coral clothing

Susana Cantero, Omi Toké (iba’e)

Susana Cantero, the head of the “sub-rama” of Coral, was crowned around 1900 to Yemaya. She was renowned for being a Yemaya priest who once a year would mount Ochun (in Lukumi, only the one head Orisha is supposed to mount you - with the exception of Babalu Aye who can mount anyone who has received him). People would come from far and wide to consult with the Ochun she would mount. She was initiated by Andrea Trujillo, Ewin Yimi, who had been initiated by the famed Ña Rosalía Abreú, Efunshe Warikondo - the head of the major Efunshe/Efuche rama. Her sub-rama is called Coral because of her fondness for coral and expensive clothes and use of lace in Orisha shrines.