Custom Funko Cora Mills

Cora took a fair bit of work.  She was made with a first gen Queen of Hearts (Live Action Alice in Wonderland) and a Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s).  The head on the QoH is pretty much useless for anything else but you should try to take it off anyway because you want to keep as much height on the neck as you can when you cut it off.  You will need a TON of coats of paint on the body for some reason it was just hard to get theright red.  Otherwise it’s just a bit of trusting your hand.  The only modification to the head was painting a little red on her head piece.

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Once Upon a Time as a subversive take on fairy tales 

This is going to be (probably) the first explanatory post re-cast series. I mean it’s no secret that Once Upon a Time basically fails to be subversive, sometimes managing to be even more conservative than Victorian tales and the Grimm Brothers (ha ha fuck the Grim Brothers). And more often than not destroying whatever significance original mythologies (ahem, the Underworld arc, Orpheus and Eurydice. Seriously he gets torn to shreds by nymphs after he becomes a misogynist. If only) and more recently Jekyll and Hyde (HOW? It’s like crashing a car in the desert). 

Anyway the re-cast is meant to be everything the show isn’t. Racially diverse and well, gay af. Planned & Endgame Swan Queen. So I’m gonna start explaining my reasoning for each re-cast and probably do a new post for when I have the other cast members. Links to each edit are in the actors’ names. They all have playlists because why the hell not. 

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notoriouscs  asked:

I could bombard you with infinity of these plot hole asks. Will start with last night. Why did Hook and Charming not need enchanted cuffs to climb the beanstalk? Also why did Charmz act like Hook going up by himself was certain death, but if they both went, piece of cake?

As it turns out the queen of hearts is not always the most honest of allies.  And Captain Hook can be a bit fickle in his alliances as well.  As such when the queen of hearts and captain hook form an alliance,  both prepare for the 

As such, Cora may have been … exaggerating slightly when she informed Hook that it was impossible to climb the beanstalk without that little bit of magic.  

What the cuff ACTUALLY does, is increase the rate of aerobic exchange in the lungs,  thus allowing for witty banter while climbing the beanstalk.  You see,  it is a very tall beanstalk and Cora hates to travel alone.  It’s boring and too quiet,  and Killian Jones is an interesting conversationalist if nothing else.  

This is also why Emma and Killian were able to banter so freely while climbing up into the thin air at the top of the beanstalk!

I know,  this got long,  I assure you the answer to your second question is far simpler.  Why did charming act like Hook going alone was certain death but going up together was fine? 

Look,  his mate just got married… and you know how when your mate gets married and suddenly ALL he wants to do is talk about how in love he is  and how they made each other better and fought for their love and all that sappy nonsense when all you asked him was ‘you wanna get lunch’?  

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Let’s face it.  Charming missed his mate.  This was Charming taking advantage of some quality bro-bonding time! Simple as that!

New inbox game!  Send me a ONCE plot hole and I will confidently and absurdly fill it for you.  

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