so…if i wrote a Stora fic – WHILE STILL CONTINUING FRAT BOY THEO AND OF GODS AND GLADIATORS – would anybody read it?  I have two very different idea and i could make one a shorter like 4 part series while the other is an actual fic.  What do you guys think?

Okay so I think I’m going crazy. There is the stora au picture set where Cora is like the head of a motorbike gang and dating stiles… and someone wrote a oneshot to go with it For the life of me I cannot find it anywhere! I think I’m going insane and have made it all up. Does anyone know where I can find either the pic set or the oneshot? Or both!! Please! It’s one of my favourites ❤️❤️

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cora kissing stiles for real once she feels better (๑◕◡◕๑)

stiles frantically calling scott for help picking out an outfit for his first date with cora (♥ ‿ ♥)

cora and stiles making out on the sofa of the loft and driving derek insane (◡‿◡)

stiles taking cora home to properly introduce her to his father (✿◠‿◠)

cora and stiles basically being the most badass power-couple in all of beacon hills (っ◔◡◔)っ

I figured you guys could use another Hale around here- one who might actually be useful.

Cora returns to Beacon Hills after hearing about the problems going on from Derek. As much as it wounds his pride to admit they need help handling everything, Stiles can’t help but be excited that she’s back.

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Stiles going as Spider-Man and he just begs Cora to go as Gwen Stacy or like Mary Jane but she ends up going as like Wonder Woman and he starts to complain that it doesn't make sense but she's really hot and he can't help himself so he goes with it anyways because is girlfriend is a babe and would make the best superhero

the moment stiles saw cora like this

there would be zero complaints just ‘wow i can’t believe wonder woman is my girlfriend’

Making Up

Where the pack pile the alpha and Derek apologises again!


Derek must have fallen asleep again because when he woke Isaac was sitting on his legs, and Allison was on top of him. Cora was between Scott and Stiles on the floor leaning back against his couch and Boyd had his head in Cora’s lap. Allison’s leg was draped over Scott’s shoulder and he was caressing her ankle.

‘When did you two get back together?’ Derek mumbled out.

'Uh, we’re not really, it’s complicated,’ Scott said.

'My legs are dead,’ Derek answered.

'So?’ Isaac asked poking at his thigh, dislodging Allison in the process. She giggled as she half fell on top of Derek.

'Are you two dating?’ Derek asked them.

'Its complicated,’ Isaac said as Allison shifted uncomfortably.

'I miss Jackson,’ Derek said. 'Jackson was simple, Jackson was easy, Jackson liked you or he didn’t, he dated you or he fucked you.’

'Did Jackson fuck you?’ Stiles asked twisting in place.

'Nah I fucked him,’ Derek said. Stiles’s eyes widened, his mouth gaped.

'Ms Blake,’ Stiles muttered.

'She watched us on Skype, it was his bedroom,’ Derek rubbed his face into Jennifer’s pillow.

'But, really?’ Stiles gaped.

'No you fucking idiot!’ Derek snapped pressing his face deeper into her scent.

'You’re such an asshole!’ Stiles muttered darkly.

'You’re so gullible!’ Derek retorted.

'Boys!’ Jennifer scolded stepping into the room.

'Sorry,’ Stiles muttered dropping his head. Derek smirked at his pretentious fluffed up hair and tried not to cry out when Isaac shifted on his feet.

'Seriously, my feet and legs are dead, get off,’ Derek said. Isaac huffed and stood up with Allison. Derek rolled onto his back to sigh in relief when they were lifting his legs and draping them over their lap. It was a good thing Derek paid through the nose for the corner group or he’d be crushed to death right now.

He lay looking upside down at Jennifer who smiled down at him. She took a step closer and ran her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp when the first prickles of pins and needles tore through his legs. 'Christ!’ Derek snarled and glared down at where Isaac massaged him with an evil smirk. Allison bit her lip in amusement.

'When you can walk again I’d appreciate some help in the kitchen,’ Jennifer prompted.

'Gladly.’ Derek grumbled pushing at Isaac.

'No, you can’t get up until your legs are back to normal, you’ll fall over,’ Allison grinned at him.

'I hate you all,’ Derek flopped back onto the pillow and looked up at Jennifer. Things weren’t perfect, Derek needed some proper private time to mark up with his wife but for now they weren’t bad.

When he could walk he took a quick shower and joined Jennifer in the kitchen, doing her bidding like a good quiet man, working together to create the perfect Thanksgiving and make up for his tantrum yesterday. When he finished chopping vegetables he made lunch for the pack and wondered how long they intended to stay. He sat at the breakfast bar and watched the teenagers around him eat, curling his arms around Jennifer and pulling her against him when she tried to pass. She settled her arms on his shoulders.

'Forgive me, please,’ Derek pleaded. 'I’d never hurt you,’ his voice cracked.

'I know, I do forgive you but Derek maybe it’s time you started to forgive yourself,’ Jennifer whispered. Derek buried his face in her neck and brushed her skin with his lips.

He had forgiven himself, when they married, but then Kate resurfaced and Peter recovered and old demons came to haunt the surface of his mind. He fucked up, he knew it, but he also knew that Jennifer wouldn’t let that happen again, that as long as he had her things would be alright.

'So tell me, who exactly am I feeding tomorrow?’ Derek asked.

'Well Bobby still hasn’t got back to me,’ Jennifer teased and while Derek tried to work out what she meant the kids were groaning in horror, 'but everybody else is looking forward to it,’ Jennifer smiled. Derek caught Boyd’s shy smile and threw it back at him.

'Is your Grandma coming?’ Derek asked.

'Just me,’ Boyd said and Derek nodded, reached out to squeeze his shoulder.

'Good because I need some strong moral support,’ Derek said wondering how pissed off Jen would be if Derek allowed Boyd to drink with him.