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Summer is practically here, although in the UK you would never know - torrential downpours have hit! But in my filming room Summer really is here. I dug out my favourite Coral coloured products and applied them to every aspect of my face for this weeks tutorial. 

Corals suit all skin tones, whether you’re pale, tan or deep! Whether it be a blush, shadow or lipstick, there are varying shades for every skin tone. 

This look certainly brightened up my day, and I hope it will do the same for you.
The tutorial for this makeup look will be up on my channel this Sunday:

All the products used to create this makeup will be listed in the description bar of the video.

Shonagh x

Sweetheart, what have you done to us {2nd part}

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Summary: You found out your husband is cheating on you so you avoid him and send him to sleep in his office. Months later, just when you thought maybe you were being too cruel with him he goes and publishes The Reynolds Pamphlet.

Word count: 2,726

Time period: Hamiltime

Warnings: Mentions of cheating, angst.

Note: Okay, this really took longer than I thought and it ended differently of what I had planned initially but I liked it, so finally here it is the second (and last?) part! I really hope you enjoy it!  ♡

1rst Part 


You were used to going to bed and fall asleep without him. You were used to the almost inaudible sound of the quill serving as your lullaby. You were used to hearing the door of your room opening at some point in the middle of the night. But you weren’t used to the cold sensation of waking up alone… and you wondered if you would ever be.

108 mornings had passed since the last time he had woken up next to you with his arms firmly wrapped around your waist and his breath tickling softly against your neck. You didn’t count the days, but you did count the letters he left you every dawn in what used to be his side of the bed.

The first ones have been pleas for forgiveness, filled with regret and desperation. At letter number 34 they started being promises. Now they were love declarations, just like the ones he had written you long ago when he had courted you.

It was bittersweet to think about those times now. But you still remembered how he had looked at you when he met you for the first time; he couldn’t stop smiling and it was the most beautiful smile you had ever seen.

You sighed and took today’s letter. Like all the others, it was neatly folded and smoothly impregnated with violet scent; excitedly waiting to be open. So you did, you opened it and read it.

The words inside were what you expected them to be: the usual Good morning, followed by sweet nothings, he then proceeded to talk about his day and ask about yours. Just like a letter, you would send someone who is far apart from you. And the fact that you were actually far apart from each other when all that was between the two of you was a door was funny in a cruel way.

You finished your reading and folded the letter again to save it with the other 107 inside a small coffer. Not the one in which you had the letters from more than ten years ago, no, that one was almost sacred for you. You had another one just for this letters. At first, you had intended to throw away his apologies –the proof being the first seven letters that you totally crumpled– but there was no use, even after all these years you were still incapable of rejecting him.  

You didn’t know if he had kept his word of not seeing that woman again but at least he had complied your demand; he didn’t bring her to your house anymore. That didn’t take the damage away, not the pain nor the tears, but it was something. At least you knew he really regretted it.

The clock struck a quarter past eight when you left your room and headed downstairs to make breakfast. It was still early but not early enough for your husband to still had not left to work, so finding him on the stairs; right in front of you, on his way up and you on your way down was surprising, to say the least.

You held your breath and he sighed with a little smile on his lips.

“That coral dress suits you magnificently, ” he said, looking at you adoringly.

“Thank you”

You would be lying if you’d say he wasn’t capable of making butterflies flutter in your stomach anymore. But that wasn’t enough and you wouldn’t give him that satisfaction, so you continued in your way down without another word…. And he followed you, of course he did.

Once in the kitchen, you tried to ignore his presence, making more noise than necessary when placing the casserole and other things on the table and taking your time washing the vegetables, but his stare on every little move you did and his almost palpable nervousness made it impossible.

“Is there anything you need, Alexander?” you asked him suddenly “You are quite late for work today”

“I know, but I just couldn’t leave without talking to you first”

So now I am more important than your work?  You thought bitterly, looking for the oats in the cupboard “The go ahead, I’m listening”

“No, (Y/N)…” he approached you and placed a slightly trembling hand on your shoulder, trying to catch your attention “I know I don’t deserve even a minute of your time, but I need you to really listen to me about this”

You took in a sharp breath at his closeness and squeezed your eyes shut in consideration, but finally nodded at his request, stepping away from him and turning around to look him in the eye “I am all expectation” you said, encouraging him to talk “but please don’t ever lay a hand on me again without my consent”

“Of course… I’m sorry. It won’t happen again” his voice was so small and broken it pained you, and it also reminded you why you had been avoiding him for more than three months.

