coral crown


Introducing the Coral Crown accent set! An impressive solid set of horns to decorate your oceanic Wildclaw with.
I’ll make separate updates along with scry-applied examples as each set is released, so keep an eye out later down the line! Check the images for captions of their names. 

v-taehyung  asked:

Your mermaid BTS series is the cutest thing I've ever read in my life 😭 When you have time and would like to, could I possibly request a Jimin version please and thank you? 😊

find others: hoseok | namjoon | taehyung 

  • jimin is a rather shy mermaid, whose never really gotten the chance to explore and partake in mischief like taehyung or hoseok 
  • he’s always liked swimming around the familiar areas of the ocean, gazing at the pretty fish and other creatures, picking shells up from the shallower sands in the water
  • as much as he likes to sunbathe,,,,,which namjoon and yoongi never understand,,,,,he’s too timid to do it alone - other mermaids are always gossiping about how scary and vicious humans can be so he’s always nervous about being spotted
  • even though hoseok is always trying to convince him of the funny ways in which humans really act
  • his tail coloring is really really pretty - it’s a vibrant yellow with wedges of red and orange splashed between his scales
  • his ears have been pierced multiple times and are adorned with shell jewelry made by his family and himself
  • a lot of the younger mermaids like jimin a lot because of his caring personality and the way he looks so pretty wearing a crown of corals and his scales look like they’re made of straight up sunshine
  • he’s also seen being followed by different aquatic animals, from clown fish to dolphins
  • you’re actually doing some research in the waters where jimin lives, you’re a deep sea diver whose been trying to take photos of the underwater life
  • and one afternoon as you’re swimming around, trying to find any new reefs or fish to snap photos of
  • you catch the end of a long, yellow tail
  • exited by the prospect of getting a pretty picture of whatever that large fish is, you quickly swim after it
  • at first, jimin doesn’t notice you - but he figures out something must be wrong since the fish around him begin to scatter and hide
  • turning around, he almost makes you drop your equipment
  • and jimin’s usual smile is replaced with a look of utter shock
  • staring at one and other,,,neither of you moves a muscle
  • you’re shocked,,,,the person before you is,,,,most definitely not human
  • not with those gills, that large tail, and the bare toned chest that is adorned in what looks like necklaces made of the most beautiful collection of shells you’ve ever seen
  • jimin swallows, slowly beginning to turn in hopes of darting off through the water away from you
  • but you act first, desperately you bring up your camera to take a photo 
  • jimin manages to swim off when you’re done,,,,,but that evening when you’re out of the water and sitting in your bedroom you stare at the photo
  • his face looks like that of a prince from a fairy tail, something so enchanting yet so pure
  • the next day you go out into the water, get your diving gear, and clutch the string of pearls you’d decided to take with you as a peace offering - setting out to find the mermaid once more
  • you spend a long time looking for that yellow tail, and just when everything seems futile you spot him 
  • slowly, not to startle him you swim over and jimin turns around just before you can reach out to tap his shoulder
  • the same look of shock paints his features, but before he can escape you open your outstretched hand and reveal the necklace
  • curiously jimin eyes it, you try to smile - which is hard with your breathing tube but it seems to come across
  • jimin cautiously takes the strand from your hand, smiling as he looks at it closer
  • since you can’t speak underwater, you motion to the surface 
  • it’s a risk to see if jimin will follow you or not,,,,,,but the gift seems to gain his trust and he swims up to the top of the water as you do too
  • once you’re up, you take out the tube and pull your goggles up off your eyes
  • seeing jimin out of the muggy waters,,,,,,,,,is an experience 
  • for a moment you forget what you wanted to say, but jimin speaks first
  • “you won’t hurt me,,,,,,right?”
  • you shake your head “no, no never.”
  • his shoulders seem to relax and you see jimin eye the nearby shore,,,,since it’s early morning it’s empty and you ask “do you want to go over there?”
  • he seems to be shy about getting caught looking,,,,it’s just he’s never been on the shore without taehyung or jungkook or hoseok
  • but you seem nice enough,,,,so he agrees
  • of course he gets their first - your swimming is nothing compared to his and when you drag yourself onto the sand you’re so out of breath that it makes jimin giggle
  • you sit close enough to the shore that the waves still tickle your feet and jimin lays beside you
  • “,,,,,,,,i can’t believe mermaids are real.”
  • you say first and jimin plays with the string of pearls, looking at you with inoccent eyes
  • “i can’t believe a human is so nice,,,”
  • you scrunch up your nose “we’re not too bad,,,,,,,except we totally are polluting the ocean”
  • “polluting?”
  • you figure that word might not be in a mermaids vocabulary so you shrug it off and look at jimin’s tail
  • in the sunlight it looks like it’s shimmering, like gold
  • for a good while you and jimin just,,,talk,,,,
  • well you mostly question him about what mermaid life is all about and he answers,,,,but you’re happy to see that he’s comfortable with you around
  • when the time starts reaching 9 you warn jimin that people are going to come out onto the beach
  • he decides to leave and you follow till you’re waist deep in the water and jimin puts out his hand to give you the string of pearls back
  • “it’s yours!!” you smile and jimin blinks,,,,, “a-are you sure?”
  • you nod, giving him a thumbs up which he looks at quizzically before copying you
  • “hehe cute!!” you exclaim and jimin’s cheeks turn a rosy pink, ,,, cute,,,,,,, a human has never called him that before ,,, 
  • “yo-you’re – c-cute too!”
  • jimin’s voice rises a bit as he says it and you giggle telling him that he doesn’t have to be polite and return the compliment
  • but jimin pouts and adds that he means it
  • he pulls one of the shelled necklaces off of his neck and drapes it around yours with a smile that makes his eyes into cute half moons
  • “to remember the sea!” 
  • you touch it, warmed by his gesture and look into his eyes that sparkle of light brown
  • “oh - i never asked your name!” 
  • he points to himself “jimin.” and then points to you as you say your name
  • he repeats it out loud and you give him another thumbs up that jimin copies this time with confidence
  • with that he waves, diving back into the water and you touch the shells around your neck wondering if you’ll see him again 
  • when jimin comes back, hoseok asks where he got the pearls and jimin toys with them before gleefully repeating your name
  • hoseok wiggles his eyebrows “do you like this person? i thought you didn’t like humans?”
  • jimin blushes, making up an excuse about wanting to visit some of his fish friends to get away from hoseok’s teasing gaze because ok so what maybe he does like humans,,, well one human,,, 

