Plants that aid with sleep and breathing problems.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera emits oxygen at night, this helps you combat insomnia and improves your overall sleep quality. It is a low maintenance plant that doesn’t need much watering or direct sunlight . It also reproduces easily.


Lavender is a plant well known for inducing sleep and to reduce anxiety, the aroma given off by the lavender slows down your heart rate and reduces anxiety levels. Keep the plant in sunlight and water often.


The smell of jasmine has been shown to improve the quality of sleep and increase alertness and productivity. studies have shown that I reduces anxiety levels, leading to a great quality of sleep. Jasmine needs a good amount of sunlight as well as a little shade, the soil also needs to be damp at all times.

English Ivy

It may be beneficial  for those who sufferer from a respiratory problems such as asthma, studies show that English ivy can reduce air moulds to 94% in 12 hours. Keep in a well lit area and keep the soil damp at all times.

Snake plant  

Snake plants emit oxygen during the night, whilst taking in the carbon dioxide from the air inside your home. It also filters out any nasty house hold toxins from the air. This plant doesn’t need much attention as it only needs to be watered every 2-3 weeks and can be placed in any form of light sunlight.

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Fun facts with Quinn! (This is so I don’t have to repeat myself on a regular basis) Everybody should have learnt this in secondary school/ high-school. As we all know all plants take in the the air we breath, removing the CO2 and releasing Oxygen. DURING THE NIGHT PLANTS STOP THIS PROCESS they only take in the air we breathe, this happens because they don’t have the necessary energy to complete photosynthesis. As you can see in the above post I have listed a few plants that can produce oxygen during the night. Please if you don’t believe me go and look for yourself it takes two seconds to look it up on the internet. Also there are no links for this information because I am no longer in college I do not see the need to write a bibliography for a tumblr post if you really care that much about where the information is sourced go and look for it yourself. Sorry for the shittyness but it is starting to grind my gears. With all my love tumblr ~Quinn!

Hey, dogs are good.


As per the request, some overlay of the new BTS logo. I really like these! 

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A video analyzing the relationship between Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski. Now copyright free. (Spread the word so people know!)


Helloooooo! This is finished ;) I like it, It’s like the photo they would have hanging on the wall of the stairs or in the living room of the unremarkable house. I tried to make William as a mix of both of his parents and with a clearly taste for sports (in which, as you can see, he matches with Mulder!).

I love doing these. So much fun! 

Anyway, I hope you like i! if I see interest, I think I’ll make prints and stuff so I can offfer it without the watermarks and better quality.

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeers and happy season 11. I’m SO VERY EXCITED. 

Digital drawing, Photoshop CS4. COPYRIGHT by Lunenn. Feel free to share as long you keep the signatures :)


Hey. I’m kind of in deep water at the minute, so if anyone who’s interested in copyright free/indie music could give me a hand, I’d really appreciate it. 

For A2 Media Studies, we’re creating music videos and digital packages to go alongside them, but my creativity has run completely dry and I’ve wasted a month not knowing where to start. Every idea I’ve had seems to crumble. So if anyone knows of any copyright free music, or upcoming bands who wouldn’t mind having their music used in a video providing they got their name in the video, I’d appreciate a sign pointing in the right direction. 

Please don’t fail me now, Tumblr. I just need the right song to come along and punch me in the jaw with a fistful of inspiration. 

pandammee  asked:

Hi! I went to your photoshop panel at AX last year and I've been getting more into editing recently but I was wondering how/where you found background images and such for your edits? Thanks! is your friend! And all the photos are copyright free!

Edit from @kylo-zen:
Even better: librestock is a search engine for sites like unsplash (all free pictures). I use them for EVERYTHING.

bloomblitz  asked:

I'm going to make my first demo reel soon. Any advice on what to include, length, etc?

Demo reel for animation?  Shoot for a length of about a minute, mayyybe a minute and a half.  If you don’t have enough work of a quality you’re SUPER proud of to fill that time – and I don’t mean that as a knock – don’t feel obliged to make it to a full minute.  Shorter and sweeter is MUCH better than longer and droning on.

A demo reel is meant to show ONLY the best of your work – the TOP-NOTCH STUFF you can offer.  Don’t try to shove an entire animation in there.  Pick and choose scenes that you feel strut your stuff the best.

Also, except for lipsync, try not to include the original audio for your animations.  Pick a non-intrusive musical number to go alongside your animations.  (I find a bit of subtle syncing between the music and your animations helps it come across better, but you don’t wanna make it obvious.)  Some folks worry about copyright, so royalty-free music is your safest bet.

If any of your animations are a collaborative effort, be sure to credit them in the credits or description of your video. (I find crediting the music is a safe bet, too.)  You don’t need to say exactly what they did on the shots, but you DO need to specify which parts YOU did.  After all, you’re the one you’re selling here.  If the specifics take too much room in the video, specify in the description.

