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Take a Ride with Me, Baby

Take a Ride with Me, Baby by evansrogerskitten

Dean Winchester x Reader 

Dean has rebuilt a  cherry red 1954 pickup. He convinces his girl to take a ride with him one summer evening. 

Warnings: Smut, of course. Language. Fluff. Dean being way too adorable and sexy. WC: 1610 On AO3 Photo credit: Clif Kosterman ig

Happy Galentines Day! ♥

The loud, repetitive honking made me laugh, as I looked through the living room window. I was surprised to see a classic red truck parked out front, Dean hanging out of the door.

“C'mon, baby. Get in the truck.” Dean hollered at me through the open window. The light of a summer sunset was fading  behind the houses across the street.

I walked down the driveway to the 1954 pickup, it’s cherry red paint shiny from the recent wax Dean had applied.

“Sweetheart, I only have her tonight. Take a ride with me.” Dean pleaded, his hand beckoning me.

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#43 The Gang Leader (Harry Styles)


Where are you?

The light flashed on the screen of my mobile, stealing my attention away from the class. Annoyed, I took it off the table and threw it in my bag. After class, still vibrating in intervals, I took it out.

Call me ASAP.

What does ASAP mean?

Honey, I need to talk to you now. Where are you?

Have you seen the update? I need to talk to you before that.

Okay, I think you must have seen it. Is that why you aren’t talking?

It’s been 2 hours! C’mon! I need to talk to you.

Pick the fuck up.

I picked up the incoming call to avoid answering the texts.

“Where the fuck have you been?” He yelled.

“In class! My gosh! If I’m not answering your messages or your call, I would be busy, right?” I yelled back.

“No, you’re supposed to answer my texts!”

“When have I answered texts!” He wasn’t making sense.

“Okay. Point. Where are you?” He asked, calming down.

“Just got out of class! She took a two-hour lecture. My head hurts.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Wait, Mike is right outside the building. Climb into the car, and come here.”

“Where is here? I rather go home, Harry,” I told him, already tired of the long day.

“It’s not safe right now. Come here and rest.” He cut the call, and I had to climb into the car. Mike was sitting there, smoking away, and he straightened when he saw me.

“Sorry, Harry asked me to take you back to his house.” He told me, starting the car. They worshipped him, it seems. I’ll never understand gangs.

Harry was the son of the leader of one of the two biggest gangs that ruled this city. And I, a normal international student, who came here on an exchange program and chose to continue my degree here, became his girlfriend. I didn’t know how, because I recently found out about his affiliations with the gang. I was just quite into my course, studying Media and Culture and he just was nice to me from the start.

“We are going to his house? But, that’s so far away!” I groaned.

“Don’t you have a week off, now? Festival and stuff?” Mike asked.

“At least, stop on the way to my place so I can collect my things. I’ll work there.”

“Umm, it’s not safe. We shouldn’t stop.” He fidgeted.

“Please Mike,” I sugar-coated my voice.

“Okay, you will have five minutes, though!”


I ran up the stairs to my room and took the largest bag out. Dumping some clothes, my prep kit, books, laptop, chargers, everything I could possibly need in the week, and rushed down.

Coming down the stairs, the main door was blocked off. I called Mike, “Dude, the doors shut! What’s happening?”

“Fuck! Charlie’s guys are here! Listen, climb down the back balcony, I’ll pull the car there!” He said, hurried and tensed.

“What? What’s happening! Climb down where?” I tried pushing the door open, but it didn’t budge.

“Call the Boss. We got the girlfriend.” I heard a voice claim and bang the door from outside.

I climbed the first floor and saw Mike pull the car. “Catch my bag!” I threw it down, and he caught it, dumping it in the backseat.

“Be careful. Harry will have my throat!” He said as I climbed down the pipe. Slippery as it was, I twisted my ankle as I hit the ground. But, Mike picked me up and made me sit in the car, before rushing to his side and driving off.

Hitting the main road, I turned around to get my bag, “Mike, we have cars following us!”

“Oh shit! Fuck!” He increased the speed and speed dialled Harry.

“Where the fuck, are you?” He screamed.

“Harry! We have cars following us! We stopped at my place to get my things, and they shut the door, and they said we got the girlfriend, they are catching up, Harry!” I yelled.

“What! You stopped at your place! What did I tell you, Mike! Straight home!” Harry’s voice when angry could make a grown man cry. A little harder, and he could pee in his pants as well.

Mike, increased his speed with Harry’s voice increasing.

“Jason! Tell the lads to leave the warehouse! Keep talking to me, baby.”

“Harry! What is happening?” I asked, scared now.

“Nothing honey, I’ll explain when you reach.” Within no time, we had two cars, right beside us acting as protection against the cars that were following us.

“I hurt my ankle too,” I said, watching the cars following us stop, as we enter the Styles’ Land. The car slowed down as we reached the mansion, and I saw Harry standing outside, with five bodyguards around him.

He opened my car door and picked me up. My hands went around his neck, and he placed a kiss on my lips. “I am sorry for rushing you.”

“I am sorry for delaying the plan. I wanted my stuff,” I whispered. “It’s not Mike’s fault.”

Harry nodded, “Get her bag, and keep it in my room.” He told Mike. We walked inside the lobby, where a nurse was ready to fix my ankle.

“I don’t think it needs more than a spray,” I told her. She checked it and shook her head.

“I am wrapping it up, don’t put pressure on it,” Harry grumbled, in anger.

“It’s my fault,” I repeated.

“No, it’s mine.”

“What happened? Tell me now?” I was genuinely worried now. “Where is your father?”

“He is out of the country. Will come in a week, I messed up.”

“What did you do?” I asked, pulling him closer.

“Old beef with Charlie. Raised it up, again. Family rivalry. It’s just worse this time because, we fought,” Harry sat closer to me, pulling me in his lap. I checked his body for injuries. “I don’t have any, he does though,”

“So, are we having an off because of this? The entire week is off, will it continue for longer?” I asked.

“Till everything calms down,” I sighed. “Well, it’s not my fault that our party’s ruling.” He smirked.

“Take me up.”

“Harry, you’re in the news,” I called for him.

“What?” He ran and sat next to me.

The Styles family clashes again with the Shaw’s. Is it just a fight between the big boys or will it take a political turn?

“What sort of reporters are these?” I said, disgusted.

“I don’t know. You’re studying Media,” He giggled.

“So, I can’t leave the house?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you entertained,” He laughed as pushed me down on the sofa, and climbed on top.

“You guys fight was no reason.”

“Hmm,” He said kissed up my neck.

“You think, I can talk to Charlie? Put some sense into him, too?” He stopped and looked at me. I tried to reach his face, but he held my wrists.

Anger filling his expression, “No, you won’t talk to him.” He said, tightening the hold.

“He was my friend, you know?” I whimpered.

“I said, no.” And he climbed off me.


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anonymous asked:

i know you ship gintsu, but don't you think sorachi was trolling the fanbase? lol. like idk but the sales for the manga is the worst anyone has ever seen, so thats sayin something.

OK… This reply is almost a week late..  I was quite busy and didn’t have the time to respond. And when I did have some time, I was too lazy.

I thought of ignoring this, but at the same time I also felt I’ve had enough of people trashing Tsukuyo since the Red Spider Arc.

I don’t know if you’re still around to read this, anon. It’s going to be really, really long.

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This Was a Bad Idea

This Was a Bad Idea by evansrogerskitten

Inspired by this tweet. Shit, I’m sorry Jeff. This just happened and I blame my art and even I’m ashamed LOL Also @jml509 because you’re also to blame! 

Warnings: omg its JDM masturbation and again, oops. But it was needed after this tweet and I needed this meta shit. WC: 700-somethin’

Oh, and in no way is this beta-ed. I just wrote it and also, I’ve had the margaritas. 

Jeff snapped the screen shot as he stared down at his phone.

 “Huh.” he muttered, the small screen with Tumblr on the main page. He’d accidentally come across it, and following the link wasn’t a good idea. The house was quiet, yet he listened for a moment to make sure everything was still. He reclined back on his couch, peering at the website through his black-framed glasses.

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#11 The Mansion Politics (Harry Styles Series)

Hello! This is a new idea. Below is the first part of this idea. 

It’s a bit different from the usual HARRY imagines so, I hope you enjoy it. 


Word Count : 1,795

- thestylesproject

“Is it always this dark here?”

He didn’t reply.

“IS IT ALWAYS THIS DARK HERE?” I said, a bit loudly.

“Yes,” He didn’t look back. I kept following him through the mansion.

“Why?” I asked. It didn’t make sense to me.

“That’s how he likes it.” I heard another blank response from him.

“Why not live in some basement then?” I muttered. Wasting a complete mansion, this man.

“Wait here.”

He walked inside a double door room and, left me waiting outside in the cold.

“Mr. Styles will see you now.” 

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#7 Hello (Harry Styles)

I tried something new. I got inspired by Adele. 

Tell me how you felt about it? 

Word Count - 1,055

Harry Styles - Summary - Hello, please answer. 

Part 1

Hello, I’m busy at the moment but, you can leave a message after this beep and I’ll call you back. Thanks.

Uh..Harry…this is Aubrey. Umm…I was wondering if I could meet you? I read we are in the same town and I’d really like to umm…talk and meet you? Alright.

I was sitting in the next building. I was just a few steps away from him but, I knew I couldn’t just go and stand in front of him. I had to inform him, I can’t just…

I waited for 5 hours before moving from my seat and walking out of the building. He didn’t send a message back.

Part 2

It’s been two days since then, and I got no call back. Have I ruined it completely? Can he not just answer me once? Don’t I deserve this much?

Hello, I’m busy at the moment but, you can leave a message after this beep and I’ll call you back. Thanks.

I could hear this message all day, just as an excuse…to hear his voice.

Hey Harry, umm…I’ve been waiting for you messages. I really don’t mean to annoy you. It’s eating me up and I didn’t mean it. Please understand my situation at that time, I had no option. Alright. I’m waiting for you to call back.

It’s been 7 hours since my last message. I sent a couple more messages, just as a reminder, nothing. It went right to voice message.

Hello, how are you? Is this your way of torturing me? I thought revenge wasn’t your thing. I must have called a hundred times in the past 48 hours. Can’t you answer once. Please…Harry…just *BEEP*

Hello, I saw just tweeted. She’s pretty, very…so, is that your answer, then? I can’t take it until I hear you say it.

Hello…can you hear me? I’m on the terrace. It’s the same terrace you kissed me for the first time. It’s so cold. I’m sorry baby…I’m so sorry for what I have done to us. I promise to make up for it my entire life baby…Please *BEEP*

Hello, I met Kylie. She told me about last night. Do you even hear my messages hahahaahah Well, I know now, you bastard. I just wanted you to call me once! I’m not a fucking stalker or schizophrenic. How can you? I loved you *BEEP*


Hello, I’m busy at the moment but, you can leave a message after this beep and I’ll call you back. Thanks.

Hello…hi…how are you? I’m at the…

“Ma’am, the doctor will see you now.”

I’ve to go…okay…call me.

Hello, umm sorry for the last message, I thought I had time. You remember the time when you said that you’ll always be there when I need you? Well, I need you now, Harry. Please…I just want to see you. I’ve come so far just to see you…please.

Hello. I don’t think you’ll meet me. I don’t think I deserve to meet you. I’m sorry for what I’ve done. Umm…I’m sorry for breaking your heart but you broke mine first.

Hello, no no, cut that, I broke it first. I don’t think it matters to you anymore though. Umm. I hope you’re well. How is Viola? I hope she is…are you with her? Cause wouldn’t that be very soon? Anyway, that’s none of my business. I’m sorry.

Hello, I heard what you said at the party. Am I really a mistake baby? How can you say that after all we’ve been through? A mistake! You wanted to marry me two months ago! How can I be a *BEEP*


Hello, I’m busy at the moment but, you can leave a message after this beep and I’ll call you back. Thanks.

Hello. I can’t deal with this anymore. I just can’t! I thought you loved me? I came so far for you cause you loved me. You said you’ll never leave me. It wasn’t my mistake! I was forced! I can’t tell you on a fucking voice message. Please meet me once. I’m at Hotel Candor, Room 148.

Hello, I don’t think you’re going to come. It’s been more than a day now and, I don’t think you even listen to what I have to say. I love you, you know. So much and all you’ve done is de-mean me. I did nothing, Harry. Why didn’t you trust your love?


