cora really is a true villain and i love her for it

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I really really hope they don't destroy swan believer tomorrow, but judging by the pics I should be prepared for the worst. I love SQ, and I'm one of those that also liked Neal and wished they had developed him better, but if we look at it, Neal died to protect the town, but mostly Henry, his thoughts before dying was for his son, so the rumours and now pics of tomorrow episode only show to me that Emma may be willing to leave Henry behind to have other children with hook.i can't even.

You know…  I feel like I want to articulate something before this episode airs because after it we will probably all have lost this moment of how we feel about it.

I am not a big fan of Emma Swan as a character.  I liked her potential in the first few years but I’ve felt since, really season 3 even before the rise of CS that they kept telling me she was things that they didn’t show me.  That she was a Savior yet the town seemed to be saved by everyone.  I hadn’t really seen her do anything particularly special beyond what any other character in the main cast had done at different times.  She wasn’t the one who defeated every villain or sacrificed for the town.  In fact the only time she herself sacrificed was the season 4 final and the season 6 final when she took the Darkness and when she walked into Gideon’s blade.  But see I could point out Rumple killing himself and his father in order to save his family.  Snow and David crushing his heart to cast the second curse and save a kingdom.  Regina undoing the curse in season three.  Even Zelena giving up her magic in order to stop the Black Fairy.  Self sacrifice, pain for the greater good… for those you love is in the fabric of the show and Emma wasn’t unique in this so I never felt like they told me why I should see her as a Savior capitol S.  And it was just made worse when you would have other characters literally attribute others actions to her (Snow and David suggest she defeated Cora and Anton … when Emma had nothing to do with one and wasn’t even in town for the second, and Hook says she defeated Pan and Zelena).  It’s literally a case of tell not show about how special and heroic Emma was when if they had stuck to telling me she was a hero and a good woman I would have not had this same feeling of unearned praise.

I think there is a similar feeling for me about Emma as Henry’s mother.  There are some really beautiful moments when I feel her as a mother coming through.  The season 1 final.  The fire escape in Manhattan.  The scene in early season 4 where she is talking to Henry and then talking to David about talking to Henry.   But for the most part I just don’t think they put a lot of effort into showing me Emma as mother.  But they did spend a lot of time telling me she was.  In my opinion they spent a lot more time investing in showing and devloping Regina and Henry’s relationship and just kind of expected Emma and Henry to be accepted as given.  Much like the labor of Savior.

I honest to god don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.  The set is no where near as leaky this year as it has been in previous years.  We do know that Emma is pregnant not only because of the very obvious picture of her and Hook touching her belly but because a production assistant told several fans on set the first day JMo filmed that she was.  It’s been an open secret in the fandom since that was shot and I don’t know why I didn’t say it earlier.  Maybe because I’ve been slightly annoyed by the idea of the implication that this was the tip of the ice berg and that people knew more than that.  They don’t.  No one could see the scene shot.  Look at the stills.  It wasn’t a place they could have fans hanging out on the side lines.

So we’ve got a limited set of information and we have to piece things together but I think in the end there is really only two options broadly speaking:

  • She dies, is cursed, or something that writes her off for good.  Protecting Henry would be the obvious way to do this.  
  • She leaves and goes back to Storybrooke to live out her life without ever being seen again.

What happens to or doesn’t happen to Hook is a secondary consideration to this.  And the thing is… the writers can write in all sorts of mcguffins or plot justifications to make her leaving okay.  She doesn’t know he’s in trouble (yet he called for help), she doesn’t know there is a curse coming, they’ve written this time flow thing to work this way so that if she stays she misses out on a child’s life, she’s pregnant (clearly not that far along since she’s not visibly so).  But the thing is that none of that has gravitas.  None of it means anything to anyone but shippers who want to write fan fic about cute baby princesses.  The audience has six years invested in Emma and Henry’s relationship.  

It’s the ultimate test of show not tell for her character.

She’s either Henry’s mother or she’s not.  He is the story they’ve been telling.  Not some hypothetical baby we’ll never see and never be invested in.  Henry is the boy we saw grow up and we saw her have a relationship with.  Henry is the one whose life and family we’re now seeing in danger through the course of the season.  There is just no way to give a second child the emotional weight that he has to make a tough decision between him and this child carry any real narrative weight for anyone except a very small subset of people who are more invested in the idea of the child than the narrative of the story.

It’s not, as a particularly offensive post a few days ago from a part of the fandom suggested that people think her having a second child means she loves Henry less.  It’s about the integrity of the narrative they’ve been telling about a noble and heroic woman who fought for and built a relationship with her son walking away.  If they do that for any reason then they will have committed the show’s worst “tell not show” moment in telling me she was his mother of two true love kisses.

And why should I trust their narrative choices with other characters if they’re so ready to throw them away with Emma?

Ranking OUAT’s Villain Redemptions

10. Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin - What redemption!?  Rumple was an out-and-out villain in S1, and he didn’t truly change at all in S2 no matter how often he publicly restrained himself to appease Belle.  S3 was the only time he made an honest effort at redemption, but it was fraught with failures, temptation, doubt and relapses into asshole behavior.  The only thing that made it succeed was that it occurred in a very specific set of ideal circumstances…and that Rumple died at the end of it all.  After being resurrected and losing his son, Rumple quickly regressed into the villainy he’s comfortable with, becoming the Big Bad of S4.  In S5, we had that brief “hero Gold” arc that was not only morally insulting and nonsensical, but also pointless since he ends up choosing to become the Dark One again by the end of it…the Darkest Dark One, in fact, who is thoroughly unpleasant up until the very end of S6, where - after being faced with the consequences of his own evil actions, consequences that include the potential destruction of the entire multiverse - he does the right thing once, which leads to Belle taking him back, allowing him to help raise their son, and him getting accepted at the big family dinner by all of his victims. What the actual fuck!?  That’s not a redemption - Rumple hasn’t repented of his evil ways, he hasn’t given up his dark powers, he hasn’t sacrificed one damn thing, and he only did something good after his own evildoing backfired on him. He is literally responsible for the crisis he helped resolve.  And yet he gets rewarded with his own “happy beginning” with his abused wife and helpless infant son?  Fuck off, A&E.

9. Regina Mills / The Evil Queen - I technically consider Regina to have the worst redemption on the show since I refuse to accept Rumple as even having a redemption. Regina’s first attempt at redemption happened quickly into S2, some may argue too quickly. While it seemed to be going well at first, it soon became apparent that she was only doing it in order to regain custody over Henry rather than out of any true remorse or desire to change. The moment something goes wrong for her, she turns evil again, and ends up being even more heinous a bitch than she was before.  If the show had been operating under any logic, Regina should have been considered irredeemable at this point.  But instead, she is given another chance, and for most of S3 she does a surprisingly good job…until the last five episodes, where her redemption is suddenly fasts-forwarded so that she receives all the rewards she has not yet done anything to deserve: a new boyfriend, easy reconciliation with Snow and with Henry, a True Love’s Kiss with Henry that breaks the Dark Curse, light magic out of nowhere that defeats her previously more powerful sister, and the complete trust and forgiveness of the entire town despite her past victimization of them. But then one thing goes wrong for her, and while she resists falling back into full-on villainy, she still returns to being a whiny, spiteful, self-pitying woman-child who is always looking for the easy way to get what she wants and occasionally does do evil things to achieve this, yet is paradoxically treated by the rest of the cast as a messianic saint, someone who has come so far and worked so hard and deserves her happy ending, with the narrative frequently giving her all of the big hero moments at Emma’s expense.  In fact, much of her development comes at Emma’s expense, since A&E clearly see her as the true star of the show.  And that show just isn’t any fun to me.

8. Cora Mills / The Queen of Hearts - This one is just bizarre. Cora was a villain of the highest order all the way up to her death, where she had a dying epiphany as to where she went wrong in regards to her daughter.  But for some reason, her death is treated as such a tragedy and as such a source of guilt for Snow (not how she killed Cora, no, just that she killed Cora at all) that one would think Cora redeemed herself before her death, which just isn’t so.  Things got iffier when Cora showed up in the Underworld during 5B, and after doing one good deed in reconciling with her daughters and getting them to reconcile with each other, she is allowed to go to Heaven.  While I personally find this acceptable since Cora actually did repent of her villainy and fully acknowledge that she would deserve to go to Hell if that was her fate, I can see why many would be bugged about one of the most evil villains in the show’s history being shown going to Heaven while other characters higher above her on the moral scale - Milah, Gaston, Auntie Em, and even Prince James in the same episode - are condemned to the River of Lost Souls.  When put into that context, it seems less like a good lesson on divine mercy and more a case of creator favoritism toward the character. Cora probably should have just remained in the Underworld to continue her redemption.

7. Maleficent & Ursula - Two thirds of the Queens of Darkness (the other one, Cruella, was an irredeemable sociopath in life and in death), both of them have things that work about their redemption and things that don’t work.  For Ursula, her redemption comes when, after Hook brings her father Poseidon to town who restores her singing voice, she realizes that her true happy ending wasn’t recovering that but reconciling with her father, who is now repentant of his past patriarchal abuse of her.  This is all well and good, but Ursula really didn’t do all that much evil for the redemption to be powerful.  She always came off as lost and confused and hanging out with the wrong crowd, not truly villainous.  And then there’s Maleficent, who has the opposite problem.  Her happy ending is also reuniting with a family member, her long-lost daughter Lily.  It’s sweet and touching, but it also glosses over all of Maleficent’s established villainy.  Maleficent cursed people, burned people alive, destroyed a village, was deemed as having the greatest potential for darkness by a Chernabog, but none of it matters in the end. Even her sworn vendetta against Snow and Charming (whom were made to look like villains and Maleficent their victim) is abruptly dropped and she’s suddenly getting along with them. It’s pretty much Regina’s bullshit redemption but on a mercifully smaller scale.  Since Maleficent did not actually repent of her evildoing, the show should have treated her character accordingly - as still a villain and a potential threat, but also a loving mother.  At the end, she’d be the gray-shading which is complimented by Ursula’s white and Cruella’s black. 

6. Tinkerbell - Aside from the villain-to-hero journeys of Regina, Rumple and Hook in 3A, we also got Tinkerbell, who was an ex-fairy turned trusted partner of Peter Pan.  The Nevengers persuade her to help them, but only if there’s something in it for her (namely, leaving Neverland and being able to confront the Blue Fairy about getting her wings back).  In the end, inspired by Regina and Hook’s progress, Tink learns to believe in herself and earns her fairy status back.  It’s a nice little arc, but it’s missing one crucial detail - the nature of her villainy.  We never see her and Pan interact, we never learn exactly what kind of work she did for him to make him trust her so much.  We see that she’s a scavenger who is prone to violence, but that’s it.  Wendy, Pan’s longtime prisoner, is friends with her, so she couldn’t have been all that bad.  This lack of clarity undermines what is otherwise a good redemption.

5. Zelena Mills / The Wicked Witch -  For the most part, Zelena’s redemption in S5 and S6 really works.  She was never as bad as Regina, so already her changing is more believable. When she realizes that her wicked lifestyle is actually harmful to her baby daughter, she allows Regina and Robin to take her in order to keep her safe.  She doesn’t join Hades despite him professing his love for her until she thinks she can use her own love for him to redeem him.  And when it becomes apparent that it won’t and never will, Zelena kills him in order to protect her sister and everyone else in Storybrooke.  When Regina is an ungrateful bitch and blames her for Robin’s death, Zelena is ostracized from everyone else.  But even when the Evil Queen comes along and tempts her to return to her wicked roots, Zelena keeps firmly out of the conflict, preferring to remain a neutral party for her baby’s sake until her hand is forced and she joins the side of good despite it not really getting her anything and no hero save for Belle caring much for her.  This commitment to doing the right thing comes to a head when she actually sacrifices her magic, the thing she’d defined herself by for so long, to help stop the Black Fairy, a sacrifice Regina should have made long ago but never did. After this, the other heroes fully embrace her as one of their own.  It’s a great redemption, but there is one snag - Robin, both the man and the baby named after him.  The baby Zelena conceived through deceiving Robin into thinking she was Marian.  By - let’s not mince words here - raping him.  It’s not quite as bad as Regina with Graham, especially since Zelena didn’t kill Robin and Robin was willing to give her a second chance of his own volition prior to his death, but it’s still rape all the same, and to have the rape victim die while the rapist keeps the baby is extremely squicky, no matter how surprisingly good a mother Zelena may be. This one aspect casts a shadow over Zelena’s redemption and it never should have happened. 

