The Descent into Fandom Hell

We all have this moment, when we realize we’re neck deep into a new fandom or ship or something similar. Usually, you can pinpoint the blame at one or two people, either a friend or someone you follow on social media for DRAGGING you into HELL with them!

holy fuck i finally finished this haha

anyway here’s a cute pic of the Corabelle family goin’ for a walk. this is not long after Corazon and Bellemere meet for the first time in my modern american age accurate school au (maybe they’ve gone on a few dates or so), which is why Nojiko is kinda staring at Law like she’s sizing him up and why Law is being a typical rebellious teenage son and ignoring everyone to check his twitter

that’s a bouquet of Coral Bells that Cora is holding, btw. and Bellemere’s shoes are all dirty because she only has one pair of sneakers and she usually wears them when she’s working in the tangerine groves (she uses the rest of her money to buy Nami and Nojiko nicer clothes instead of buying herself new shoes.. or new jeans for that matter)

also, i want Cora’s jacket. and Law’s shirt. also his jacket too

Hey what if
Coraline doesn’t defeat the other mother and Dipper, Mabel and Norman find the other place. Mabel is targeted by the other mother and she and Norman can see her but Dipper can’t (he is so annoyed) and Mabel has to work with Coraline because towards the climax Norman and Dipper get trapped. Then Mabel is like ‘hey Coraline when I bust you outta here, I have something important to tell you’ and Coraline just nods all sad because she is dead, she can’t get out, but anyways Mabel beats the other mother and. Coraline’s buttons come off and she has real eyes again and Mabel is like hey you I like you a lot, and Coraline kisses her, and then she moves on.

Mabel doesn’t talk about her for a very long time afterwards

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With your AU, the short, your amazing drawings and generally the idea; you've made me ship Niji x Cosette so hard and i want to thank you for this. so thank you lovely human💕 Any other ships you'd like to share with us?

Aww, thank you for liking my fandoms!

Well, I ship Donquixote Rosinante (Corazon) with Bell-mere (Nami and Nojiko’s adoptive mother). I mean, both of them were marines and they are respectively a great parent figures (Corazon, to Law respectively, and Bell-Mere to Nami and Nojiko).

Please, if you have some prompts with the pairings (Sanjina with other pairings, Niji x Cosette, etc) for either fanarts, fancomics, fanfiction, you can put ur requests on ask box ANYTIME~!

Corabelle Week Day 7: AU/Free Day

aka the AU where everyone is happy and Bellemere gets a mohawk. oh, and Nami and Law are still pirates

also headcanon that Law got his earrings as a parting gift from Nojiko like Nami got her bracelets from her

(also, i like to think that Cora either really likes his makeup, considering he could’ve taken it off at any time he wanted when he was with Law, or they’re tattoos)

headcanon that when Bellemere and Rocinante were young marines at hq they would mess around and play the penis game and see who could yell it the loudest without getting in trouble

and Roci would literally be SCREAMING and no one even looked their way and for the life of her Bellemere could not figure out how he did it; if she went even HALF as loud as him she would get whacked across the head and stuck with kitchen duty or scrubbing the floors, but Roci could stand directly behind Sengoku or Tsuru and they never batted an EYE

then one day she finds out about his devil fruit power and aw hell no that lanky bastard is so dead prepare to BelleFEAR motherfucker


Here is a little gift for @smileorillfeedyoubread

ok i was originally practicing headshots/shading then…………..





All designs created by @smileorillfeedyoubread

All characters belong to One Piece

i like my Corabelle mixed family au but i also headcanon that Sanji is Cora’s biological son [for reasons stated here], which.. would make Law, Nami, and Nojiko Sanji’s (technically) adopted siblings

in a modern au i could see Sanji as a son Cora and a nameless woman had when they were 18, but decided to put him up for adoption as a baby b/c they weren’t old or mature enough to take care of him. but then 8 years later Cora finds Law (and by this point, he is mature enough to take care of a child, and Law is already 13 at this point). then he meets Bellemere and Nami&Nojiko and marry two years later

Sanji meets Zeff because Sanji (who at this point, still lives at the orphanage) likes to stare at the chefs through the windows at Baratie; he’s completely awed by them. Zeff always asks the brat if he’s hungry, but Sanji always says he’s just really fascinated by the cooks. after the first few times of this, Zeff decides to let Sanji in to watch the cooks and learns that Sanji is an orphan with dreams of being a great chef, and the brat has already wormed his way into his old gruff heart, so Zeff adopts him and starts personally teaching him how to cook, which Sanji is forever grateful for

and then Sanji meets Nami in elementary school (she’s 9, he’s 10) and they end up in the same class with Zoro (10), Usopp (8) and Luffy (8), and of course they all become friends. one day, they all go to Nami’s house for a party, and they meet Nojiko, Law, Bellemere, and Corazon

everyone immediately notices the similarities between Sanji and Corazon, except for, of course, Sanji and Corazon. its hard not to because their hair texture, hair color, eye colors, skin colors, and big goofy smiles are exactly the same

after the party is over, Law asks Cora if he had any children before they met. Cora says yeah, but he doubts he’d ever see the child again, since he gave them up to adoption immediately after their birth

So Nojiko asks Nami what she knows about Sanji. Nami said he used to live in an orphanage but a nice, grumpy, old man adopted him recently. and that he was ten, just a year older then her. the same age Cora’s child would be.

cue everyone being in COMPLETE SHOCK because they realize that just met Corazon’s biological son by complete accident. Nami pipes up to ask, “Does this mean I have another brother?”

