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Hyenas gather in the ancient meat market in the heart of the city of Harar, Ethiopia. They are here to eat the discarded bones left out by the butchers. This tradition has been going on for over 400 years.

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First look at Season 4 trailer came out today and here is Molly, putting Sherlock on his place again by saying “For Christ’s sake, Sherlock, this is not a game.” 

I can tell these two scenes are not connected with each other but they are talking in Molly’s scene, whereever they are and Molly is angry.


I am so excited for the new season omg, Moriarty is probably back, Sherlock looks like hell and the trailer is just awesome. Check it out here

Great British Bake Off Winner Nadiya Hussain 'Trembled' With Nerves Making Queen's 90th Birthday Cake

Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain was “trembling” with nerves when she made Queen Elizabeth’s multi-tier 90th birthday cake on Wednesday night.

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The talented baker - who won the cooking series late last year - was chosen to whip up the monarch’s celebratory sponge to mark her mammoth milestone today, but the star was so nervous she struggled to steady her hands.

Speaking in a video clip, which aired on The One Show last night, Nadiya said: “OK, that’s my hand trembling. I’m officially super nervous! It’s such an honour to be doing this. I just don’t want to disappoint the Queen.”

Nadiya decided to cook up an orange drizzle cake with a butter cream and marmalade filling for Her Majesty but is worried the royal won’t the sweet flavours or bright colour.

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She explained: “I don’t even know if the Queen likes orange. She might hate it! I was going to do grapefruit but I thought that might be a bit out there. I don’t know exactly what is going to be happening but I do know that I get to see the Queen and I get to give her the cake.”

Nadiya presented the monarch with her creation today and the Queen could be heard asking her: “Which bit does one cut?”

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The impressive cook was approached by Kensington Palace a few weeks ago about baking the cake.

She said: “My initial reaction was, it must be a mistake or some kind of prank. I told my husband and he said I had to do it. How could I say no?

"When I told my daughter I was nervous she said, ‘But mummy, you’ve made lots of cakes for Mary Berry’. Then it dawned on me - she thinks Mary Berry is the Queen!”

A rare account of John Williams composing the historic score for The Empire Strikes Back, with the London Symphony Orchestra. This BBC special, aired the week Episode V premiered, also chronicles John Williams’ brilliant career up to that point, with scenes from Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Superman and many others. Originally aired on May 18, 1980, on BBC.

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‘She's terrific in this’. - David Tennant on Georgia Moffett

Even though 

we all know David and Georgia are getting married, so I debated whether or not make this post.

But in the end, I’m doing it to celebrate the fact that someone we all love is entering another stage in his life and even though he’ll never read this, I wish him all the happiness in the world (even though a piece of paper doesn’t change the fact that he’s been in a serious relationship for a while now…).

So despite of the fact that you love, hate or feel indifferent towards Georgia, please join me in celebrating, by posting your fave quotes, photos, etc.

It’s quite hard to find non-paparazzi, non-intrusive photos or videos of them together, so I’m sharing these:


hey guys, my new whouffaldi video! hope you enjoy :) please listen in high volume and in 720p

sorry if there are any ads, I didn’t put them! it’s a copyright issue.

Clips: BBC Doctor Who
Song: Set Fire to the Rain (Instrumental)


‘Illusions’ is a piano piece I composed, inspired by BBC’s Poldark in all its wonder.

The characters seem to mourn the lost of love even when it’s staring them right in the face…  This is what I imagine that feeling sounds like.

[All clips are copyright of BBC & Mammoth Screen. No copyright infringement intended. I own the audio.]


In case you can’t watch the teaser on the BBC site (HD)

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I’m Benedict Cumberbatch and I am the Sherlock.

Some other fave bits from A Scandal in Belgravia DVD commentary:

Very large cocks


John’s man love = move

Falling over with very little clothes on

I’m a tart for it

I’m a sucker for picking things up and twiddling them


Frankenstein preserved for all time

I had welts

The woman woman

Interview with Mark Gatiss