“Philip will wake up in any minute so…” your tone was warmer this time, a subtle attempt to comfort him in any way “It will be better if you tell me now”

“(Y/N)…” he collected his thoughts and almost took your hands in his, before remembering what you had said not even a minute ago and dropped his hands at his sides awkwardly “I am not certain whether or not you had read my letters. If you had, I hope it counts as a sign that I still occupy a place in your heart for small it may be, a place I know I am unworthy of, but a place that I still long for more than anything else in this world.” It hurt you deeply to see him so doleful, so you tried to avert your gaze, but he pleaded you with his eyes not to do so and so your eyes stayed on his.

“I am not telling you this with the intention of asking for your forgiveness. Believe me, today less than ever is the appropriate timing. The only thing I am daring to ask for you is to never forget that I love you and to don’t ever doubt it. I know my actions don’t speak well of me and I am a reason for shame, but since the moment I saw you I knew you were my destiny, (Y/N), that you would be the mother of my children, my support, and my best friend, the one who would grow old with me–…”

“Alexander, stop” you implored fighting back tears.

“I’ll stop” he nodded “I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. But please, please (Y/N), promise me you won’t ever forget that I love you”

What are you going to do? Your eyes screamed and he seemed to openly ignore the question. Why are you telling me this? Why does it feel like a goodbye?  

“If… if I promise you that, you must promise to me to don’t do anything stupid or reckless”

He gave you a sad smile and your heart almost stopped. You knew it was useless to ask him not to do something stupid but whatever it was this time, it had probably already happened and he was apologizing beforehand.



You turned your face away from his to look at the door, finding your daughter and elder son standing there.  

“Sorry, she was hungry” Philip explained, apparently having noticed the tension “But we can come back later,” he said taking the little hand of his sister and leading her back to the living room.

“But I want my cookie now!”  


“It’s alright, honey” you reassure him with a soft smile “I was just about to make breakfast”

The face of your little girl lightened up at your statement and soon the two of them were standing in front of you. You hug them, placing a chaste kiss on their foreheads “Good morning, did you sleep well?”

The four of you exchanged some words at the kitchen and then your husband left for work. None of you had made the promise to the other.

Your other son came down some minutes later and you ate calmly with your children. You took them to school, and when you came back the parlour-maid had already cleaned and tidied the reception room and living areas, making you realize that you were late.

“Good morning, Mrs. Hamilton” she greeted you when she noticed your presence “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Oh, no, Grace, I was just lost in thought” you admitted “You did an excellent job as always, this room is impeccable”

She thanked you with a smile and you took your leave to your room.

You were anxious, nervous, and maybe even paranoid. What in the world had Alexander done? Or was he about to do it? Could you still be in time to do something to stop him? When you passed the market in your way home everyone had been muttering and throwing insistent glances in your direction so probably whatever it was had already happened but…  

“Madame, are you alright?”

You stopped your train of thought and in your tracks too, because apparently you had been walking like a caged lion without realizing it.

“Charlotte…” you said with a sigh of relief at the sight of the housekeeper at your door “Please, tell me, have you listened to anything about a duel taking place today or something of the kind?”

“Mrs. Mcgrory had the impertinence to came here to talk to you about it, with the pamphlet in hand and all but I took the liberty of sending her away, knowing she is not in the best of terms with you Madame” she declared red in the face, apparently still agitated by the incident.

“What are you talking about?” you asked feeling your mouth dry and your heartbeat in your ears “A pamphlet? So there really was a duel? Is my Alexander alright?!”

“Please calm down, Madame, there was not duel” Charlotte assured you, placing her small and wrinkled hand on your shoulder, using the other one to tuck a lock of hair behind your ear, just like she used to do when you were younger. And just like on those old times you relaxed a little, feeling the air slowly returning to your lungs.

“Then what happened?”

She gave you a preoccupied look before she answered “Mr. Hamilton published something this morning” she explained “I thought you already knew, but I am not sure if it would be good for you to read it”

“I must read it” you declared “If you have a copy, please bring it to me”

“Of course, Madame,” she said stepping away “With your permission”

After that everything seemed to happen in slow motion but an incredibly fast speed at the same time.

