cora x kali

frostbite883  asked:

Could you do a Cora x Kali au prompt with being scornful, jealous girlfriends with each other in one way or another please?

Cora loved making Kali jealous. One could even go so far as to say that it was the one hobby she truly excelled at. It wasn’t so much that she needed the reassurance that Kali wouldn’t leave her (although there was that too), it was just that Kali was utterly gorgeous when she got mad, and the sex that usually followed—phew.

And it was so easy these days, being surrounded by Derek’s pack, because Kali already hated them, hated it even more that as her brother, Derek was one of the most important people in Cora’s life simply by existing.

So Cora tended to sit too close to Stiles when they played video games, getting his scent all over her, and making sure her gaze lingered speculatively on those long fingers when she could feel Kali watching them from across the room.

And Lydia. Well, there was no force in the universe that could stop the epic snarkfest from happening if Cora and Lydia were in the same room together. Kali would simply start to boil when one of the pack dared tell them to get a fucking room already.

The way Kali’s eyes would flash—it never failed to send shivers down her spine, the good ones that would spark low heat low in her body because she knew what would follow the moment they were alone together.

“Did you see what he did back there?” she fake-gushed one night after a tiring hunt. “Stiles finally managed to throw that mountain ash in a prefect circle!”

Kali grunted noncommittally as she unlocked the door to their apartment.

Cora bit back an amused snort, because it was still so easy to push her Alpha’s buttons.

“His magic is a thing of beauty, don’t you think,” she rambled on, observing how Kali’s shoulders stiffened underneath her leather jacket as they stepped into the apartment.

Almost there.

“All it took was a flick of his wrist–”

A snarl escaped Kali and she whirled around, pushing Cora roughly against the front door that fell shut under their combined weight.

Cora let out a small snicker.

“Shut up,” the Alpha growled and pressed her firmly against the unforgiving wood.

“But wasn’t it glorious,” she continued to tease, exhilarated now that Kali was letting loose.

Shut up,” the older woman snarled again and smashed her mouth against Cora’s to keep her from talking.

Cora moaned into the rough kiss and dragged her lover closer, let her thigh slip between Kali’s legs, already flushed hot in anticipation of what was to come.

Yeah, she though, she definitely loved to make her lover jealous.