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Could you write a story where Darvey is together but no one knows yet and there's a gala or some fancy party at PSL and someone (mike, rachel, louis) catch them together in one of their offices? Thank u! I love your stories :)

The Celebration - Rated M. (Beta’d)

It was natural, that eventually they’d celebrate the change over. Of Jessica leaving. Of Harvey taking over. Of him taking the reigns.

No less than one calendar year later, the firm was finally standing alone, without the aid of anyone, or anything, and although it was a little late coming in their eyes, the celebration marked the first year of Specter & Litt being a successful business and something to be proud of. 

It had been a hard slog, pulling at every last nerve, but together, as a family, they made it work.

Long gone were the days of anguish and falling under the weight of obstacles being thrown at them.

Donna, in particular, was eager to celebrate. She had been planning this particular party for months. The food, the decorations, the music - a neo-jazz band with a name about town and Harvey’s particular interest - and a shiny new prospective client list for Harvey, Mike and Louis to eagerly sink their teeth into.

Everything had to be especially perfect because the firm was now hers, just as much as it was Harvey’s and Louis’s. She made sure that everything was to the very letter. She had decided to hold the party in the Library and research areas of their main ‘Associate’ floor, which over the past few months had begun to fill more than she’d seen it do in over two years. More and more young Associates, hungry Partners and solid Administration flooded through the doors with every month that passed between Jessica being disbarred and their pact to get the firm back to a newer kind of glory.

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29 weeks 2 days pregnant and feeling huge.

We’ve known for weeks that he was measuring bigger due to growth scans, but at my midwife appointment when i was 28weeks+6 i was measuring 31weeks+5 so basically 3 weeks bigger. He is still breech and moving more and more everyday.

I have noticed finger swelling, facial swelling, leg swelling and arm swelling!
I am turning into a balloon, or a whale, or even an elephant! A very fat person. 
My appetite is still pretty huge but is starting to work its way back down again now. 

I knew when i reached the third trimester i would start feeling crappy again, get fatter, struggle to get comfy and struggle to sleep. I was expecting it all, but secretly hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as everyone said. It’s not awful but then i am only a week and a half into it. 

Walked from my mums yesterday to Brads work, usually takes Brad 15/20minutes and me 30 minutes now i waddle slightly, but for some reason i made it in 15 minutes but it set off braxton hicks. Walking past the quiet common, i did think if these are contractions, im screwed as theres only the occasional dog walker. I was fine once i stood still.

I am loving this lovely weather but i am rather nervous about this “heat wave” thats been promised! I don’t know if i can cope with it being ridiculously hot, i am already huge and uncomfy. I thought that having a due date at the end of the June would be perfect, Get baby out before the proper lovely hot weather starts. 

I am thinking about starting to pack Lucas hospital bag, is it to soon? when did everyone start packing their hospital bags?


Is there any artist left in the world whose art wasn’t stolen on Society6?
Good old Sergey loves us so much he wants to turn the entire world into a Coral Cave advertising.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sleep Coral Cave, dress Coral Cave, take a Coral Cave shower, have a Coral Cave phone/bag/clock ? More than 20 products that will change your life!
Thank you Sergey!


I got a screen-printing Set for my home. now i can experimenting with this technique and make my own original prints, bags ,shirts or whatever… yay. well ist not so easy to make and i have to parctice a bit, but ist already a lot of fun! :D

here is my first little test-print i printed on diffrent papers and canvas-bags. i also made a lineart print with black on watercolour-paper to colour it manually