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Layered Gallery in London

A ghost of the previous volumes, a tree in the garden, layers of nature and screening, privacy and display. A space to look at art, to sit, to contemplate. A place made from the elements of rusting steel, brick, glass, and light.

The private gallery for an art collector designed by Gianni Botsford provides a space to view and sort parts of the collection prior to hanging in the rest of the house. Conceived as part of the garden landscape, the Cor Ten extension is built to provide additional layers for the use of the garden- a room that opens out as a balcony, a room that serves as the gallery space, a concealed WC, and a protected outdoor space that serves as an outdoor kitchen.

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tu tens essa mania de esbarrar pelos cantos e se encantar pela cor, tu tens essa mania de amar olhares, e é por isto que eu não sirvo para ti, tu dizes que meus olhos são da ônix, comuns, para ser mais exata. mas em suma, eu sempre discordei das tuas analíses deficientes. tu tens essa mania de acreditar que tudo o que eu escrevo é para ti, e procura se ler no momento em que eu estou odiando o vizinho por não deixar eu ler machado de assis. e só assim eu percebo que em todas as vezes que eu me odiei por não conseguir realizar teus desejos, estava me auto castigando por alguém que não tem mais que uma vida, que não vive, só existe. abandonar-me foi o melhor presente que tu me deu, suas inúteis palavras mentirosas em blocos de papéis expostas nas paredes do meu quarto, amassarei e farei questão de ir pessoalmente te fazer engolir, quem sabe assim tu te sufoca com tuas mentiras e quem sabe assim, tu não aprende?! agora eu me sinto leve, em paz e serena como minha existência me permite ser, e só mais uma coisa, se permita saber, tu és tão podre que até o esgoto tem nojo de ti.
-alma de cosmos.

Sick Baby | Baby Kari (oc) x Papa!Cor | Fluff

This cute thought came to mind earlier and I really wanted to write it, so much that I did it on my phone which is abnormal for me to write a fic on my phone. The OC belongs to @themissimmortal her name is Karina - Kari for short.

Fluff for Moosh! 💕💕

Baby!Kari x Papa!Cor

Cor was at a loss, he really was as the small two year old in front of him was suffering from a bad cold, her little nose red and puffy from sneezing like crazy. He thought at first it was just allergies as she was not looking too bad. Though when they came back from their morning run pulling her out of the jogger-stroller her adorable little face was puffy and she had a strong runny nose.

“Oh little Kari…” Cor said as she let out a pathetic sneeze, she started to cry loudly as tears sprung from her big blue eyes staring at him.

The sad little look on her round cheeks melted Cor’s heart, she looked so cute even when she was sick. Her chubby hands reaching out to him as she coughed, unsnapping her from the stroller Cor pulled his baby to his chest holding her close to his chest. Patting her back gently he moved to the bathroom to the medicine cabinet pulling out the thermometer.

“Da-da.” Kari cried out as he propped her on his left hip reaching for the baby asprin.

“I know sweetie, I wonder where you got that cold from perhaps when we on that excursion with Clarus yesterday? You being a little trooper and dealing with it. Making daddy proud.” Cor said as he placed the thermometer on the setting on armpit, placing it there she sneezed on the side of Cor’s face.

She giggled as saw the disgusted look on Cor’s face as he felt snot drop down his face. All he could think of that at least it’s not vomit. Looking at the tiny monitor as Kari grabbed at the thermometer as he read the screen a low grade fever.

“Poor baby that’s high, how about some pudding and take this medicine for me?” He questioned his little daughter.

Being her young age even though she was quite smart she still didn’t quite understand what her father had to say. He grabbed a tissue from the box clearing up use nose first having her blow into it, she started to cough afterwards. Patting her back gently he cleaned up his face heading to the kitchen trying to ease her coughing as the fit was getting crazy.

As he opened the fridge pulling out a chocolate pudding, Kari burped then vomited on Cor, right over his shoulder down his grey tank top he was wearing. Letting out a exhausted sigh Cor looked over at his sick daughter who had bits of vomit in on her chin, her tears started again.

Her crying was loud in his ears as she started wailing crazily. He hugged her to him after he cleaned her and himself up. Sitting her on the counter Cor opened the pudding cup taking a small spoon placing the baby aspirin mixed in with it.

“Open wide sweetie~.” Cor called out in a sweet baby voice tone to her, trying to calm her down and get her to take the meds then sleep.

Kari kept fussing batting away the spoon crying and fussing in her pain. Cor felt bad for his daughter as she was in so much pain and this was the only thing he had to make her feel better. Little Kari was not one for her medicine she always fought him on it generally going for the pill in the pudding trick. But he guessed this time was not going to work.