The writing your husband had published was titled ‘The Reynolds Pamphlet’ and it explained with disgusting detail his affair with Maria Reynolds; the woman you saw that day at the staircase, the one he had swear not to see again, the one that helped Alexander to break your heart. And how she had approached him requesting his help and monetary aid but in the end ‘Some conversation ensued from which it was quickly apparent that other than pecuniary consolation would be acceptable’.

Every word you read felt like a stab and caused physical pain in your chest. Your tears ruined the paper in your trembling hands more than once and you had to take many pauses to fight your sobs, but somehow managed to get to the end of it. When you did, you finally let yourself fall apart. You cried your heart out, crumpling the paper till it was unreadable.

You burned it. You burned the Reynolds Pamphlet and all the letters Alexander had written you over the years; the 108 apologies, the few ones he had sent you that summer when you were at your father’s house, those he sent when he was fighting in the war, and… and even the ones of your youth, the ones that had made you fall madly in love with him.

You cried the whole time, watching the flames slowly consume the paper and the ink till there was nothing more than ashes and smoke. All the promises, all the sweet words, all the memories were gone, burning just like your very heart.

It was done. And you felt weak and numb. All he said in the morning… it was good you hadn’t made that promise because right now you wondered if he really knew what ‘love’ means in the first place. Someone who loves you doesn’t do things like this. Someone who loves you doesn’t cheat on you. Someone who loves you doesn’t make you wonder if you are still alive because you can’t feel your heart anymore.

You finally opened the door of your room only to find Charlotte there just about to knock, with concern drawn all over her face.

“I sent Grace to pick up the kids from school” she explained when you didn’t utter a word, “I thought you may be indisposed”

“Thank you…” you murmured with a sore voice, your eyes still red and glassy “I don’t want to look like this in front of them” you confessed “Philip probably already knows too and… I d-don’t…” you couldn’t help but cry again, lowering your head and trying to cover your eyes with your hand.

She hugged you firmly and you cried even more. Charlotte had been with you all your life, she was your nanny, then your lady’s maid, even your chaperone in your first dates with Alexander, now she was your housekeeper and you dared to say she had always been like your second mother.

“It afflicts me to seeing you like this, my girl,” she said “That young man has really messed up this time. If you allow me I’d like to share some words with him about it”

You only shook your head and held her closer “No, it won’t be necessary. But I need you to do something else for me”

“Anything for you, my dear”

“Please take good care of him,” you said with a small voice this time “Don’t let him skip meals or close himself up in the study for days on no end” you could feel her confusion at your words, so you explained yourself “I’m leaving with the kids to my father’s house”

The sky was pink when you left a neatly folded piece of paper on your side of the bed. Your sons and daughter were already waiting for you with their luggage in the carriage parked in front of the house. You gave the room a last glance and left.

… … … … … … …


If you are reading this it means that I am gone, so read it slowly.

I must admit I am so deeply torn between loving you with everything I have and drowning in the bitterness that this love is accompanied by.

My sister said to me once that love is like handing someone a gun, having them point it at your heart, and trusting them to never pull the trigger. But the thing is, Alexander, that you have pulled the trigger more than once and I am not sure if I have a heart anymore.

I believe that people have the right to make mistakes, but I also believe in the right that has the self to decide if it’s worth going ahead or not. And I don’t know if I will be able to forgive you this time. I don’t know if it will come to the day that I’ll trust you again, or in which I’ll feel safe by your side just like I used to feel an eternity ago.

I’m leaving you because I need to find myself and I need to forget you. I need to forget how much I loved you and how much I must hate you. I’m leaving you to punish you; to make you feel the absence you had left in me. I’m leaving you because to stay is to die and you are killing me, and I need to know if there is life after losing you.

Goodbye, my dearest. 


C O R A L S   -   S U M M E R T I M E    M A K E U P 

Summer is finally here!!! Well, on my channel it is - although to be fair, it has brightened up here in the UK today - yay! 

This makeup tutorial is all about Corals. You can wear Coral coloured makeup whether you’re pale, tan or deep! You just need to vary the shade of Coral to suit your skin tone.

