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I can see her genuinely having a sort of acquaintanceship with others with multiple consciousnesses or other beings within them. Mimetite may be a animalistic defective/parasitic gem lacking in empathy, but she’s still able to take an interest in things “like her”. A soft spot so to speak

Mimetite really enjoys mutating/shapeshifting “her” form. Especially Making multiples of body parts form. Eyes for watching, teeth for threat, and just branching off limbs to grab or just freak people out (She really enjoys fear response from others).

The yellow markings are a form of “stretch-marks”. Basically the splitting and elongation usually hits the limit’s of Dolomite’s form (which Mimetite’s sapping strength from) so Mimetite supplies some of her own power to help the process along.

So yeah. TL;DR she’d like Refurbished Coral quite a bit. 

Oh look, another fusion (or at least a redesign)!

This is Dragon’s Breath Fire Opal, nicknamed Brea (because her gem name is incredibly long). She’s a fusion between Beni and Coral. Brea 12 feet tall and is actually pretty level headed and calm, but is a tad controlling; mainly because she cares so much about the well-being of others. 


It’s a deep see firework!

Iridogorgia are aptly named, the name means something like “gorgeous rainbow” or “splendid circle of colour”.

They’re deep sea corals made up of a stalk firmly attached to rock, which spirals upward. Lots of branches grow from the central coil and tiny polyps with their feeding tentacles emerge from the branches, looking like glittering sparks.

These are some of the biggest corals in the deep sea, with some reaching over 18 feet tall!

Given their slow rate of growth, big ones like that could be some 500 years old. So even if you’re fashionably late by a few centuries, you can still catch the show.

#TGIF! Here are some things I recommend checking out this weekend if you have not!

#NYX has been relaunched under Loreal in Singapore and they’ve brought in a big range including updated products like the Avant Pop palettes and this Go-To Palette in Wanderlust with shadows contour blush highlight, you-name-it. Things are selling out fast so hurry down.
#Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Serum - it feels like a 2min spa experience just applying and smelling this gentle antioxidant serum
#Shiseido White Lucent - updated product range in gorgeous Sakura-pink ombre packaging
#Chanel Les Beiges foundation - enough said about this
#Maybelline The Nudes - For so long I assumed this would be poor-quality and not worth a look; is it too late now to say sor-reeee?
#MACxEllieGoulding - initially uninterested but found myself really drawn to the flattering warm tones after playing with the products. Check out the Lipglasses and Full Face Kit in Halcyon Nights. Swatches on dayre.me/makeupbox today!
#Revitalash - finally trying it. This is 1 of about 3 serums in the world containing an ingredient that makes lashes grow beyond their genetic set point. I wouldn’t shell out big bucks for anything else.
P.S. Look out for the pink limited edition breast cancer packaging cos a portion of proceeds go to charity. Review, info and photos next month!

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Snorkeling in the Maldives.