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I ordered Muji pens recently and they’re amazing 💕 does anyone know how to write summer applications? I’m lost ^^

[Materials used:
Muji pens, mild liners, washi tape, pilot p-500 extra fine 0.5 black pen, prismacolor]

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Hey loves! Tanja and I came up with the idea to host Nyx Matte Lipstick Awards! The awards are named after the lipstick shades. We can’t wait to discover your beautiful blogs so if you’re interested, please keep on reading x


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  • Best posts - Istanbul (Clean pink)
  • Best colour scheme - Buenos Aires (Soft coral)
  • Best theme - Amsterdam (Pure red)
  • Nicest blogger - Prague (Matte merlot)
  • Best new discovery - Moscow (Navy blue)
  • Best overall - Sydney (Soft lavender)
  • Buse’s favourite - London (Mid-tone beige)
  • Tanja’s favourite - Cannes (Matte muted mauve)


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Imagine Juice watching your daughter for the day

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When he went to prison, you were a month pregnant already, and it made harder for you both to accept the reduced jail time. You would go visit him in the beginning, when your stomach wasn’t as large, but soon your doctor put you on bed rest. He claimed you couldn’t go anywhere so instead of spending the time working, or visiting the father of your child, you just hung out with Chucky, who was tasked with making sure you stayed in bed and didn’t go into early labor. 

In the eighth month of Juice’s prison sentence you gave birth to a beautiful little girl, with tan skin, black hair and green eyes. As she was handed to you, you felt the love you could only feel for Juice, and it was perfect. 

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The day Juice and the rest of the boys were released you stood at the clubhouse, in your arms was cradled the sleeping little girl, in a knitted purple blanket, which was supposed to look like the mermaid tail. Your body bounced up and down as her eyes stayed closed, the soft hums of a melody leaving your throat as you watched the bikes all file in. He got off his bike and immediately went into the crowd of bystanders, all who wanted to welcome him home, but he only wanted one person. 

When you saw him you felt that feeling you felt when you saw your daughter for the first time. He smiled as he jogged over to you and kissed you, lightly pushing you against the wall as he did. A giggle left your mouth and it was as though you daughter wasn’t there, and then she cooed. When she did Juice pulled back and looked at the little girl in his girlfriend’s arms. His eyes started to water as he carefully took her out of your arms, cradling her in his own. 

“She’s perfect babe.” He said as she smiled at him. 

“Listen I have to ask you a favor. I couldn’t get a sitter last night, and the house is running low on some stuff, so while you get to know Ariel, I was going to shop, if that is ok with you?“ 

 "Yea, we can just take her to the house, I have missed home.” He smiled as he started towards the car and placed her in the carseat, before kissing you again. 

“I’ll see ya at home.” You whispered as you pulled away, leaving him longing more. 

 "Okay, baby formula is on the counter, just follow the instructions on the container, bottles are in the cupboard and if you want to try feeding her baby food then be my guest. Also the diapers and wipes are in her room in the coral themed changing table. There is a 30-40 percent chance though that she will just sleep the whole time. Baby monitor is on the counter, I love you.“ You said in a rush as you exited the door. 

"Love you too.” He said as you shut the door, his eyes drifting to the gaming system, he glanced down the hall to where the door to his daughter’s room was and then smiled as he took the monitor and sat on the floor with the controller, ready to play some zombies. And then it happened….

“WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Was all Juice heard from the monitor as Ariel screamed from her crib, causing him to jump at first before he raced towards her room. When he entered it, he wasted no time scooping the little girl up and then taking in her under the sea themed room.

“Your mother defiantly went all out, yes she did.” He said in a baby like voice as her cries settled. Her big green eyes looked at him as he walked out towards the living room again. He once again sat on the floor and placed Ariel on the floor so that she leaned against his body, his arms resting in front of her, right where she could reach, if she wanted.

“So my little mermaid, you ready to watch Daddy kill some zombies.” He asked before the screen opened, and the fun began. And then five minutes in, it happened.

For Ariel reached out and grabbed hold, pressing whatever she could before Juice could react, on the screen Juice saw that Ariel’s action resulted in the death of his character.

“No no honey, you can’t play yet.” He instructed as he restarted the game.

It took 5 times of this happening for Juice to finally give up. For she was never going to let him play. So instead he picked her up and went to the kitchen, where he could strap her in her high chair.

“Are ya hungry?” he asked as he put two scoops of the formula into the eight ounce bottle and then he filled it with cold water. As he shook the concoction he scanned the baby food, and settled for a banana and strawberry mixture.

