Yo I’ll make a video explaining the situation + an alternate ending to do or die.

Plus I’m talking briefly about easily triggered people.

Because now I’m getting hate for calling the kid that copyright striked me a “retard”

I mean… okay

A very short shorts

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Studio AU - @thebbros-studios-on-and-off-set

The AU I was thinking about while writing some of this - @smol-sinner-artist

Quest AU - @thebbros

I hope this isn’t copyright, my friend told me some of this. If she got this from social media, sorry. Someone tell who actually did the joke.


Cup: Fu*k you.

Bendy: Go ahead.

Cup: What?

Bendy: What?

Me: *Spams delete button* 


Seth: *Busy snapping stalkerish pics of Bendy and Cup*

Me: Dude.

Cendy and Bendystraw fans: *Also snapping pics*

Me: You guys are everywhere.


Boris: …

Cup: …

Bendy: …

*All stares intensely at bottle*

Bendy: My turn. *Flips bottle*

*Perfect flip*

Bendy: YESSSSS! *Sticks hand out*

Cup: Ugh…*Passes two bucks*

Bendy: Twenty bucks, new record!

Boris: Let’s play again!


Me: Midget spinner…?


Seth: You’re fit to be one too. Wanna try and see, Mono?

Me: No thank you.


I was absolutely faded last night and watching are you afraid of the dark on YouTube and the uploader warped the video slightly to avoid copyright infringement and let me tell you it was an Experience

Against all odds (Spencer Reid X Reader)


Request one, Anon said :  Reader (who’s dating Reid) is there with Reid and JJ when he’s playing the “game” with Kat. When Kat tells Reid she’s pregnant with his child reader doesn’t know what to do. (You could also make reader pregnant, up to you)

Request two, @frickin-bats  said :  Hi! I saw you were taking requests and I was wondering if you could please write one with Spencer related to all the craziness that’s been going on this season and maybe the reader is his pregnant wife? 😊 thanks!

Relationship: Spencer Reid X Reader

Rating : Mature (Please do not read if you are under-aged)

WARNINGS ! : Sadness, death, jail, pregnancy, implying abortion, no smut but things get heated up at some point. (All I could think of, if you guys find another warning , please let me know)

CopyRight: I do not own Spencer Reid , Criminal Minds nor any of the other characters mentioned in this story.  No copyright infringement is intended.

A/N - First of all thank you for requesting my loves, I hope you don’t mind I combined your ideas , they were similar. Hope you like it. Kisses


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Everything happened against everything, against all odds. Spencer is cute, kind and likes reading a lot. These are the three traits you first noticed when you started working at the B.A.U. You , on the other hand let’s not say you’re mean…. but you can have a sharp tongue sometimes. Also, reading is not your forte. It makes you tired, your eyes and brain instantly working together to send into a state of absolute desirable sleep so, you always watch “the movie” . Basically you have nothing in common with the man : You like running and practice kick-boxing, he’s a complete disaster when it comes to sports ; you like comedy and action movies, he’s obsessed with science fiction ; you like sports  cars, technology but his are from another century.

Nothing, nothing in common except a weird, unhealthy infatuation towards each other. You can’t really explain why it happened, is still happening and you’re sure he’s as clueless as you too. But despite everything, it happened.3  years ago, 2 months after you joined the team when you had a case in Alaska and were set up at a local inn, with less than necessary rooms available. Garcia called dibs on Derek, as ALWAYS and somehow you ended up sharing with Spencer. He wanted to take the floor but you decided it was too cold or better said you really wanted to sleep in the same bed as him, at least once. The sexual tension was undeniable, not even a word was spoken, not until you both fell back into the pillows, breathing erratically and he asked you out on a date. Your response was simple, raw… ‘Ok’.

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Forget Me Not - A Beauty and the Beast Klance fic

Chapter 1: Bear With Me

I am pleased to announce that - after a month of on and off writing, writer’s and artist’s block alike, and quite a bit of struggle with some personal stuff - that I can finally post the first chapter of this fic! I’ve been so excited for it and I am so proud for how it came out. Shout out to my beta Sabrina @lilliputiantestinggravity and all her beautiful commentary and sobs alike.

Lance lives in a small town with his family and dreams of adventure and better life. But since his father’s death, all of his time has been spent working to get his family some extra money or helping his mother take care of his younger siblings. When one of his sisters gets lost, he has to brave the dark forest to find her, and comes across the castle that lives in the heart of the woods. It looms over him, draped in sharp shadows and tangled with thick vines adorned with countless thorns, abandoned.

