Woke up and finished watching Frodo and his Fellowship gallivant through Middle Earth. I had planned to meet up with Yopu, Coq and Alicay at Kirstenbosch for a picnic, but thanks to the torrential rain, ended up at my Rondebosch house watching Moulin Rouge with them instead. 

Got back to the flat and attempted to study with Trace again. This time we worked for a little over an hour, until Beebs knocked on the door offering us coffee from his and Ola’s new coffee machine. Finding it hard to resist we went up to their flat and tried a cup of their home made brew. 

After chatting for a while, I decided against studying again and ended up going to Cavendish with Trace and Tortoise to watch the latest Twilight movie. What a joke.

It was terrible. I don’t know how the seven year old girl next to me wasn't traumatised after the whole thing. Firstly the whole honeymoon scenario had to be one of the most awkward things I’ve ever had to witness, and let’s not get started on the child birthing: you hear her back break!

At one point in the film, Trace, Tortoise and I were hysterical. I don’t understand how no one else in the cinema was laughing, the scene was so ridiculous. Clearly the seven year old didn’t think so, as we heard her muttering something to her mother about this being the third time she’s seen it and how the movie was definitely her favorite one out of them all. I wonder what the mother was thinking!

What a long day. Time for bed.