4. King Arthur - Arthur was a villain in 5A, a corrupt monarch obsessed with fulfilling his destiny and ruling over Camelot at all costs.  While despicable, Arthur was also somewhat sympathetic too, as he became more evidently pathetic as the arc went on and Merlin really did screw him up by filling his head with visions of a future he felt the need to achieve.  In the climax of 5B, Arthur escapes prison only to be promptly murdered by Hades.  Down in the Underworld, Hook confronts Arthur with the truth: he was a terrible king and will probably go to Hell if he doesn’t do something to atone.  Note that at first this is the reason why Arthur helps Hook in his quest for the book: he just wants to avoid the consequences of his villainy.  But as the episode goes on, a clear change in Arthur can be seen as he sees the depth of Hook’s feelings for Emma, his bravery and his nobility…in this lowly pirate, Arthur sees the man he had wanted to be and failed to become, making him feel true remorse.  Arthur then becomes invested in the quest to the point where he is willing to sacrifice himself to the River of Lost Souls so that Hook can get to the book.  And at the end, when a doorway to Heaven is open and Arthur has the chance to go through it, which was the whole reason he joined Hook on this quest at the start, he declines and opts to stay in the Underworld, to rule it as a benevolent king and make it a better place, which a short on the S5 DVD shows that he did indeed do.  In just one episode, Arthur had one of the best redemptions on the show, from a selfish cad to a noble hero.  While like Zelena, he also has a rape-like situation with Guinevere that remains untouched upon (he used magic dust on her to keep her from leaving him and turn her into his compliant wife), there was no confirmation of actual rape and even some proof against it (he was too consumed by his obsession with Exaclibur to do anything romantic for Guinevere, let alone sexual), so it’s not quite as harmful to his redemption.

3. Ingrid / The Snow Queen - Ingrid is an even better example of a great redemption being accomplished in just one episode.  Despite being terrifying, prejudiced and insane, Ingrid was also one of the most tragic and sympathetic villains to ever be on the show, with an absolutely heartbreaking backstory and her sole motivation being to have a family who loves her.  She cast the Shattered Sight spell in order to make everyone in Storybrooke kill each other save for Emma and Elsa, who would become her new sisters, but when Anna shows her a letter from her sister Gerta expressing remorse for imprisoning her and confirming that she still loved her, Ingrid realizes the error of her ways.  In one of the best redemptive villain lines in the series, she says “I am a monster. Not because of my powers, but because of what I let them turn me into!”  She then reverses the spell at the cost of her own life, telling Emma, Elsa and Anna that they are all amazing people and that she is proud of them, then saying that her happy ending will be to join her sisters in death.  The whole scene is acted and scored beautifully, and I can’t help but cry anytime I see it.  By acknowledging what she did wrong and accepting responsibility for it, Ingrid is one of the show’s best redeemed villains.

2. Anastasia / The Red Queen - One of the two main villains of Once Upon in Wonderland, Anastasia quickly began to look more appealing, sympathetic and redeemable in contrast to the monstrous villainy of Jafar.  Her main crimes, apart from aiding him, were giving up love for power and being a neglectful ruler to her people…and she was helping Jafar in the hopes of getting to change the past so that she never did any of that.  When this failed and it became clear that she wasn’t going to be able to take the easy way out, Anastasia gave up on her aspirations and finally took full responsibility for being a terrible queen, vowing to make it up to the people of Wonderland by fighting to save them from Jafar, a fight that she stuck through even when it got her tortured by the Jabberwocky and then murdered by Jafar. In the end, her redemption earned her life, being revived by the water from the Well of Wonders, and won her back the love of Will Scarlet.  Years later, she is still ruling Wonderland but now as the White Queen, who actively works to bring love, hope and joy to her people. Anastasia’s redemption is everything that Regina’s is not, with her being fully self-aware of her villainy, truly remorseful of her actions once she starts her redemption, and with purely altruistic motives - doing the right thing just because it’s the right thing and she wants to help make amends for her past mistakes.  Add in Emma Rigby’s performance and it’s nigh-perfect.

1. Killian Jones / Captain Hook - Hook’s redemption starts at the very end of S2, inspired by his regrets for failing Baelfire long ago and not wanting to do the same with his son Henry, putting aside his desire for revenge in favor of doing the right thing.  He had everything to gain by not making this decision, but he does so anyway.  Throughout 3A, he does an admirable job helping the heroes through Neverland and returning to being the honorable man he was long ago, although his motives aren’t entirely pure as he hopes to woo Emma. When he is separated from Emma and gives up hope of reuniting with her, he tries to go back to his villainous pirate ways, but is overcome with remorse after doing so, realizing that his time with Emma changed him to the point where it’s not just for her that he wants to reform for, but for himself too.  When he learns that Emma’s family is in danger and that he must find her and get her to go help them, he trades the Jolly Roger - and his home, crew, livelihood and reputation along with it - in order to do so.  He continues to do good not to “get into Emma’s pants” but to ensure her happiness regardless of whether she ever returns his feelings, and to be the hero he now sincerely wants to be. His redemption comes to a climax in S5, where he becomes evil again after Emma forces the Darkness upon him to save his life, and is once again put into a position where he’d gain everything he wants by following through on his villainy, but remembering that this is not the man he wants to be, he once again does the heroic thing instead, at the cost of his own life.  In the Underworld, Hook learns the value of self-forgiveness and accepts the possibility of a second chance at life, but when it looks like this is impossible, he promises Emma to move on to Heaven when she asks him too.  Unable to do so until his unfinished business of helping Emma defeat Hades is resolved, Hook has a heroic quest alongside Arthur where he proves just how far he’s come, and when he goes into the light to fulfill his pledge to Emma at the end of it, he is instead resurrected by Zeus, deeming him a True Hero worthy of being reunited with his True Love.  

Hook’s redemption is superb not just because of the events that transpire and his growth throughout it, but because of his overall attitude toward the whole thing.  He knows full well that he was a villain, is remorseful for every crime he committed and takes full responsibility for them, and whenever the chance to make things right with someone he wronged comes up, he takes it.  It takes a long time for him to fully get past his self-loathing for his past sins, as he doesn’t feel entitled to happiness just because he’s changed and is doing heroic deeds now, as opposed to Regina, Rumple and initially Zelena who all believed themselves entitled to a happy ending, their crimes and victims be damned.  And lastly, also unlike them, every privilege that Hook has by the end of the series he has earned through his own hard work at redeeming himself.  He has no leftovers from anything he gained as a result of his villainy, even the rings on his fingers have changed from ones that belonged to dead victims to new ones he presumably fairly bought.  His new wife and family, his friendships with others, his house, his ship, his job as deputy sheriff, his very life…all thanks to his heroism and the good karma it rewarded him with.  All of this is why Hook’s redemption is truly the series’ finest.

When a Final Duel is the Beginning of True Love(TM) [Reylo with a cameo of Captain Swan]

In anticipation of The Last Jedi, I just rewatched arguably the best scene from The Force Awakens–that’s right, the duel between Rey and Kylo. 

Visually, it was the flash from the TFA trailer that stuck with me and made me want to see the film most of all: the lightsabers in the snow. It chilled me and stayed with me for DAYS. 

Little did I know it would also be the culmination of Stage 1: OTP.

Many people have written many wise things on this subject, but this is a birthday gift meta (see tags), so I don’t care if I’m redundant.

There’s a couple lines that really strike me as direction for the audience–and interestly they both come from villains.

“Careful, Ren. That you personal interests do not interfere with orders from Supreme Leader Snoke.” - Hux

and more tellingly still (since Hux’s line is much more vague)

You have…compassion…for her.” - Snoke

Now. Anyone who follows this blog knows what an immense Captain Swan shipper I am. I shipped them all the way from Tallahassee and beyond. But you know the moment I really had help that it wasn’t all a one-off? When the the villainous Cora chided Hook that his feelings about Emma–based on their brief encounter–had clouded his judgment. 

When the villains ship it, you know it’s real.

The entire saga of the sequels begins with a title: The Force Awakens. AWAKENS. Now, we know that at face value that’s all about the Force awakening in Rey, marking her out to be the hero of this journey. But to pretend that Kylo has been set up as anything but a contrast to Rey–someone in whom the Force awakened, too, but in whom it was twisted and corrupted–is to be pretty damn blind.

Other minor sidenote: Anakin’s story ended in tragedy, as he succumbed to the Dark Side. What is the point of paralleling Kylo to Anakin if his story isn’t that, but in reverse? We meet him already as a villain, as one with the Dark Side. If this isn’t a redemption arc, what is the POINT of the character?

But back to the duel. The duel starts with one of the greatest moments in Star Wars (and cinema) history, when the lightsaber almost slices Kylo’s face off and lands in Rey’s hand. But the way the duel plays out…look, I already said, they’re obviously contrasts, foils to one another. So the whole film COULD have just played it off as villain v. hero, Aragorn v. Sauron, Harry v. Voldemort–

It could have. 

It didn’t.

The moment it broke on me is when Kylo is all but pushing Rey over the the cliff. Snow and trees and fire are all falling around them. It would be a great time for a villainous last line, something about “you can never defeat the darkness” or whatever.

What does he say instead?



I think I almost laughed the first time I heard it. It was so–out of place. It turned everything on its head. (On closer rewatch, of course, the bridal carry and the “you’re my guest” and “you have compassion for her”–well, those were just all lead-ups, weren’t they?). But the point is, this line frames Kylo’s mindset and the entire battle in a different way.

He is enthralled

(Back to Captain Swan parallels, the next time I knew things were going somewhere is when they fought at the edge of the time portal. You can’t HELP but ship it. And yeah, Emma, like Rey, kicks ass.)

The next moment is just as telling. Kylo lets slip a mention of the Force, and Rey shuts her eyes–a gorgeous shot–and summons it. And what does Kylo do? It takes her a while to summon it. If he wanted to kill her, one more push would have done it. But instead he keeps staring at her. He is amazed, intrigued, stopped in his tracks. What’s also telling is that the camera keeps cutting back to his face as well as hers. We are supposed to care about what he thinks about her.

And we all know how it ends. Rey decorates his face and leaves him for dead, as she OUGHT, because she has better places to be. But the image is incredibly symbolic: he is literally falling apart. He bleeds for Rey just as the wound to his side makes him bleed for his father. The human in him has never been more apparent. He struck down his father, but he was struck down by this mysterious girl.

Reylo forever. @itspileofgoodthings

To End Teen Wolf on this blog: a full honest review of everything!

Of course we’ll start from Season 1:


First of all I love Tyler Posey. He has developed quite a lot as an actor over the years but his acting in the first season was not good. This season was so incredibly cheesy and cliché. A good example would be the main relationship, Scallison. Though not the most cliché relationship to come out of this season. Main protagonist dating/in love with the antagonists daughter… I’m guessing Jeff watched American Dragon before writing this season. Now Stydia. Calling this cliché is beating a dead horse. Everyone knows it: popular bitch girl and loser geek boy. Yawn. Though personally I did like the guess of who the Alpha was. At first you thought it could be Derek. Then it could be the mysterious Deaton. And then it was revealed that it was Peter. That was enjoyable for me.

One of the biggest negatives of this season was how much of an asshole they wrote Stiles to be… Upon first watching the scene where he chained Scott up and wrote “Scotty” on the dog bowl I won’t lie, I giggled. But now… all over because the girl he was obsessed with kissed Scott instead of him; dehumanizing him with the dog bowl. AND then when they were training he was enjoying throwing hard as shit lacrosse balls at him and smiled when he caused Scott to get beat up. I get what Jeff was trying to go for here with the sarcastic comedic side kick. But he just came off as an asshole no one would want to be around.

One of the negative things that stuck with me was when Allison broke up with Scott for locking them in the classroom and risking his own life to protect them. It honestly seem like Jeff had wanted to create conflict between the relationship but couldn’t come up with a good enough reason so he wrote that mess. But one of things I did like about this season was the introduction to the Hale family. It brought in a lot of interesting/great lore.


Personally this was my favourite season out of all six.

It was the first season that brought in the intro - my favourite intro also.

They expanded a lot on the shows lore.

Bringing in side effects of the Bite - apart from death. Becoming a Kanima (a mutation of the Bite). Of course Teen Wolf ruined that lore. Oh we’ll get back to that!

It gave us the ultimate antagonist to the series: Gerard Argent.

Of course the only negative thing I can think of about this season is yet again coming from Stiles. Just that one scene where Lydia was going to risk her life to save Jackson - who she loved at the time - and Stiles made it all about him “if you die I’ll go out of fricken mind”. Funny… this is the least douchest he is in the entire show.

