cora rant

I wish people could understand why the ‘LGBT’ fans of Mass Effect are so upset over no homosexual characters being confirmed. It isn’t that we want everything to be gay. It’s that, how fucked up was it that Male Shepard didn’t get to have the availability to be gay until the very last game? Kaidan became available and then they added Steve Cortez.

Aside from the fact that some people didn’t really care for either. Plain and simple, it’s fucked that we had to wait. Even Femshep. She only got Traynor if you really want to get technical about Asari being monogender.

And people shouldn’t be getting upset if someone wants a certain character to bisexual. Plain and simple, we just want an awesome ‘quality’ romance just like all the straight romances. I don’t think that’s unfair to ask for. We all just want the same Andromeda experience at the end of day whether you’re straight or queer.

Malia Rant

Okay so God knows I hate Malia and that is not just because of Stalia but the way they handled her character is HORRIBLE.But lately something came to my mind when I was thinking of Teen Wolf’s older seasons, Erica, who was meant to be Stiles’s love interest but the actress left the show, is a shewolf who Derek recruited her to be on his pack.I loved her back story and her character development was on point 👌 she actually had so much potential! But then when Gage Golightly left, Jeff comes up with Cora, another shewolf, related to Derek (his sister) and also meant to be Stiles’s love intrest…Hmm…I’m beginning to sense a pattern here…But then Adelaide leaves Teen Wolf (and i’m glad she did, she is killing it on Reign) but Jeff wasn’t having that! He adds another love intrest for Stiles, also related to Derek but this time a werecayote! First Erica then Cora and now Malia?? What the hell is going on?!? Why does he keep recycling the same character?! What is so important about it?!? Cora was more or less a copy of Erica and Malia is basically a cheap version of Cora!! This needs to stop!!!!

it’s not that I hate Malia. It’s that the writers are telling me that I have to love her. They are putting her smack dab in the middle of stuff without really having a build up even a little one really.

And to me it feels like when my mom used to make me wear a dress. Like I will wear a dress when I want to wear a dress. But you demand I wear a dress and then curl my hair so it doesn’t look so messy. You better fucking believe I am not only going to do a hand stand in said dress in front of your friend but I am also going to sit cross legged in church and climb a tree literally the second you take your eyes off me.

If you just show me a dress and let me learn to like the dress without hyping it up and making me brush my hair I will eventually put said dress on. 

Does that make sense?