Hello, I’m busy at the moment but, you can leave a message after this beep and I’ll call you back. Thanks.

Hello, I have this dream last night. I was with you and you just said one thing over and over again. Your above message. Isn’t that funny! I’m being called back. They say it’s not good for me living here, anymore. So, umm…they booked my flight. I’ll be driving to the airport in a while. I don’t want to leave Harry. Please don’t make me leave. Here me once…*BEEP*

Hello, I’m in the car. I’m driving. I’m leaving, like you asked your agent to do. Didn’t think I’ll find out? I have to tell you before I leave though. I left that night because, I was threatened that they’ll cancel our project if I don’t show up. I didn’t think it was a set up by your friend, James. *BEEP*

Hello, continuing. I got a call from the office that I was needed urgently and I tried reaching you but, you didn’t pick up so, I left. I was locked in for hours and when I came back, you weren’t there. Your message was…I didn’t cheat on you. I actually have a picture of me locked in…*BEEP*

Hello, yeah, the picture is in your account. I don’t know if you’ll believe but, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t tell the media about all those things and I didn’t sleep with anyone else. It’s just been you…I love you, Harry…and, now, I know that you can’t forgive me. I saw you kissing her…I was there baby…and…I hope you’re hap.



Hello, this is Aubrey. I can’t answer this call at the moment so, leave a message and I’ll get back to you.

Aubrey?! Baby! Answer the phone! Aubrey! What was that noise? Aubrey! Come on baby, are you alright?! This is Harry, come on! I’m coming…*BEEP*

Let me know what you think about this one! 

Thank you for being so lovely! Say Hi! 

- theStylesproject 


#26 Why Not Me? Part 2 (Harry Styles)

Part 1 

It had been a month of being in a relationship with Andrew. It was nice to feel wanted for once. It was nice to have all that I give come back to me in some way or the other. He was quite affectionate, too. I loved being around him. It was young love and, I knew it. But, like everything good has to come to an end and, for me good has never lasted too long; he was going away. His company was making him the Director of a complete sector but, in another country. I was happy for him. I had to be, he was so happy.

“You know, it has been an amazing month with you,” He said, holding my hand.

“Yes, it has,” I smiled. He was going to end it. I thought, well hoped that he would recommend long distance or make some arrangements but, I had heard him talking on his phone.

“I’m so sorry, I have to leave,” He kissed my palm.

“I know, and I am happy for you. I really am, I’ll just miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too but, you know how I don’t believe in long distance…” There is was - the breakup. It didn’t even last a month. Maybe, I wasn’t capable of this thing, this love. I could almost see Harry smirking behind him ‘scared this one away, too, didn’t you?’

I kissed him goodbye and walked out of his house. My heart felt heavy and, it wasn’t because, of the breakup. I just had lost all confidence in myself. It was a week after I picked up the call of my friends. I had kept myself buried in work to not think too much about my situation.

“Zuri! Listen, you have to come! It’s my birthday, and it’s your favourite club, c’mon!” Delilah cheered.

“Okay, I’ll be there,” I laughed on call.

“You better be! I love you, see you soon! Also, talk often man, we miss you!” She said and kept the phone.

Dressing for the party, all I could think about was how Harry thought I was still with Andrew. He would be there, that was no doubt. I had told everyone not, to mention it to him, well, not to mention it to anyone. I was already, coming alone like every time. For once, I wanted somebody to hold me. For once, I wanted someone to know exactly what I drank and get it for me before, I asked; kept me in his arms knowing I’ll get drunk, and sneaked in kisses. I wanted to be treated like every girl did; only it was never my luck. I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Maybe, you should just accept this. He’ll be there with yet another girl and, you’ll be there alone,” I sighed.

“Zuri!” Delilah cheered, as she saw me enter the booked area.

“Happy Birthday!” I wished her and gave her the gift. It was what she had wanted for months.

“You got it? Oh my gosh, you are the best! I love you!” She hugged me and, I felt a little better. I did my rounds and met everyone. Harry was there. I didn’t find a girl attached to him but, he’ll find one soon. Ordering my drink, I took a seat in the corner dark booth, watching everyone dance. This was nice. I liked how I could watch everyone go crazy but, no one saw me. I chose to get drunk, tonight. Maybe go home with some stranger, let loose a bit and enjoy myself.

“Let’s take a few shots!” Mike cheered and, we laughed as the bartender put all the glasses in front of us, showcasing his tricks. After four down, Mike challenged me for I was the only one willing to go forward. I saw Harry dancing with some woman who looked way sexier in her dress than, I could and, it just made me sad. How does one get over someone? I had no idea. “One more!” he cheered after we took a few.

“Oh my gosh, my head!” I giggled, knowing I was too drunk. My mind felt extremely clear when I was drunk; I just couldn’t control my actions. What was I even thinking? I felt an arm wrap around my waist and, another took the shot out of my hands.

“That is enough,” I heard his voice whisper in my ear, as I kept my head on his shoulder. Mike was completely out and now, dancing with his boyfriend. Harry turned the stool to face him and got between my legs. Tipping my head back, he squeezed some lemon into my mouth.


“Of course, it’s Eww, why did you drink so much?” He asked as I gave him a questioning look. He sighed, “I have been counting, Zuri.”

“I thought, you were dancing with Miss long legs there,” I pointed in that direction. I don’t know which.

“So, you noticed?” He said.

“I always notice you,” I titled my head, innocently.

He smiled, “where is your boyfriend?” he asked, and the mood was ruined. I, finally, noticed the bitter taste in my mouth and took a mouth freshener kept on the table. Harry wrapped his hands around my arms to stable myself.

“I want to go home. I will take a cab,” I shouted over the loud music and walked towards Delilah. I wished her, again and made it out of the club. I felt an arm wrap around my waist, again and saw Harry asking for his car. “You shouldn’t drive; you are drunk.”

“I’m not drunk.  I didn’t have anything,” He said, and pulled me towards his car.


“What? No. I have my shoot in the evening, tomorrow. I don’t want the morning to go away with a hangover,” He explained.

“Oooh,” I stretched my word, “Well, leave me home, please. Not the Tube, home, please.”

“I thought, you liked travelling by the Tube. You always said, you rather travel by Tube than drive all the way because you loved it and it reminded you of home. Because it opened right outside your lane; you like walking back instead of driving. You liked picking up the flowers from the station because, you’d never buy them otherwise and, you liked how it connected everyone,” I looked at him, shocked. “I would have left you home every time but, I thought you preferred it more. I’m sorry, I made you feel that way.” He sighed.

“It does remind me of home,” I looked at him as he drove. “You know what, stop the car,” I said, suddenly feeling this surge of confidence.

“What?” He looked at me worried.

“Stop the car!” I pulled his shirt, and he took it off the lane and parked in on the side. I pulled off my heels and made him push his chair back, snapping the seatbelt off. He looked too shocked to protest, as I climbed over his seat and sat in his lap. I had never done this before, and I had never been so close to him except once when it happened by mistake. I felt him hold my waist, fixing my butt on his lap as I, finally, met his eyes. I exhaled pulling my hair to a side, and my dress, a little up to sit properly. I could see his eyes scan all over me, his cheeks turning red. It was cold inside the car but, our temperature was just rising.

“What happened?” he finally, cooed. 

I held his face in my palms, resting my head against his, “why can’t it be me?” I asked. I felt his arms run up and down my back. “Why can’t it be me, huh, tell me?” I asked pulling away.


“Yes, me! Why can’t I be the one you dance with or hold or take out to even a fucking coffee shop. Am I not good enough? Is that it? Am I too ugly or do I have an awful personality? What is it that pushes you away? Tell me?” I held his shirt in my fists and pulled them.

“Where is your boyfriend, Zuri?” He asked, his eyes dilating a bit. I sighed, knowing this won’t go anywhere. I let go of his shirt and tried to climb back to my seat but, his hands on my waist pulled me back down, “Where is he?” He asked, again.

“We broke up,” I told him. “I don’t even know if it started, really. Oh my gosh, we broke up before it even started. You can laugh at me. I am expecting it,” I laughed, sarcastically.

“Well, that’s good,” He said, his thumbs brushing my stomach.

“Why? I am all alone, again,” I pouted.

“It’s good because, now I can do this,” He pulled me towards him and his lips met mine. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him towards me and trying to enjoy his lips on mine as long as possible. I felt his tongue on mine, feeling his hands go up and down my bare back, and he held my tightly in position, not letting me go.

“What was this?” I exhaled, touching my lips after we pulled away.

“I feel we should finally, go for that coffee? And, that art gallery as dates, this time. Your work is amazing, and it’ll be nice to be dating the artist,” he whispered against my neck, leaving tiny pecks all over.

“You’ve seen my work? I thought you didn’t…” I was so confused, my head messing it up.

“Who do you think bought them?” He asked.

“Excuse me? A lot of people buy my work, okay?” I retorted.

He laughed, pushing his head back and then, shaking it.

“Why so suddenly?” I asked. “I think, you just want me because I was taken. It’s a joke to you, isn’t it?” I was sure. Why was he interested now?

“What baby, no. It’s complicated,” he explained.

“Oh please. I was with you for the last, I don’t know, how many years! Every time, sitting right beside you, while you knew how I felt and you chose every girl in the world except me!” I looked at him and, when I saw that he couldn’t respond, I pulled myself back on my seat. “Just leave me home, please.”

Thank you for the amazing response on this imagine. I am so glad you guys liked it! 

Part 3




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Drop me a message about it? Here

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#39 The New Role In His Life (Harry Styles)

Will make this a series if you guys like it…

Storyline: A new role for Harry’s best friend in his life. 


“I don’t see a way out of it,” Harry sighed, as he came and lay beside me. I was cuddled up in my sheets eating my chocolate raisins and watching Telly. “Shift a little, let me in,” he pulled the sheets. 

“But, I’m warm,” I whined. 

“You’re not listening to me,” He got in my sheets and pulled me closer to steal all my warmth. “I’m very serious. It’s not going to happen. I can’t get married.” 

“Of course you can’t,” I tried pulling away, “It took me hours to get warm! Let me go!” 

“I’m cold,” He was so strong now, it annoyed me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head on my chest. 

“You’re too close to me. I don’t like touching,” I grumbled. 

“Shut up and solve my problem. Why are you even my best friend? I’m ruining a good title for you,” He showed me his tongue and, went back into cuddling me. “They want me to get married.” 

“Nobody can force you into marriage. Stop the bullshit, please. Just say no,” I said, finally giving in and changing the channel to watch something that wasn’t telemarketing. Nothing else played at 3 A.M. 

“There are a lot of benefits, though,” He looked up. 

“Then say that.” 

“Fine! If I get married now, it will really add to my entire career and image. After an age, it becomes important and, you know the rest,” He cleared, “I just an not marrying Kendall.” 

“She is your option?” I shifted up the bed and placed another pillow behind my back. “I thought, you didn’t want to go beyond the girlfriend thing.” 

“Yes, exactly. And getting married to one of the Kardashians? It’s not going to add in the way, I want it to, but we have discussed all of this Lilith! I can’t marry her!” He exclaimed. 

“You’re sick. You’re in a relationship with her. And, don’t want to marry her! You’re absolutely sick.” 

“She doesn’t want to marry me either. It’s mutual,” He sighed. 

“She doesn’t want to marry you? What’s her reason?” I asked. 

“You’ll laugh.” 

“Who says I’m not now?” I smiled. 

“Stop it, Lilith! She wants somebody who actually loves her and not, well, that’s now me,” He answered, now shifting his head to my stomach. 

“You know, I’m ticklish and, you still don’t stop!” I groaned, trying to shift away from his body, but to no avail. “Let me think about it. I can’t help you. You know so many women, ask one of them.” 

“Really who?” He said, sarcastically. “Who can I actually just go and marry?” 

“You want to be smart, get out! Let me sleep!” He showed me his tongue and switched off the television. Pulling me down to cuddle again which he knows I hated. 

I woke up next morning on my stomach, and Harry’s head on my back. “Harry, Harry, Harry…” I tried waking him up. “I’m too hot now, move!” He groaned and shifted on his back. This man had an issue of shedding clothes and was now sleeping almost naked in my bed. “Completely hopeless!”  

I made breakfast for both of us while reading the newspaper. I had a busy day planned and, I wasn’t going to let Harry make me late again. He walked into the room, rubbing his eyes and yawning. Taking a seat on the kitchen table, “Are you going to work today?” 