I also really liked the ending. Apart from the Alpha Pack introduction it felt like everything had wrapped up. Like the that could’ve been a series finale - just how the camera panned away from the shot while Scott and Stiles practiced lacrosse.

Other than that there’s nothing much to say about this season. I liked it, it’s my favourite, but it felt like a filler season more than anything.


This season is where the show dropped it’s… “humour”. It went for a more grounded feel. I guess that could be a way to word it. The Alpha Pack was actually, to me at least, a good storyline. They wanted Scott - who was becoming a True Alpha. It had Scott making the hard decisions. It had Derek Hale making hard decisions. Giving up his Alpha-ness? to save Cora. Which honestly…. I love Scott but that was incredibly forced just to have Scott as the Alpha of the show.

Cora Hale… I guess the writers tried to let this slit but: they gave her the same attitude, mannerisms, and personality as Derek. They were building up Stora - before Adelaide left. This was obviously a middle finger to the Sterek Fandom - who at the time they were heavily baiting for views. Anyway…

This season also gave us the most horrendous kiss in television history. And if you guessed the Stydia panic attack kiss then you’d be correct. Angela Harvey wrote this episode and she said she put in a lot of research into it. Obviously that was a lie from her part. When having a panic attack - the kind Stiles had - you don’t grab ahold of them and kiss them. You give them space and try to calm them down. Lydia is supposed to be a genius and she does something this stupid? God awful writing.

Good writing though: Motel California had some serious amazing writing and that performance from Tyler at the end!! Goddamn that was a good episode!

Scott, Stiles, and Allison sacrifice themselves in order to give like to the Nemeton. They had to have someone on the other side they have a connection to. This scene was an obvious set up for Allison and Isaac - to have Scott be “okay” with it. But if you wanna see it as a Stydia scene then whatever. Go for it bitch.

We got more insight into the Hale family. Talia Hale (honestly one of the best mothers in the show - she only had one scene with Derek and great mother!!). We got more werewolf society lore - the symbols meaning things (the spiral menacing revenge).

So apart from one gross disgusting kiss that would’ve put Stiles’ life in danger the season was alright.


I know this season is regarded as the best season. But honestly…. I hated it. Lol.

There is good parts to it of course. The introduction to Malia and the revelation that she’s Peter Hale’s biological daughter - the introduction to a new breed of were. Early Stalia. The parents knowing about the Supernatural. And that’s it.

Why I hated this season: it was constantly Dylan O’Brien screaming in my ears. I don’t care what your opinion of his action is. But mine: I don’t like his acting. All he does is pout and scream in everything. And 3B was the epitome of that. That’s MY opinion if you think otherwise… I don’t really care aha.

The “are you still milking that” comment from Stiles - saying to Isaac. Just….. ugh. Isaac was referring to his years of childhood abuse from his father (being locked in the freezer) and Stiles asked if he’s still milking that… I just. The fact that this scene was seen as funny as labeled as “sarcasm” is highly disgusting.

What annoyed me so much with this season is that even though they brought in Kitsunes - which is rich with so much lore these writers decided to put all that lore and effort into Stiles rather than the Kitsunes. Hell… we never even found out what Kitsune Noshiko was.

This was also the start of the emo phase for Teen Wolf. What I mean by that is that Goddamn lighting was ALWAYS dark. I swear I had to turn up my brightness up to 100% and tilt my screen backwards just to see whatever the fuck was going on.

What I never expected from Teen Wolf was a surprise death scene. And I was incredibly shocked when Allison died - because Crystal left.

The cliffhanger ending. No matter how bad the storyline turned out to be that cliffhanger with Kate Argent being alive and being turned from Peter’s throat slash was great.


Right from the get go I wanna say I loved the deadpool concept/story for this season. It was written bad but it had A LOT of promise and I genuinely found it enjoyable and exciting.

In this season we’re introduced to Mexican hunters who test Scott and what type of Alpha he is. The woman in charge tells him if he ever turns someone she’ll come for him. This was the beginning where the Teen Wolf forgot/ignored previous made canon because after Scott turns Liam nothing happens.

I wanna talk about Kate’s plan… because even after all these years I still have no idea what the fuck she was doing. So she kidnaps Derek to turn him young - back when she manipulated him - so he’ll show her where their family vault is so she could… honestly I’ve forgotten what else she wanted to do because quite frankly I don’t care.

This season had three antagonists. Now I can keep up with a lot but three antagonists in 12 episodes? That was ridiculous. It was too much for a small season. You had the assassins who were killing for the Deadpool - the Benefactor. You had Kate Argent and her Berserkers. And you had Peter Hale who wanted to get revenge on Scott.

Honestly I did like how Peter turned out to be the ultimate villain - angry that Scott ‘’usurped’’ the Hale family territory/legacy. Being responsible for the Deadpool - responsible for Meredith doing it all.

The relationships. Stalia, Scira, and the beginnings of showing Marrish. It was doing so well… but of course Teen Wolf, in usual Teen Wolf fashion, fucks that up.

Another instance of the Teen Wolf writers forgotting/ignoring previous made canon came with Liam Dunbar. We’re told in early seasons that the Bite heals everything and makes you stronger/perfect. For example: Erica. But Liam still has his IED - being labelled the Beta with anger issues? Such piss poor writing. Speaking of IED:

Stiles calling Liam a walking time bomb in front of him - referring to his mental disorder. This was glorified and labeled as a “funny” moment. But it was awful. It was very ableist and disgusting.

The ending. Something many don’t know is that Season 4 was written to be an end because Jeff didn’t know if there was going to be a fifth season.

[Intermission: this is where the organic flow between seasons stopped. What I mean by that is: at the end of S1 Derek is the Alpha and bites Jackson, which flowed perfectly into S2, which ended with the Alpha Pack, which again flowed perfectly, and the end of S3 had Kate Argent’s reveal and they flowed. Season 5 and Season 6 didn’t flow. It was obvious it was just stacked on top of the rest.]


The first part of this season was essentially a flashback in Lydia’s mind - since she was in Eichen and it was leading up to Lydia’s recuse.

This season was also the beginning of the end for Teen Wolf. Don’t get me wrong… the beginning of this season was good. Scira, Stalia, and Marrish.

It was obvious the writers wanted to develop Marrish - they spent a lot of time in it. And a nice fact: Jeff wrote the Marrish episodes so he wanted it. But… we’ll get back to that.

We’re introduced to Theo Raeken. Quite possibly the worst villain in my opinion. With such a forced - emotional manipulative redemption in the sixth season it just makes me dislike his character as a whole. But anyway… we’re also introduced to yet again another terrible villain:

The Dread Doctors. Steampunk looking fucks who do shit that negates everything that was previously made canon. Tracy being the Kanima… the Kanima is a mutation of the Bite due to your personality/feeling you don’t belong - have no one. Look if they wanted to bring in all kinds of Supernaturals for this abhorrent storyline then whatever. But the way they just ignored canon - it’s like they think the audience is stupid. But, again, we’ll get back to that.

Marrish‘s connection: I loved this. Not only for the ship but because it was unique and not seen to the show before. Two Supernatural creatures of death connected - saving each other. Of course there were those who saw the hallucinations that were triggered by the connection as “sex dreams” and labeled Parrish as a “pedo” (Lydia being 18; a relationship between the two would’ve been legal) - if you’re one of those people you’re an idiot.

Stalia‘s breakup. You know what - after what we find out in S6 and how he treated her Malia deserved better than that prick. But this breakup scene…. it was so terribly written. And it was written by Angela Harvey who wrote the panic attack kiss so it’s no surprise why it’s terribly written. The breakup made zero sense. And this was the beginning of the fan service that killer Teen Wolf.


Part 2 opened by with Marrish‘ a connection. Which was great. Jordan Parrish promising he’ll break through the walls to save Lydia. And he does :)

Stiles being a prick towards Malia after HE broke up with her. And this was never addressed. Who the fuck does he think he is to treat her like shit when he walked away when everything was bad and dark?

The Stiles and Scott fight. This was the moment the hate I had for Stiles solidified. What happened to Noah (Stiles’ dad) was not not Scott’s fault. And Stiles’ first reaction? To attack Scott. And then came the scene where Noah said Stiles should forgive Scott… it’s just… did I say that this part of the season had terrible writing? Because it does.

Malia is searching for the Desert Wolf to kill her. Honestly I did like this buildup since Season 4. And even though she was an antagonist and was a piss poor excuse for a mother I do wish we had at least one scene with powerful Malia and human Desert Wolf in Season 6. Like have Malia have the final say; say she’s stronger than the Desert Wolf ever will be and say they’ll never see each other again. To me at least it would’ve been gratifying.

The Lydia recuse… these two episodes were hyped up to be an amazing Stydia scene that the fans have been wating for. Lol. What I want to get out of the way first of all: the actual recuse episode had such awful ratings. This hyped up Stydia episode had the worst reviews of any episode of the time. If that’s not a clarification of how much the the majority of the Fandom didn’t want Stydia then I don’t know what is. The actual recuse itself: Jordan Parrish saved her. That’s fact. He burnt down the Mountain Ash. He burnt down the walls. He took in her nuclear scream that would’ve killed the entire town. He carried her out. Without him everyone would’ve died.

But let’s talk about the fan service of the episode. Them taking Stiles’ Jeep when Natalie’s car was faster. Scott driving instead of Stiles - Scott could’ve taken her pain away. And the “Stiles saved me” line. The fact that someone got payed to write this episode is a joke.

Lydia is the one that pulls Jordan from the Hellhound with “Jordan”. Remember that canon. Because the writers clearly didn’t.

The way they treated Kira/Arden. Honestly fuck Teen Wolf for this. They cut do many of her scenes. Kira was supposed to have a fighting scene with the Beast in 5x17 but they cut it. Hell, Arden didn’t even know she wasn’t coming back until a few months/weeks before S6.

The end of the season. It was basically a send off for Allison Argent and I did like that.


This fucking season… after seeing the god awful ratings for the hyped up Stydia episode the writers decided to go along with the fan service which ultimately killed Teen Wolf. Because if you didn’t know before Season 6 almost every episode raked in over a million views.

But after that trailer - the “remember I love you” trailer the show never got over a million views. Which resulted in it getting cancelled. If you don’t believe just hop onto your search engine and look it up. Also more proof: they were still writing the final episodes during the break between part 1 and part 2. They had to make a lot of changed. How sad that they killed their own show in order to pander to a Fandom that bullied cast, writers, and other fans for years.

The actual storyline itself. It can be labeled as one worst: dumb.

Stiles is taken by the Ghost Riders and he’s THAT important a Ghost Rider had to take the form of Claudia and stay with Noah… Teen Wolf I know you’re obsessed with your mayonnaise but he’s not worldly important. Speaking of Stiles:

We find out that Stiles has loved Lydia while he was with Malia. Regardless of what you ship you have to agree what Stiles did was cruel. He emotionally cheated on Malia for their entire relationship. So in order to push this fan service they turned their precious Stiles into a prick with symptoms for being a fuckboy.

They also gave Lydia extra powers for some reason. To see into the past and they gave banshees telekinesis… they just made Lydia, who was already the Teen Wolf Deus Ex Machina, too overpowered.

What I never got is the Western obsession with Nazi Germany. I know for a fact Germany has done everything they could to apolgiuse for that era in history and has sponged/banned anything involving Nazis and Hitler from their country. So the writers thought bringing up Nazi Germany for a storyline would be cool… use your own fucking horrible history for once; use your Goddamn Civil War.

Just to further push fan service they ruined Lydia’s character. Season 5 Lydia was great. She was strong. Powerful. Selfless. Season 6 Lydia? All she did was fucking cry. Whenever the rest were out there fighting to protect the town she didn’t care - not unless it had to do with Stiles. They were all fighting to rememberer him and get him back and they still fought. Lydia only remembered she had powers when Stiles was in danger - of course.

Lydia and Jordan’s connection being purposely forgotten. Even when Jordan was controlled by the Nazi Wolf and she said his name. Nothing happened. When Lydia was in danger Jordan never alerted. They purposely ignored canon.

What the fuck else… oh yeah that nose breaking Stydia kiss… these two cannot kiss well. It was also great. So many memes were born from that kiss that almost broke Dylan’s nose. Other than that I don’t know. I didn’t watch 6x10 ahahaha.


Scott and Malia… I do not ship them. Like at all. Though I’m happy they’re happy. But I do see a lot that they came outta nowhere in 6B. Which isn’t true. One look throughout 6A you could see what the writers were doing.

