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I love this AU so much! I was a little confused as to how Patton could be a Prince (or I guess just the son of the King) without drawing a ton of attention, but I underestimated the force of his I-do-what-I-want. I loved the interactions between Virgil and Caru. Everything that comes out of this AU is fun and dynamic, even when drawing on traditional fantasy tropes. I was curious, are there other beasts in this world beside dragons? Unicorns or anything?

Awww, thank you!!

And yes, if there were any kind of media in this world, there’s no way “Prince Morgan” could be basically undercover. But none of the other three have ever met him–Roman hasn’t been to the Capital since he was five, Logan’s supremely uninterested in court, so has kept to himself since coming to the castle to work, and of course Virgil’s been in the kitchens. There were probably a few others among the candidates who did know, but with Patton being pretty insistent on not getting any special treatment let it go. If Prince Morgan wanted to pretend to be a commoner, who were they to call him on it?

And Patton’s enjoying getting the chance to just talk to everyone, without them immediately bowing and getting all stuffy and formal. And now that he’s imprinted, he’s a rider, and that’s the only rank that matters to him.

For your second question, yes! Absolutely. There are unicorns, wyverns, gryphons, etc. The dragons are the most obvious, since they have an alliance with the humans, but other fantasy creatures absolutely exist. There’s even some tentative trading with the mermaids and mermen, though it’s only been established recently. Roman, in particular, has learned a few of their songs and has a coral ring he treasures.

The centaurs, now…that’s another story.


Rings and bracelets from the Glittering World exhibition of jewelry by Lee A. Yazzie (photos 1, 4, 5, and 8) and his son, Raymond C. Yazzie (photos 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, and 10). From top:

  1. Black turquoise corn bracelet set with coral, opal, and gold
  2. Gold and opal ring with coral, lapis lazuli, jade, and turquoise inlay
  3. Coral cuff with opal, sugilite, lapis lazuli, and turquoise inlay
  4. Gold and lapis lazuli bracelet
  5. Coral corn bracelet
  6. Gold, turquoise, and coral ring with sugilite and opal inlay
  7. Silver, coral, and turquoise cuff with opal, lapis lazuli, and gold inlay
  8. Turquoise and gold ring
  9. Silver cuff inlaid with coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and gold
  10. Turquoise Blessings bracelet

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Sea Monster Other-Kin Gifts and Self-Care
(Steampunk Themes, Compasses)

Mala Red Coral Bracelet - $12.00
Ocean Breeze Scrub Bar - $8.60
Cthulu Decoden Style Soap - $10.38
Salty Ocean Body Whip - $12.86
Brass Compass Cameo Necklace - $21.08
Sea Green Soy Candle - $16.60
Handmade Coral/Shell Ring - $14.00*
Bronze Octopus Necklace - $16.72
x2 Seaweed Detox Bath Bombs - $9.43+
Brass Sundial/Compass - $16.91

*The three available basic styles are shown

The blue ringed octopus is recognized as one of the most venomous marine animals because it carries enough venom to kill 26 adult humans within minutes. Their victims experience respiratory depression, paralysis, and eventually death if not treated.