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hey there! just wanted to say I love your blog. also, if you care to, it would be cool if you could talk about keaton. he's one of my favorite characters, and i think it'd be interesting to hear what you think about him

I-I love Keaton so much.

He’s such a dork and I really like dorks??

I’ll be quite honest, there were two things that made me like him when Fates was not released yet: the fact that he is, well… A wolf… Is one. One of my favourite animes was and is Wolf’s Rain, where the characters were wolves(If you have not watched it, I highly recommend it), and my favourite animal since I was a child has been a wolf. I am not a furry. Something about them was always fascinating to me, and I spent many hours researching them for school projects where I was allowed to choose my own subject.

The second thing was that he and Velouria alluded to my favourite fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood(yes, even the original version, especially the original version). I thought that was such a cute touch to Velouria’s design and knew it would be worthwhile to recruit the both of them.

Of course, with the game actually out, I can actually critique him based off of what I’ve seen.

I still love him—- I really like his English voice(I think it’s nice and smooth) and his kind of brutish but playful personality is quite fitting. I find it cute that he is easily flustered. He’s a puppy. How could you not like him?

I guess I got a bit off topic with this ask, but I’m pretty bad at critiquing characters that I like because I don’t want to be too biased, but at the same time, I waNT TO SHOWER THEM WITH LOVE. Keaton did nothing wrong.


Good luck 2013 and all UPCAT examinees out there!

Probably my last post for the week (not HAHA),  before I start spending the rest of it studying for countless long tests, passing mountains of homework, and reviewing for one of the tests which half of my life depends on. But yep huhu, from now on no more lazy and idle days for me. 

Desire and Determination ★

Amnesia: settling in and eating all your baked goods: a story in pieces

I do know some things, though: I know the sky is redder than Harry’s winter nose, even though it’s spring now. I know the wind left when I did, and that the shadows in our backyard are afraid of their groundhogs. Our. My family and I. My father, who can’t live on his own even with the money he gets from the radio ads. Vincent and Wheeler. Vinnie’s striped, and Wheels is gray like tire marks; that’s what I said when Harrison found him near the park pond, and his fur was all scummy with algae. I remember persuading old Irma across the street to give us her blow-drier, and Harry and I cleaned the cat that way because we’d seen it on TV.


This pacing clears my mind. I can really see why I do it.

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Maybe it's a stupid ask but I trust in your wisdom... what would the ship name for Erwin x Flocke/Floch be? Totally ignoring the fact that Erwin is dead etc XD

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I am… like … totally horrified… and yet my fingers… are actually twitching… to write for this crack ship… please forgive me Erwin…  crack makes me weak. 

“Erufloc” is probably the most official but certainly the least fun. I vote instead for the ship name “flowin” because their love was flowin’ like the river across Shiganshina on that fateful day. Of course there is also “flocker” – their ship appreciation post could be “Meet the Flockers” :D

(oh please someone come close my laptop)

Words, as suggested by Nez

This rough-rough draft is yet to be titled. I’d like it to be a prologue, but it’s all I’ve got of this thought so far. If you’ve got suggestions, I’m hoping you can post them; if not, tell me how to let you post them. And then post them. :)

Disclaimer: If you’re not in my head, this may be rather confusing.

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