If you’ve seen one of my posts before you’ll know I kinda liked the idea of a war between Supernaturals and humans. But this wasn’t it. Honestly this was dumb. We’re supposed to believe that if people knew about the Supernatural kind the government wouldn’t step in? Lol whatever.

This season also tried to so hard to make Nolan/Froy a thing. There’s the quote from Mean Girls that applies here but I don’t type it out. Hopefully everyone will know it. This Nolan character. I hated him. From the moment Froy tried to act and hearing its words I hated it. And the forced redemption arc? Lol. No. He’s still a villain that tormented the school - sliced into people’s hands and had others killed. He’d really get along with Henry from IT.

Jackson being half Kanima. THAT. DOESN’T. MAKE. SENSE! Being a Kanima is a mutation of the bite - it’s a shape you take on when you don’t know who you are or if you belong. It’s not a gene…. Teen Wolf writers yet again ignoring previous made canon :D

Speaking of redemptions… Theo Raeken. I don’t care what his herd of fangirls say. After everything - after all the pain, death, and destruction he caused he belongs where Kira put him. In Hell.

One of the great things: Lydia seemed to not give a fuck about Stiles. Which is honestly hilarious. Some glorious relationship you have there. But from what Holland has said: that Stydia was left ambiguous on purpose. So basically Teen Wolf killed itself for nothing. GG Teen Wolf writers.

Again there were three villains for 10 episodes. I’d say this was just like Season 4 and have too much antagonists in one season but this part of the season was soooooo slow. But anyway the villains: Gerard coming back as the ultimate viliain. Monroe and her crew of cunts. And the discount Red-Skull that prays on fears. Oh speaking of:

How the discount Red-Skull was defeated was just so bad. Mountain Ash… it was just so out of nowhere. It honestly felt cheap. And of course it had to be thrown by Stiles. Because Stiles has gotta be the hero…

Sterek: for years this fucking show has baited Sterek and toyed with the Fandom. Do you wanna know how bad TW/Jeff treated the Sterek Fandom? Well: the Facebook TW account used Sterek shipper to get their page to a million likes after promising to release Sterel bloopers. They had Tyler and a Dylan cuddle up on a literal ship/boat in order to rake in votes. That shit with Cora. Sterek fan art I banned from being signed at conventions - Sterek questions are also banned. And to further treat the Sterek Fandom like trash: they drag back Tyler Hoechiln into it - only to further bait Sterek for views.

The ending: a hero walk off cliffhanger. WHAT. A. CHEESY. LET. PILE. OF. SHIT! First of all leaving it off a cliff hanger? 6 years of buildup for what? For the fucking reboot in 2019 - which has unfortunately been announced. I’m guessing it’s about Alec. Whatever…. second, the hero walk off is just… ugh. Of all the TV endings this show could’ve dipped into it just had to be that? So basically a terrible ending for a terrible show.

That’s it. Teen Wolf is done on this blog. No more. Malia and Scott had their happy endings - Parrish survived in the end. Stydia was left off ambiguous - not confirmed to be endgame. I’ll never have to see Stiles Stilinski on TV ever again. Seasons 1 - 5a gave me enjoyment. The fan service cesspool known as 5b - 6B can burn in Hell. Soooooo…. fuck you Teen Wolf. Byeeeeeeeeeee!

I’ll most likely just blog about things I like and don’t like from now on… for example: Star Wars and my immense hate for Reylo. My problems with Riverfail, I mean Riverdale, Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead and my immense hatred for Daryl Dixon. Shit, I may even catch up on the 100 :)


Derek Hale…the victimized victim

I have as much love for Derek as I have pity. I’ve never seen a character be so mistreated, so fucked over out of his own story. With Scott it doesn’t hit that hard because Scott never had a chance because they didn’t even create characterization for him…but with Derek…Derek is that story of giving a character the tools they need but not using them. It is the story of not reaching the full potential because the writers gloss over everything. Derek is the character manifestation of the show –  poorly written with many dropped threads. They’d been fucking up Derek’s character arc since the beginning, but it wasn’t until his arc reached an ex machina that it was over.

Oh it’s characterization…right?

The problem with Derek’s characterization is the same as the other characters…they all fall prey to the protagonist’s weakness. In their scramble to make Scott look good, to make him dominate, other characters have to fall out of their character loop for that to happen. That’s the problem with a flat protagonist…he doesn’t just effect himself but also the story and the other characters. I don’t wanna get to deep into the details until I get to their relationship article but basically it’s like this –  the show had to pull derek out of his character path multiple times so Scott would look like the good guy, the perfect hero, etc etc. Characters like Derek’s potential was put to the back burner, because reaching those points would make him better than the protagonist. Derek could have had his own show because he had the tools a protagonist is supposed to have…but even within Teen Wolf his story would have been able to flourish if they’d actually tried. Instead what we get is a bunch of manpain that covers up much of his story. 

Derek’s characterization is unstable because they undermined the things they did get right by having the things they got wrong be contradictions. They gave him backstory but none of it mattered because none of it was used as an effect to further his development. His past relationships with Paige and Kate had no precedent on his future relationships…he in fact jumped into relationships like it was nothing…he had no problem using sex appeal to manipulate a younger female (even though he’d been sexually manipulated by someone older). He kept saying he had trust issues (as he should) but he trusted just about everyone immediately. The only reason people even say Derek has trust issues is because it was a reoccurring theme between him and Stiles (“You don’t trust me, I don’t trust you” “You have to trust us…both of us!” “Will you just trust me?! - No”). They had him shoulder the weight of everything yet still treated him the villain / the negative element. They threw in that ‘power hungry’ storyline that made no sense giving how chill he is…too chill in fact – he doesn’t even do revenge treks…he forgives people who has fucked up people he loved…hell he forgives people who betray him like it ain’t nothing. That’s another thing, they’re always trying to add these dark aspects to him that contradicts everything else about him. This is the same fool who stalks people so he can jump out the shadows and save the fucking day when they do dumb shit. His stalking skills and his leather jacket is about as dark as he gets….well that and the fact that he was willing to kill but even that’s debatable because he doesn’t just go out trying to kill people – plus killing is seen as a negative here because Scott has deemed it so.

Will the real Derek Hale…please stand up?
Derek really could have been one of the better characters. He not only had one backstory…but two, one of which could have been used for his exterior growth and the other for his internal journey. It’s pretty obvious Derek fears being lonely, but he also has the thought that he doesn’t deserve love/friendship/happiness, because everyone around him dies and he’s at fault. He battles with it, trying to be both the recluse and find somewhere to fit. His wound is one that opens and reopens repeatedly as he continues to have no control over loss (Paige / Family / Laura / Erica / Boyd / even Peter (to power) & Kate (to manipulation)). He changed from that wild charming boy to a stoic man who keeps most of his emotions to himself, he keeps people around him at bay just like he does everything else – with pain, anger, and reserve. Like all characters who feel unworthy of love his true need is self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

Too bad they only hinted at these things and glossed over his internal growth. Instead of handling the storyline they pretended that Scott was enough to change Derek. The problem with that is that their relationship more times than not puts Derek in the negative spotlight (the place of being wrong) which would not have led to good feelings such as happiness, friendship and love. The Scott to Derek relationship is a negative transition – it states that Scott is right while Derek is wrong…They literally had to make Derek lose his voice and himself in the praise of Scott to even make that friendship work. The only affect Scott could have had on him was the killing aspect…and that’s because they pushed it so hard (and theres no one else to take that role for him). But Scott would have never been the one to help Derek through his internal arc. The big problem is we see Derek hit some of his arc points (and those some aren’t even the important ones)…but without the actual journey. On top of that they tried to pretend that they fixed issues that they didn’t or were already non grata.

Love for this character would have been important…and a journey they should have shown. A stoic character rarely shows emotions because mostly what they feel is negative (pain, anger, self-doubt, etc). The reason why love works with most stoic heroes is because that journey though love counteracts the negative sets. Instead of associating with pain they learn positive offsets to use. They learn to open up, to trust, to feel safe. The thing about love and stoic heroes is that love doesn’t change them it allows them to express who they already are…the person they locked away when they created the reserved version of themselves. Derek’s last two relationships did nothing for his character. The first two (Paige & Kate) were very important. Paige was Derek’s first lost and it was a life he took himself. The important elements of that relationship wasn’t just the killing though, it was also the fact that his belief that she couldn’t accept/love him for who/what he was and her fragile mortality led him to essentially betraying her by taking the choice out of her hands. With Kate, it was about betrayal from the lover instead of himself. Kate fucked his world up. She burned his house down, killed his family, forced him to leave town. These two relationships created change within him, they helped create the stoicism. They effected his character. The Jennifer relationship was beyond disrespect because unlike the Braeden relationship that just stopped at the unbelievable happiness, the Jennifer relationship was another one of those things that just went against his character. It was an instant relationship, an immediate frolic of supposed love, and then another tired ass betrayal. The only thing the relationship did was contradict his present characterization and solidify his victimization…without any further effects. Neither developed him, or added to his characterization. They were unimportant, and unmoving, but thats a constant in this show, someone forgot to tell them that romance in story comes with reason, effects, they develop both characters. Romance is not about having two pretty people make out.

All of Derek’s relationships could’ve been interest…
Derek/Peter: They have that family/enemy thing going on and it works. I feel like they could have delved deeper into their past and Peter’s effects on Derek because this is the person who taught him to use pain and anger to maintain control. Peter’s influence on Derek was strong because he was a teacher/mentor to him.                                                                         Derek/Cora: I wish they either hadn’t created her..or they would have had her be an ass-kicking tandem with her brother instead of blaming and hating him like everyone else. It would’ve been nice to see him have a family member alive he could bond and get along with.
Derek/Stiles: Derek and stiles seem to be so different but they’re actually quite alike in the sense of loneliness that makes them almost level 3 clingers to Scott, and their defense mechanisms - Derek built up a stoic persona (giving off the reserved, light emotional, slightly cold/harsh aura) while Stiles created the sarcastic clown. Theyir dynamic worked because the clown character is the best character to break stoicism.
Derek/Chris: The enemy to understanding aspect…they really could’ve stretch this relationship more and got some great scenes from it.
Derek/Issac: They really did not take advantage of this relationship. They put Issac in Scott’s pack and never looked back on what this relationship could’ve been. They could’ve built a beautiful brotherhood. A lot of positive actually could have come out of this relationship but they didn’t want Derek to have any positive come from his creation of the pack.
Derek/Boyd: They threw away so much possibility with Boyd’s death. Boyd was the perfect person to be Derek’s first real friend. They both had that lonely, silent aura about them that really made it seem like they were a good fit. Their dynamic would have been great, you imagine exactly how their relationship would’ve been if they hadn’t killed him off.
Derek/Sheriff: Their relationship was exactly as perfect as it was supposed to be. This relationship would have been essential because of what Derek’s storyline was supposed to be so he would have been partnering with the sheriff quite a bit.

Whose story was it anyway?

Derek’s story doesn’t make sense because they took his story. It started out with demeaning his character with things that weren’t even logical for example the whole ‘I’m power hungry’ story line….this is illogical because Derek showed no hints of being power-hungry Peter is a prime example of power hungry…but power hungry people don’t speak of partnerships. Derek showed no signs of this until they needed him to and once he had the power…he did nothing with it worthwhile but play with Scott. That was the first thing that messed up his characterization because it threw a wrench in the monkey jar…with that we have the Alpha storyline…where they pretend he’s so damn horrible and even kills his pack just so in comparison they can show that Scott is the Alpha everyone needs….They go ahead and end Derek’s Alpha-ship so Scott can step in. Derek goes and has a conversation with his dead mother and then comes back and literally they just have him hand his storyline to Scott this time. He tells Scott that his family used to be protector of the town, and his mom was a great alpha and Scott is what the town needs….

Backstory is very important because everything afterwards is motivated by it. The backstory is used to make the character grow. The problem is Scott has no backstory…and the show is built off the foundation of Derek’s. Derek’s backstory was his to fulfill. He should have been the one to learn to be a great alpha, fighting through the things he had been taught – pain and anger. Taking responsibility by standing in the shadow of his mother and becoming someone who not only saw the world as a victim. Someone who realized he couldn’t bring his family back, but he could keep their legacy alive. Him not going that route also leaves out the Hale family’s influence…they obviously were an interesting dynamic but the audience won’t get to see those aspects through Scott. Tyler H. left at the right time considering the fact his character no longer had anywhere to go but to be a sidekick for Scott. Even in the role of mentor a character has to have their own story (ex. Dumbledore from Harry Potter).