Corazon and Zeff end up talking and Cora reveals what happened. Zeff is incredibly amused. Cora is overwhelmed with joy because he can get to know the son he never met until now. Sanji starts coming over more often after he finds out Cora is his biological father, and Nami thinks its great because now she has TWO older brothers, even if this one is kinda dorky

Law is kinda weirded out by Sanji because Sanji reminds him so much of a mini Corazon, but way less clumsy. he ends up becoming oddly protective of the young chef. Bellemere is completely amused by the whole situation, and she nearly cries when Sanji accidentally calls her mom one day (instead of the usual ‘Auntie’). Cora finds Sanji’s love of fairy tales to be adorable and likes to read them to Sanji whenever he has the time. Zeff demands a copy of all the pictures Cora took of Sanji and adds them to his own growing scrapbook

(Sanji likes to cook them dinner, to show off how much better he’s getting thanks to Zeff’s teaching)

(Sanji’s never had siblings or parents before, and now he suddenly has an older brother and an older sister, and a younger sister, and two fathers and maybe a mom too and its so overwhelming but absolutely amazing)

everyone involved is incredibly amused at how well Sanji works with fire


INTO THE LIGHT, A sorta angst fanmix for Corabelle (LISTEN HERE), about their parting that Bellemere resigned to raise daughters and Rocinante went on mission to stop his brother but they still keep each other’s heart ‘til the end they’re together again in another life. Canonly, she met the girls 2 years before he met Doffy again and he died 3 years before her final one. Anyway, here’s a little drabble for the parting scene:

“Back to Headquarter so soon, Roci?” she asked as they walked to the hill near her grove where his small boat was tethered below. “You know you can stay for a night.”

“Nope,” he answered. “Probably won’t be back there for years, honestly I must go to North Blue. I’m just here stopping by to check if you’re fine, that the retirement is true. And I gladly see that you have your own life, precious family, and peaceful home; I’m really happy with that, Belle. But I’m still a Marine, I have a duty. So we’re parting here.”

“You say like we won’t ever meet again, silly,” she chuckled. ”You always could visit us anytime, Nami and Nojiko like you.

“Remember I told ya ‘bout my big brother? I’ll go stop him, finally I’ve got this mission.Yes, that’s only to her aside from Sengoku whom he ever shared this secret, tho’ it’s more like a venting. “That’s why I don’t want him t’ know ‘bout you and the children. It’s even a secret mission—an infiltration, and only Sengoku-san who knows where exactly I’m at.”

“Yeah, a cruel… monstrous man. You said that… tho’ still hard to believe you two are truly siblings,” she sighed, remembered when he shown her the wanted poster.

“I know him more than anyone else. He killed our father,” he paused for a bit moment. “So, there’s no single doubt if he figured my identity out that he would…”

“Shut up!” she cut in, now a bit angry. “Just stay alive, Roci. Promise me…

“Belle, I’m…” he couldn’t find a word.

“Two years, five years; I’ll wait,” she continued, whispering. “I love you.

He froze, staring at her intensely to digest her last words. Cigarette was dropped and cheeks were also red flushed. Is she serious? Or it’s just a common tease she usually do like how they keep fooling around together in HQ? He then brushed her bangs, held the tiny shoulder under his height, and bent to slowly gonna kiss her. Well, he’s sure he could feel her different tone now in her line. Damn, she’s so perfect tonight.

I love you too. Belle, always. But he didn’t say that and broke the kiss before their lips was deep in touch. “Say that to your kids.” 

‘Cause whatever it is even though he held the same feeling for so long… he can’t. Not tonight. Not right now. Not that they live in their own different path. He knew Admiral Zephyr, Sengoku’s friend, whose wife and son murdered by pirate; and he didn’t wanna take that risk for having relationship with her–especially under Doffy’s threat. Nope! Never!! He didn’t deserve her and her happy family only to ruin it.

“I… I-I must go.” His voice was quavering. “Goodbye.”

Redressing his marine coat, he then turned to reach the rope to crawl down to his boat. And she looked down to the coast as the wind blew his sail away, eyes met but of course by the range he didn’t see a single tear was dropped. I’m sorry, he furrowed as if he knew what she’s gonna say.

“You’re such an idiot, Roci,” she cursed. And they never met again … but in another life (the story is continued here).

NOTE: This is a giveaway prize for @linverno-soldato. Also, thanks to my Bellemere, @mere-aimante to suggest some songs, this fanmix is for you too!

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Bellemere joking that she's too hot and that's why Cora is continuously on fire, Nami and Law begging their parents for books, Nojiko and Law defending Nami from bullies, SENDING SENGOKU FAMILY PICTURES


Law and Nami studying together, Law picking up Nami and taking her to bed because she stayed up too late and fell asleep next to him, Nojiko constantly teasing Law and proudly showing him all the tangerines she helped Bellemere gather that day, Sengoku SUDDENLY HAVING THREE GRANDCHILDREN and he would absolutely spoil them but try to pretend he wasn’t (Garp would laugh at him), Bellemere teasing and flirting with Corazon which is actually half the reason why he’s constantly setting himself on fire, Nami and Nojiko jumping on Cora every time he falls down, dragging Law down with them so its become a big group hug while Bellemere runs to get the camera and frames the picture when it develops

when did this happen to me