Gaster Blaster Pup Plush made by me HappyKittyShop.

Watch as I speed sew this pup! Recorded streaming on Picarto.

I did a design collab with the amazing artist @mnstrcndy. Copyright belongs to me but always belongs to the original artist.

These are going on sale at Anime Weekend in Atlanta and after be made for preorder in my Etsy shop.


If Harry Potter was recast today… I decided to photomanipulate new actors. I used a lot of suggestions that were already out there on the internet.  

If you like, please repost and share!!

None of this is copyrighted to me! This is purely conceptual. Done in Adobe Photoshop CC.

More Sirius Black here.

Other characters coming soon. 


So I got bored and did a thing. It all started from me making one for Lance…and then, I just had to make the others~

Except for Coran because his Character Stilt art Thingy is blurry and bad I’m crying// Why can’t Coran have nice art like the others!!???!!

No Helmet Ver.

Art and Voltron: Legendary Defender ©  Dreamworks

If this needs to be removed or anything like that due to copyright please let me know~

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

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You make me happy when skies are gray

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You’ll never know dear, how much I love you

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Please don’t take my sunshine away 

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fly you to the stars ★ [Jessie & James]

My work for the Rocketshipping Day/Week MEP on Youtube! Can’t put it yet on my YT channel, so it’s here! 

Happy Rocketshipping day!  Everyday is rocketshipping day for me, sooo XD

Thanks for letting me use your arts my lovely senpais! @buchichu @k-rocket-k @yamujiburo @stagesiren 

Yo I’ll make a video explaining the situation + an alternate ending to do or die.

Plus I’m talking briefly about easily triggered people.

Because now I’m getting hate for calling the kid that copyright striked me a “retard”

I mean… okay

A very short shorts

…god I need more time for studying and social media. More time on social media.

Studio AU - @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set

The AU I was thinking about while writing some of this - @smol-sinner-artist

Quest AU - @thebbros

I hope this isn’t copyright, my friend told me some of this. If she got this from social media, sorry. Someone tell who actually did the joke.


Cup: Fu*k you.

Bendy: Go ahead.

Cup: What?

Bendy: What?

Me: *Spams delete button* 


Seth: *Busy snapping stalkerish pics of Bendy and Cup*

Me: Dude.

Cendy and Bendystraw fans: *Also snapping pics*

Me: You guys are everywhere.


Boris: …

Cup: …

Bendy: …

*All stares intensely at bottle*

Bendy: My turn. *Flips bottle*

*Perfect flip*

Bendy: YESSSSS! *Sticks hand out*

Cup: Ugh…*Passes two bucks*

Bendy: Twenty bucks, new record!

Boris: Let’s play again!


Me: Midget spinner…?


Seth: You’re fit to be one too. Wanna try and see, Mono?

Me: No thank you.


they’re on snow patrol

I’ve been listening to Hug all ur friends by cavetown (check out his music bc its so sweet and g o o d and it gives me LIFE) and i thought of this rip

[Guardians AU]

Important Side Note: Guardians are a shapeshifting species of my own creation and are copyrighted by me as I plan to use them in my own original series one day.

@spookyleluke @sweatersnscarves @okamiwolven @abnormal-lovers