Derek’s story could have been one of great emotion. His journey could have been the story of the victim becoming the triumphant. Instead, even in the end they took that from him. They gave this grand sequence of him ‘losing his power’ then having his face Kate…and then they pull an ex machina by having him evolve right there within the moment instead because of the moment. Fate just happened to make this the time. Thats not real growth! They should have had him face her at his own state of ability. His evolving should have been a reward not something gained just so he can deal with her. There have been many mediums thats had a character evolve within battle but the evolve came with the will of their character - not as some out side Pokemon type of element. Once again they’ve created a situation where he has gained nothing. Derek had so much potential of what his story should’ve been.

The frustration is often what could’ve been…the disappointment is in what was.

Note(s): It is very difficult to articulate exactly what I mean when I speak on Derek because I didn’t want to add ‘how’ they could have gotten it right. It wasn’t about me putting my ideas in there instead its about focusing where they fell off. There were also a lot of stuff I wanted to say but couldn’t because they belong to other sections. Derek’s growth/development would have been interlocked with his relations with other characters because he is a stoic character. I love Derek so much. I love him despite the show and the horrible writers. I love him despite the over sexuality of his the man who played him, or the queerbaiting they used him for. I love him for what he could have been and what he secretly was. Derek was the Unsung Hero, he was smart, protective, always willing to place himself in harms way for someone else, and he didn’t get any credit. I’m pretty sure I missed some points but I’ll probably hit them if I do another part for derek himself. Stiles will be next but it probably won’t be for like a week or two cause I have a lot going on. I wanted to go ahead and get another one out of the way though so I did Derek’s first. I have no clue who I’m gonna do next probably peter…but I wanna do a chick so maybe Lydia. I don’t know.


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Regina Retrospective: At the End of OUAT

(pre-reboot/retool ouat anyway)

People who read my criticisms of OUAT probably think I hate Regina Mills. I don’t, not really, beyond some moments of venting. I post in the anti-regina tags sure, but that’s because in our hyper polarized fandom any analysis that isn’t glowing praise, any hint of criticism needs to stay in the anti tags. Main tags are for gush, anti tags are for any level of criticism, measured or firebrand. Thing is, looking at how things started I do honestly feel Regina could easily have been the richest character on this show.

And she wasn’t. 

Due to a combination of rushing her redemption, refusing to allow her character to grow, an over-reliance on the Evil Queen aspect of her character, and outright whitewashing her crimes Regina ended up an utter waste of character potential.

Season 2 set her up so, so well. We got reasons for why she is the way she is, she actually sought therapy, there were bigger bads to face allowing her a chance at heroics, she acknowledged her wrongdoings and tried to make up for them. Even her backslide could be forgiven as we know she was scared of Cora.

But things started to go wrong after Cora died. Even ignoring the disservice it did to both Snow and Regina’s storylines (Snow angsts over killing someone who was going to kill them all while Regina snaps back to blaming Snow for Daniel’s death instead of ever putting the blame where it belonged, on Cora) we then got the stupid “kill magic” plot which a) once again showed how awful Regina was back when she was evil and b) ended up hinging on a superweapon that Regina herself made. Regina’s big redemption moment in the season finale is essentially cleaning up her own damn mess.

Imagine, if you will, that Greg and Tamara aren’t here causing issues. That instead Greg really was some random guy who drove into SB and the town doesn’t know what to do about it. Tamara is just Neal’s fiance, nothing more. Cora faked her death and tries to use Neal to get to Rumple or does something else to stay in the big bad position for the whole season. Instead of saying “well, Snow killed my abusive mom and my son still doesn’t want me to have custody of him, I’ll just kill everyone” Regina instead finds the strength to oppose Cora herself, to confront her abuser, the woman who killed her true love.

Now does that sound cool or what?

(Now we can’t be too hard on the end of s2, there were some hasty rewrites due to everyone’s favorite pirate’s actor getting injured, but notice the lack of Hook in the plot I just described? It could have been done. Hell Neal could have swung by the hospital to see Hook and they could have dealt with their relationship and history outside of how they relate as Emma’s love interests. And we still could have had Neverland be next.)

Ah, Neverland. More wasted potential for Regina. We already know she hates Emma, writers, having her be a bitch to Emma Swan is nothing new and just makes her look bad. Regina frees herself from a trap by declaring she has no regrets which, um, yeah, not good for someone who is technically on a redemption arc. We do confront and have her fix one of her misdeeds (Ariel) but also have her confronted by Tinkerbelle who rightfully calls her out. Such wasted potential for a friendship there by Tink just kinda vanishing.

The pattern after this is essentially Regina acts like a terrible person (usually in the vein of whining, being ungrateful, being ill-tempered, or taking very cruel actions the other heroes would never get away with but for her are excused) except in isolated moments when we’re supposed to feel sorry for her. She repeatedly wangsts about how she’s good now and thus should get what she wants while a) not really being all that good and b) being good just to get what you want isn’t being good. Add in constant flashbacks to her Evil Queen days of her doing awful things and you’ve really got to wonder what were the writers thinking? he never really progresses beyond that point. She might look like she’s going to but don’t worry, a backslide will put her right back where she was.

And I’ll admit, I have no idea what the writers thought they were doing in doing that. There is such a disconnect towards how everyone acts around Regina and what Regina has actually done that I have to imagine that several sombodies doing the writing thought something had gone down to fully redeem this woman in all ways and that she was a changed character…while they kept adding to her crimes and having her act like a terrible person. It feels like there are whole chunks of the show missing where Regina atoned for all her evil offscreen or something…which still does not explain her bad attitude and meanness to people who have done her no wrong.

And then we got to the ULTIMATE insult plot that was her season six storyline. In some bizarre acknowledgement that Regina still has a lot of the EQ in her (without acknowledgement that maybe she should start trying to make up for all the shit she did) the show literally splits off the EQ from Regina…while still having Regina act like Regina. Officially the potion splits off the part of yourself you don’t want people to know about so…Regina doesn’t want people to know she’s still evil…? Yeah, never addressed. And instead of finally learning to accept her history as an evil despot who ruined lives that she can start trying to make up for at any time there is a whole town of people you have hurt right there Regina sends her other self off to…live a happy life with an AU Robin? Huh? Split!EQ was practically a cartoon character at times I don’t expect he rto be capable of a full relationship…so yea you just sicced your worst aspects on the dream world. Assuming she’s not executed by AU!Henry.

So Regina got the magical retcon 4B denied her after all, she gets to be seen as totally separate from the bad part of herself (it should be noted again that Regina’ behavior does not change, nothing had in fact really been “removed” from her and she is not acting “good” without the EQ bit) and…yeah her arc’s over with that. That is the last bit of character development Regina really gets this season. We end on the weirdest version of redemption ever “just split off the part f you that did bad things and now you don’t have to feel guilty and no one will treat you like the bad guy anymore (not that very many people were treating her like one anymore anyway).

Something constantly reiterated in seasons 3 and 4 was “villains don’t get happy endings.” The show for some reason never took this to the conclusion of “but if you work hard to redeem yourself you are no longer a villain and thus can have a happy ending” which would have been the best route for Regina. Regina got her first happy ending with the curse, and when that was broken she seemed to associate “happy ending” with “get whatever it is I want right now” (Henry, Robin, a child to raise with Robin, and so on) and anything roadblocking that even slightly, even in a way that could be overcome with work, was treated as the whole universe being against her because villains are some nebulous group that just gets denied happy endings as the way of the world (instead of, say, as consequences for their actions). 

Well Regina got her happy ending and if you ask me, she was still a villain at the end of it all just one who managed to get in enough with the good guys somehow to where they and everyone else utterly ignored it. At most she mellowed a bit. This is a woman who a season ago was threatening to murder another woman’s true love out of sheer jealously and got no pushback for it.

It reminds me of how Rich Burlew described the character development that Token Evil Teammate Belkar Bitterleaf underwent in The Order of the Stick thru the fifth arc: that of a sociopath progressing to a higher functioning sociopath who can at least work well with others to get what they want (Belkar even faked in-universe character development to stay relevant!). Regina is similar: she did not change; she simply learned how to play along enough to count as a member of the good guys. And apparently that was all the narrative dared ask from her.

Dee’s OQ fic MasterList

Two years ago today, it was Sunday, the 20th of April 2014, and 3.18 aired, and Regina and Robin kissed for the first time - so to celebrate the second anniversary, and given that I’ve read a shameful amount of fics in these two years, I’ve decided to write my first MasterList - and it’s gotten long, but who cares. All my personal favorites, not in particular order, with my recs full of feelings by their side - and I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes in the tags or the links oopsie - there’s all sort of things here, AUs, Missing Year, Storybrooke, OutlawBandit, Christmas, smut, fluff, angst, one shots, ultra-long monsters, and a poem! All under the cut - and happy anniversary, babes!

Here’s the list - have a good time!

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so this is a little fic i wrote of emma and killian talking about having kids. cause i have a lot of feelings.

this fic tbh is kind of born out of my own pettiness after that anon called me condescending for me not wanting cs babies or marriage to happen. well, this is actually something i’d be okay with so yeah. this fic is for you anon <3

Emma feels his eyes on her as she struts around their room, going through her nightly routine. He has already used the bathroom and now is just lazing on their bed on top of the covers, shirt and jeans disposed off properly in the laundry hamper, and his hook, brace, and rings all stacked neatly on the little table beside him with his book.

 If it weren’t for the fact that they had had a quite adventurous, more than adventurous, night – with them having to deliver Belle’s baby and all – Emma would’ve thought his intent gaze following her movements were lustful. Yet as she takes her shirt off and throws it in the general direction of the laundry hamper and is working in unhooking her bra, she chances a sly glance towards him to find his eyes fixed on her face, and not her now exposed breasts. She looks down his bare chest, trailing the dark hair all the way down to his boxers and…nothing.

She strikes down horny pirate in her brain as a reason for his staring, and after taking her leggings off and putting on a big sweatshirt, switches the lights off and slips into the covers, watching as he himself settles under the covers beside her.

He turns and faces her, his hand coming under his cheek as he peers down at her.

“Are you okay? Why are you brooding?” She finally whispers, bringing a hand to ruffle his hair back, her thumb rubbing soothing circles on the side of his forehead.

“Nothing, love, just thinking.”

“So brooding and thinking; that’s a classic combo.” She smiles as her similar words from so long ago make his lips twitch into a little smile. 

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About Killian Jones and the path he is on...

Just a friendly reminder in the face of all this Dark Hook nonsense circulating: A&E are still crafting Killian Jones’ ENTIRE ARC ON THE SHOW to perfectly fit the Hero’s Journey.

Not Villain Journey.


Just take a look at the point our Captain is at in the established steps of the famous Hero’s Journey (or monomyth):

The Road of Trials

The road of trials is a series of tests that the person must undergo to begin the transformation to hero. Often the person fails one or more of these tests, which often occur in threes. 

Emma Swan inspired Killian to reject the darkness that he was living in as a villain and begin to reach for the light once more: 

  • Enchanted Forest: first meeting, willing to help her while he achieves his own goals, she betrays him, he switches back to bad side. Fails this test.
  • Storybrooke: arrives with Cora as villain, eventually aligns again with heroes. Given opportunity to escape adn save himself with a bean, starts to, has change of heart, returns to help. Passes trial.
  • Neverland: freely volunteers to sail heroes to his personal purgatory in an effort to aid Emma, upon arriving faces temptations and demons of past. Stays on path, helps them save Henry and Return. Pass.
  • Separation/New York: When cursed back to EF and away from the woman he has growing feelings for, Killian breaks free from group to cross realms and find Emma, reuniting her to her loved ones to save them all. Passedddddddd.
  • Storybrooke: Killian remains steadfastly by Emma’s side, helping to fight a Wicked Witch, even as she pushes him away. Passed.
  • Enchanted Forest: Killian follows Emma through the time portal back to the EF, and helps her to save her family and herself while asking for nothing in return. After, Emma reveals she returns his growing feelings. PASS TEST WITH FLYING COLORS.

(I’m working broadly here but you get the picture)

Which leads us to:

The Meeting with the Goddess

This is the point when the person experiences a love that has the power and significance of the all-powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love that a fortunate infant may experience with his mother. This is a very important step in the process and is often represented by the person finding the other person that he or she loves most completely.

I don’t even really need to delve into this one too much, do I? I MEAN REALLY.

Captain Swan falls in love. Everything is groovy. Lots of kissing and fuck yes.

But then the Darkness starts creeping back in. Rumple targets Emma, which after a series of dramatic events, leads to her taking in the Darkness. He works to save her. More drama. Killian faces death. Emma loves him too completely to let him go, so she “saves” him by tethering him to the one thing he’s fought to overcome his entire Hero Journey…

Hello Darkness, my old friend.