“I have no idea why that’s a question,” I laughed. 

“You can work from home. I still remember you saying that’s the best part of your job! Not tied to one location,” He pouted. “Help me, Lilith!” 

“Oh my god! Eat your breakfast and go home! Talk to your manager, and finalise on who you want to get married to, if you want to get married even and, stop cribbing, Harry! Of all our discussion, this is the most ridiculous one of all!” I scolded. 

“What nonsense! I think the worst was if jellyfishes can hug!” Harry yelled behind me. 

“And, this is what he argues about!” I shut the door, laughing. 

Harry and I had known each other since school. It was only a few years ago, when I had met him again, by chance and then, stayed in contact and now, he was my best friend. I liked our relationship, I was comfortable around him. He was the only guy I could be comfortable around after all my failed relationships that lined my history. 

Finishing my work from the main office, I took a cab to Harry’s house since he had some brilliant news to tell me. I rang his doorbell, checking all my mails because, once in the house, I wouldn;t get the chance again. 

“And look who is here,” Harry opened the door. Something was wrong, I could feel and see it. He stood there, in a Sheer black shirt leaning against the door with a seductive look in his eyes. 

“Harry…” I warned as I stepped in, knowing all his tricks really well. 

“I made dinner,” He smirked as his closed the door and walked behind me. 

“You always make dinner,” I eyed him. 

“I do, only for the special,” He kissed my cheek, taking off my coat. 

“You have a lot of special people then, Harry. What did you make?” I asked, trying to step away from him. 

“Your favourite, sit,” He pulled the chair. 

“I’ll help you get the food from the kitchen,” I stopped him, but then I looked towards the kitchen, ”but, you have servers, okay. Am I missing anything?” I took a step back, but he pulled me towards him and made me sit. 

The servers brought food in, and Harry poured the wine. It was all my favourite. After taking a bite of my food, confirming he had cooked it, “Okay, what do you want?” 

“Marry me.” 

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#32 The Unsaid Arrangement (Harry Styles)

Prenups, marriage and love

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“No, I’ll manage it. Thank you,” I smiled at the shop owner even though, I was dreading it inside.

Taking the tube back home, I calculated all my accounts in my mind wondering where I was going wrong in my accounts. I was sure that, I was miscalculating somewhere. After paying my rent for the month, I was worried because I had my loans lined up so, my monthly spending was going to get reduced.

It was always difficult to do that. With my fiancé, who loved visits to the cafe now and then, and I, refusing him to pay the bill every time, working with turns or 50-50. I wasn’t living with him, not yet. And money had been something that we never discussed, though, and I felt it was going to be. I earned pretty well for a woman my age in my career line. Better than most, actually but, it didn’t match up to the lived lifestyle of Harry Styles. I had been very clear about the bills from the start. I didn’t like favours. Other than that, he labelled anything expensive he bought for me as a gift which was only allowed on special occasions.

I was going to start living with him. It would be his property and his earnings, how was it going to work? Would my lifestyle then, change? Would I be expected to spend lavishly because I couldn’t afford the brand?

I was staying over at his place today. It was a mansion with him only staying there and, he hated it. Tricking me to stay at his place now and then, was usual and I made him stay at mine. Although we wanted to say love was everything, it wasn’t. Money played a role, and I was worried, it would cause issues with us because I didn’t know how to work with it.

“Hello Mason, how are you?” I asked his house server.

“I’m good, Madame. Sir, is on the balcony on the top floor,” He nodded closing the door.

Harry stood, half naked on the balcony reading on his phone, “You’ll get specs soon if you don’t change this habit,” I told him pulling the phone away from his face. He smiled and threw his phone on the couch and picked me up in his arms.

“Hi,” He whispered against my lips.

“Hello,” I kissed him back.

“How was your day?” He asked, pulling me inside the house.

“Okay,” I sighed resting my head against his chest, as we cuddled in the bed.

After a while of just talking and eating snacks prepared by Mason who was amazing at it, Harry pulled out a bottle of wine.

“My manager called today,” He said.

“Hmm,” I hummed taking a sip.

“He wants us to sign a prenup,” He said, sitting down beside me.

“A prenup?” I asked. I didn’t know what to think of it. It wasn’t an absurd idea.

“Hear me out?” He looked at me with hope.

“I’ll sign it,” I told him, picking up another cheese cube.

“Babe-” He sighed.

“No really, I don’t have any issues. I have read about them, and it makes sense,” I told him.

“It doesn’t make sense to me,” He blurted out.

“Why?” I asked, frowning.

“Firstly, what’s mine is yours, and secondly, it’s like signing divorce papers before we get married,” He argued.

“Well, not really. It’s precautionary,” I told him.

“Precautionary, that we will get a divorce?” He said, not squinting his eyes.

“You know right, Marriage is patriarchal, and a screwed up concept and divorce rates are very high? It’s something to do with people can’t commit and so on…”

“But, I am committed to you, for the last four years and will be! That means there won’t be an issue!” He looked at me with big eyes.

“You know, you earn way more than me. And, it’s a safe bet, I don’t mind signing. I wouldn’t want anything from you,” I explained.

“What?” He looked shocked and moved away.

“What happened?” I asked but, he just shifted away.

“I earn more because it comes with my job. The outcomes are more if it works out. And what do you mean, you wouldn’t want anything? What if I want something!” He asked.


“No, this is an issue for you, right? That my money isn’t yours but, it is. We are going to get married. Do You want to pay me rent ? Buy groceries? No. Whatever comes from both of us comes into this house that we use together! Stop this nonsense of I can’t use yours. I love you, and I know you love me, and I want you to have all the comforts that I can afford not wondering about how much it costs because we are fortunate enough to have it!” He screamed.

“Harry, I didn’t…”

“No! What if, all this that I have goes away? What if my career gets destroyed which is, by the way, a possibility, and I have to start all over again, would you not be here to support me financially? Or would we be playing, this is mine, and that is yours?” His hands held my arms, holding me.

“I’d support you, obviously,” I was crying now. I couldn’t help it.

“This marriage for me is not a transaction deal, even though it’s patriarchal and all your other reasons but, this is making you mine in every way possible and me, yours. That means what mine is yours, and we help control each other, from going too far. I have never thought like that; I don’t want you thinking like that.” He got up and walked away, leaving me alone in the room.

Was everything that I was thinking wrong till now? I wasn’t with him for his bank account but, for who he was and, that’s why I was so clear not to do anything that would be close to even using him. But, I was using him, I was using his heart to be mine in all ways, I was using his time that he spent with me and money was just another factor. I had to stop thinking this way. He was right. Everything wasn’t about this.

I found him standing near the bench in the courtyard, near the pool. He was staring into the water when I slowly walked behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, helpless to the tears falling down.

“I didn’t expect you to agree. I thought we were going to have a good laugh over it,” He said, not turning back.

“I’ve been insecure. I don’t want to be labelled as a gold digger or whatever people call these days and…”

“I thought, you didn’t care what people think?” He snapped.

I shivered, “I don’t but, I don’t know…I love you. I know that. I want to marry you, and I know that, and I love you,” I said, against his back, holding him tight.

“Since we are having this conversation, I paid off all your loans,” He said, “Right now. Now, you have no escape.”

“What!” I pulled away. “No, no, what are you saying?” I ran up the stairs to where my phone was kept.

Checking through my emails, I had an update from the bank. “You fucking bastard! That was my responsibility! My loans! Why would you do that? I was saving up for it!” I hit him.

“It’s done now!” he said, with no expression on his face. “I don’t want my fiancé working with tension when I can take care of it. So, it’s done!”

I pushed him again, but he didn’t budge. He then held my wrist his grasp and pushed me towards the bed. “You can pay me back? I’d like it in kind, though,” He said, putting his weight on top of me.

“I’m very self righteous Harry, and I can’t deal with this,” I told him.

“So, pay me back? I’d like a marriage and you letting me give you the best wedding even though, I know, capitalism. I want a happy marriage where we don’t have issues like this? I don’t want you to even think something like a divorce exists because it doesn’t. And, I have a lot more requests, and we can spend our life like that, but this shouldn’t come between us,” He kissed down my neck and kept his head on my chest, not letting me go. “I know, you feel uncomfortable but, we’ll adjust. I love you too.”

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#40 Summer of 2017 (Harry Styles)

It was the Summer of 2017. Harry and Ember hadn’t seen each other for three years. Ember didn’t plan to see him either. Not after what he had done to her, but what she didn’t know was that Harry had been trying to locate her. He had spent six months, but no one told him about her because Ember had asked them not to. She didn’t want anything to do with the Harry Styles. He had done enough to end everything between them, and she was finally, getting better. But, the commitment which Ember lost, seeped into Harry and he held on to the thread that attached him to her, trying to strengthen it. He just had to find her. But, when he did, he had not planned to… 

Alexa wanted the book. She wanted it desperately, and she had planned to check all the bookstores present in this small town regardless if Harry planned to accompany her or not. They were out with all their friends with all their friends together, and Harry had made fun of her mention in her ex-boyfriend’s book and, she wanted it. 

Harry had no choice, but to follow her. The second option was climbing the mountain and, he had that planned for the next few days. He had all the excursions, limited as they were, spaced out in the time, he was going to spend here. Doing everything in one day would mean boredom for the next days and, he couldn’t afford that. 

It was the fourth bookstore and the last one here, they had checked out that morning, and it was almost 1 pm now. It was a bigger store than the other ones in the town and, extremely pleasing to the eye. They could hear a guitar playing inside and a guy, and a girl singing some an old ABBA song. They entered the store, Alexa, a little jumpy now, while Harry shook his head and followed her. 

The music got louder, as they sung in an empty bookstore. It was obvious since the population of this town was not a lot. He didn’t want to stop them and, he pulled her into looking the book herself until they finished the song. She had a beautiful voice, a voice he remembered which warmed his heart. But, he didn’t want to think about that. All his efforts had gone to hell and were leading nowhere. 

Alexa started smiling finally, but it was because of the song and not the book, “they are pretty good, aren’t they?” she whispered to him, and he nodded. Harry wondered why the girl wasn’t singing anymore when he heard footsteps. 

“Hello, how can I help you?” She asked, and his hand’s stopped. He couldn’t turn. He couldn’t believe it was her voice, and if he turned around and if it wasn’t, he would cry because it was her voice to him. 

“Oh, you guys were singing beautifully! I’m sorry you stopped!” Alexa apologised, and Harry wondered if they should, as customers. 

“Oh, no worries! We only sing on Thursdays, because the owner isn’t here. Friday’s are silent if you plan to sit and read, here. It makes a beautiful place, but it’s singing Thursday today,” She giggled and, Harry knew it was her. He closed his eyes and turned his head to look at her. 

He started with her shoes, she was in flats. Harry knew her like the back of his hand, and his eyes traced up to her legs and that, white dress she was wearing and her hair, black hair, in curls like he remembered, longer than he remembered and, to her lips, her nose, her eyes, it was Ember. His eyes widened to see how she had matured. He body seemed tighter now, fuller even, her lips were a bit plumper and her eyes held the same sparkle they had held in his dreams before they faded away as she saw him. 

In her head, Ember did the same thing. She had seen his pictured online. It was hard not to see him. With his famous haircut and photoshoot and movie debut, he was everywhere. But, her heart beat faster as he stood a few metred away from her. She hadn’t practised her look of seeing him again. She wasn’t prepared to see him again. And he wasn’t either. 

“It’s no problem! You guys are amazing! This town is so small, it’s just lovely hearing some young voices. All we have seen is old or married people everywhere and none our age!” Alexa laughed. Had she forgotten about her book, Harry wondered. His eyes never left her face. He could do so many things now. He had thought about all instances, but none led him to an interaction in a bookstore.

“Ember? Can you handle another Lobo song? I feel it today!” The guy walked up to them, and “oh, oh, umm oh my god. It’s you,” He looked at Harry and, then at Ember. He knew about them. “Hi!” He shook Alexa’s hand. How can I help you?” He smiled, trying to distract her from the way Ember and Harry were staring at each other. “I’ll handle this, why don’t you keep my guitar back?” 

Ember snapped out, and nodded, taking it away from his hand and walking towards the counter. She heard Alexa and Miles interact, as she took deep breaths in. “You’re okay?” Miles came and held her, as she took deep breaths in, trying not to show it on her face and stopping all the tears from coming out. 