It’s a great colour to wear on your face to bring some life and youthfulness to your complexion. 
Don’t be afraid of colour, it can brighten the dullest of skin making you appear healthy and well rested. We can’t always have just stepped off a plane from a two week holiday in a hot climate, but we can pretend ;) 

 All products used have been listed in the description bar of the video, to see more click ‘here’.

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I can't believe it happened (Coral and Sergi) .. I was reading so many comments "they won't yet, they are still too young" "they won't because of their religious" etc. and tbh I also didn' expect but it makes me so happy 😍 Imagine Sergi in his wedding suit and Coral in her dress 💖💖💖 I can not wait!

I didn’t expect it as well but so happy for them. I wonder when they will have their wedding, but i’m sure it will be really fashionable. AND SERGI IN WEDDING SUIT!

Beach Getaway

So… this is going to be my third post! but… songbirds-sweet was a gem and gave me a lot of content to work with! so, thank you very much.. and here goes another imagine… 

Plot: [y/n and Josh go with Tyler and Jenna on a nice tropical vacation (like a double date vacation]

Your eyes peeled open as you rolled over and saw the hotel bed was empty next to you, you groggily rubbed your eyes….forgetting you had arrived to Hawaii last night with Josh, Tyler and Jenna. You heard the water kick on in the bathroom, lazily stood up, and walked in to find Josh brushing his teeth. 

“Morning sunshine,” he said as toothpaste dripped from his mouth. 

You walked up and hugged him from behind, resting your head on his back. 

“Morning,” you mumbled into his bare skin. 

“You need coffee huh babe?” he asked, and then spit in the sink. 

You just nodded your messy haired head in assurance. 

“Okay, well go ahead and throw on a bathing suit, Tyler and Jenna are meeting us down here from their room in about fifteen minutes and we’re going to go to the beach.” 

“Sounds good love,” you replied rubbing your eyes. 

Josh playfully smacked your butt on your way out. “I’m awake now,” you laughed.

You were really happy to be in Hawaii with Josh especially because him and Tyler didn’t necessarily love beaches so you knew they were doing it for you and Jenna. You slipped on your coral bathing suit that had lace hanging off the straps and around the waist. 

“Oh and I love you but brush your teeth, I know how your morning breath gets,” he walked over and kissed you on the lips prior to teeth brushing so you wouldn’t be offended. 

There was a knock on the door and Josh opened it to reveal Tyler and Jenna. Jenna’s short blonde hair was pulled up into a top knot and her turquoise bathing suit laid nicely over her body. Tyler was wearing short multicolored swim trunks and already had on his sunglasses, inside of course. 

“Hey you two love birds,” your voice echoed from the bathroom as you were applying a little bit of mascara. 

“Hey Y/N,” Tyler called out from the door. 

“I told Tyler you guys wouldn’t be ready yet, but he was just so excited so I let it slide because he’s adorable when he’s excited,” said Jenna. 

“Yeah, no worries c’mon in we’ll be ready in just a few,” Josh replied gesturing them into the room. 

Tyler jumped on Josh, hugging him like a small child. 

“Looks like someone stole my boyfriend,” you said laughing, walking out of the bathroom hugging Jenna. 

“Yeah, same” Jenna laughed as you two watched your boys mess around for a few seconds longer. 

“To the beach?” You suggested. 

“To the beach!” Josh replied, putting his hands on his hips and cocking his head up like a goofy superhero. 

“I got the sunscreen,” Tyler said signaling to his pale thighs. 

“I’ve got the tacos-” Jenna replied holding up a box from taco bell. 

“Why wouldn’t we have taco bell in Hawaii?” you sarcastically asked, grabbing Jenna’s bag from her…and handing it to Tyler. 

“hey.. hey.. I was going to get that,” Tyler laughed. 

You jumped on Josh’s back and he gave you a piggy back ride all the way down the hotel stairs, through the lobby, and down the trail that led to the water. He set you down by the chairs you guys had picked to camp out by. 

“Strong drummer boy is my hero!” you yelled out semi sarcastically, but also more in love with Josh than ever before. He tackled you into the sand, gently landing over you and kissing you on the lips. 

“Get a room!” Tyler yelled from the water he was half way submerged in with Jenna’s arms flung around his neck. 

“okay we’ll use yours,” Josh giggled. 

“Not if we beat you to it,” Jenna said kissing tyler, it was funny how much power she had over him in terms of his mood, but also a love you admired. 