Or so he thinks.

Today’s forecast:
Two lost boys who find themselves through each other, with a chance of angst, showers of fluff in the evening.

Art is copyrighted by me, I do not own any canon Voltron characters or the Beauty and the Beast concept. Do not repost anywhere or use without permission.

so apparently in a certain klance fic there’s a scene that’s like “u don’t understand my pain, you’re an orphan!!” or somethin…and like…how can u just so blatantly rip off naruto and sasuke like that

“Just shut up for once… What the heck do you know about it? It’s not like you ever had a family in the first place. You were on your own right from the beginning! What makes you think you know anything about it, huh?! I’m suffering now because I had those ties. How on earth could you possibly understand what it feels like to lose all that?!”

anyway…klance fic imma let u finish but naruto and sasuke had the best angsty orphan scene of all time like 20 years ago


These are the main characters from the first arc of Wings of Fire books.

Top to Bottom
Sunny the SandWing/NightWing Hybrid
Starflight the NightWing
Glory the RainWing
Tsunami the SeaWing
Clay the MudWing

Art copyrights to me
Wings of Fire copyrights to Tui T. Sutherland

DAY 3341(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                 May 21,  2017                Sun 11:17 PM

Sunday’s welcome the well wishers at the gates of Jalsa, and my heart welcomes all within me .. with compassion and love and admiration .. you do to me what the adrenaline required does for those in need of it .. the expression on my face , the movements of my arms and feet, the look in the eyes are still not able to express the feeling of gratitude that you give me dear well wisher , fan Ef .. the speciality of your presence is nothing short of being divine ..

Credit to those that bring the art work in the hope of presenting it to me and seeking a personal audience .. I so love what you do for me and long to be able to thank all of you personally .. but at times it is practically not possible .. hence forgiveness .. !!

Lawaaris celebrates 36 years of its making and release and it brings back so many memories .. but in particular the idea and execution of the song ‘mere angane mein’, which I must have sung a million times much before it came into the film ..

Babuji during Holi festivities would sing this folk song on a dholak .. and we all grew up to these songs and tunes .. this and the special ones on Holi .. and they would be sung by me during the Holi celebrations at Prateeksha, now long stopped .. but it was there that Prakash Mehra ji heard me informally and then decided to put it in the film .. same with the ‘rang barse ‘ song during Holi celebrations and one day Yash ji asking me to render it for the film ..

All and many other songs done for Productions galore and there is no copyright for me today .. all done for the love of the project .. basta ..!!

But of what is lost think of the gain, the present the available the possessions and all loss shall pale  … A sport team of mine may loose, but I get home to a warm family and house .. of my possessions of children and grandchildren, and the roof above and the meals from the kitchen … and the insecurity of the loss is taken care of ..

Alive and breathing .. possessing the necessary and living off it in the comfort of what and where we came from .. builds that special feel of no disappointment, if ever there were to be one …

Time shall not wait .. nor shall they, that dwell upon the time, to be comforted with ulterior designs against those that may have crossed paths .. or words !

Gently my dear, this habitation is not for the light hearted and weak .. it has been given the strengths of a bison ; an animal of immense strength, but of little face value - not in the sense of its own make, but in the character of the individual needed to be portrayed ..

I give two .. I give it morality and valor .. and I give it the blessings of the Almighty in good stead ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Clay the MudWing
Tsunami the SeaWing
Glory the RainWing
Starflight the NightWing
Sunny the SandWing/NightWing Hybrid
Moonwatcher the NightWing
Winter the IceWing
Peril the SkyWing
Turtle the SeaWing
Qibli the SandWing

Art copyrights to me
Wings of Fire copyrights to Tui T. Sutherland

Tempt Me

Words lure. Tempt me.

Poetry is intimate. It is naked.
It is sacred. It is lyrical.
It’s inimitable.

It’s incomparable.

Poetry is profane. It is raw.
It is uncompromising. It is unapologetic.
It’s provocative.

It’s enigmatic.

Writing comes to me. Comes through me.
Calls me. Calls to me.
Beckons me.

It attracts. Entices. Invites. It tempts me.

FollowCB | Copyright 2017


i was supposed to make around 2/3 more of these but i never got to them 。(*^▽^*)ゞsOo here r lovely quotes from 2 of my favorite actors ╰(✿´⌣`✿)╯♡

IMPORTANT NOTE: vEry heavily inspired by The Lobster movie posters by Yorgos Lanthimos (a greAT MOVIE I LOVE IT! A++) so I wont be taking credit for these since its not my orig idea (⺣◡⺣)♡*