“I am okay, I am okay, I am okay. He doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me.” She chanted as Miles rubbed her shoulders. Harry had not moved from his position. 

“What are you doing there? Come, he said he’s looking for the book!” Alexa pulled him, and he snapped out.  

“Here’s the book, you want to give it?” Miles asked her. Ember nodded, finally controlling herself and giving a big smile, as she took on another role.

“Oh love, we do have the book, but it’s the one in hardcover. The paperback is available too, but we don’t have it,” she apologised to Alexa who stood at the counter. She could feel Harry’s gaze on her, but she completely ignored it. 

Harry was thinking of what he could say. Nothing seemed enough. She wasn’t even looking at him anymore. A ‘hi’ would do? Not after what he did, a ‘hi’ wouldn’t do anything. 

“The hardcover will do! I just really want the book! Searched the entire town for it!” Alexa assured and paid the bill. 

“There you go!” Ember handed the packet to her. Should she anything? No. She had nothing to say. 

“You guys should give me a kiss each as payment!” A voice announced, and all of them turned to look at the door. Percy walked in with packets of food and, Ember and Miles ran to help him. They looked inside the packet, and both kissed his cheek at once. “I wasn’t serious!” Percy wiped his cheeks. Alexa swooned looking at him. He was beautiful, the most handsome man, Alexa had ever seen.

Percy stopped as he took her in. He knew who she was, but she was looking incredibly pretty standing in front of him, “Hello,” He smiled. Ember knew the attraction that instant. She smiled and bit her lip. Harry knew that reaction by Ember. Percy’s eyes shifted to Harry, and he cursed, “Are you okay?” He asked Ember. He knew, too. She nodded. 

“So you guys work and live here in this town?” Alexa asked, looking at Percy. 

“Well, Ember and I work. She is Ember, I am Miles, we love books and singing in bookstores! Percy is too cool to work!” Miles teased. 

“We are on holiday!” Percy casually pointed out. “We are on Uni leave, so we are supposed to be holidaying, but these two just love bookstores and are easily manipulated by old people!” 

“He wanted help! Mr Roland is a very nice man and, he wanted Thursday and Friday morning off, so we volunteered. Percy is too cool to work!” Ember countered as she brought plates for them out. “How long are you guys here?” 

Harry’s heart skipped a beat. She wanted to see them again. She considered him. “Oh, a couple of weeks. We should meet up!” Alexa replied. 

“Oh, umm,” Percy and Miles shut up. They didn’t want Ember to go through what she had. It took a long time to recover her. 

“Definitely!” Ember replied, and they looked at her,, in shock. “Let me give you Percy’s number since, he plans everything and tell him your plans?” 

“That’ll be great!” Alexa nodded, “If you don’t mind,” She looked at Percy and, he immediately shook his head. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off his girl. Was she his anymore? She wasn’t, but maybe she’ll give him a chance to explain. “Thanks! We will see you guys around then! And, thank you for the book!” She held it tightly, “let’s go, Harry!” her voice made him snap out of his thoughts, and he followed her out. 

“They are lovely, aren’t they?” She asked Harry on her way out. “You didn’t say anything!” 

“Yeah, we’ll meet them again and, I will!” He smiled. 

Ember collasped on her chair. She had to build her walls higher. Her ex-boyfriend of four years was back in town. 

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#20 The Fixing Procedure Part 10 (Harry Styles)

Earlier Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

“You know what I love about you?”  Edward lay on my stomach, pressing occasional kisses on it.

“What?” I giggled, his hair tickling me.

“That you care about people in a way nobody does,” He climbed, and placed his head on my chest, and I hugged him.

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Look at people here, they don’t care about us patients,” he said.

“They do,” I countered.

“Not like you do,” He looked up.

“Well, it’s not supposed to be like me,” I told him. “We can’t get connected, you know…”

“You’re a goner then,” He smirked

I didn’t want to believe he was standing in front of me. It took me a long time to get myself away from him and, there were hardly any days which went without a mention of his name in my head.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, panting after the long angry make-out session. Our lips were red and swollen, my top a bit was torn and Harry half naked, sitting like an angel on my bed. He looked like a masterpiece sitting on my bed. I still remembered the first day I saw his picture. He is still that beautiful.

He didn’t answer me but, lay down on the bed. I sat still not moving from my position. He tapped the space beside him, wanting me to sit and rest beside him. I did, and he wrapped his hands around me. “I drove all night, can we sleep? It’s quite late,” He whispered, cuddling into my neck.

I nodded and switched off the light. Pulling the blanket over us, Harry snuggled into my body like Edward always did, and I held him. It didn’t take a lot of time for me to sleep. Months were spent with me attached to him, it was like a habit now that, I was getting used to again.

I ran next to him on the field. Harry had started working out now that he ate better. He was getting in shape and was making me run with him, too. “I can’t do this!” I yelled.

“One more round, come come,” He gave me his million dollar smile and pulled my hand with him. “I thought you’d always be with me,” He said, repeating my words.

“Why can’t with you be done from the bench!” I huffed.

“Nope, with me, means every step with me!” He let go of my hand as I ran beside him.

“Your legs are too long! I have to run faster than you to just catch up!” I told him.

“I’ll slow down, here,” He said, slowing down a bit.

“Makes no difference, let’s finish this!” I pushed him and ran forward.

Waking up next to him after so many months was weird but, in a good way. It was like I fit with him. Like, two halves fixed together, again. I lay in bed answering all my emails, not wanting to leave his corner. I slept longer than I usually did. He calmed me down.

“Hey, good morning…” I heard him whisper.  I didn’t say anything. He kissed my shoulder and got off the bed. “Want to go have breakfast?” He asked. “I  saw a cafe on the way here, is it good?”

I nodded. He told me to get ready, opening my cupboard and taking out my clothes. We knew each other that well. I took the clothes and ran to the washroom. I met him near his truck, he looked all washed up and clean. “You’re a long way from home,” I told him.

“Or I am home?” He smirked. I didn’t understand him. He pulled in front of the cafe and ordered pancakes for both of us.

“What are you doing here?” I asked while he was ordering.

“Do you want a shake with it? Coffee? She’ll have a Cold Coffee Milkshake, make it strong and I’ll have a black coffee,” He told the waitress who kept eyeing him and biting her lips. I chose to ignore her, I had bigger battles to fight.

“Are you going to tell me?” I asked again.

“I thought, you weren’t planning on studying psychology after your experience with me? What happened?” He laughed like it was some joke.

I didn’t respond, keeping my face blank. The waitress kept our food on the table and walked away, still biting her glossed cherry lips. I knew she had her number stuck down his plate. I took a bite of my pancakes, relishing them. It had been a long time since I had eaten one. Harry kept looking at me while eating and smiling to himself, after that.

We finished our food quite fast and in silence. I guess, none of wanted to explain or deal with what had happened. “You didn’t answer me? I thought I had removed every intention of you trying to fix people after me,” He smirked.

I couldn’t control it. This was Edward, but it was Harry, too. Knowing Edward, he couldn’t have kept shut for so long, this was a different man. “You must find it funny but, I don’t!” I got up and threw a bill and walked off. Harry stopped me, pulling my hand just outside the cafe.

“It’s not funny,” He said. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to hug him, it was too much for me. “You know, you were the one who bailed me out! I do deserve an apology!” he said, as he matched my pace.

“You remember?” I stopped in my tracks.

“Everything finally found the box!” He said, smiling. “There was a reason I forgot you.”

“Really? Why? Some sadistic joke? You know what, I can’t do this!” I shook my head but, before I could walk away, he held me in his arms.

“I kidnapped you, I hurt you too, and you took it,” he said, “I wanted to fix myself and give a chance for us to fix ourselves, at least that is what my head says,” he kept him head on my shoulder. “Nothing makes sense to me, Eliza.”

“What if I forget you?” Harry asked.

“What?” We were cleaning all his cameras and arranging them according to their dates.

“What if I don’t remember you one day because I lose time. What if one day I wake up and nothing makes sense,” He said.

“That won’t happen,” I kissed his cheek. “You know why? Because I’ll be there right beside you, clearing things out.”

We sat in his truck, wrapped up in blankets, “This is a nice truck,” I said.

“She’s my baby,” He smiled. “Don’t worry, you are too.”

“Sure,” I shook my head.

“It’s a lot to process, Eliza,” He continued. “I don’t think I would have survived if an alternate side didn’t take it for me. I was abused every month by that man, every month and my mother saw nothing,” I rubbed his shoulders. “I have been trying to understand everything. The killing, the gang, everything and it’s just something which, I want to get rid of now, you know.”

I kissed his cheek and sat in his lap. We were parked beside the community park, in a shaded corner. He spent the day telling me about all he found out and tried to solve. It was a lot. Twenty-two years of his life worth shit, which he was coming to terms with now. “Doctors say that I have a choice,” He said. “I can choose to forget the negative and focus on the positive. Start afresh, anew like a second chance that, I have been offered. And, that makes sense to me. The only thing in all of it that made sense to me is you.”


“I dreamt about you. Almost every other night and slowly joined the pieces. You are all that makes sense to me. All that I want to remember. Nothing else, nobody else,” He said, holding my face. I wanted to cry. “Everyone gave up one but, you never did. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for forgetting you but, I have been looking for this missing piece inside me which I still can’t join and with you here, I feel fixed. I feel complete,” Tears poured down his eyes. “I know,  I hurt you. I can’t forget the look on your face when I said that, I didn’t remember you. But, you do say that everything happens for a reason. Maybe this was a chance to come to terms with ourselves,” He said.

I kept my head on his chest. I loved him so much. It was my love with him which he remembered.

“Do you think you can give us a chance again? As Harry and Eliza? Because I love you. The Harry in me, the Edward in me, all of me loves you, and I’d give up everything for you,” He said as I cried in his arms.

“You asked Aunty to stop me from seeing you. I was dying Harry, and you did what I was most scared of, you forgot me,” I whimpered.

“I thought, I was doing you a favour. I thought I had ruined you. Letting go of me would give you clarity away from me,” He held me in his arms, crying with me.

“You gave it a very good shot,” I nodded, and he smiled.

“Please don’t leave me again,” I hugged him.

“Never again.”

I sat sketching Edward, as he read his book. He was the perfect work of art that I wanted to capture with my skill.

“This book is shit!” He slammed it shut.

“Why?” I asked, laughing.

“I don’t like sad endings, he didn’t have to die!” he crossed his arms.

“It’s reality,” I shrugged.

“Are you giving me a hint, honey?” He smirked.

“I’m just telling you that, it’s life, and there can be a time when I’m not there, and…” He stopped me by keeping his fingers on my lips.

“Wherever you’ll go, I’ll follow,” He said, kissing them.

“For that, you’ll have to get out of here. To get off here, you’ll have to get fixed, and for that…” He picked me up and lay me on the bed and climbed on top of me.

“I know, I know, and you’ll fix me. And, take me with you, won’t you? You won’t leave me behind,” He said, sucking my neck.

“Not until you want me to,” I confirmed.

“Well then, you’re stuck with me.” He nodded and threw his shirt away like a hero. “Forever.”

“Forever it is,” I laughed and pulled him close.


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#15 Missing Part 2 (Harry Styles)

Sorry, I was sick. 

“Hello!” I screamed as I hit the bell on the desk repeatedly. An old lady walked in and then, looked at him. She sighed and then, stepped inside sending her son. “Hey, someone called me? A girl, unconscious found in a room?” I asked frantically.

“Oh, you Harry?” The man asked.

“Yes! Yes! Where is she?” I screamed.

“Ah! Don’t scream young man, we sent her to the hospital! Here, the address,” I snatched it from his hands and left, thanking him. I was sweating; my heart was beating too fast. Finally, I found her after almost two weeks. Barging into the hospital, I gave her description. She was signed under her name, and a nurse guided me to her room.

I didn’t like what he saw there. She had wires running all over with drips attached to her hand, an oxygen mask on her face and a heart monitor. What was happening? I walked up to her and held her hands; they were so thin, and even she looked thinner. Things were bad enough; I hadn’t been paying attention to her, at all. Did she eat on time? I had no idea.

“Harry?” A man walked into the room, her doctor. I nodded and walked out with him, glancing back at his girlfriend before closing the door.

“What’s wrong with her?” My voice cracked up, and my body shivered.