“This paradise is making me all romantic,” Josh whispered in your ear

“You’re the best romantic,” you said, tapping his nose with your pointer finger as he scrunched it. 

“I wasn’t planning on asking you this but…”

your heart immediately sunk to your stomach, creating a field of butterflies to burst inside. 

“Will you be my wife one day.. I don’t have a ring or anything, but I just know you’re the one.”

“Oh my gosh, Josh yes!” you said, pulling him closer and pushing your lips hard against his. 

“Don’t worry I have a ring picked out and everything, we’ll get it as soon as we get home.” 

“Babe, I don’t even care about the diamonds or any of that… I get to spend the rest of my life with you and that makes me the happiest girl in the world.’

“She’s going to be my wife!” Josh yelled out to tyler and Jenna. 

“Yeah we know.” they laughed running up to the two of you. 

“How’d you-” you began to question…

“Josh told me he was going to marry you the day he met you,” Tyler smiled, “now let’s celebrate with tacos! 



as the leg queen i am here 2 assert my dominance

Teacher named Daddy - Jimin - Fluff-Smut Ending

OKAY So I’ve decided to create two endings to this story, firstly an imagine full of beautiful fluff and smut. Then the alternative version an angsty sad and somewhat realistic ending that may happen if this story was real which you can find on the masterlist. Thank you for loving this series but here is the end of Teacher Named Daddy, Annyeong :)


