Esiste uno spazio ghiacciato nel nostro cuore dove difendiamo la parte migliore di noi per paura che venga scoperta e distrutta, ma in realtà siamo anche in attesa che qualcuno la scovi, rompa questo ghiaccio e ci riscaldi.
Ci sono muri interiori altissimi che si sgretolano di fronte a un gesto di pura tenerezza.
—  Massimo Bisotti.

blue night radio ♡ 170122
translation: fantaemsie

a listener sent in a message mentioning that their homeroom teacher had sent out postcards to all of his students who are graduating soon and asked jonghyun for an idea on what to send him back.

jonghyun: since he sent the postcards now …, how about sending postcards (to him) too? if i was to teach you about “romanticizing” (what you’re doing) …, (laughs) i’d say that, each day, one of you should send one. if there’s, for example, thirty students then for a month every day one student would send one - that way the teacher would look forward (to each day) and wonder what student’s postcard he’d get tomorrow, and the student who’s sending it that day would look at the teacher to find what kind of expression, what kind of emotion he has. how about, like this, in a day one student would write their heart’s contents in a postcard and send it? or everyone could write their postcards at once and have one representative to send one every day? i think that would be moer efficient in terms of delivery. (pause) i think i’m really a genius, whoa …, coming up with an event idea like this in the blink of an eye …, e-yaaa, i’m really incredible. ㅎㅅㅎ