“You are her?” He asked.

“Husband, I’m her husband…” I explained. I couldn’t say, boyfriend. They’d ask for her closest family, and she had one cousin who lived miles away from her.

“Well Sir, the news is not good,” The doctor sighed.

“What happened?” I asked, again.

What was happening around her? She didn’t know. Harry was still at that girls face, and she saw two silhouettes making out. That was it, then. Her heart broke, and she walked off into the night. She didn’t care where she was going; she just walked. All this time, she stopped herself from smoking, drinking because she didn’t want to disappoint her mom. Even if she wasn’t alive but, now she realized maybe, when a person dies, the story ends there. There are no souls turning into stars and watching over the loved ones because, if there were something like that, she would have been back home, having dinner with Harry. But, she wasn’t. She was in a club, dancing with some stranger. She broke all her rules.

“I want to try everything!” She screamed. And that was it. The next four days, she didn’t remember eating or being sober. She was always in this high. She met some new people, and they showed her around. She almost had sex with this guy but, the police came, and she ran away. She ran straight back to her hotel and fell.

“We tried to recover her but, we don’t know when she will regain consciousness. The overdose is at an extreme that we haven’t been able to extract it all out.” The doctor explained, and I couldn’t stop crying. What have I done? “If she wakes up in the next two days, we have a little hope but, there are strong chances of her slipping into Coma.”

I sat down on the ground inside her room and let out a howl. I wanted to harm myself, kill myself for causing her so much pain. Anything that would turn the time back! Where was he when she was harming herself? How could they both be so stupid?

He was at his friend’s house. A friend he knew who liked him. She was totally into him, and he didn’t know what he was expecting out of his stay here. He had a perfectly good girlfriend back home; he should have called her. But, when she placed a bottle of champagne in front of him in that little skirt which left nothing to the imagination, he kept his phone down. Nothing happened, she tried kissing him but, he pulled away before she touched him. He couldn’t cheat; that wasn’t him. But, there was this strong feeling in his heart that was he was doing right now, wasn’t less than cheating.

I stayed with her, praying the Lord to give me a second chance with her. There has to be a better reason for me to lose her. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t realize what I had. I couldn’t let her go. I loved her. I’ll spend my entire life making it up to her. She just had to wake up.

My friends dropped on the second day. Flowers, cards, wishes, she had to wake up to see them. My family showed up too, she should have been awake to see it for herself.

“What do the doctors say?” My mother asked.

“She’s not waking up, Ma…” I cried, hugging her waist. “I’m going to kill her Mumma, she is going to die because of me,” I howled.

She didn’t wake up. Harry sat beside her, kissing her every minute, making promises but, it didn’t work. The doctors declared Aria brain dead in a week and, everyone told Harry that it was better to let her go. That it was plain torture to her to keep her alive like this. She wasn’t alive. She wasn’t coming back. Harry was numb, he didn’t respond to anything, and he spent his days with her. He shifted her to their house and took care of her. Cuddled next to her, and talked. Like she used to talk to him, tell her stories, read and listen to music. He did all the things he loved to do with her but, even that couldn’t stop Harry from sinking deeper. After a while, his friends stopped calling him. He had traded her for them, look what he was left with now. The family was there but, his mother thought maybe if she left him alone for a while, he’d come through.

It was August when he finally, came to a conclusion. It was raining outside, and he knew how Aria loved rain. He opened the window wide enough, to let the wind bring the rain to her skin. He took out his clothes and slipped in beside her and took a few pills and switched off her life support. This was their perfect ending. 

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#35 Curse of Being Perfect Part 2 (Harry Styles)


“How was the party last night?” Jim asked me at the shop.

“Oh great, great, just great!” I smiled and took my things and left. The party ended for me last night after I left my house looking for Grace. But, the goddess disappeared. She was not at her house, and I didn’t know her enough to know where she would be at 11:30 PM. Probably her boyfriends…

I wanted to throttle my demon who kept whispering things, making me cringe at my own actions. From the morning till now, I was drowned in guilt. Neel planned to show me the entire amount of work she put in and in her own little way, it was a lot. All I could remember was how cruel I was to her every time I can back. Our friends were common now, but I always excluded her. I knew she was at the party as a plus one, that evening, but it didn’t stop me from insulting her.

“Mum, I got the stuff. I’m going to the field for a bit,” Not taking my car, I walked down to the only quiet place I could think of; I liked the fact that, not a lot of people knew about and, it made it easier for me just to be there. I climbed the steps to a small place where, the river just flew and, it only a couple could sit there. I saw black hair from the top and, I stopped in my tracks not before, causing a pebble to drop.

Grace looked up and, her eyes widened. I’m sure she cursed before she took a breath, “could you please not come here?” She asked.

“Excuse me?” I frowned.

“Yes, it must be hard hearing a No, but this is my quiet place and, I don’t want it to be ruined,” She met my eyes, they were wet, “under any circumstances, so please.”

“This is my quiet place, too,” I said climbing down and she huffed. “And, there is a place for one more so, I can sit in my corner, and you sit in yours,” I smiled, trying to be genuinely nice. You have to try to be nice.

She cuddled into herself, getting in a corner and reading her book from the little sunlight that fell on the page. Not once, did she look at me? But, I couldn’t help staring. The feeling when you see someone for the first time, this time real? Her cheeks were a bit red and, she sniffed and, she tried hiding behind her long hair. She was beautiful it was quite clear. But, it wasn’t just her face, it kinda grew out of her which I always tried to copy. You succeeded, now everyone knows how nice you are. Only she knows the horrible face.

“So, what have you been up to?” I asked her, making her stop and look at me.

“Why are you talking to me?” She looked at me in confusion.

“That’s rude. I thought you were so nice to everybody,” I tried smiling instead of smirking.

“What do you want, Harry?” she asked, closing her book.

“Will you forgive me if I say sorry?” her eyes wide, and then, looking all around the tiny space. “There is no one here.”

“Are you saying sorry or asking for my reaction if you say sorry?” she questioned.

“I am saying sorry,” I decided. “I am sorry, I mean.”

“Alright, you’re forgiven.” She nodded and opened her book again.

“That’s – that’s it, you don’t want to talk about it?” I asked her confused.

“Talk about what?” She looked up and, I frowned. “Look, I know you hate me. I don’t know why and frankly, I have cared for so long, but I don’t anymore. It’s frustrating, and you’re not the only important thing in my life. You have a perfect life, the perfect career in a field that you love! You have the entire world loving you and just waiting for you to smile! You know what I have? A fucking tough college which drains the core of you. A course in something, I am not positive I like, but Father says, it’s just a phase. What if it’s not? You are already earning, in millions! I have to make my career after this hell house is over, in a field, I am not sure I even like, so save it!  I don’t want to talk about how the only imperfect thing in your life is that I exist, okay! Or is that giving too much importance to myself?” She got up angry, I had never seen her angry.

“Grace – I…”

“Save it, Harry.”

She climbed and left the tiny space while I sat dumbfounded in the same place.

It was a month after I saw her again. In a bookshop, in London, looking all calm and composed and, I couldn’t help myself, “Hey, I am Harry,” I went and stood beside her.

She looked at me and then, back to the book. Maybe in shock, and looked back at me. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, I saw you and, couldn’t help myself honestly,” I looked into her eyes. “Would you like to join me for lunch?”

“I…rather not, I have to –”

“Please Grace, give me a chance. I swear I won’t hurt you.”

She gulped, but nodded and followed me out. I took her to one of my favourite places here, and got a table in one of the rooms, luckily. “This is fancy,” She smiled.

“It’s just more private, what would you like to drink?” I asked her, and she shrugged. “Well, I’ll order, try it?” She nodded, as she fiddled with her fingers. She was out of her comfort zone.

“How’s college?” I asked.


“Look, Grace, I – I don’t know how to apologise for what I have done and –”

“I forgave you, Harry. Long back, I told you,” She said, softly. “I don’t hold any grudges, really.”

“I hated you.”


“I did, like badly. You are always so perfect. You excelled at everything! And, I couldn’t help be jealous. I had to be, but I forgot you were my motivator. I always thought, if I could be like Grace, I could win it. Secretly, I still do,” I whispered. “I am sorry, I have been so blind with us.”

“Perfect? You think I’m perfect?” She scoffed. “I am far from perfect. I couldn’t get the one guy I liked to like me back, do you know how important that is to a teen girl? And, he crushed me at every opportunity he got. We used to be friends, Harry. I won maybe because I always wanted to impress you. Just have you say that I was amazing, but that never happened. So, I stopped performing. You know, why are you telling me all this now? What’s the point?” I could see she was tired.

“I didn’t know you like me,” I told her, honestly.

“Yes, you were too blind hating me. I saw you as perfect. Everything about you, from your hard work to your band, I came for every show. Until you told me, I wasn’t invited. And, your girlfriend laughed at me. Humiliated me and told me to stop being fixated on you, and that you hated it. So, I stopped that, there isn’t much for me to stop now. And, I won’t. You are not that important and – what am I doing here? I need to leave, I am sorry,” she got up from the table and picked up her bag. On impulse I got up and, was at her side, stopping her from running again.

“Look, just wait, a minute,” I said, wrapping my arms around her so, she stopped struggling to get away.

“Let me go, Harry!” I yelled, crying now.

“No, not again,” I made her drop her bag, “look at me,” After struggling for a bit longer, I made her turn and, made her look at me. Her cheeks were wet as, I removed her hair from her face. “There I can see you, now. You are very beautiful, and I don’t hate you.”

“What game is this?” She whispered.

“There’s no game. What are we now, twenty-two? We are too old for games,” I giggled. “Just calm down,” I made her breathe and, sit down again, pulling a chair next to her. She hiccupped and, took some water, clutching the glass in her hands. We ate our meal in silence. Our old waiter understanding that his presence should be kept to the minimum left us alone.

“Are you travelling back or staying here?” I asked her.

“Staying,” she answered.


“I have to look for a place, not sure.”

“Oh,” I nodded, “Come stay with me? I have a house here, and you won’t have to spend too much time looking for a place either.”

“No, umm, I am staying here for a couple of days. Wanted a break so, umm, yeah.”

“Then, stay for a couple of days here?” I pushed, “I know, I am pushing you. It’s a lot to take, but just believe once?”

“Harry, I - ” She hiccupped.

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#3 - Ask Me Out (Harry Styles One Shot)

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Word Count - 1,286

Harry Styles One Shot : Summary - High school drama has its perks and these two make the best of it. 

You can do this, you can do this…I repeated it like a mantra over and over again in my head, the entire walk from the computer room to the ground. You have no reason to be nervous, you’ve nothing to lose. Okay, maybe you do but, it can’t get worse that how it already is. I kept my pace fast not trying to think too much about it. I just had to go and say it. There he was, sitting with his entire gang. He always is, Maddy. You’ll have to say it in front of them. C’mon what is the worse that could happen? – Except for being embarrassed the entire school year. No. No. You’re walking up to him and saying it. I oscillated twice near the tree before walking up to the gang.

They were, I don’t know, doesn’t every high school have a popular group? I walked up to him, who was sitting in between two girls, laughing. I stood in the centre and called out, “Harry?” Everyone looked up. Fuck.

His green eyes met mine, which were covered in my newly bought frames (pretty cool, actually). “What?” He replied. Why was his voice so deep and husky? Deep and husky laid with confusion because, I called out.

“Oh.” Shit. He raised his eyebrows, asking me to go on. “Nothing,” I ran out of there as fast as possible. Ran as fast as possible before collapsing on the other side of the field behind the little hut we called store room. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Now, they’re going to make fun of me for not speaking up and running away!” I screamed. I wanted to suddenly cry. How could I be such an idiot! Fucking hell! Now, I’ll never get the chance again. I sat on the ground, hitting my head against my hand, before I had to leave the school premises. Head bowed, I walked towards my house. I hate this. I hate my life! I’m going to be made fun off now! Teenagers! Always looking for new reasons to laugh at and entertain themselves. Where the fuck did I get the guts to actually up to him, in the first place?