Woman as Temptress

In this step, the hero faces those temptations, often of a physical or pleasurable nature, that may lead him to abandon or stray from his quest, which does not necessarily have to be represented by a woman. Woman is a metaphor for the temptations of life, since the hero-knight was often tempted by lust from his spiritual journey.

Blah blah blah, Killian retastes Dark Power, gets hella drunk, and goes on a bender. Temptations left and right: revenge, magic, sassy quips to enemies, more revenge. He has power now and it feels real good.

And this is where we currently are on the show.

So let’s look at what is next in a Hero’s Journey and see if it fits to spoilers and such we may know, shall we?

First up:

Atonement with the Father

In this step the person must confront and be initiated by whatever holds the ultimate power in his life. In many myths and stories this is the father, or a father figure who has life and death power. This is the center point of the journey. All the previous steps have been moving into this place, all that follow will move out from it. Although this step is most frequently symbolized by an encounter with a male entity, it does not have to be a male; just someone or thing with incredible power.

So Killian is going to have to decide what he ultimately wants most in life: revenge or love? 

Ok. Cool. Much shock, definitely NO foreshadowing for that nope. 

Oh, what’s that? His ACTUAL FATHER will also be appearing in the episode this week? HOW CONVENIENT. 

*knowing look*

Now all the papa jazz leads to:

Apotheosis (Death)

When someone dies a physical death, or dies to the self to live in spirit, he moves beyond the pairs of opposites to a state of divine knowledge, love, compassion and bliss. A more mundane way of looking at this step is that it is a period of rest, peace and fulfillment before the hero begins the return.

Whoomp there it is. THE HERO MUST DIE. 

This means he will be granted *drumroll*

The Ultimate Boon

The ultimate boon is the achievement of the goal of the quest. It is what the person went on the journey to get. All the previous steps serve to prepare and purify the person for this step, since in many myths the boon is something transcendent like the elixir of life itself, or a plant that supplies immortality, or the holy grail.

Killian will destroy the darkness and save Emma. He will get his revenge and save the love of his life. He will achieve his ultimate goals. 

My personal feeling is then he will receive his “boon”, which I hope is confirmation of Emma being his True Love. (This would also kinda have a road of trials fit in the way of TLKs for them…they often come in threes and Captain Swan has two failed TLK tests. THIRD TIMES’S THE CHARM!)

So. There is is. Now given, the Hero’s Journey is wildly open to the author’s interpretation. Not all laid out steps must be used. But I just find it EXTREMELY fascinating just how perfectly our supposed Super Le Evil Captain Dark One’s story still aligns perfectly with it. 


Hope that maybe helped you feel a little better? Maybe? 

OUAT and Non-Consensual Stuff

Prompt: (Anon)– What is your opinion on OUaT and rape culture. It’s seems as though the creators actively ignore the fact that many of their story lines overlook and/or romanticize rape and other matters of forced consent. Examples include: Regina’s arranged marriage to the king, Regina taking Graham’s heart and having a sexual relationship with him, Zelena impersonating Robin’s wife in order to get pregnant, Arthur magically controlling Guinevere, and Emma turning Hook into a dark one. Your thoughts?

I disagree– I think the show has done a good job consistently and explicitly showing that anything non-consensual is wrong; to argue that OUAT “romanticizes” abuse is like saying Requiem for a Dream “romanticizes” drug use or Road Runner cartoons “promote” ACME products. Showing something on-screen does not mean promoting it, and I think we can acquit OUAT of this charge because the show:

  • Shows abusive and non-consensual actions on-screen
  • Shows the bad consequences for the victims
  • Shows the effect of abusive actions on the abusers
  • Punishes villains for non-consensual actions/attitudes within the context of the show
  • Calls out problematic aspects of ships, no matter how popular

Originally posted by saralou23

Do something against someone’s will, get a dose of dark magic

Read on for more, more, more!

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Hook’n’Hood & Swan Queen

I keep seeing Hook & Hood being referred to as ‘beards’ and 'gay panic’, but I feel this keeps us from trying to make sense of their roles within the story in regards to Emma & Regina.

Emma and Regina have finally - sort of - come to the point where they always wanted to be. Emma finally found her parents, she’s not alone anymore. Regina is free from Leopold, from Cora’s and Rumple’s manipulations and from the cage of her own mind. They are both trying to figure out who they are in this new reality. They are reverting back to their late teens and trying to relive them, to figure out who they would have been if their lives wouldn’t have been as severely disrupted as they were.

Emma is trying to be the princess she thinks she would have been had she grown up with her parents in the Enchanted Forest. She convinces herself to be the trusting person Snow and Charming would have shown her to be. Suddenly she wears frillier outfits and acts more girly. Hook wears his pirate outfit until right before their first date. She has seen and experienced him in the world she was supposed to grow up in. Even with the wardrobe change, his walk and talk remain old world. In that sense he represents the kind of man she could have been with had she never come to our world.

The date with Hook was very clearly about having that first ball / prom night with her parents. They couldn’t have made that more obvious if they wanted to.

This is what adult Emma Swan dresses like for a date:

This is princess Emma making up for lost time with her parents.

Note that in the last picture her face is falling after she’s kissed Hook at the end of the date. She looks confused and conflicted and puts on a smile and plays the part only after she notices her parents stayed up for her.

Regina meanwhile, it seems, is exploring what life would have been like if she could have run off with Daniel. The concept of one True Love was important to her at the time when Cora killed Daniel. As she mentally puts herself back into that state, this fairy dust approved Robin Hood is her only option. I’ll have to rewatch it, but I think even the pitch of Regina’s voice shifts as she is with Robin. She acts like the teen she didn’t really get to be. The very jaded former evil Queen reverts so far back into naivety as to give her heart to Robin for protection. Something only young Regina would have done. After Marian comes back, Robin and Regina are forced to sneak around. They make love in a vault, Snow has to point out her bra is showing. It’s both reminiscent of teenagers experimenting and of the hidden life she would have led with Daniel. In fact, had she run away with him, thereby insulting the King, her life with Daniel as a fugitive would very much have been like a life with Robin in the forest.

The outfit she wears here, one that ties her to Robin, is the closest she’s ever come to wearing something that also feels like her riding outfit.

They are both exploring the women they didn’t get to be. They are taking back the lives they didn’t get to live. It almost doesn’t matter who these men are personality-wise, because part of these relationships is created in the women’s minds. They both need to go through this, to grow and to learn they can’t erase their pasts. Maybe they’ll even learn they got a head start on the lessons they would learn anyway. Part of them seems to be constantly aware of this relationship not being completely right. They both haven’t actually completely reciprocated and Regina calls it ‘the closest to happy’. Which is not exactly happy.

I do think there is genuine care and attraction between these characters, but the way they are presented to me, they don’t seem like the people Emma & Regina will stay with. They are there for growth and learning and they are meaningful in their own way.

I don’t believe they are results of gay panic, or that they are just the love interests that happen to stick, exactly because of the Swan Queen parallels. We have all noticed the Regina-Hook (dark, villain) and Emma-Robin (light, thief) parallels and the fact that the boyfriends’ names are only one letter apart doesn’t seem like a complete coincidence. Which brings it all back to Swan Queen. Pretty sure I don’t need to repeat why Emma and Regina are right for each other, they do a great job of that themselves in canon. If you need reminders, go drown yourself at sacredbookofswen or ethan-8 ‘s page.

There is one other reason we need Hook’n’Hood to make Swan Queen happen. We are conditioned to believe in the importance of the number three in Fairy Tales. Especially in the West, but also in other cultures. Their respective second relationships just can’t be the final ones, it has got to be the third one. Which is also the reason why the relationships with Lily and Maleficent will only ever be subtextual, otherwise Hook’n’Hood would be bumped up to number three.

And we can’t have that, can we?

Swan Mills Family by OnceUponAShipper (isupersheng)

I know you said we can recommend a fic, but think about this series as one big story ^^

For those who have a soft spot for the Swan-Mills Family may I recommend this series, created by isupersheng, we have all here, wedding, kids (5 childrens!) and how they will handle the kids that have magic, lost memory, kidnapping, lots of fluff, humor and a little angst, and a very nice plot twist for the family with the youngest daughter (fanfic 38). I tried to list them in order of events. (if you want to read in publish order, just go visit his page OnceUponAShipper and give him some kudos) I really like his style and talent to write.

