I’ve decided to make a figure in a day in order to get faster!

This is Coqui, my twin sister’s character, Coqui, for a comic she will produce soon. He is very small and fits in the palm of my hand. He is a gift for our dear friend, Thepuddingcup. 

Here is a quick reference my twin did of him.

Sculpey Firm, Vallejo paints. :) Bottom row is Coqui before painting (primed and sanded).

Throwback Thursday‬!

This is the original booklet I used to learn to read in ‪‎Puerto Rico‬ (circa 1984). It is called Nuestra Cartilla Fonética and it was a standard in almost every school on the island. I saved it for all these years and recently realized that it teaches 3 Puerto Rican words:

  • COQUÍ (native frog)
  • CHINA (orange fruit)
  • JUEY (crab)

I don’t think you would see any of them in any other version of a Cartilla Fonética -Diana 

Here is my story:

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Let’s talk for a moment about Coqui’s.  They’re frogs that are native to Puerto Rico and they’re usually about the size of a quarter.  They also happen to be incredibly loud for their size.  They’re named for the “coo-kee” sound that the males make (and the females make a high pitched “peeeeee~’ noise).  If you go to Puerto Rico on a quiet night an whistle like a coqui, suddenly the entire area will fill with the sound of these little guys.  Sometimes during the day, if you do the same thing ("coo-KEE”) a single female will reply back (“peeeeeee~”).  Cutest damn frog ever.