Don't Stop Me Now PMV - Gloomverse
Happy holidays and merry Christmas! Made this for my amazing friend, Rose. No content in this video belongs to me except for the image shown in the end card....

So I made this video for Christmas…

Art by @underlytrashy
My radical broseph

Gloomverse by @loverofpiggies
A radical brotato

  • Mother
  • Florence + The Machine
  • How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Deluxe)

Florence + the Machine  |  Mother  |  How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

How I long for the autumn
The sun keeps burning deep
Every stone in this city keeps reminding me
Can you protect me from what I want?
The love I let in, it left me so lost 

Forgive me, Mother, for I have sinned – I have sped up and illegally uploaded this most beautiful of all songs ever written.

Hit The Diamond
  • Hit The Diamond
  • Rebecca Sugar
  • Steven Universe

i can’t believe they leaked the new musical number for hit the diamond???

Look, Lillie, I know we’ve been calling this thing ‘Nebby’ the whole time….buuuuuutttt…..

It gave me the option to name it is all I’m sayin’ >>;;

“Dicen que enamorarse a veces puede ser bonito,

pero a veces doloroso.

Dicen que enamorarse es un desastre,

que el amor puede romper tu corazón.

Pero me he enamorado de ella,

de su hermosa sonrisa.

Me he enamorado de ella,

como un poeta se enamora de la poesía.

Así que si enamorarse es morir,

moriré porque te quiero a ti.”

― Roger Alvarez

So I saw the Haikyuu!! scoreboard calendar with Team Karasuno and Nekoma’s little animal moscots… look at how cute they are…

And they are going to include Bokutowl!!! 

But… what’s that thing right below Tobicrow…



Me II (Layered)
  • Me II (Layered)
  • The 1975

The 1975 - Me Layered (version 2)

use headphones

I want to get back to reading fantasy and supernatural books, but the Goodread recs list are garbage? No I don’t want another book about Susan Ann the everyday model gorgeous girl who loves Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet falling in love with the new gorgeous mummy zombie werewolf vampire magician bad boy that stalks her but it is okay because it’s romantic, Philip and trying not to fall in fall in love with her perfect nerd best friend Andrew with his dark secret of being a furry while they stop some shady evil bad guys. Also her best friend Kate is secretly a mermaid/ancient goddess/alien princess because why the fuck not.

I want a supernatural or fantasy adventure.