coral gold ring


Rings and bracelets from the Glittering World exhibition of jewelry by Lee A. Yazzie (photos 1, 4, 5, and 8) and his son, Raymond C. Yazzie (photos 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, and 10). From top:

  1. Black turquoise corn bracelet set with coral, opal, and gold
  2. Gold and opal ring with coral, lapis lazuli, jade, and turquoise inlay
  3. Coral cuff with opal, sugilite, lapis lazuli, and turquoise inlay
  4. Gold and lapis lazuli bracelet
  5. Coral corn bracelet
  6. Gold, turquoise, and coral ring with sugilite and opal inlay
  7. Silver, coral, and turquoise cuff with opal, lapis lazuli, and gold inlay
  8. Turquoise and gold ring
  9. Silver cuff inlaid with coral, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and gold
  10. Turquoise Blessings bracelet

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my Venus ritual with Judy-Vee

@judy-vee and I were hanging out as usual, when Mother’s Day came up. I had some vintage jewelry pieces from back in the day and I offered her the pieces for her mama! Among these pieces was a coral and faux gold ring, which Judy liked. I said she could have it under one condition…. we put a spell on it first!

Judy thought a treat yo’ self spell was best, so we formulated a spell for self love. I was tired after a reading and did not want to put energy in to the spell myself, so I thought we might call Venus, who I have worked with in the past.

For our spell, Judy and I collected and obsidian arrowhead to cut through negative imagery; a black tourmaline to protect against negative thoughts; three rose petals to represent ultimate self love; two springs of lavender to encourage a flow of positive energy; three candles to raise energy and honor Venus; a shot of vodka as an offering; and one tiny quartz crystal point, to gather and focus energies (which I accidentally threw away later). I cleanse each ritual element, then all of them together as a group.

I give Judy the black tourmaline and she asks it to add its spirit to the ring vessel for a specific purpose (to protect). I do the same for the onyx arrowhead. Judy marvelously performs her first binding. 

When we were properly protected and prepared, I read the Orphic Hymn to Venus from my Book. I felt Her awareness as the poem ended, and I suggested Judy and I sing Her praises. We gave her compliments which she traditionally is known to like. At the end I hear a stern, matronly voice. “I am here. What is it you want?” A businesslike voice. One that responds to young magicians casting spells at midnight. 

I entreat the Lady to attend to our spell, and she is alarmed that we have plucked three petals from a living rose (with the rose’s permission). I receive rapid instructions to change the ritual space and move the living rose bush to the center of the ritual with the ring placed between its branches. The Lady demands I properly repot the rose immediately, or she will not help. I repot the rose and encourage Judy to think of a statement of purpose for her spell, so we can properly ask the Lady for help.

As I repot the rose, I ask the Lady to be kind to us, for we ask only for a spell of self-love. The Lady’s entire demeanor changes immediately. I feel a softness, a grace; her voice becomes softer. “Never mind this rose, let me see the spell,” she says. But the rose is repotted and I move it back to its central position. The Lady requests to see the spell we have designed and I show her each part. She would have done things differently but she likes our spell. She instructs me to leave the ring in the rose pot, and to disconnect immediately, or Her energies will overwhelm me.

I do not play around with God energy, so I disconnect and watch Hoarders with Judy for a while. When I glance at the ritual area my eyes tingle and burn and my face feels funny. Finally I am drawn to the ring, and observe a massive pink-red energy being drawn in to the ring and being sealed shut. The spell is complete.

I sense Judy ought to wear the ring immediately, and I give it to her as I take down the ritual space. Judy later tells me she hears very nice things and affirmation of the spells effectiveness ^-^

Later, I dismiss the Lady. I had forgotten and her awareness lingered for perhaps 15 more minutes. She never requested an offering.