**Please read author’s note as you start!

  1. The Beginning: Where it all started for Regina and Emma. The moment they realized there was something between them. Published: Sep 8, 2013
  2. It’s True: After dating for a couple of months, Emma feels like she’s ready to be honest. Those three words can’t escape her mind, and eventually escape her mouth. How will Regina respond? Published: Sep 15, 2013 
  3. I Choose You: Emma tells Snow and David about her relationship with Regina. Things don’t go exactly as planned. Published: Oct 8, 2013
  4. Regina’s Heart: It’s been a year since Neverland, and a year since Emma and Regina have been together. Is Regina’s heart still as black as it was when Tinker Bell held it, or has she found enough love to fix it? Published:Oct 14, 2013
  5. We Bought a House: Regina and Emma have finally taken the plunge: they bought their first house together. An interesting first couple days in their new home! Published: Sep 7, 2013
  6. Best Gift EverChristmas is just a few days away, and Emma has something big for Regina. With a little help from their son, Emma pulls up the courage to give it to Regina. One-Shot. Published: Sep 8, 2013
  7. Shooting StarIt’s the day before Emma and Regina’s wedding! The two women, and their son, spend some time together before the big day! What are they thinking less than 12 hours before the ceremony? Published: Nov 12, 2013
  8. Forever: It’s finally Regina and Emma’s wedding day. In front of friends and family, they are to publicly declare their love for each other. Obstacles and revelations aren’t enough to keep them apart, but fate will test them. - Romance/Family - Chapters: 19 - Published: Sep 6, 2013
  9. Happy AnniversaryPost-Neverland. Regina and Emma are married now; a family. What happens when their marriage is put to the ultimate test? Can they get through it together, or will it break everything they’ve built together? Totally SwanQueen. First FF, so, please take it easy on me. Published: Aug 28, 2013
  10. We’re Family: Emma and Regina tell Snow and David about Regina’s pregnancy. They had no idea what reactions to expect, and Regina certainly never imagined Snow’s! Published: Oct 11, 2013
  11. Our Love: It’s the first time their baby kicked, and Regina and Emma can’t help but think about the child they lost. As they fantasize about their almost-life, the couple envision their will-be life. Definitely fluff and definitely SwanQueen! Published: Oct 16, 2013
  12. Labor Day: Regina’s in the final days of her pregnancy and anxiety is very real. Emma and Henry are oblivious to Regina’s early signs of labor, as she hasn’t told them! Published: Oct 12, 2013
  13. All Grown UpThe time has finally come for Henry to go off to college. He’s got two days until “move in” at the dorms. How will he spend the next 48 hours with his family? Updated: Oct 2, 2013
  14. Here We Go AgainEmma and Regina have been trying to add another member to their family. With Henry gone and Daniela a toddler, why not try again? They wait anxiously for the results of a test that would determine the rest of their lives. Published: Sep 4, 2013
  15. Hi Baby: Emma and Regina have to tell their, almost, two year-old daughter that she’s about to be a big sister. How will she react? How will the parents react? One-shot with fluff, Published: Oct 24, 2013
  16. Your Turn: Regina and Emma are looking for the perfect name for their third child. What happens when Regina lets Emma choose the name? Published: Sep 6, 2013
  17. Bed Rest: Regina’s put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. It doesn’t sit well with the mayor as she attempts to balance work and doctor’s orders, as well as Emma’s. Some fluff.
    Published: Oct 16, 2013
  18. New Beginnings: Emma and a very pregnant Regina are getting ready to welcome their third child into the world. Published: Sep 13, 2013
  19. Merry Christmas: It’s Christmas time in the Swan-Mills household. With three children, two years and younger, and Henry home from college, it’s a holiday none of them will forget. Mostly Henry and his moms. Published: Sep 15, 2013
  20. Late Nights: Some nights, after working all day and running around after their kids, Emma and Regina just fall asleep. But, on nights like these, they do more than that. It’s not exactly what you think. lots of fluff! Published: Sep 16, 2013
  21. One: It’s the twins’ one year birthday! The whole family comes together to celebrate in one form or another. Mild SwanQueen, mostly family! Published: Sep 16, 2013
  22. Potty Training: Well, the title kind of says it all. Emma and Regina are in the process of teaching their twin son and daughter how to use the big kid toilet! Published: Oct 24, 2013
  23. Double TroubleEmma and Regina are happily spending the day with their twins, when it finally happens… The toddler’s magic makes itself known, and the mothers are faced with the same decision as before! Published: Oct 4, 2013
  24. Happy Halloween: It’s not only the twins’ birthday, but Halloween! What do the Swan-Mills children want to be on this revered holiday? Published: Oct 27, 2013
  25. BraveDani has to get her flu shot, and is scared witless. Regina’s with her to soothe her daughter, and things end up all right! Bravery is shown on both parts! Published: Oct 27, 2013
  26. First Day of SchoolIt’s Dani’s first day of school, and Emma is freaking out. Regina, on the other hand, is the voice of reason! Fluff, SwanQueen, and family times! Published: Oct 25, 2013
  27. Big Brother: Henry’s about to leave for Boston, but he has to give his baby sister a proper goodbye! Sibling fluff! Published: Oct 25, 2013
  28. I Will Always Save You: Emma and Regina have a good life together. But, it’s about to be disrupted by an unwanted visitor. Tamara is back and thirsty for revenge. She and Emma get into a fight, and somehow, Regina gets pushed over the border. What happens when old Regina comes back? *Amnesia fic* SWANQUEEN to the MAX! - Chapters: 12 - Published: Sep 25, 2013
  29. A Little Reminder: Set a few weeks after “I Will Always Save You.” Regina and Emma are still working to recover from the accident. Life hasn’t stopped for them, but they’ve embraced it. Tonight is Emma and Regina’s night out; outside of Storybrooke. Emma has a surprise for her wife and Regina’s curiosity takes over. Published: Oct 1, 2013
  30. Expectations: Once again, Emma and Regina’s relationship is put to the test when an accident reveals a startling bit of new information. It’s safe to say the Swan-Mills family will never be the same, as they work to overcome the obstacles life has thrown at them. SwanQueen to the max! - Chapters: 14 - Updated: Oct 29, 2013
  31. Breakfast In Bed: Emma and Regina’s lives never stop, regardless of what’s going on. But, some mornings, they get to relax and just breathe. Some mornings, their children surprise them in more ways than one! Published: Jan 1, 2014
  32. Leaving the Nest: Henry’s home after graduating college, but soon decides he must move out. He’s an adult now. You can imagine Regina and Emma’s reactions… And, if you can’t, well, here they are! Henry and Regina share a much-needed mother/son moment. SwanQueen in maternal glory, and Henry as a hopeful young adult! One-shot. Published: Oct 24, 2013
  33. Family TreeDani asked the inescapable question of who Neal had been. Both her parents, Emma and Regina, work together to answer honestly. Published: Nov 2, 2013
  34. Operation: Save Henry: It’s 2030. Henry takes his girlfriend, Maya, home to meet his parents for the first time; it’s Emma and Regina’s anniversary. Before Henry has the chance to tell Maya the truth abut his family, something happens. Somehow, someway, Cora is back and nastier than ever. She and Peter Pan team up for their revenge. It’s going to take the whole family, and Maya, to save Henry once again. Chapters: 20
  35. Come Back to Me: When Emma’s injured on the job, it’s Regina’s turn to pick up the pieces and care for their kids. Can the Mayor handle the Sheriff- her wife- being taken from her without warning? Can Emma fight through the spiritual limbo she’s stuck in and return to her family? To the woman she loves? Chapters: 11 
  36. Lead With Your Heart: Emma and Regina have survived a lot in their years together; births, deaths, new loves. But, when the Queen and the Savior’s family is put in danger by a new, mysterious villain out for blood, it’s their job to unmask their enemy! Are the messages true? Have they really tipped the scales of good and evil? **Continuation of “Come Back to Me. - Family/Adventure - Chapters: 10
  37. Powerful Magic: Emma and Regina knew the day was coming. Dani was turning 10, and it was only expected that she’d receive the powers they bound when she was just a baby. How do the parents explain what’s happened? Will Daniela listen to her moms? Will she accept the new responsibilities that come with magic? Chapters: 2 - Published: Nov 1, 2013
  38. The Price of Magic: Emma and Regina have their hands full with five children, even though Henry is grown & married. They work hard to give their family a happy and safe life. But, what happens when their youngest child goes through something none of them can understand? What happens when Faith Swan-Mills realizes she’s different in more ways than one? - Chapters: 14 - Updated: Mar 22, 2014

sorry because it is too long but it is worth it :)

EDIT: Thanks for the submission!

My thoughts on the Evil Queen’s sensuality

I got a great meta-request from nitavonteese . She asked about Regina’s sensuality and the way she used it as a weapon or a tool to hold power on others. We got quite a few examples when Regina used her sexuality in such a way. Most importantly in episode 1x07, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, with the Huntsman. But we can argue that the way Mayor Mills treated Emma in season 1, had such a reading too.

However, the episodes 1x08, the Stable Boy, 2x02 We Are Both, 2x05, The Doctor, 3x03, Quite a Common Fairy and 4x14 Enter the Dragon raised some question. There is a discrepency between early Regina, who was kind and nice and brave and depicted mostly in a non-sexual way (even in her relationship with Daniel) and between the Evil Queen we saw with the Huntsman.

I think for that change to happen, Regina needed two things: a, discover her sexuality, b, learning to use that to her advance. 

Based on the things we saw in The Stable Boy, I think we can safely assume that Regina was a virgin when Daniel died. Or at most, they were in a VERY early stage of exploring sexuality.

After Daniel died, Regina was forced to marry Leopold. Even if the Rumple-Regina scene at the end of 2x02 took place before the wedding and Regina actually made the decision to go back to the palace and proceed with the ceremony (my headcanon is that they were already over it at that moment) I think we can safely say that there was a big pressure on Regina in that decision. And we can agree that the marriage was a living hell for her.

There is a fandom-wide agreement among the Evil Regals, that say that Regina was raped by Leopold and that explains her behavior later. I think it is a very possible scenario, albeit I also think it was not the writers’ intentions. (Because Adam and Eddie seem unable to recognize that they are writing things that can be interpreted as rape.) I think the narrative only suggests that Regina lived in a very cold and distant marriage, where she was treated like she was nonexistant, like she was  invisible. She was unloved and lonely and she felt trapped. In my headcanon she thought of the sex with Leopold as her duty (beaten into her by her mother), but I also think that this sex became rare as the marriage progressed. But I think the rape also works good as a headcanon.

However, it is clear that the sex with Leopold was not something that helped her discover the sexuality and the power in that. So I have to assume that she had extramarrital affairs during her marriage, since she was seducing the Huntsman right after Leopold’s death.

Now who are the likely suspects?

1. Robin

Robin is not really a serious suspect of mine. Even though people had theories about Page 23, I never treated that as a serious one. However someonethatiamnot’s Iris-verse, especially the first piece,  Against the Wall totally corrupted me.  ;) And I bet it could corrupt anyone. ;) So in an AU verse Regina totally started to open up in her sexuality because she went back to the tavern at least on time and met Robin. (But then ran away, just like in the canon.)

2. Jefferson

Okay, back to the more serious contenders. In 2x05 The Doctor we saw Regina starting to accept Jefferson tentatively as someone she could trust. (The end of the episode showed how this trust was totally misplaced, but it is another question. ) In 1x21 and in 3x12 there were hints that Regina was in several realms beside the Enchanted Forest, presumably with Jefferson. So my headcanon is that there was a time in Regina’s life when she and Jefferson had some secret adventures in the different realms and they had an affair too. At least it explains their encounter in 1x21, when Regina behaves in a way that suggests a past sexual relationship. It is safe to assume that this relationship ended in a way that Regina interpreted as betrayal.

3. Maleficent 

Episode 4x14 was pretty suggestive. The way Kristin and Lana played their roles was heavy with subtext. So I absolutely think that Regina had an affair with Mal during her marriage. It started with her full of anger, but still a bit of innocence remained, and it continued on and off as she sank to the darkness. I don’t picture it as a love-story, altough I do think Mal cared a good deal about Regina and her change to the darkness caused her a lot of worry and pain – but I do think that this relationship taught Regina a lot about her body and sexuality and opened up something that was not there in shy, innocent young Regina.

4. Guards

Regina picked her guards personally and knew their names. I am pretty sure that she did not have an affair with all of them. Not even with most of them. But somehow I doubt that Graham was the first affair when she was the absolute dominant one. With Jefferson, I picture her the more innocent. With Mal, I picture that she was the more inexperience first, and along the way they became equals. But for me it seems logical that there were some (not many) cases, when she had a lover she could dominate.

And that leads us to the original question. Opening up sexually is one part of Regina’s change. She also needed to learn to use her sexuality to her advantage. And that is a completely different topic.

In OUAT it is very common that the villains, especially the female villains are pretty seductive. Even the colder types like Ingrid wear dresses that let not much to the imagination. But some of them are also shown to use their charm in a seductive/threatening way. Regina is definitely one of them. But the fact that the others are similar too, suggests that Regina learned it by interacting with other villains. In my headcanon it had several separate parts, where she could learn it.

a, I imagine Cora used her charms coldly on people when Regina was just a child. And I feel Regina hated that. But like many children who hate something their parent do, but still do that as they grow up, Regina became like Cora in many ways as the years passed. She was not the same. Instead of Cora’s cold manipulation Regina was always hotheaded and passionate, but I feel that the way she treated men as the Evil Queen had much to do with Cora.

b, Rumple’s training could have an effect on her too. Rumple’s treatment of the young women he taught had a strange mix of sexual and non-sexual. The only occasion when he was definitely sexual was with Cora in 2x16, but even when he taught Regina, he always touched her face, he got very close to her, he taunted her, and then threatened her – similar things like she did later.

And actually, I have a headcanon that Regina did not only learned to excercise power on others indirectly, but also DIRECTLY. Like she had to use her charms on a person Rumple pointed to her and get what she wanted. In my head it fits perfectly to Rumple’s plan to make Regina a monster.

c, In my headcanon Rumple introduced Regina to other villains, female villains too, and as she spent some time with them, she took their behavior and added it to hers.

d, Finally, I think she discovered a lot of things on her own, dealing with Sydney, with King George, King Midas. I definitely think that she had nothing sexual with these men, but still Regina could keep them in place by behaving like she did – and as she felt the power of that kind of behavior, it felt good for the Evil Queen she was quickly becoming.

For years she played this game that basically originated on the idea she learned from her mother: There are wolves and there are sheep. And you need to be the wolf or you get eaten. She became the wolf, using her body as an armor, as a weapon. Not necessarily for sex, but definitely for power over the others. She locked her emotions away, because love, true love felt dangerous and threatening. Something to make her weak. And she could not afford to be weak, not after what happened to Daniel. She detached her sexuality from her emotions and for the next 45 years she kept it like this. Until she started to change and her love for her son has changed her. Until the love of the family she wronged changed  her by making her feel like she was one of them. Until she met a man away she could open her heart to, with whom she dared to seem weak and vulnerable and not thinking of sheeps and wolves anymore. 


Time for some “Mills” meta.  I’m just trying to make sense of why would they choose to make Zelena, Regina, and Cora share not just parallels BUT love interests (Rumple, Leopold, Robin) as well, because it’s really messed up.

1. OUAT puts a lot of emphasis on “Choice.”
2. The concept of “Fate; Soulmate vs True Love.”
3. Finding your “Happy Ending.”
4. Fake identities / coercion.

It’s SUPER long.

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Isle of the Lost

A few days ago, I finished reading “Isle of the Lost”, a novel intended to be the prequel to the upcoming “Disney Descendants” movie. I wanted to post my complete thoughts on the book, and some headcanons and assumptions going into the movie I’ve drawn from this prequel. Obviously, I haven’t seen the movie or the actors’ portrayals of these characters, but these are just my thoughts going in from their portrayals in the books.

I have quite a lot to say, so I’m going to throw it under a “read more”. I talk about each of the four villains and how they’re different (or similar) from their animated counterparts, their relationships with their children, the characters of the children themselves, why I think Carlos (Cruella’s son) is gay… It’s a lengthy read, but hopefully an enjoyable one! Obviously there’s spoilers from the book ahead, so don’t click that “read more” unless you’ve either read the book, or you don’t plan on reading the book but want more insight on the upcoming movie!

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Oneshot: Breathe

Could u write one where Regina has an asthma attack when someone was arguing with her? Her inhaler might have been misplaced n Emma helps her… - mysterio-lady

Thanks for the prompt. I don’t own Once or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Regina frowns as the council meeting draws on. She rubs over her chest with a wince as she feels a tightness there. She knows what it means and resists the urge to panic. Just stay calm she pleads with herself just keep breathing at least until you get out of here.