“Do you know you talk to yourself?” A car stopped next to me. “Or that you curse a lot?” It was him. Why was he talking to me? Because you ran away, idiot. I didn’t reply. No. No words. I just stood there, like a statue. “Can I drop you home?” He asked. No reply. I was staring at him like a dud. “Are you not going to reply?” He said, smiling a bit. He was having fun, that bastard. “Jesus. Say something. Or just get in!” He laughed a bit, running his fingers through his hair. Mine were the same length. “Get in!” He now, shouted. Something snapped and I opened the front door and sat down, looking straight forward, sitting completely stiff and erect. Cautious. He looked at me and frowned, I did the same. “Belt,” I swear, I had never worn the belt so fast, in my life.

After a little while of driving in his car, not talking of course - I mean, why will I talk now? Idiot. “Are you going to tell me directions to your house?” he raised as arms in question. I did. “Now you talk.” He laughed. “What was that back in the field?” He asked, looking at me, while I looked straight ahead, looking at the empty road. Do you remember my position? “Mute again, I see,” He huffed. “You’re Maddy, right?” He looked at me while I looked at him. “Why are you pouting? We have Economics, together?”


“Oh yeah, sorry. So…did you have anything important to say? You ran away quite fast too. Are you in the track team, or something?” He looked at me.


“No? Alright. Umm…so, are you going to tell me or stay shut the whole ride. Or is it something to be said in front of all my friends?” He laughed.

“You know what, stop laughing! Do you realise the amount of guts required to come up to you in school? It’s like bloody going to up to your mother to let you do drugs! Can you imagine the amount!” What am I saying? Drugs?And you, you have to sit there between the prettiest girls in school laughing and, if someone comes up to you- replying with a what? A fucking what? Who does that!”

“I’m sorry…” He whispered, a bit nervously, not that I heard him.

“I mean, all I wanted to come and say to you was that I like you! I always have, you know! Secretly! But, this is our last year! I definitely won’t see you again, and I wanted to say the one thing I’ve wanted to say from the last five years! Who cares what anybody thinks, right?! But, you’ve to raise those fucking gorgeous eyebrows with a why-is-she-talking-to-me look? How can somebody say anything!” He just stared into my face stopping in front of my house. “And now, I’ll be made fun of because of this thing, I wanted to tell you. I wasn’t expecting much in return, you know. I just wanted too…” I just realised by rambling session in Harry Styles’ car. “And I did…fuck.”

“Yeah, you did…” He whispered.

“Okay, umm…I’m going to go. Thank you for the ride.” I got out of his car in full speed and ran to my door but, he called out.

“So, this is it then?” He shouted a bit.

“Huh,” I said, innocently.

“What huh? You run away from me at school. Have hardly ever had a conversation with me. And, I give you a ride back home and you profess your last five year love to me and stop?” He got out his car and leaned against it, shutting the door. He looked so beautiful in his clack jeans and blue plaid shirt. Snap out of it.


“What? Ask me out.” He said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Don’t make fun of me.” I said, frowning.

“You don’t make fun of me. At least ask me out. What am I going to do with your rambling confession?”

“Are you serious?” I asked, a bit confused now. He shrugged his shoulders. “Okay then…” I walked up to him and stood right in front, looking up (he is tall). “Harry Styles…”

“Yes,” He said, smiling cheekily showing off both his dimples.

“Don’t smile.”

“Hey…That’s not nice.” He frowned.

“Harry Styles,” He stood up straight. “I discovered this amazing cafe, the other day…the sad part is that, I don’t want to go alone and since, you seem to be a nice company, I’d like to ask you to come with me…”

“Nice. Very romantic.” He said, sarcastically. “By the way, I’m not a nice company - I’m a fucking awesome company.”

I smirked.

“And, I accept your invitation to go to this amazing cafe.”

“Okay.” I nodded.

“Okay.” He nodded.

“Tomorrow at 7?” I kept nodding.

“Yeah okay, tomorrow at 7” So did he.

“Bye then,” I said, turning away and walking off before, he pulled me by my hand, then, wrapped his arm around my waist and attached his lips to mine. I swear my heart fluttered.

“By the way, I’ve been crushing since the last two years.” He whispered against my lips.


“We can discuss this in detail at your awesome cafe,” He said, pulling away and opening his car door. “You’ll pick me up?”

“I own a Moped. You don’t mind, do you?” I asked.



“Alright.” He said, getting inside and driving off.


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#4 Stuck With Me (Niall Horan One Shot)


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Word Count : 1,434

Niall Horan One Shot: Summary - It’s not fair to be mad at things one doesn’t have a control on. But hey, that’s a personal opinion. 

“You do realize you’re kinda stuck with me, today?” I whispered, sitting right next to him on the couch, facing him, my body touching him. I cuddled my head between his neck and shoulders, and placed a kiss there. Nothing. He didn’t even look at me. He was stuck to the game he was playing since the last two hours. FIFA. Taking all the attention from me, this game. Now, I don’t know if you know this but, I am not one to give up. I got myself comfortable next to him with my legs across his lap and opening my ponytail so, that my long wavy hair could make me look prettier. No response. Time to step this up.

I removed my top leaving me in a very sexy bra bought by Sir, himself. I moved my body closer to him, my boobs touching his arm not causing any restriction in movement. I didn’t want him to get annoyed and walk away. I started kissing his neck, leaving sloppy kisses all over and then going in for a love bite. He loved those. I kissed his cheek, his jaw, his forehead, lips were kinda outta reach. Nothing…yet.

I took off my pants leaving me in a matching thong and, stretched out on the couch beside him, with my legs across his lap. I kept watching his game but now, I knew his eyes were on me. He loved this set. Loving lingerie in general, he called it, me being wrapped in present just for him to open. I knew, he was rethinking his decision of ignoring me. I frankly, looked too sexy to be kept hands off from, especially when he full permission. But, he did. He was hard to crack.

I shook my body a bit, acting to get a little comfortable on the couch, jiggling my boobs, arching my back. His eyes were on me, mine on the screen. After a while, I started touching myself. I played with my boobs for a while, over my bra of course, and then, went down to pussy. He was getting red, feeling him shift in his seat he even cleared his throat. I spread my legs a bit, and rubbed my clit. I was moaning, kinda exaggerating but, it was working. He was losing his game and then, angrily shut it off. I didn’t stop touching myself. Slipping a finger in and arching my back, I was having too much fun.

“You fucking tease,” He shifted, getting in between my legs and picking me up. He held my waist so tight and he placed me in his lap, pulling me to his chest.

“What did I do…” I asked, innocently.

“Really,” He raised his eyebrows. “You know what you did. Leave this  out, you’ll get punished but, I’m not talking about this.”

“I really don’t know…” I cuddled into his neck.

He pulled my head by my hair. Harsh. “You were talking to Stan.”

“So?” I frowned, getting his hand off my head.

“So, I thought we discussed you’re not going to talk to him.”

“The discussion was you saying, I don’t talk to him. I decide who I talk to and who I don’t,” I said, getting off his lap. “Is this the reason you’re giving me the silent treatment?” I questioned.

“We decided you won’t talk to him,” He looked at me, his eyes full of anger.

“Oh god.” I stomped off to the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” He bellowed. I got in and wore his T-shirt, getting in bed. This day was ruined. “I’m talking to you.”

“Maybe if you stop being a dickhead, you can think a little clearly. But no, you’ll ignore me and then, scream and now, stand there running your hands through that blond hair.”

“He wants you.”

“Yeah sure.”

“I’m a guy. I know the look. He wants you.”

“He’s the son of my mother’s best friend. I practically grew up with him. If he wanted me, he would make his move. And I wouldn’t take it because I’m taken. Do you even trust me?” I said sitting up on my knees.

“It’s not about trusting you,” He shook out his T shirt and climbed in bed. “I don’t want someone stealing you away,” He said holding my face in his palms. He placed a chaste kiss on my lips, pulling me under the blanket, keeping one hand behind my head, laying me down on the cushion. “I’m very insecure,” He said getting on top of me as I spread my legs. “He knows you well, and even if you guys don’t have an awesome history, things can always get well and you can realise how much of an unworthy bastard, I am.” He said kissing my lips, again.

“You’re not unworthy or a bastard. You’re my choice and are pretty classy.”

He laughed into my neck, leaving kisses all over. “I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong. I’m just very protective of you, baby.”

I combed my hand through his hair and pulled him down to kiss me. We played along for some time, his tongue slipping in to play with mine. Basics were just awesome. I could feel myself getting wet and him hard as his dick was rubbing over my pussy. “You don’t have to worry about him. I love you. I’m with you. A 100 percent. Do I make you feel like that?” He shook his head. “I’m not going anywhere until you get sick of me and want me to go.”

“I will never want you to go.”

“Well that’s clear then,” I giggled.

“You’re a fucking tease though…” he said pulling my t-shirt off and marking me. “Sitting beside me, naked and touching yourself, while you know, only I’m supposed to do that.” I moaned out loud. “So fucking beautiful,” he said, admiring my body. He pulled my bra off and my thong and kissed all over my body. “And, all mine…” He mumbled going down on me. His fingers entered me, two at once, “You’re so wet, who made you this wet, baby?”

“You…oh my…you, Niall, you…” I was a moaning mess. He kept licking my click, his fingers going at full speed. Only he knew how I liked it, and knew how to put me on the edge as fast as possible.

“I can feel you clenching on my fingers baby, no cumming without me inside off you…” He said his smirk out on display. He pulled his fingers out, leaving me on the edge and kissed my lips.

I pushed him down and climbed on top of him, getting his boxers off and his dick in my mouth. It felt like we were rushing even, when we had the whole day but, that was just him and I. I bobbed my head, trying to get the entire thing in my mouth. He was just so big and thick, I remember being scared the first time we had sex. “Just like that baby…you’re so good at this!” He moaned, thrusting his hips a bit. “Stop, stop, need to get in…you…”

He sat up and I climbed on top, his dick slipping inside me and filling me up. I fell into his chest and pulled him close. He was so big. I could feel him stretching me out. “Yeah baby, slowly…” he said, picking up my hips and then, pulling him down. I held his face in my palms, my lips against his, whimpering as we increased speed. I kept bouncing on him and he kept meeting me, hard that my entire body shook and he had to hold me tight so, that I didn’t collapse.

Kissing my lips, tongues fighting for dominance now, he climbed on top ,both my legs on his shoulders as he drilled in faster, hitting that one stop that made me scream his name, out loud. “NIALL!…Niall, Niall, Niall…” I repeated it with every thrust.

“I love you so much!” He said, getting in between my legs and kissing me hard, his thrusts not stopping for a second but, slowing down as we were close. “Going to come, my love? Can feel you clench my dear, fuck, so good.” He whispered as, I let go, not being able to control it. He wasn’t far behind as he filled me up and gave me the most intense kiss of the day.

He pulled me under the sheets, still inside on me and cuddled me in his arms. “We should clean up,” I said, exhausted.

“Hmm…” He said, shutting his eyes and pulling me closer.

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#21 Timing (Harry Styles)

Little sick but, this is something new. 

“Maybe, this time, we get free coupons,” my sister smiled as she opened the box of cookies. I lay quietly on the bed, just smiling at her enthusiasm. She had spent her pocket money on buying these because I liked them but, kept saying it was for the coupons.

“Yes, maybe, this time, we would…” I smiled, putting the oxygen mask back on my face.

“Does it hurt a lot?” She asked, her eyes flashing with pain. I just shook my head and watched her open the packet just to find a small toy, instead. “Well, no luck,” she laughed. “I’m keeping the box here, eat it when you want too…”

It was my twentieth day in the hospital, and I knew, I wasn’t going to get better now. The infection had reached my spine, and the medicines were not stopping it from increasing. I was surprisingly okay with it. I had no idea why but, I knew I wouldn’t walk out of it and I just wanted to enjoy this time with my family.

My mother was not giving up. She knew the best doctors and was now contacting more. I could see her get hyper and tensed and in pain while I tried to be strong for her. We had the letting go conversation yesterday and she called me weakly, saying that I was giving up on everybody. Somewhere she knew that she couldn’t save me. My father was the opposite. He was buying me gifts and reading out books, watching movies. I could hear them fighting. He understood.

“So, when am I going home?” I asked as my mum walked in the room.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked.

“I want to go home, Mom. You can’t fix it this time. Please take me home and spend time with me,” I pleaded.

We did go home. The doctors had installed a complete set up in my room but, it remained my room. My walking had been reduced no just going to the toilet. I used to sneak in long showers at time and bubble baths with my sister. Everyone was tensed but, I was glad everyone was together spending time with me.

“You got selected for the Rickman’s project. Isn’t it a joke now!” Jenna laughed. She had taken leave for a month from her job with Ezra, my two best friends.