For @xxsaskia1xx

Worry stuck your heart the moment you heard her voice, you where sure it was over, that he’d have to leave you after being caught. Luckily when she entered the room you where dressed, and not laying naked tied to a desk like you had been minutes before. “My office now, both of you!” It was almost a shriek, you walked very slowly, keeping your hands down by your side, knowing understandably that Jimin may want some personal space after being caught, but the sick feeling in your stomach seemed to lighten slightly when you felt Jimins hand feathering in strokes over your arm, he was trying to comfort you, smiling at you and nodding his head slightly signalling that everything would be alright. You smiled back, but you where unable to hide the tears glossing in your eyes, Jimin knew you where worried and that was perfectly natural, you both meant so much to each other. As you approached the teachers office you entered slowly, sitting down with yours arms and legs folded, as if hiding yourself from the world, again -just before the head teacher turned round- he reassuringly rubbed your leg, removing it and distancing himself from you before she caught you again. “How long has this little fling of yours been going on?” She asked, looking back and forth at you and Jimin, her left eyebrow raised. You tried to speak but Jimin cut in “I could lie to you and tell you this only started today but you’d never believe it. It started a few weeks after Saskia turned 16, outside of school only.” He said, running a hand through his hair, and crossing his legs. “Thank you for being truthful with me Jimin, but i’m curious as to how all this came about” She said, flicking a ball point pen back and forth in her fingers. You cut Jimin off before he could cut in, “It was all me, every girl in the school wanted to be with Ji-Mr. Park and I wanted to be the one that could get him, so I nagged and nagged him until he gave me a chance…” Both you and him knew that was a lie but never the less he stuck with your story, knowing it’d make you feel better you having the blame rather than him. “Well normally we’d have to take action on things like this, but the end of the school day has passed, which means you had already graduated and your 17 now which means your well over the age of consent. So the most I can do is give you a two week ban.” She said, you and Jimin looked at each other trying to hide the joy in your eyes -a two week ban means he’ll be able to take you to Jeju without having to take time of work- “Okay, thats totally understandable, I really appreciate you not making a big deal out of this.” Jimin said standing up. “Saskia, I wish you the best of luck in the future. Hope to see you again some day” Your head teacher said as you stood. Both you and Jimin politely bowed at her before exiting the room. You threw yourself into Jimin’s arms sighing in relief as his arms wrapped around you. “I was so worried I was going to loose you” You said, tears falling from your eyes, “Hey, Jagiya don’t get upset, we’re going to be okay” He said taking his thumbs under your eyes and wiping away the tears. You smiled up at him, looking around to see no one was there, then quickly pecked him on the lips. You walked round to his classroom, collecting his laptop and other school supplies before walking out to the car, hand in hand. Jimin drove to your house first, his hand peacefully resting on your thigh as he drove, the slow but relaxed tunes quietly playing from the radio. You never seemed to talk much in the car, always just enjoying each others company and the scenery as it passed by. You walked into the house to find a small note atop your bright pink and sparkling suitcase, it read “We hope you and Jimin have a great holiday, we’ve gone a long weekend trip to Busan, see you soon!” You chuckled halfheartedly at your mothers note, quickly leaving Jimin downstairs to get chained into travelling clothes. You selected a coral pink jogging suit with your hightop, grabbing your already packed travel bag and heading back downstairs and on route to Jimins house, where he too got ready with black leather trousers, a black tee and a black rucksack to complete his outfit. The plane took off at 6:30 and landed about an hour later, Jimin grabbing your cases as you check out of the airport. When you got to the hotel you where greeted by fascinating white cream architecture, the place lit up and was truly magical. Your room was gorgeous too. A gorgeous king sized bed accompanied by a bottle of champaign and rose petals,  a massive flat screen tv and a mini bar, everything you could ask for in a room. “Jimin, this is perfect! Thank you so so much!” You said embracing him. “You deserve all of it!” He said, his arms tightly wrapped around your waist as he leans down to kiss you. You share a very light and gentle kiss before he lets go, insisting that you go and get ready for a date he had planned. You quickly shower, before drying and straightening your hair. You apply very light and pretty make up wearing a light weight flowing white dress and some white wedges, along with the promise ring, bracelet and necklace that Jimin had bought for you over he course of your relationship. When you stepped out of the bathroom Jimin stood, he wore a white shirt with a small patterned pocket, white denim shorts and white trainers, with his promise ring and watch. “You look stunning, Jagi” He said looking you up and down, “Thank you chimchim” You said moving your hair behind your ear blushing. He had been leading you down a small path lit with slowly swinging lanterns, he gave your hand reassuring squeezes as you walked down. “We’re here” He said standing in front of a candle lit table surrounded with rose petals on the beach. “Jimin, it’s perfect!” you said, completely wowed by all his surprises. You had a delicious meal with a few cocktails as the night went on. You got a little confused when Jimin began to talk “Saskia, I want you to know how much you mean to me, I want to show you the world, look after you, care for you and love you…” He stood up and got down on one knee, “Saskia, will you marry me?” He said the candle light making his eyes sparkle. You stood up immediately “Of course I will Jimin!” You said as he placed the glistening ring on your finger, you began to cry of happiness, bringing him into a hug, you stood there for a while just soaking up his embrace. When you got back to your room you where quick to grasp the lingerie from your case, running into the bathroom. You brushed your teeth and changed into your laced white bra and panties, before exiting the bathroom, spotting Jimin laying on the bed in nothing but his black boxers. “Woah Jagiya, you look beautiful” Jimin said quick to cover the bulge in evolving in his underwear. “You don’t look so bad yourself” You said walking over to the bed, sitting beside him. “I’m so happy we’re together, I couldn’t ask for a better man” You said kissing down his jaw line and down his neck. “Me too Jagiya” He said leaning his head over to grant you more space. You slowly moved his hand, palming him through his boxers, feeling the wet fabric from his premium. “Jagiya..” He said but you cut him off. “ah ah ah, I wanna make you feel as good as you made me feel earlier” You said, moving over to sit between his legs. You slowly slid his boxers down revealing his length. Kissing up his thighs, whilst gently massaging them. When you got to his length you took him in your hands, beginning to pump him up and down slowly. He let out long but quiet groans and moans, as well as telling you how amazing you where. You leaned down taking the tip of his member in your mouth, swirling your tongue before taking him into your mouth. He let out a sigh at the feeling of your mouth around him, you began to bob your head up and down, hollowing your cheeks around him as well as using your flattened tongue, as your hands played with his balls. His hand was wrapped in a make shift pony tail in your hair, but as soon as you felt him twitch in your mouth you stopped, feeling yourself become needy. Jimin sensed this and flipped you over, so you where laying down and he was now topping. He carefully unclipped your bra throwing it into the corner, as he began kissing and sucking on places all over your neck and chest, as he massaged your left breast with his hand, he began to move further down until he reached the hem of your panties, he pulled them down slowly before sliding your legs up and open, his hands delicately on your thighs as he began to nibble on the skin getting closer and closer to your soaking heat. “Baby girl, you’re already so wet for Daddy” He said with a smirk, “Please Daddy, I need you” You said with a whimper at how close but so far away he was from where you needed him most. “Patience baby girl” He said as his head disappeared between your legs, a shiver crawled down your spine when he blew cold air directly onto your clit, before using precise flicks of his powerful tongue, lapping up your juices, your hands made their way into his red hair, as your head rolled back and moans fell from your soft lips. “Ugh Daddy, please don’t stop” You said, just as he slid a finger into your tight heat, he continued to suck on your clit as his finger pumped in and out of you, before adding a second, however the second the third finger entered and curled to reach your g-spot the coil in your stomach unraveled and you released over his mouth and fingers. His tongue was quick at work, slowly eating up your release and devouring the taste of you. You flipped him around again, quickly melting into his lips, tasting each other. Jimin slid on a condom as you continued your make out session, once prepared he raised your hips, slowly lowering you onto him, you let out a moan at the filling sensation as he let out a groan about how great you felt around him. Once you where comfortable Jimin clasped onto your hips, moving you until you found your own pace and began riding him, everything was very slow and powerful, with continuous whispers about how you loved one another, Jimin spun you around once more so moving your left leg up so he could curl his hips into you. His toned hips meant he was amazing at grinding and could hit every spot he knew you liked “Ah Daddy, I’m so close” You said as he began to pick up his pace “Me too baby girl” he said, bringing his finger to your clit rubbing circles with his thumb. “Ugh Fuck, Daddy!” You yelled with a groan as you reached your second orgasm, the feeling of you tightening around him brought him over the edge as he came into the condom, riding out both of your orgasms slowly “That was amazing” You said laying down, your hand on his chest as he gently tickled up and down your rib cage and waist. “Just like you” He said leaning down to kiss your head. “Thank you for everything Jimin, I really do love you so much” You said looking up at him, admiring his gorgeous features “I love you more than words could describe Jagiya, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. If I had to give up my job back there I would have because you’re so much more important to me. I love you, Mrs.Park” He said, His hand gently caressing your cheek. “I love you too, Mr.Park” You said giving him a peck on the lips as you turned around, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist as your snuggled into the blankets, turning the light off as you both fell soundly asleep.

