coral leggings


An enigmatic whatchamacallit that no one’s quite sure what it’s supposed to be. One thing’s for sure though, touch its «hair» and you’ll be gassed into an epileptic trance for roughly 26 Hours, 13 Minutes and 4 Milliseconds with a slight chance of losing nose hairs in the process.

Too long… far too long…

Tamatoa groaned as he paused to stretch his legs. The corals around him were silent as the smaller monster desperately tried to avoid attention, but further in the distance, the usual sounds of brawling monsters and mating calls and shrieks and squawks echoed over Lalotai underneath the steady churning of saltwater. The old crab had decided that his borders had been neglected for far too long, and after leaving the kids under the care of one of their mothers, he had gone out for the first real patrol in months.

… Or course, having been cramped up in the shell cave for so long, he was a little out of shape…

“Gods dammit,” he muttered to himself as he tried stretching his legs to their limits. how was he supposed to chase out any intruders with his limbs cramping up ever few miles?

But then again, so far, he hadn’t bumped into anything out of the ordinary. Not too many monsters dared to encroach on his territory, even if the markers had faded from the borders.


cs fic: sit, stay

This is pure, unadulterated, pointless fluff for my beautiful BK (bemusedbicycle), who not only planted this image in my brain, but earned a very well-deserved promotion at work. You’re the best, homeskillet.

Also, you should probably do some very important research.

cs fic: sit, stay

It’s a few weeks after they return from their adventures in the Enchanted Forest when a storm knocks out whatever qualifies as the grid in Storybrooke.

Most of the town has gathered at the Town Hall where generators are warming the building and residents are huddled, hunch-shouldered among cots and sleeping pads. She’s grateful for the relatively seamless process, Killian and David assisting her in going door to door while she insures that the hospital’s generators are in working order.

It doesn’t sit quite right with her, this sudden winter, of course, but also the ease with which this whole situation has come under her control - with only minimal griping from Grumpy.

That is, until Killian walks into the crowded auditorium with a shivering, black lab puppy tucked under his leather jacket.

Well, crap.

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