coral sweatshirt

anonymous asked:

Hi. Niall wore a faded/dull pink T-shirt under a jean jacket once. Liam wore salmon/peach/coral sweatshirts a handful of times. I never saw any that were pink? They were more salmon/peachy colored. Harry has worn actual pink/bright pink tops. Some were made of silk with paisley/floral patterns & bows. If Louis, Niall or Liam wore these types of pink tops or a pink suit, there would be more talk about it. To me, there is a difference between a dull pink T-shirt and a bright pink paisley silk top.

Except that what Harry has been wearing fits his 70s rocker image. And he’s been wearing those for performances, photo shoots, etc. In Spain he was in a t-shirt at a restaurant. Same in Holmes Chapel. He isn’t running around in his day to day life dressed like that.

Again, the shit that people call so revolutionary is all part of his image. And it’s much like his feminism and the faux politically aware act–scratch the surface and you find out how shallow it is.

Neither Liam not Niall have that 70s rocker shtick as part of their image, so why the hell would they dress in paisley and pussy bows?

The fact that people think salmon and dull pink aren’t pink just goes to show how easy it is to construct an image and get people to buy it.