“Come on Kari sweet just one bite for daddy?” Cor asked after ten tries wearing more of the pudding than anything.

He was feeling desperate now as she was coughing, sneezing and crying. She let out a wail waving her little fist around in frustration with a quick move Cor placed the last bit of chocolate pudding in his daughters mouth. She swallowed it Cor let out a relieved sigh as he took her in his arms placing kisses on her head patting her back praising her.

“Not so bad right sweetie?” Cor asked as he brought her to the couch hugging her close as they curled up together.

Cleaning her up from her running nose, rubbing her back Cor started to hum a lullaby to her. Soon the whines started to calm down and Kari snuggled onto Cor’s chest gripping gently on the tank top. She was so adorable sleeping like that even with some snot dripping from her tiny nose, her mouth open from her blocked nasal passage. Smoothing her hair back some placing a kiss to her forehead as he started to doze off himself.

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Os campos de trigo não me lembram coisa alguma. E isso é triste. Mas tu tens cabelo cor de ouro. Então será maravilhoso quando me tiveres cativado. O trigo, que é dourado, fará lembrar-me de ti. E eu amarei o barulho do vento no trigo.
—  O Pequeno Príncipe. 
Um amor talvez correspondido

Pode ser que esteja me iludindo
E você esteja rindo
Eu sei bem o que sinto
Mas se você perguntar se te quero,eu minto
Há tantas probabilidades de que pode ser real
Aquele dia foi assim
Toda vez que eu ia te olhar você ja estava à muito tempo olhando pra mim
A cada olhar nosso dado, um sorriso disfarçado
Meu sentimento escondido,mas quando você manda mensagem,meu mundo fica colorido
Eu devo ser uma pirralha pra você
Nunca vou te dizer
Porque vai ser difícil entender
Que eu gosto de você
Já tive muitos amores
Mas com você é diferente
Eu dou um sorriso a cada “bom dia moça ”
Me lembro de cor cada frase sua
“Tens um belo sorriso moça ”
Nunca vou me esquecer
O que você fez comigo?
A primeira pessoa que me conquistou pelo que tem dentro e não fora
Talvez seja isso o porquê de eu gostar tanto assim de você
Eu não me apaixonei pelo seu físico em vão
E sim Me apaixonei pelo seu coração

Mas se tu me cativas, minha vida será como que cheia de sol. Conhecerei o barulho de passos que será diferente dos outros. Os outros me fazem entrar debaixo da terra. O teu me chamará para fora como música. E depois, olha! Vês, lá longe, o campo de trigo? Eu não como pão. O trigo para mim é inútil. Os campos de trigo não me lembram coisa alguma. E isso é triste! Mas tu tens cabelo cor de ouro. E então serás maravilhoso quando me tiverdes cativado. O trigo que é dourado fará lembrar-me de ti. E eu amarei o barulho do vento do trigo.
—  O Pequeno Príncipe

a sculpture by Marte.Marte architekten, is placed over the ruins of two ancient roman structures, offering important insight on the settlement, located in the feldkirch region of austria. ‘roman villa’ uses cor-ten steel to lend the design a sense of permanence and gravitas, allowing the excavation site to become a landmark in its own right.

“Edmund de Waal:  ten thousand things at #GagosianBeverlyHills ends this Thursday, February 18th.

The exhibition title “ten thousand things” derives from a longer phrase by John Cage about work, endless repetition, and unfolding, a citation inspired by the Taoist metaphor of indefinite multitude that underscores Chinese modular patterns of thought.
Image: the ten thousand things, for John Cage, XX, 2015, 3 porcelain vessels and Cor-Ten steel block in aluminum box, 17 11/16 × 17 11/16 × 7 ½ inches (45 × 45 × 19 cm) © Edmund de Waal

David Hammons, Pissed Off, 1981. Photographed by Dawoud Bey.

“Richard Serra was on a roll in NYC in 1980. In the run-up to the debut of Tilted Arc, he had two Cor-Ten sculptures installed in Tribeca: St John’s Rotary Arc was in the exit plaza of the Holland Tunnel, and T.W.U. was in front of the Franklin St. entrance for the IND subway. It was named for the Transport Workers Union, which had just gone on an 11-day strike as the sculpture was being installed. By 1981, T.W.U. was looking a little beat, strewn with empties, and covered with wheatpasted flyers and graffiti. That’s when Dawoud Bey shot a series of photos of David Hammons pissing on the sculpture.”