rhymeswithtessa  asked:

Kashleth for the ask thing :)

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

UMMMMMM TWO WEREWOLVES THOUGH. keyleth was born with the ability to shift while kashaw was made into one when his marriage to vesh was consummated as a lasting mark of who he is and what his purpose is.

keyleth can control it and accepts who she is, kash has problems with controlling it and hates shifting because it’s a reminder of what happened to him

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

fisherman kashaw who pulls up his fishing nets and it’s heavier than usual so he’s confused, and it’s all so tangled but by the time he can clearly make out what he caught, he’s practically holding the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen in his life in his arms and she has beautiful red hair topped with what looks like a crown of coral and seashells and wide golden eyes and dark skin that slowly turns to scales the color of the shifting autumn leaves and finally form a tail and she’s looking at him with confusion and fascination

and kash just audibly says “no” out-loud and promptly drops her back into the water

(he tells zahra later and zahra’s just like “……… realize that just because you dropped her back into the water doesn’t mean she’s free, right?? she’s still tangled up in your net.” and kash is just like “SHIT” and has to run back to the docks to free this poor mermaid)

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

witch keyleth who deals in nature magic, holy man kashaw who deals with divine magic but only so much as to not wake vesh. he comes to her for magic because he doesn’t want to risk doing too much and causing his wife to come calling.

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

kashaw who is Confused and Angry at why this customer is so cute and zahra has to straight up tell him “you have a crush, darling, and she’s flirting with you.”

ft. kash very adamantly insisting he does NOT have a crush, even after he starts hanging out with keyleth on his breaks

who’s the professor and who’s the TA

they’re students in the same class and keyleth takes So Many notes but has trouble understanding them and kashaw is smart but doesn’t take notes so they literally only pass this stupid class by becoming the worst study partners

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

lady keyleth and her grumpy bodyguard thoooooo

who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent


who’s the writer and who’s the editor


The Crown-of-Thorns Sea Star, Acanthaster planci

“[…] is a large, multiple-armed starfish (or sea star) that usually preys upon hard, or stony, coral polyps (Scleractinia). The crown-of-thorns sea star receives its name from venomous thorn-like spines that cover its upper surface, resembling the Biblical crown of thorns. It is one of the largest sea stars in the world.

Be wary, my child
Of the songs and whispers creeping o'er these waters
Hymns of the tides and calls of the depths
Luring you closer into their breast.
But above all, my sweet
Beware o’ the lights, dancing like fireflies, swirling about the waves
Should you gaze too long,
They shall be the last you’ll see.


i wanted to write something for pensversusswords to cheer her up and she asked for fluffy mermaid au

hopefully this is fluffy enough, despite all the stuff that crept in xD

Sunlight glints off the surface of the water the way it does off the scales of the schools of fish that flit by under the surface.

Steve peeks out over the waves, checking in every direction for indication of lurking predators or signs of humanity, but this isle is one of the few places where it’s still rare to spot a human. Most of the land meets the water in sheer cliff faces, but there’s a small cove that lines up with the setting sun where fine white sand fades into steep jungle. To one side water flows down the cliff face under winding strands of ivy. Colorful birds are frequently visible there tipping their heads back after filling their beaks with water.

It’s a special place, made all the more special by the fact that it’s where Steve spends his time with Tony.

The sky overhead is a pure, solid blue, broken only by the blinding circle of the sun. Steve makes his way to the beach and swims into the shallows, where the water turns to a beautiful electric blue. When he can’t swim any farther, he uses his arms to pull himself up onto the sand, just far enough so that the water’s edge laps at where his scales fade to skin. He stretches out, long as he can, and savors the heat of the sand against his back.

“Now that’s a sight I’ll never get sick of,” a voice purrs and Steve pushes up onto his elbows.

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