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So, how'd Scott get along with the squad & crew once he eventually is introduced to them?

Ooh, well…

He and Liam hit it off right away. Scott was a bit more withdrawn for a while after what happened with the Kett, a response to the trauma he went through, and Liam was determined to help him get through it. It’s really common to find them playing coop games in Liam’s room, usually with bouts of shouting at the top of their lungs. They get along pretty damn well.

He already knew Cora and respects her. He’s surprised she’s not the Pathfinder after learning what happened to Alec, and is a little surprised at how good humoured she is over the situation. Sometimes, when his thoughts are getting to him, he helps her with her plants. They don’t talk much during those times, but her presence is a comforting one. She ends up being like a sister to him.

He’s a little unsure of Jaal at first, mostly because he’s never met an angara before, and he doesn’t quite know what to make of him. The fact that he and Sara are together doesn’t help much, just because Scott was so close to losing her that he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. In time, as Scott recovers and comes to know Jaal, they get on fairly well - Liam helped by roping Jaal into video game time. Now Scott spends his time feeding Jaal all the valuable intel on Sara’s youth and how to make her blush.

Peebee promised not to tackle Scott when she met him because, y’know he’s still a bit traumatised, but she still won’t slow down for him. She goes a mile a minute, and Scott actually ends up warming right up to her. She tells him about all the places she’s been to and the things they found - he spends half his time listening and the other half grumbling that he missed all of those cool discoveries. Peebee helped him find his way back out of his shell.

Drack, having already adopted Sara, immediately adopted Scott the moment he met him and sends him pictures of guns to cheer him up. Honestly, Scott loves Drack because whilst he loved his father, Alec was distant and their relationship was strained. Drack ends up providing that bit of fatherly care that Scott never really got from Alec.

Scott respects Vetra, especially after learning about what happened with Sid and their lives. He knows how it is, to love your sibling so much you’d do anything for them, but Vetra has given up so much for her sister and to be that dedicated is worthy of respect. Not to mention she knows how to get a hold of all the things he likes but hasn’t been able to find for whatever reason. However he’s given up trying to explain human boardgames to her.

Gil is someone else that Scott hits it off with quickly, given their taste in humour they get into bouts of wit very quickly. Gil gets in on video game time, at first to see what all the noise from Liam’s room is about. All in all, they end up being pretty damn good friends, though Scott owes him a lot of credits. He learns never to play poker with Gil ever again. He certainly doesn’t understand how Sara keeps beating him.

Lexi is someone Scott ends up seeing regularly for a while, mostly for health check ups and the like. She’s more laid back than he remembers, more confident in dealing with her patients and not taking any shit at all. It certainly ends up being much easier to banter with her during their sessions than he thought it would be.

Kallo’s a good pilot and obviously a friend of Sara’s, so Scott is generally polite to him, though they’re not particularly close. Sometimes though, Kallo invites Scott to come sit up on the bridge to watch the view. A quiet moment of contemplation away from the noise of the rest of the ship.

Suvi has some interesting views, though Scott doesn’t really share them. Still he respects them, and they’re generally amiable. He understands when she talks about things she’ll miss about the Milky Way, as he feels the same way every now and then. Sometimes it’s nice to have a cup of tea with her and talk about anything really.

When in Doubt - Blame Cora

The only reason Anastasia didn’t meet Will at the wagon was because Cora showed her that he wasn’t waiting for her.

The only reason Will wasn’t there waiting for her was because Cora convinced him that Anastasia wasn’t coming.

Almost every problem in the OUAT multiverse can somehow be traced back to Cora “Mother Knows Best" Mills and it is utterly infuriating.