“If I could walk, I’d do it!” I laughed.

“Shut up!”

“I love my job or loved!” I giggled. Laughing helped. Somehow after the laugh we always went numb but, we laughed again. I was glad I had them. I had lost so many people along the way. We only told my immediate family and close friends about my impending death so to say. I didn’t need anyone else. My life in L.A. was over and so, were the relationships I had there. He would never know, and maybe, it’s for the best. He shouldn’t have to know either; he was happy.

(10 Months Ago)

“Where are you going to go?” He screamed. “Where can you go? You can’t live without me like I can’t live without you! So, where in hell are you going to go?” His hold on my arms tightened with every word.

“You should have thought about this before you cheated on me!” I screamed back pulling away from his hold.

“I am sorry!” He cried, the tears fell as he unpacked everything, I put in the bags. “It was a mistake. Please, don’t leave me! I love you!”

“Stop it!” I put everything back and closed the suitcase. “The sad part is I love you too! But, I would’ve never done what you did to me. I hate you; I hate you so much!” I wiped my tears and walked out of the room.

“Baby…Baby,” He pulled me close to him, “It was nothing, I swear. I love you so much; I’ll die without you,” He kissed me. It was the last kiss; I tasted the tears of his lips, and he pulled me close, not letting me go. I hugged him, taking in his smell, his warmth, the feeling of his hands on my skin when the bell rang. “Stay, please stay…” He said, pulling apart as my mind was split in two. He cheated on me. She came up to me and gloated on my face and then, held him like she owned him. I was so in love with him; I didn’t realize something like this could happen. And, there she was again on the door.

“She hasn’t left yet?” She asked pouting.

“Leave Kaitlin!” He banged the door on her face.

I pulled my luggage out, “where does she get so much confidence to walk in and ask if I’ve left if it was nothing!” I shouted.

“It was nothing! Look, where are you going!” He cried.

“I can’t do it, Harry. I can’t share you, and I can’t tolerate this. I rather die than…” I shook my head and opened the door. She was not there. “I hope you’re happy with what you did! Maybe, she can give you what I didn’t!” I walked out as he ran behind me.

That was a long time ago. He was apparently dating now. The man who said would die without me was lying while I was…

“Let’s watch something new?” Ezra walked in with three beers. “Sorry darling, the wine is over!” He laughed.

“I was wondering if I should call Harry?” I said, and they both stared.

“Harry?” Jenna said, after a while, “Where did he come from?”

“I was in a relationship with him for five years, and it’s just been what less than a year?”

“And, in less than two months he was dating someone else. He is happy honey, let him go,” Ezra spoke with a poker face.

I nodded and tried to hide my tear. What was I expecting anyway? All his words were a lie. In my free time, I checked his Instagram, Facebook anything that connected me to him. I had been doing that so, often now. I loved him so much. He was the Vice President now. I could see our old friends post pictures of them and him in the club, in office, in the house that used to be ours. He did look happy. Maybe, I didn’t make him happy. Maybe that’s the reason I was dying.

“Okay, c’mon picture time!” Jenna took out her camera and took a picture of the three of us. “These are memories!” She grinned looking at the picture. “Why can’t we upload them?”

“Then, the whole world will see me on a bed with drips and machines and, that wouldn’t be nice,” I laughed.

The nights were harder. The feeling of loneliness crept in and I finally, cried from the pain of separation. I found out about my disease after I fainted in the production house, a month after our separation. I was so caught up in work and then, hospitals, I didn’t have time to think. Now, that I do, he was all I could think about. He smile was bigger in every picture. Then, there were a few of her around his arms, or kissing his cheeks or his lips, and I broke down again and again. I didn’t even know this woman. She worked with him in his office was all I found out.

“You should stop looking at his pictures?” My sister kissed my cheek.

“I miss him,” I couldn’t control what I was feeling. “I love him so much, and he didn’t even care!” I cried into the pillow. My sister just kept her head on my shoulder and let me cry.

“Her reports are the same. There is no difference from the new medication either,” I heard the doctor speak to my mum outside my door. A week ago, I was put on something new, the pain increased and I have put off it. I just shook my head and smiled to myself.

Seeing myself in the mirror was scary. I was so thin now. My skin was dry, and I just looked like I had been sucked from all life. My hair was the only thing nice about my face. They were still long and maintained the texture.

“The doctor says something but, I know different!” Mum mumbled as she walked into the room. “What are you doing out of the bed, lie down!” She shouted. “It’s like you want to die! Closing your medicines after every hour!” It was getting worse at home. People were showing how they felt now, couldn’t pretend any longer.

“Can we go out to the park?” I asked my sister. She nodded, and she helped me get into the wheelchair. “So, did you finally talk to your crush?” I asked.

She smiled and nodded. “He likes me; he was hitting on me the entire time!” He eyes lit up.

“That is great news! When’s the date?” I poked, “You could take my dresses. I think, they’ll fit you now,” I smiled. “Can we walk?”

“You’re not allowed to…” She was unsure but, I could manipulate her.

“Just one round? Around that tree?” I pleaded, and she nodded. I had my arms around her as we took slow steps talking about the conversation with her guy. I overestimated the energy I had as my head started spinning and I was losing my balance when two strong arms when around my waist and pulled me up. I huffed against the man’s chest, so familiar as my sister ran to get my wheel chair.

“Thank you for coming!” She looked at him, “I told you we shouldn’t walk! You don’t listen!”

He placed me on the chair and me, finally met his eyes. My breath stopped halfway as the green eyes looked back into mine in worry. He looked so beautiful. His hair was longer now, and his muscles were bigger as they strained against his office shirt. “What are you doing here?”

“Is that how you greet your boyfriend?” He said, kissing my forehead.


“Okay,” He smiled.

“You called him?” I looked at my sister who was smiling between the exchange!

“I thought, it’ll make you happy! He cares!” She said in all defense, “Could you get her home? I’ll set up her bed?” She asked, and Harry nodded. I saw her run off as he pushed my chair forward.

“You…you should go back…” I stuttered.

“I’m not leaving you, again.” He said, calmly. “I told you, you’ll die without me,” He joked as I stared at him.

“I’ll die with you too!”

“I’ll prefer that!”

“Harry stop! You don’t understand!” I shouted.

He stopped the wheelchair and came in front of me. Holding my face in his hands, he kissed me, and I just fell into him. There was always something so fitting about us. His lips molded around mine as I sucked on them, deprived for so long, “I love you, so much.”

“You don’t understand…” I cried. He nodded.

“Make me. We have a lot of time,” He said, going behind again and pushing the chair forward as I leaned his arms again.          


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#24 Get Over Yourself (Harry Styles One Shot)


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I walked down the stairs in complete silence. Trying to be as quiet as I can be, I took my jacket off the stand and opened the door when “Oh! So, you’re the running away without saying good morning type.”

I heard his voice and hit my hand with my hand and closed the door. “Actually, you were showing no signs of waking up and, I didn’t want to be a bother,” I answered biting my lips.

“You’re no bother. I did sleep with you. Come on,” He walked off and I sighed and hung my jacket back on the stand. “What would you like for breakfast?” he asked.

“What can you make?” I looked around in the kitchen to find it spotless. It was a bachelor pad, after all.

“Pancakes? With eggs and bacon?” He inquired going through his fridge. I nodded and he started cooking. He declined all my offers to help him and forced me to sit on the stool by wrapping his arms around my waist and placing my bum there. “So, what do you do, Liliana?”

“Just Lily,” I blushed. Memories of last night with him moaning my name came back to me and, I looked away while his eyes stayed on me. “Umm, I am an architect.”

“Fancy, just Lily” He smirked.

“Umm, what do you – do?” I asked.

“I am an Investor.”

“What do you invest in, Mr Styles?” I flicked my eyelashes, once.

“Lots of things,” he grinned as he walked towards me and stood between my legs. My eyes met his and I felt his hands on my waist as he pulled me closer, our hips touching. “Would you like me to invest in something?” he whispered, in my ear and my eyes widened and I shook my head.

He smirked and let go, walking back to the pan while I tried to recover myself. “It smells good,” I praised after a while and he smiled, his eyes sparkling.

“So, how often do you do this?” he asked, making the eggs.

“You mean, have sex with strangers?” I asked, and he looked at me, tilting his head, “Actually, you were my first…” I looked away. “You?”

“Believe it or not, you are my first, too.”

What? But, look at him. Look at this place. “You’re kidding?” I raised my eyebrow.

“So, you’re judgemental?” He laughed.

“Hey, I’m just…okay, that was quite judgemental,” He nodded and starting with the bacon.

“Would you like some coffee or tea with it?”

“Coffee, please.” He got working on that too while I sat uselessly on my chair. “Umm, so, why the sudden need for a one night stand?”

He didn’t answer my question but, did set the table in seconds in front of me. “You’re very impressive.”

He laughed and sat down beside me. “Your coffee,” I took a sit because he waited and, then told him that, it was perfect. “Sudden need, it was not very sudden. I really don’t know, actually. I was in a relationship for a long time and it ended. I was lonely, and you were there.”

“Makes sense…was it a sad breakup or a happy breakup?” I asked.

He laughed out loud, “Is it ever happy?”

“I wouldn’t know,” I shrugged.

“I had to get the entire apartment refurbished because it was set according to her. So, it was sad and expensive,” He huffed. “What about you?”

“Well, I haven’t been in a relationship and, my friend had been talking about this thing…”

“One night stands?” He inquired.

“Yeah, for a long time and, I really like you. It was quite at the moment. You didn’t let me think which is surprising because I think a lot. Like a lot a lot,” I rambled.

“How long have you not been in a relationship?” He asked as we ate the godly breakfast in front of me.

“Umm, I haven’t really been in a – relationship. Like at all,” I mumbled.


“Yep.” I looked away.

“You weren’t a virgin last night, right?” He asked, shock written all over his face.

“It was, actually…” I shrugged.

“There was no…”

“Yeah, I kind of broke my barrier. Was really desperate one night and yeah, you were the first real – dick, though,” I giggled at my joke.

“You should have told me. This is…” He shook his head.

“Hey, it’s no big deal. Really. I have worked it all out in my head. It’s okay. You were great!” I assured him with bacon in my mouth. He just looked at me with soft eyes and, took a bite of his own. “Don’t pity me. You were awesome.”

“Thank you. You were awesome, too.”

“Really?” I asked, turning towards him.

“I couldn’t tell you were a virgin so, yeah, you were really good!” He explained.

“So, I was good compared to a virgin, or was I actually good?” I asked, again.

“Eat your food,” he scolded. “You were actually good.”

“Yes!” I cheered and he giggled.

“How haven’t you been in a relationship?” He asked. “I can’t swallow it down! What – 23 years of your life?”

“24, actually.”

“And, you haven’t been with anybody?”

“Nope,” I smiled. “I used to be really fat. Like triple my size and boys my age, don’t really see beyond the body so, nope. And, I haven’t found anybody worthwhile to have my attention after I lost my weight. Maybe, it’s because I am choosy but, yeah what the hell!” I laughed.

“Wow.” He turned and finished his milk. “Tell me you have been on a date?”

“Hahahaha, no…” I smiled, sadly.

“Because you’re choosy?”

“Because nobody asked and, I didn’t like anybody so, I didn’t approach anyone, either.”

“And, I was the first guy you met, and I took your virginity in one night – dude!” He stood up.

“I have no idea why you’re freaking out. I am surprisingly calm and I don’t regret it. Please don’t tell me if you do, I rather not know.”

“I do not regret it. I just can’t understand,” he sighed, as I helped him remove our plates. “Leave it, the maid cleans it.”

“You should consider yourself lucky, really. You know what it means to be loved!” I smiled, walking out of the kitchen.

“And betrayed, and heartbroken, and cheated.” He followed me.

“I’m sorry you went through all that,” I kissed his cheek.

“It’s still very beautiful.” He held my hands.

“I’m sure it is,” I smiled. We stood there for a minute. “I should go. According to my friend, one night stands aren’t supposed to go on for this long in the morning.”

“Ideal is running away?” He smirked.

“That’s what I have been told, Sir.”

“What if I don’t want this to me a well, one-night stand?” he said, still holding my fingers.

“Can that workout? I have no clue.”

He laughed and pulled me towards him. “I think, it’s a choice we have.”

“I don’t want you to pity me,” I gulped.