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Where Once Upon A Time went wrong: part 2

There can be darkness without the characters losing their light. I personally find a story has more depth as its world and circumstances grow darker. Darkness can even be attractive to the characters at some point. But romanticizing every villain, destroying redemption, and darkening the heroes does not enable the story to grow. Where is the good in trying to add drama by twisting the beloved heroes? These heroes can be flawed, yes. But to make them first boring and then self-righteous and willing to lie to their only daughter? That is not beautiful storytelling. This right here is saying, “start a hero, and you won’t stay good for long or if you remain good, you’ll be sacrificed for no reason.” 

They destroyed one hero by killing Neal. He was a beautifully flawed hero whose story was centered around sacrifice and forgiveness. His arc was layered and intertwined with several characters. Rumplestiltskin was already a deep character, and the chance to see his relationship grow with his son would have been beautiful. Here are two struggling souls who are trying to do the right thing, one succeeding more than the other. They could have come to an understanding amidst their years of separation and hurt. Neal could have learned that if he ever wanted Emma to understand and forgive him, he would have to be able to forgive his father. And not just in one hug after almost losing the other. There was plenty of room to grow in these relationships. Rumple was so close to leaving his darkness behind. Although he came close to giving into the temptation regarding Henry as his undoing, he instead faced his worst fear to save his grandson. He was opening up to focusing on those he loved. I mean, he literally gave his life to save his son, Belle, and everyone else. That’s a pretty powerful moment in his redemption arc. So here is an antihero figure and a hero figure ruined.

But why stop there? Because villains need happy endings, heroes cannot stay heroes, the writers seem to convey. Snow and Charming had their fair share of troubles in season one, and it showed that they were not perfect. David, wanting to be with the woman to whom he gave his heart and promised to be with for the rest of his life (his cursed self just didn’t know it) made some pretty major mistakes. And in trying to do what he thought was right, he ended up hurting both Snow and Katherine. Later, he keeps that he’s poisoned from Snow, out of desire to protect his family. In the Enchanted Forest, he was mostly a classic hero-type although he does get prideful and vengeful. In the Enchanted Forest, Snow at a point considered killing. Later, in Storybrooke, she did kill out of defense. The certain situation was quite shady, but it was done in defense. Amidst these troubles and temptations, Snow and Charming maintained a very strong, trusting, and beautiful relationship. They often come clean when they are wrong and they are most concerned about their family and their people. They constantly encourage people to have hope and faith. Though sometimes doubtful, they want to give people a second chance. Regarding this, they were majorly kind to Regina, who had tried to kill them and their family on numerous accounts. 

Emma certainly wasn’t perfect. She begins the first season with walls up, and it takes Henry and Mary Margaret/Snow to break them down. She was hurt from her rough past, especially because she thought the one person she loved had lied the whole time and that their relationship was a scam. She had major trust issues but she was slowly learning to open up to her son and her parents. She made some rash decisions but her heart was always in the right place. She yelled at Regina and was sometimes a bit out of hand, regarding the Henry issue. But never has Emma been dark. She was emotionally traumatized in Neverland during which her son was captured and she thought Neal, who she had just confessed she loved, was dead. In this time, she had a lot of self doubt and she uttered some harsh words to her loved ones. She has been amidst darkness and has even lost hope sometimes, but she never lost the light. There was goodness in her and she just wanted to protect and be with those she loved. She was true hero, as were her parents and Neal, and they earned this status. They remained good despite struggles and hurt.

This is why I loved this show. The characters were flawed and relatable, and they had complex relationships. They were also good and pure. They overcame struggles, and there was so much symbolism of light and dark. One of my favorite moments is “Love is weakness. No, it’s strength.” This here is what the show was about. “The Miller’s Daughter” was a great episode that showed two very different relationships of Rumple’s, a twisted one with Cora, and a beautiful one with Belle. Also in this episode there is a scene with Neal and Rumple in which Rumple finally confesses to him his deep regret and desire to say “I’m sorry and I love you.” This is not a villain. He is working towards becoming a better man. That said, he still has work to do to earn others’ complete trust. Where Once Upon A Time really went wrong was in ruining Rumple and Belle’s wedding. This was supposed to be a pivotal moment in his redemption arc, because in marrying Belle that means he was able to forgive and love himself. He was being entirely selfless, putting Belle first. But the writers decided to add drama by having him deceive Belle and then marry her on a lie. How terrible of a decision this was. His character really has not been good since 3x11 when he sacrificed himself.

I love when villains redeem themselves, but I hate when they are falsely elevated to the title of hero. We cannot just celebrate one good deed of a villain. When he is the only one who knows there is a cure for poison on a dark and unknown island, saving someone is the right thing to do. Expecting praise or a reward in a kiss from a woman you had recently harmed is not a hero’s attribute. Or if said pirate was told an old friend (who he completely betrayed for entirely selfish reasons) was alive, it is his duty to inform those he loves. And when this pirate relentlessly pursues a woman, who is emotionally traumatized at first and then later dealing with conflicting feelings, and she tells him NO several times, he is certainly not a hero. He does not apologize to those he has tried to kill more than once: Belle. Or show any remorse for recent foul actions. And then after losing the woman he (suddenly) was in love with, he returns to villainy when arriving back in the enchanted forest. He should not be applauded as man of the year for turning in his ship (a good deed, yes) to go back to the person of his desires…once again, purely selfish. This pirate can still become a hero but he has not proved himself one, so he should not be considered one.

As the show stands now, relationships are tainted. Snow and Charming are written to be bumbling self-righteous fools, Emma is an emotional wreck who (despite having trust issues) is an a relationship with an untrustworthy and incredibly forceful person, Rumbelle has been obliterated. The potential for Regina and Robin Hood was destroyed when they brought Marian back, followed by Robin being an unfaithful husband sleeping with another woman while his wife was frozen. Dark and light are now mixed as heroes seem stupid and villains are attractive and pitied. If they want their happy ending, they will do the right thing and not give up when things are rough. That is what the heroes do and it is what earns them their happy ending.
So these are the many reasons why I am not a current Oncer. I am an avid fan of the first 55 episodes. And I will love my characters for who they are up to that point.

Friendships during OUA(Hook): Did the writers deliver on their promise to get back to that S1 feeling ?

There have been a lot of complaints that Hook Emma’s arc, and ruined the show, during 5A. But I think this is misguided. The writers actually did deliver on their promise to get back to the “Main Cast” (which I address in THIS POST). They also made good on their promise to return to that S1 feeling of the show - and they did it by returning to one of the early, and most important themes of OUAT - Friendship. 

One of the things that made S1 so great was the interconnectedness of all the characters.  In recent seasons this has been lost as the focus has moved largely to guest chararcters, “ships”, and the Charming/Mills family dynamic. We haven’t gotten as much time with the “core cast” interacting with secondary characters, and almost no time of the secondary cast interacting with, well… each other.

We got a bit of this in 4B with the return of August and Pinocchio and the growing friendship between Hook and Belle, but the season revolved largely around the guest stars and the Charming/Swan/Mills family dynamic.

In contrast, 5A was actually pretty great with regards to interactions with and between both main and secondary cast members. We saw the return of some familiar faces and friendships, and even though many of the interactions were short lived, the writers succeeded in bringing back that early OUAT feeling - the feeling that all of these characters, big and small, had met Once Upon A Time.

Captain Hood - The ultrasound scene was fantastic! Two fairy tale characters bonding over the unfamiliar world they find themselves in and the complicated love lives they lead - this is OUAT at it’s finest. And Hook seeking Robin’s help with Excalibur signaled a growing friendship between the two men.

Henry and Violet - Henry FINALLY interacting with SOMONE HIS OWN AGE! Henry interacting with someone that wasn’t a mother or a grandparent! Need I say more?

Belle and Blue - this was unexpected, we haven’t really seen these two interact before. But aside from the B&TB rose it was a nice scene because we got a rare glimpse of Blue being…not shady. And the recognition that Belle IS a valuable member of the cast and a needed component of “team hero”.

Lancelot and the Charmings - it was ironic to see the man who officiated the wedding of  the ultimate True Love couple thrown back into their lives as a source for marital drama! And thank God he wasn’t really Cora this time!

Captain Cobra - the season opened with a continuation of the type of Save Emma team up we saw in the 4B as Hook and Henry worked together to reach Camelot.  And Operation Light Swan and the barn scene where Henry hides Hook and Emma from Violet were both nice nods to the ongoing and familial development between the boys Emma loves.

Charming and Arthur - sure Arthur turned out to be a villain, and he’s not part of the main cast, but it’s always nice to get a Charming centric in which David’s life doesn’t completely revolve around MM.

Ruby and Mulan - I’ll admit that I would have liked to see these ladies brought back into the show with the main cast as opposed to Dunbroch, but I was still glad to see their return and their OUAT Angels team-up with Merida was just the kind of strong female episode that OUAT prides itself upon.  

Hooked Queen - it started off rough but the bickering eventually turned to concern for one another, the bon mots gave way to heartfelt pleas about overcoming the darkness and there were even call backs to past adventures and common ground. Even if it the scenes in the finale were retconned, the relationship development between these two that took place this season was long overdue.

Belle and Grumpy - such a small scene at the ball. But nice that the writers are finally acknowleging some of the friendships they set up in the past that have been neglected.

Snow White and the Dwarves - the writers finally acknowledged that they’ve sidelined the Dwarves for far too long - and they did it in a Humorous way. Nice to see them along for the trip to Camelot, and with Snow and Charming in the finale. And their reprised role as “town line testers” was great. It was also great to see them acting as a unit again - working together in the mines - and complaining to the Charmings about their Dark One daughter.

Granny and Emma - one quick hug to remind us of the love between these two, but like the Dwarves it was nice to see Granny back in on the action and adventure, nice to see her back by the Charmings’ side, and nice to see her with that crossbow again - ready to defend Emma and Henry from the most powerful sorcerer in all the realms!

Snow White and Ruby - we only got the one scene, and even if it was retconned it was beautiful. This friendship was a keystone of the show in S1 and something many fans have missed - and hopefully we can look forward to seeing more in 5B

Belle and Merida - again, like Charming and Arthur this pairing features a guest character. But we generally only get to see Belle get one centric a season - and it’s during these team ups with female guest characters that she really shines. Belle’s journey to Dunbroch was no exception to this rule - it’s too bad the writers couldn’t manage to have her run into Mulan during this episode - fingers crossed for 5b!

Emma and Gold - interactions between these two are always interesting and rarely friendly. But despite Rumple’s betrayal in the finale these two are now bound via their common Dark One experience. The interactions between Emma and Clippy!Rumple set this up nicely - and it was brought to life when real life and un-Dark Gold lectured Emma on being overconfident and always trying to do things on her own. It will be interesting to see how their dynamic plays out in 5B - as Rumple is the reason Hook’s sacrifice was meaningless…but also the reason Emma has a means for reuniting with him.

Regina and Grumpy - this one may have been the most surprising of all! We heard that Regina would be the savior - she had so much self doubt about her ability to lead the town, to have people trust in her.  And in the end it was GRUMPY, the dwarf who once snarked about poison being the secret ingredient in her lasagna, who confirmed Regina’s status as the person with the ability to save the town! 

I’m sure there are more than I’ve mentioned here. If you think of a non-ship and non Charming/Swan/Mills relationship that was explored in 5A feel free to add it!

Preference #11.5 Watching 'Frozen' [Requested]

Allison: “He’s the bad guy. I can feel it.” Allison stated in a hushed whisper, grabbing a handful of buttered popcorn from the bowl on the coffee table.  The sofa pillow shifted under the movement of the brunette cuddling closer to you, a content dimpled smirk on her delicate feline features as she nuzzled her cheekbone against your shoulder. “He wants to marry her. How does that make him the bad guy?” You giggled, throw off by the brunette’s off handed observation. Neither of you had seen the film before, it was nearly impossible to watch a full length movie with your girlfriend constantly jabbering. The quirk was oddly endearing, her hushed whispers and perpetual movement was like that of a toddler. “Who wants to marry someone minutes after meeting?” She questioned rhetorically, pausing a beat before finishing the thought aloud. “A villain, that’s who.” A jovial laugh interrupted the momentary silence, warm mouth pressing an affectionate kiss to her forehead, you murmured against her lavender scented silken chestnut tendrils. “I must be a villain because minutes after meeting you I was in love.” The huntress cooed overdramatically, skillful hands cradling your face in her palms as she peppered kisses on your face.

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