cora cs shipper

How it'll go down with Cora:
  • Regina: mother? :,)
  • Cora: Regina my dear daughter I've missed you.
  • Regina: mother why didn't you tell me I had a sister?
  • Cora: ah yes. Zelena. I've been watching from above. You must destroy her Regina.
  • Regina: we know. She's up to some curse. No doubt it'll be bad.
  • Cora: curse? Curse? I don't care about some stupid curse.
  • Regina: then why do you want her destroyed?
  • Cora: *looks tearfully at Emma and Killian*
  • Cora: *whispers* she's messing with my OTP.

In which Cora and Zelena ship it, Henry is pleased, and David and Snow are torn.

Inspired in part by this post by blowmiakisscolin and by this post by hooked-on-hiddles