“Is that why you don’t date? Because you assume that the person pities your situation?”

I looked away. It was there, in my mind, like always.

“Well, get over yourself,” And then, he kissed me. I hadn’t had this before. I did what felt appropriate, I kissed him back. For the first time, I wrapped my arms around a guy, just kissing him, outside his kitchen.




#6 Old Friends (Harry Styles)

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Word Count - 1,374

Harry Styles - Summary - They meet again after so long. Will things remain the same? 

“Mom, do we really have to go meet them? Why can’t we just go sightseeing?” I asked my mother for the tenth time.

“Because my friend called me and asked for a confirmation so many times. She wants to meet you. And I thought you like them!” Mother scolded.

“When I was 10, yes…” I shook my head. It was so long ago. I’m almost 20 now. “Also, one of the kids is a post graduate and the second one, a singer of the biggest boy band in the world while your daughter is just studying in the Uni.”

“I’m not taking you there to show off. We are going to meet our old friends. And, not everyone gets into Oxford. Be a little proud,” She laughed.

I huffed and pulled my dress down. It was teal, it came up to my mid thigh and I wore black stockings under. Gosh, this is going to be so different. Will they recognize me? Will the rapo between us be the same? I had lost all my baby fat thankfully. I was so chubby back then. Harry used to pull my cheeks continuously. A lot has changed. I liked how I looked. I wasn’t skinny, no, I was alright. I had prominent curves, a flat stomach after a lot of hard work. But, Harry’s going to be so different. He has to be, it’ll be like meeting strangers. Ugh.

I shook my head, setting my curly hair so, that they took its shape, applied make up, collected a jacket and walked out helping mum with the gifts we had to take to their house. In the entire 30 minute ride from the hotel to their house, I had all the worst scenarios come to my head. We used to live here, till I was 10 and then, we shifted because of my father’s work. I was as much a stranger to this place as much as it was to me now.

Mum got so excited. She almost pulled me out of the car and rang the door bell. “Leah!” Anne greeted mum with the same enthusiasm, it made me smile. “And, this must be Iona! My, you’ve turned into a beautiful young woman, haven’t you!” Anne cheered hugging and kissing my cheek. I walked inside the house, taking off my jacket as it was warm and helped mum with the food and gifts, walking into the kitchen.

“We are early, aren’t we?” I asked.

“Oh, well, I did ask your mother to come early. Hahaha” They both laughed. “Harry has just gone to pick up his friends, someone from L.A. – I keep forgetting the names,” She spoke to my mum. “And, Gemma’s just gone to get Olive oil; I thought I’ll sprinkle some on the Pasta and Focaccia.”

I followed them outside, keeping close to mum. Friends from L.A., olive oil…

“Iona!” I recovered from my thoughts and looked at Anne. “Some Wine?”

“Yes, please, thank you.”

I walked out to the balcony, heating up from all the nervousness. Cold air will do some good. I saw a car stop at the door and Harry and his friends got out. A girl and a guy who I didn’t know – the girl was a model, seems familiar but, I’m never good with all this. I walked inside and checked out Anne’s mini library. Books are at least familiar.

“Oh Harry!” I heard Anne scream. What were these guys on, today? My mother’s been jumpy too, since morning. I read through the titles, sipping wine occasional. I heard Harry greet my mother, probably hug cause my mother loves hugging. I should probably go out. No, no keep sipping your wine. “Oh, I think, she’s inside the library, her and books! Iona!” My mother screamed - Literally.

I took a deep breath and walked out, my eyes blurring at the group standing in the main room. I blinked a couple of my times and walked up to them and gave the ‘Iona smile’. I was known for my smile. Nailed it. Okay, should I put my hand forward?

“Iona!” Harry smiled. His smile was a classic too. “Gosh, you look so different!” He came and hugged me, and I gripped my glass tighter, not letting it fall.

“I’m growing old,” I hugged him back and he laughed. “Oh, everyone meet Nicole and Brandon!” Harry introduced, his hand on my waist feeling incredibly hot. Did I mention I had a huge crush on him. This is before he turned into a megastar. Apparently 10 year olds crushes are very strong. It kinda remained through the years.

“Iona!” I heard, a scream from the door. Gemma was in the house. She ran to me and engulfed me in a hug causing Harry’s hand to slip. I almost spilled my wine. “What happened to my Iona!” She poked my sides. I laughed and hugged her again. She was still so similar. “What have you done to her?” She asked my mother and she just laughed.

“She runs a lot! Like crazy! Will break her legs one day!” Mother laughed.

“That’s it. I miss your cheeks. Going to fatten you up!” Gemma raised her hands and we all laughed.

We all settled after a while. Mothers walked into the kitchen while Gemma had a few more friends over and, Harry had a few friends from around home too. They looked familiar. I went to school with them. Gemma, thankfully kept me close.

“Can I get you something to drink?” I heard Harry’s voice call out when I gulped the last of my wine.

“Some more wine?” He nodded and I walked with him to the bar. He took the lass from my hands and kept it on the stand. His fingers touched my cheek and then pulled them. “Oww.”

“Gemma’s right, I miss them too.” He giggled and shrugged his shoulders. I went ahead and poked his dimples, like I used too, hard. “Oww, careful! They’re delicate,” He teased, like he used too. “So, what have you been up to?”

“University…” I took my glass from his hand and he made his own drink.

“That must be fun…” I nodded, “Well, you know what I’ve been up to…”

“It is in the newspapers…” I nodded. He just laughed, shaking his head. We talked for a little while standing in the same position. It was so comfortable talking to him again. “I’m a big fan, don’t worry,” I mentioned.

“Really?” He raised an eyebrow. And I smiled, shaking my shoulders. “Well, would you like me sign, anywhere?” He said, all serious picking up a pen.

I nodded and pulled down a little bit of my dress from the side, just revealing some skin from the top of my breasts, “Here…” I pulled my hair to a side.

I could see his eyes bright up, “Funny!” He poked his tongue out and I laughed.

“I should go and help Gemma with the food…” I said, as I saw her arranging the table.

“I knew you liked her more than me!” Harry frowned.

“Hmm…” I shook my head and, picked up my glass.

He stopped me and wrapped his palm around my elbow. “I’m the better sibling though!” He whispered in my ear.

“Your hands are so big!” I laughed, taking it in my hands. Harry frowned and looked at me with a certain smile. “They are very big…” He then, smirked.

“The can do a lot of things, really well…” He said, teasingly. I dropped his hands, “I meant, you know, to pick up stuff…” He smirked and bit his lip.

“Sure you did,” I squinted my eyes and turned around. He pulled me around again, “I will spill my wine!”

“Can you teach me how to make a pillow fort?”


“Pillow fort! Like you used to make…I’ve met so many people but, no one makes it like you.”

“After 2?” I said, remembering that after 2 was always the time we chose to make forts. Everyone was sleeping, no disturbance.

“After 2” He nodded, smiling.

I turned around again but, looked back, “Anything else?”

“Just that I should be your favourite…” He said and, I rolled my eyes and went to help Gemma.

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#6 Old Friends Part 3 (Harry Styles)

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Word Count - 1088

“Mum,” I called her. “Mumma!” I repeated. She walked out of Anne’s room.

“What’s wrong?” She was busy talking to her.

“I’ve called for a taxi; I’m going back to the hotel.”

She didn’t ask any questions. She could look at my state. She gulped looking at my puffy eyes and wet cheeks. I guess, she didn’t need any more reasons. I picked up my belongings and walked out of the house.

“Running away?” I heard a voice call. I turned around to see Harry’s friend, Brandon doming back from his jog.

“Yes, don’t tell anyone!” I laughed a bit, just to hide everything I was feeling.

“Wow, you’re like any other frat guy!” He laughed.

“What did you see?” I questioned.

“Him wrapped around you,” He shrugged.

“Is he dating your friend?” I asked.

“Who? Nicole? Not that I know…”

“Alright, I’m going to go…” I said, throwing my clutch in the taxi.

“Are you alright, though? I’m not a liar,” He said, holding my arm.

“Then, don’t lie,” He nodded and asked the Taxi to drive to the hotel. I shouldn’t have kissed him. It was wrong. I’m such an idiot! I fell like any other girl would have. He shouldn’t have kissed me, either. Or if there was nothing, he shouldn’t have kissed her.

Was I acting out of proportion? I don’t think so. You don’t go around kissing multiple people. That’s not how I was brought up. I was right, he was a stranger. Maybe that’s how these celebrities are. I went to my room and slept again. I didn’t like thinking too much. I woke up when my phone started ringing…Gemma.

Hello?” I answered.

“Open the door.” I heard his voice. I gulped and walked towards the door to find a very angry Harry scanning me. I knew I looked a mess. Sleepy eyes and messy hair, I couldn’t have looked messier. I fixed myself as he walked inside – without permission.

“Why did you leave?” He asked.

“Because I wanted to. It’s my wish, you know.” I replied, rubbing my arms.

“Oh, so you’re that kind of a girl…” He eyed me.

“What kind, Harry?” I asked, frowning.

“You know, who messes around with people and leaves,” He said it. He, actually did. What was I expecting? You didn’t know him, Iona! You kissed him because you thought the 11 year old Harry is the same 21 year old Harry. You got too comfortable!

I hit my head to stop thinking, “No, I am not a girl who kisses multiple people at the same time,” I sighed. “Oh wait, you gave a gap of a few hours, sorry.”

He realised, as his eyes grew wide, “You had no right…”

“Wow,” I was appalled. Instead of trying to apologize, he was telling me I had no right to spy. “Just leave, Harry,” I rubbed my eyes. “I am sorry for kissing you.”

“Look, I can explain if you let me. It all happened too fast,” He tried.

“I’m sure Harry. But, I accept it, it was my fault.”

“You’re not even trying…” He frowned.

“Why should I?! We don’t know each other. At least, you’re not the Harry, I knew! And, I’m not the Iona you knew, either! Then, why waste our time on something which won’t work out!”

“But, I thought yesterday…”

“Yesterday what? We gelled like how old friends do? I allowed myself to sleep in your arms and, we kissed. And then, you go and kiss someone else. In the same house! Why are we discussing this? Let’s forget it! It was lovely meeting you, Harry! It was good catching up!” I put my hand forward. He stared at for a minute and then, walked out slamming the door.

I didn’t want to be here. Why was I here in the first place? This is all because I say yes to my mother without listening to her plans! Here I was again, standing at Anne and Robin’s Anniversary party. I had a champagne glass in my hand because they, just cut the cake and poured champagne. I kept close to Mum near the bar because, Gemma was busy attending to the guests. We kept in touch and met multiple times just catching up. She explained Harry’s side of the story. Explaining that Harry had asked her not to but, I had to know.

He didn’t mean kissing her. Nicole was actually his friend although, he had asked her out before, she had said no. Yes, I had laughed at that. But, when she saw Harry and I so close in a few hours of knowing each other, she wanted her doll back and begged him to kiss her. Claiming that she felt something and so on and Harry in that moment, not thinking, did.

This was all fine but, I still wasn’t sure about trying anything with him. We weren’t kids anymore and lived very different lives. “I just wanted you to know…” Gemma had said.

I looked around to see Mum had disappeared in the crowd and now, I was standing alone. It was something to be in a huge party alone. Everyone should experience it once. A guy came up to me and used some horrible pick up line. Why do people use them in the first place? I had to face the worse ones, always!

“Tough luck, Man!” He came up and apologetically said to the guy. “She’s quite hard to please though. Even I’m trying to figure her out.” He explained and the guy laughed and went away. He stood beside me, facing the crowd.

“Are you?”

“What?” He asked, smirking.

“Trying to figure me out?” I asked, turning around to show harry my backless dress, I swear, I saw him gulp.

“I thought, Gemma mentioned I’ve been heartbroken?” He said, turning around too.

“Heartbroken?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Miserably. This girl I really liked tried to shake my hand after sharing a really good kiss with me,” He pretended to sob. “Can you imagine how my ego must have felt?”

“That’s really very sad, are you healing now?” I smirked. I felt his hand crawl down my back making me giggle. “I’m very ticklish,”

“I remember…” He smiled. “I’m sorry…”

“It’s been so long…”

“Never too late…” He pulled me closer, my lips close to his.

“We’re moving too fast, all over again.” I whispered.

“That’s a problem with old friends, I guess.” He smirked and, attached his lips to mine.


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