Put your name and contact info at both the beginning and end of your demo reel.  This is important – they need to REMEMBER YOUR NAME.

Order your animations so that your strongest stuff is first, and you leave on a high note as well.  Remember: short and sweet.  Your audience needs to NOT lose interest halfway through, and they’re likely on a tight schedule, so it’s gotta be concise and to-the-point.  Treat your demo reel the way a scriptwriter would treat an elevator pitch.

I hope this is helpful!

anonymous asked:

Hello^^ I recently followed you and have found your account really helpful in the small time I've followed I really love it! But besides of that I've recently started to make my own tarot deck and was wondering if you have any advice or tips about this? If not you can delete this ask, it's ok; Have a lovely day/night^^

Hey there! I’m glad you like it, thank you! ^///^

There is actually a masterpost by @thecrackedamethyst​ about making your own tarot deck! Since I have never made one, the tips and stuff I would give are more based on my personal associations with tarot and how I view the cards, not by any personal experience. I can still give you some, but I do suggest looking at their posts too.

Anyway, here are some of my tips for you!

Pick a theme that you want your deck to focus around; or, if not that, a style. And, yes, there’s a difference. For example, The Welcome to Night Vale deck has a theme - all of the cards center around the podcast and characters / events within it; in comparison, the Wild Unknown deck has a style - every card may not be able to fit under one category (animals, nature, etc.), but they are unified by a matching art style and presentation. If you are interested in selling your deck to other people, be wary of copyright, but otherwise, feel free to base your deck around anything you want.

From there, it’s up to you to decide if you want to go with the “standard” tarot format, or alter it a bit. The standard tarot has 78 cards; there is the Major Arcana which contains 22 cards (the Fool being numbered as zero, going all the way to the World at 21), and the Minor Arcana with 56 cards divided into four suits (generally the suits are wands, cups, swords, and coins / pentacles). This is a good place to start for making a deck, because you can find many interpretations of the cards online - you know what they’re supposed to mean, so coming up for a theme or art for them will be easier. 

Creating your own unique cards, while fulfilling, is a bit more daunting a task. You need to figure out what card you want to add, and why. Is it not included in the standard 78 cards, or do you feel there is something that needs more flushing out? From there, you’ll need to come up with what the card represents, and how to interpret it in readings. Then comes the art.

Speaking of art, you should also figure out if you want your deck to contain more symbolism or abstract art. Think of the Rider-Waite tarot - the images on the cards do a fairly decent job at showing what the card itself means; each picture is its own story, that does its best to tell of what the card means and can be looked at as. A deck based more on symbolism won’t need to outright tell exactly what the card means; or, it can, but on a more personal level. This is where you get to experiment and really figure out what each card means to you, and try to find an image or collection of images that can capture that. 

If you went with a theme, like a TV show, you can depict characters and scenes from that theme into the cards; for example, doing an Adventure Time tarot, like I was, I had Finn the Human as the Fool standing on the edge of a cliff, with Jake included as the dog, while BMO held the rose (I tried to incorporate some of the traditional tarot meanings into the cards as well, but that was just me, you don’t need to do that).

It may take some time for you to draw the cards - it is a long and daunting process. Don’t be discouraged! Just keep drawing and coming up with ideas. I feel it is important that you like how your deck looks. I was told it was important that you like your deck’s aesthetic when you buy it, so I feel it is the same when you make it. I think the logic behind this is, it looks good to you, which helps form a personal connection with the cards, which can then make reading them easier and provide a sort of bond.

You don’t necessarily have to use pictures, either! Something I didn’t think of. You don’t need to physically draw anything. You can write poems or use phrases, make collages, painting, embroidery stuff maybe… That weird word art thing where you just write the words in different sizes and fonts to show emphasis and whatnot; I really can’t remember what’s that called and Google doesn’t help me with shit… You get the idea I hope. Anything.

If you are looking to create a deck based around a few key words or phrases, that varies vastly from the standard tarot definitions, creating an oracle deck may not be a bad idea. I was creating a sigil oracle based on quotes from Borderlands 2. 

Uh, so that’s what I can think of, I hope that helps you out a bit!

Pidge’s love hunt Adventures


Wherein the Voltron is an otome game and Pidge is the player (Plot twist: instead of being the center of a reverse harem, Pidge can became a pseudo Cupid and tangles all of the flags within the game xD)

Ships to be unlocked:
5. THORAN (yes they’re included)
6. ETC (depends upon the route lol)

Copyrights reserved™ lol

(Feel free to color, just credit me since I’m too lazy of an asstist.. I mean artist xD)