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Hello everyone!

Here are the first dates for the Mass Effect Andromeda Appreciation Weeks (followed by the blog hosting the week). Thank you to all hosts!

May 1 to May 7: MEA Appreciation Week (general) - @heleusdaily
May 8 to May 14: Ryder Appreciation Week - @everythingryder
May 15 to May 21: Krogan Appreciation Week - @that-lizard-hunch
May 22 to May 28:  /
May 29 to June 4: Drack Appreciation Week - @nakmordrackweek
June 5 to June 11:
June 12 to June 18: Cora Appreciation Week - @coraappreciationweek
June 19 to June 25: Vetra Appreciation Week - @continuousspec
June 26 to July 2: Reyes Appreciation Week - @right-in-the-andromeda
July 3 to July 9:  Gil Appreciation Week - @gilbroody
July 10 to July 16: Sloane Appreciation Week - @omegastation
July 17 to July 23: Liam Appreciation Week - @peebeeandgay
July 24 to July 30: Jaal Appreciation Week - @magicrobins
July 31 to August 6: Angara Appreciation Week - @feralsaarebas
August 7 to August 13: Nexus Leader & Personnel Week - @14months-stillnotoiletpaper
August 14 to August 20: Suvi Appreciation Week - @omegastation
August 21 to August 27: Lexi Appreciation Week - @forensicdaffodil
August 28 to September 3: Kallo Appreciation Week - @kalloappreciationweek
September 4 to September 10: LGBTQIA+ Characters Week - @continuousspec
September 11 to September 17: Pathfinders Appreciation Week - @pathfinder-helius
September 18 to September 24: Peebee Appreciation Week -@heckyeahpeanutbutter

Other Appreciation weeks (such as Ryders of Color Week) will have dates confirmed soon!



Time for Appreciation Weeks!!! To celebrate all the characters of MEA and have fun together!!!

Here is a list, we’re looking for hosts:
-General MEA Appreciation Week: host is @ryderkosta / @heleusdaily
-Ryder Appreciation Week: host is @spacedivaas
-Cora Appreciation Week: host is @thecoraharper
-Liam Appreciation Week: host is @peebeeandgay
-Peebee Appreciation Week: host is @spacedivaas
-Drack Appreciation Week: host is @rock-paperback-scissors
-Jaal Appreciation Week: host is @magicrobins
-Vetra Appreciation Week: host is @continuousspec
-Kallo Appreciation Week: host is @pathfinder-raeka
-Lexi Appreciation Week: host is @forensicdaffodil
-Gil Appreciation Week: host is @homoryder
-Suvi Appreciation Week: host is @omegastation
-Angara Appreciation Week (Avela, Moshae, Efvra, Vehn, …): host is @feralsaarebas
-Nexus Leaders & Personnel Appreciation Week (Tann, Kesh, Addison, Kandros, Vladimir, …): host is @silentstephi
-Krogan Appreciation Week (Morda, Kesh, Vorn, …): host is @shrug-viper
-Pathfinders Appreciation Week: host is @lux-aurumque
-Reyes Vidal Appreciation Week: host is @right-in-the-vhenan
-Sloane Kelly Appreciation Week: host is @omegastation

Once we have all hosts, we’ll work on the ideal dates for those weeks. If you want to know more about what it’s like to host, here is an idea. 

If you’re interested, can you reply to the post or contact me? Thanks :) 
You can also send me ideas for more Appreciation Weeks, I’ll edit the post!


Mass Effect™: Andromeda - Biotic Goddesses

I feel that Cora is not appreciated enough. I think what she lacks in conversational and social skills, she makes up a lot by being a good friend and an exceptional biotic wielder. Her lack of conversational and social skills is not her fault either. She was outcast as kid due to her biotic power so it’s not surprising that she finds it difficult to connect to others.

Despite that, Cora always expresses her concern for Ryder’s well-being. Her biotic ability is exceptonally top-notch and I believe that she was the one whose power deflected the missiles back to the Kett ship in her loyalty mission. If your character also possesses biotic or tech abilities, she’s the perfect team mate to bring into battle for deadly combo detonation.

maidenandwolf  asked:

Cora could have so easily been written as angry & bitter toward Ryder for becoming the Pathfinder, but other than a bit of frustration at the beginning, she was always the most steadfast in her support. She always seemed to be there to reassure Ryder & to remind everyone that, yes, Ryder may be inexperienced, but they ARE the Pathfinder. I don't really know what my point was. Just appreciating Cora. Also, I romanced Reyes, so she was the one to speak to me before the final mission. It was nice.

I saw a post saying the exact opposite and it bothered me so much.
When she reminds Ryder of their role and the authority that comes with it, I don’t see it as “you’re the pathfinder and I’m not” criticism but as her trying to give them the legitimacy and reverence that comes with the role. She clearly respects the difference in their positions. She is wistful of what could have been, but immediately puts it aside and is always in a “what do you need me to do?” mood when it comes to missions.

I also find that her “why not me?” questions regarding the fact that Alec didn’t chose her never turns into a why Ryder?“ question. It’s not about why Ryder was chosen, it’s why she wasn’t. She tries to understand her flaws, she doesn’t question others and their competence.

And she’s very supportive, yes. It was lovely talking to her before the final fight. (I think Liam is like that too, btw.)


Was gonna save this for the final day of #dwarf appreciation week, but I’m too excitedI decided to do some quick colored doodles of a few of the awesome Cadashes that grace my dash. These girls belong to some great artists, writers and people! … except for Oda, she belongs to me :P

ThievingHippoMomochanners,TheRussetSparrowNeedlesslyCripticCookiesdfgHorticulturalCephalopod & WardenAeducan,

thecoraharper  asked:

We also need a Cora appreciation week tbh?? The hate she gets is ridiculous as well, you can't even go into her tag without being overwhelmed by people bashing her, it's maddening.

What’s wrong with people????? Cora is amazing!!!!

Wanna host it? We just need to have dates fixed for all weeks

thecoraharper replied to your post “We also need a Cora appreciation week tbh?? The hate she gets is…”

People have all kinds of reasons to hate her apparently?? Because she’s a woman, because she’s white, because she won’t shut up about the Asari, because she has the most romance content yadda yadda it’s just bad. I’ve never hosted anything like this but I guess there’s a first time for everything, I’m totally down for it tbh !!

Nice nice 

I’m trying to find someone to host Liam week now so we can pick the dates. I have this anxiety about fandom events happening at the same time