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'Star Trek' Fan Film Lawsuit Boldly Goes Where No 'Star Trek' Lawsuit Has Gone Before
Paramount, CBS and producers of 'Axanar' file summary judgment motions.

On Wednesday, a federal judge was told that while Paramount Pictures and CBS have produced a “limited number” of Star Trek television episodes and films, “they do not not own a copyright to the idea of Star Trek, or the Star Trekuniverse as a whole.”

The proposition comes from Alec Peters’ Axanar Productions, which put out on YouTube a 20-minute “mockumentary” titled Prelude to Axanar and was in the midst of pursuing a feature-length version touted as a professional-quality Star Trek fan film before being hit with a copyright lawsuit. The litigation survived an initial motion to dismiss, and despite some hopes expressed by Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin that all this would go away, Paramount and CBS are marching forward in their lawsuit.

Also of interest: Peters attempted to meet with Netflix to produce a Star Trek show. 

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Paul McCartney Sues Sony Over Beatles Music
Paul McCartney has filed a federal lawsuit against music publisher Sony/ATV to "confirm his ownership" of dozens of Beatles songs.

Paul McCartney has filed a federal lawsuit against music publisher Sony/ATV, claiming ownership to songs he wrote with the Beatles. The singer-songwriter hopes to regain his copyrights to songs such as “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude” and “The Long and Winding Road” in October 2018. A rep for McCartney said that the paperwork, filed in a U.S. District Court in New York, is meant “to confirm his ownership” of the songs “which are granted to him by US copyright law.” The lawsuit claims McCartney has been making several such legal filings since 2008.

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Did you check his reddit? Yandev said Yandere School is 'disgusting' for being a 'yansim clone'... Despite the fact his game is a copyright lawsuit waiting to happen. 👀

I don’t usually keep up with his Reddit aside from screenshots, but I knew there was some drama surrounding Yandere School. How the Yandere Simulator fanbase handled it was abysmal at best, but they’re young and impressionable (or at least I hope). Most of them don’t understand that Daddy Dev does not own the concept of a Yandere video game set in a school. I’m not saying that it excuses their awful behavior, but it’s reasonable seeing how they idolize Dev.

However, the fact that Dev is jumping on this bandwagon is downright disgusting.

1. His game very closely imitates the Hitman games and quite a few concepts are directly ripped from Hitman. In fact, almost the entirety of Mission Mode is stolen from Hitman.
2. On the same note, the character design for Nemesis was stolen from someone else. Most of the stuff in Yandere Simulator are stolen from someone else or purchased from the Unity Assets Store. Holy hell, a goddamn grass texture was stolen and then poorly modified one the creator caught on that Yandere Dev stole it.
3. Even better, a lot of the stuff (especially regarding the Easter Eggs) are stolen from commercial games and television shows. Most of the Easter Eggs have copyrighted music, and even more had at one time. Toby Fox had to fight with Dev to keep Undertale out of Dev’s meme simulator.

I really hope that the lawsuit comes soon. It’d be hilarious to watch Dev freak out over that, and maybe we won’t have to see anymore of Plagiarism Simulator.


So first Jay-Z steals a hugely popular song by the largest male Arab singer of all time, Abdel Halim Hafez and his song Khosara [which he used in “Big Pimpin”] and used the original song in his own derogatory and sexual song, and then wins a copyright lawsuit that shafted the family of the original composer

And now Beyonce on her tour has apropriated a hugely popular song by the largest female Arab singer of all time, Om Kalthoum, and has used it to create an erotic and sexual atmosphere for the opening of her song Naughty Girl…because what we need is for a Western woman to further perpetuate the ~~*exotic sensual and sexual mystical Arab*~~ trope that Westerners seem to salivate over

It’s hugely disrespectful to the memory of Om Kalthoum, especially given that the original song was about how the singer was regretting her “wasted days/past” not spent with her love whereas here it’s used in a very different manner

Maybe those who don’t understand the significance/role of Om Kalthoum in Arab culture/throughout the Middle East won’t quite see why it is that this is so offensive/disrespectful, but the fact remains that it absolutely is. It’s not that Beyonce is using it in the first place, but the manner in which it is used and the eroticization/sexualization of a song that is a cultural staple, as well as what I mentioned above regarding the ~Middle Eastern music~ being sexy, which is another topic that I’d rather not get into here but just

Apparently the song has been out a while, but this is the first time I’m hearing about it personally, and it’s just greaaaat that a figure as huge as Beyonce is on-board with sampling such a huge Arabic song so give her own song that ~sensual oriental feel~


Judge Uses Taylor Swift’s Lyrics to Dismiss Copyright Suit Against Her

A California judge dismissed a copyright lawsuit against Taylor Swift this week by invoking the starlet’s own lyrics.

Musician Jessie Braham had filed the suit, claiming that Swift’s mega-hit “Shake It Off” stole lyrics from his 2013 song “Haters Gone Hate,” CNN reports. The lines in question: Swift sings on her 2014 album, “Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate… And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.”

Braham, on the other hand, says he copyrighted his song in 2013, which has the lyrics, “Haters gone hate, playas gone play. Watch out for them fakers, they’ll fake you everyday.”

But United States District Court Judge Gail Standish tossed out the suit, borrowing lyrics from Swift’s 2012 hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

“At present, the Court is not saying that Braham can never, ever, ever get his case back in court,” Standish wrote. “But, for now, we have got problems, and the Court is not sure Braham can solve them.”

