cora van

What I love most about Cruella is that for her this is false.  We know her story now, and unlike every other villain in Storybrooke she is the only one who is just down right Evil.  No sob story, no sympathy, she is a killer.  Not everyone can be redeemed, not everyone should be redeemed, and though it is sad to see her die because we now know she was harmless, she is a villain who really just is a psychopath.  


Swing! (1938)

“This gripping screen play tells the story of a false lover and an unsuspecting cook whose joys and sorrows lead them through a series of exciting events that stretch from the sunny outskirts of Birmingham to the gayest spots in Harlem. The night life scenes are set in bright and flashing style, with colorful clubs and glamours girls. The film at no time spares the stark and realistic side of life. Bringing a vivid picture of a woman who loves not too wisely- but too well. Her unfaithful man is portrayed in every sordid trait. Seldom has production with this compelling human interest power carried such a lighter side. The gay night spots with a glimpse into the backstage life of the girls’ singers, bands, dancers all bled into a well screened of New York after dark.”


Selfie Absorbed’ | Photos: Emma Summerton for W Magazine | March 2014

Two spreads from another great and very timely fashion editorial by photographer, Emma Summerton. W Magazine, March 2014. Featuring: Malaika Firth, Cora Emmanuel and Riley Montana. Styled by Giovanna Battaglia. Hair by Neil Moodie and Make-up by Mathias van Hooff.