The wedding was more than you could ever ask for, your parents thought you may have been a little too young to get married but they knew that you and Jimin where strong enough to tie the nought at this age, the school friends you invited where totally shocked that you where even in a relationship with Mr.Park never mind getting married to him! but never the less they where happy for you, you spent a gorgeous month travelling in Japan, Thailand and Hawaii for your honeymoon and It was magical, you also received your acceptance into college letter when you returned home and a few years later had a handsome baby boy and a beautiful baby girl, you spent your most beautiful moments in life with Jimin and lived happily ever after.

Authors Note-
The end of Teacher named Daddy! If you haven’t then check out the angst version and choose from the two which ending you’d prefer the series to have, again thank you for loving these imagines :)

Nathan Drake (not so serious) HCs: 

  • Cries at every Disney movie because the soundtrack is too moving for him. He loves a happy ending.
  • Amazing at Guitar Hero.
  • Loves going clothes shopping; knows which colours look good on you. E.g. Elena wants a red dress but Nate insists on coral; “It suits your skin tone! You suit summer colours.” + Bonus: loves watching people apply make up.
  • Leaves long ass birthday messages (with pic collages) on Facebook, e.g; “Sam, my brother, my friend; we’ve been through so much together…”
  • Says duck tape instead of duct tape
  • Doodles when he talks on the phone. If it’s a really good phone call he walks around the whole house; lies on the bed and puts his feet against the wall, or sits on the stairs and scoots down them one by one. 

anonymous asked:

hey, look for "MOSCHINO vintage 90s 3 pc neon coral pink boucle suit skirt, jacket and top- size S" on etsy, it's the same Moschino S/S 1996 suit Fran wore but hers was in baby blue color

Yep. From the 1996 collection. 

Neighbor!Luke Chapter 3

A/N: I feel terrible for how long this has taken. So, as an apology. Send me in blurb ideas as an ask and I’ll answer them. 

Word Count: 1,571

Chapter Three

     By the time you had unpacked and finally got settled in, it was the middle of August. School started in September and you honestly weren’t ready to go back to school yet. You hadn’t seen Luke alone since that night, but you guys had friendly text conversations every now and then.

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