two of his fingers push away my panties and he slides a finger up my slit. I bite my lip trying not to moan but it’s no use. I cover up the moan with a cough. 

“I have to use the bathroom.” I say, pushing Jack’s hand away and standing up. I walk to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I collect myself and walk back to the table. 

“Everything okay?” Jack smirks.

“Don’t talk to me.” I say, frustrated with him. 

Why did he have to do that kind of stuff in public?

After Mr. Gilinsky pays the bill we all get up to leave. I speed ahead so I’m next to Laura, not Jack. 

We get in the car and I continue to ignore Jack. He’s a cheeky little bastard. I’ll give him that.

We arrive back at their house and Jack’s parents head off the bed. Laura, Molly and I take a seat on the couch and Jack soon joins. 

Jack sits next to me and wraps an arm around my shoulder and I continue to ignore him. 

Jack then kisses my cheek, then my jaw, and then my neck. I turn my head and look at him and he smirks. I roll my eyes and stand up, walking upstairs to Jack’s room. I can tell he’s following me by his loud feet.

I walk in and Jack shuts the door after he comes in.

“What the hell is your problem.” I say, shoving his chest.

“What are you talking about?” Jack asks.

“Dinner? Jack you can’t do stuff like that in public. And defiantly not with your parents and grandma sitting there. ”

“I thought it would be fun and spontaneous.” Jack says.

“Well, you were wrong.” I say, pulling my hair into a ponytail. 

“Babe, don’t be mad at me.” Jack says, walking over to me and wrapping his arms around my waist. 

“Jack, you don’t understand. I don’t want to start this out on a bad note and I don’t want your parents hating me.”

“(Y/N), they’ve known you your entire life. They could never hate you.”

“Please don’t do it again, okay? Save it for when we’re alone.” I say, pecking his lips. 

“So does that mean I can finish what I started back there?” Jack asks.

“No, I’m still not happy with you.” I say grabbing one of Jack’s tshirts off his dresser and walking to the bathroom. 

“You’re such a damn tease.” Jack mumbles. 

“I know, get use to it."