Source: TIME

RIP Dramacrazy

I don’t even know what to do with myself now…you think it could never happen, but then it does…

I went on this site several times a week to keep up with all of my jdramas. It was here that I discovered my undying passion for jdramas (and matsujun)


Dramas even helped me bond with J-guy, since we could talk about the shows that were on and I became more familiar with the actors. 

Nowhere else had the same selection…where is Speedy Joe when you need him? SPEEDY JOE WHERE ARE YOU?! WHY HAS THE INTERNET FORSAKEN ME?!
Jared Leto Sues TMZ Over "Stolen" Video Featuring Taylor Swift Curse

According to the lawsuit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, TMZ promised a $2,000 payment, but then was warned it had no rights to the footage. Jared Leto, the Oscar-winning actor and frontman of the band Thirty Seconds to Mars, has lodged a notable new copyright lawsuit against TMZ and parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment, alleging that the gossip site published a sensational video after being warned that it was stolen.

The video in question features Leto and an engineer at a home studio critiquing various songs off of Taylor Swift’s “1989” album. Leto is shown as admiring Swift’s work, even going so far as exclaiming (perhaps jokingly) that he wanted to “steal” one of her finer moments of production work. But towards the end of the video, Leto becomes indifferent. “I mean, f— her,” he says. “I don’t give a f— about her.”

Leto later apologized, tweeting out, “The truth is I think @taylorswift13 is amazing + an incredible example of what’s possible. If I hurt her or her fans my sincerest apologies.”

Now, the actor and musician is directing his anger at TMZ for invading his privacy. That’s his moral objection to what the website has done. As for his legal one, his Sisyphus Touring company has brought a copyright lawsuit that could put the Warner Bros.-owned site on its heels with some sort of fair use defense. If the lawsuit goes far, it could also explore TMZ’s reportorial methods.

Leto in a statement (published in full below).

In a complaint filed in California federal court, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Leto (through Sisyphus Touring) says the footage was shot Sept. 8 by a videographer retained by him. This videographer is said to have delivered the video to TMZ in exchange for a promised payment of $2,000.

“TMZ requested that Videographer sign a document confirming he had the legal right to deliver the Footage,” states the complaint. “Videographer refused to sign such an acknowledgement. Prior to any broadcast of the Footage, Plaintiff had advised Defendants that the Footage was stolen, and that Defendants were not authorized to disseminate, display, or publish the Footage on the website or at all.”

The lawsuit adds that TMZ “rushed to publish,” and that 15 minutes after it had done so, the videographer (perhaps suffering from a crisis of conscience) urged the gossip site, “Do not post the footage. I do not own it. I do not have permission.”

As of now, TMZ continues to show the Leto footage on its site.

This isn’t the first time that the Harvey Levin site has been dragged into court after posting material alleged to be confidential and stolen

For example, about a half decade ago, TMZ was hit with a copyright lawsuit over an interview with Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe. The interview was produced by F. Marc Schaffel Productions, which was granted access to her through an agreement with Jackson himself because the pop superstar had to release Rowe from non-disclosure obligations. After some of the tape aired on Fox News’ Geraldo at Large, Schaffel held on to hours of unaired footage, which wound up in the hands of TMZ, which published an excerpt and then was sued. The case later settled.

The attorney representing Schaffel in that case was Howard King, who is now representing Leto.

THR has reached out to TMZ for comment.

Here’s Leto’s full statement:

“Last Sunday, I was alerted that TMZ had acquired personal and private video footage of me in my home and that they were planning to leak it on their site. My team notified TMZ immediately that I fully owned the footage and that their source had absolutely no rights to sell it. They chose to post it anyway. Let’s be clear. This was stolen footage. This was an invasion of privacy. And it was both legally and morally wrong. Regardless of who we are, we should all be able to talk freely in the privacy of our own homes without the fear that our unfiltered thoughts or actions will get bro
Disney settles 'Frozen' copyright lawsuit
The lawsuit over Frozen? Looks like Disney’s, well, let it go....

“After attempting twice to have the copyright infringement lawsuit brought by The Snowman creator Kelly WIlson tossed out of court, the Walt Disney Company has reached a deal with the short film director. In a document obtained by EW, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria wrote that the court “was advised on June 10, 2015 that the parties have resolved this case.”

Wilson filed the suit in March 2014, alleging that the 2013 Disney hit was substantially similar to her short film, The Snowman, pointing out the comparisons between Frozen’s teaser trailer (with Olaf and Sven slipping around on ice) and her work. In April, when Disney failed to have the suit dismissed, Chhabria wrote, “The connection between The Snowman and people involved in creating the Frozen trailer is fairly close.”

With the settlement, Disney can fully move forward with the planned Frozen sequel.”

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FYZ is mouthpiece of 1DHQ, right? I really wonder, why they can't be caught for stealing? There was scandal with one of pap and we got nothing! Uggh, I want them to disappear.

I don’t know how much they’re affiliated with 1DHQ, but the fact that they’re still operating when they should be long-closed and reeling from a multi-million dollar copyright-infringement lawsuit is what really makes this suspicious as fuck. All that paparazzi agencies have is their exclusivity of shots, there’s no way they’d let that go without a fight. 

I too would happily see them loaded into a cannon and shot into the sun. They’re awful, mean-spirited, childish people who are simultaneously stealing and making a profit from this fandom.