Portrait of soprano Mattiwilda Dobbs as Queen Shemakhan in Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera, “Le coq d'or.” Stamped on back: “Photograph by Helga Sharland, 40 St. Margarets Rd., Edgware, Middx. Phone: STO. 7864.” Handwritten on back: “Mattiwilda Dobbs.” 1954.

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library

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Jack is clueless about baking and cooking but there is one thing he can make really really well, like possibly better than Bitty, and it's coq au vin. His grandmere used to make it and it's something he grew up knowing how to do. But ask him to make pancakes and he has no idea what the f to do.

I got a lot of requests to continue the Chubby History Buff!Jack AU. While this isn’t exactly what people asked for on either end, I liked the idea of this prompt existing in the same universe so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. This is set as some vague point in the future, obviously far along enough that Jack and Bitty are fairly comfortable with one another. Enjoy!

It wasn’t supposed to go like this.

There had been a well thought out and precisely scheduled plan.

5:00 AM Wake-up

5:30-6:30 Take dog for a run

6:30-7 Shower

7-7:30 Feed dog, get out needed ingredients

7:30-8 Scramble eggs, chop fruit, make pancakes

8-8:15 Assemble breakfast tray

8:15-8:30 Surprise Bitty with breakfast in bed

Everything had gone great up until 7:15. Feeding Hanna had been fine (at the very least he could feed a dog, Jack thought miserably), but when he went to pull out the pancake ingredients he only had skim, not whole milk and baking soda not baking powder. But surely it can’t make that significant of a difference, he thought like an idiot, surely milk is milk and the two powdery substances both have the word “baking” in it.

How very wrong he was.

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