“Ok what do you want first, the food or the formula?” He asked as she beat on the tray of the chair.

“Ok so formula.” He said as he picked up the bottle and tried to give it to her, and she instantly started crying and spit out the nipple of the bottle. He attempted several more times with the formula but she was not having it. Finally he called you, “Hello.”

“Babe she won’t drink the formula. What do I do?

“Ok, how did you make it?”

“Well I put two scoops in, filled it to the top with cold water and then shook it.”

“Ok, is it the big bottle or a tiny one?”


“You need four scoops for the big one babe, and warm water.” You chuckled into the phone.

“Oh.” He answered as Ariel kicked her feet

“Just dump it and remake it Juice, and if you are going to try and give her the baby food, do that first.”

“Okay, I love you.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to come home? I have most of the food.”

“No take your time, I got this.”

“Ok love you too.”

And then he hung up, and took his set back at the high chair, “Ok babe, here comes the airplane.” He cooed as he scooped the pinkish mess onto the small seashell spoon. He put it up to her mouth and watched as she ate it. And then he watched as she spit it out, and onto her outfit.

“No babe, you gotta swallow the food.” He said as he tried again, and had the same results. Soon her outfit and chin was a mess and Juice was giving up, so he placed the spoon down and walked towards the abandoned bottle, where he successfully made a new one. However as he was making it, the phone came to life.


“Listen I’m on my way home now. I am about five minutes away.”

“Okay, she didn’t eat the food so I am making the formula now.”

“Did you leave the food on her tray?” 

“No, and if I did I am sure I put the lib on it.”

“Ok. See ya in a few.”

“Bye.” He hung the phone up and turned bottle in hand as he looked as Ariel. The bottle fell to the floor as he looked at the mess.

For the food was left on the tray, and was not closed. So when Juice turned his back and was distracted, his little princess spilled the mushy goo onto the tray and somehow covered the whole tray, her face and the rest of her outfit.

“Oh no no no no no no.” He hissed as he started towards her, slipping on the spilled formula that spilled out of the unscrewed bottle. He hit the ground and groaned as he laid there. Then it set in, you were going to be home soon, in less then five minutes, and now he, your daughter, and your kitchen was a wreck, and you were never going to let him watch Ariel again. He quickly and safely got off the floor, and over to the high chair, where Ariel sat clapping, sending tiny splatters of pink in every direction. As she clapped he tried to free her, yet he was struggling with the tray. When he finally got it off he held her in his hands away from his body, and started towards the bathroom. 

“Juice, what are you doing?” You asked as he exited the kitchen, the groceries sat on the hardwood floors.

“Ummm well, you see….” 

“You left the lid off the food, didn’t you?” You smiled as you stepped forward, taking Ariel as he blushed.

“Ummmm…. yea, and spilled the formula all over.”

“Well how about this, I clean the baby, and you clean the kitchen, we regroup when she is all clean, and I feed her while you put the food away, and then we will get dressed for the wedding, unless you want to feed her and then play video games with her. She likes watching the graphics.”

“Tried that, she mashed the controller, the zombies got me.”

“Did you try putting her in the bouncer?” 

“I have to be the world’s worst father now.” He groaned as he face palmed.

“Hey, I mean this is your first rodeo and you are doing far better then the rest of the guys guessed. Ope was convinced you would be in tears when I got home. Oh and Gemma is having a dinner tomorrow, to celebrate the wedding and you guys coming home.” You called over your shoulder as you went to the bathroom.

“Oh by the way, tomorrow before the dinner I have to go help Gemma with the food, wanna watch her again so I don’t have to take her with me?” You smiled as Juice started to chuckle.

“I think I make a better biker then a babysitter Babe.”


My largest pond piece so far is finally finished!

This was a commissioned piece for a coral reef themed pond. I had free reign over the placement and fish, as long as I made it colorful. Well, I certainly think it came out really colorful. :)

This pond contains: an eel, a stingray, regal tangs, yellow tangs, clownfish, starfish, dottybacks, anemones, corals, and (real!) tiny seashells.

All pieces (minus the rocks on the outside, the sand bottom, and the seashells) were handmade with polymer clay. The water is resin which was applied in a total of 9 layers.

The pond itself is roughly 5.5″ in length. It took around 23 hours to complete.

This was a very fun commission, and I think it’s my favorite one to date. I love playing with colors. :D